Owning the FitBit

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Ahhh. Owning the Fitbit. How many years has it been since these gadgets first came out? 

After getting my first Fitbit in 2015, I've owned 3 Fitbits across the years. I got 2 of the Charge HR Model (pictured), and my current Fitbit is the Alta. 

They say that people who get devices like this usually let go of them within 6 months. While that very well may be me, if I can get 6 months worth of extra exercise out of a 150 dollar investment, I think it's worth it. 

Here's what I like: 

1. Sleep Tracking 

For a few months last year, I used a sleep tracking app. While the app was great, what I didn't like about it was having to place my phone on my bed. It's quite difficult to do that while sharing a bed! Overall, the Fitbit does a better job than any apps I have seen. Specifically, when I take naps on the weekends, the Fitbit captures that! I can monitor my sleep without having to remember or enter in sleep and wake times. The Fitbit also takes into account those hours when you lay in bed looking at your devices... this is my worst habit! I'll stay up for hours after I go to bed reading blogs. 

2. Step Counting 

Step counting may be just a gimmick, but I think it's one that's working. I live on the second floor, and for the first 3 months, I've always taken the elevator. That's just what I do, you know? No matter what the floor. But with this Fitbit, I'll take the extra steps and floor climbed. I'm much more willing to park a little bit further or walk a few more blocks downtown instead of wait for a time when I have my car. 

3. Competition with Friends

This is the feature that I have been using the most often. Basically, this allows you to have a 1 day, work week, or weekend competition with your friends. The people at my office have been doing a work week competition for a few weeks now... and it's a blast. It makes me go to the gym or at least walk around a bit more on days when I am perfectly content to veg out on the couch.

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  1. I am currently on my 4th fitbit - Two Charge 1 (hates how the plastic lifted up around the screen like pictured!), 1 Charge 2 which just died on me a month ago, and my newly purchased Charge 3. (I wish they made them sturdier honestly!)


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