Q2 Purchases

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How did this happen again? After making some big declarations last year about blogging, I'm now one year behind. 

Well, no time like the present to catch up! This recaps my 2019 Q2 Purchases, following my Q1 recap from Q1 in May.  

In Q2 2019, I made some bigger purchases - from Shein as well as from Sephora. 

This was my first time ordering from Shein and I have to remind myself not to do it ever again. I got a jacket, 2 lingerie sets, an iPad case, a nightgown and some socks. The iPad case and socks were a good purchase, but everything was just a little bit uncomfortable. The Satin Bomber Jacket had really tight sleeves. The lingerie sets were a little scratchy. The nightgown was a little tight in the shoulders. Nothing was horrible or far away from fitting, but none of it fit great... and being from China, it was impracticable to return.  So now I have things that kinda work, but not really. 

Most Expensive Purchase - Tatcha Bestseller's Set - I've been eyeing this set for a long time, so I'm happy that I got it, however, I definitely need to do a better job of using what I have instead of stockpiling products. 

Most Worth It Purchase - Dog Treat Pouch - Cheap small item, but I use it 3x a day on every single dog walk. I don't have chicken bits and pieces stuck in my jackets anymore! 

Most Regretted Purchase - Shein Bra and Underwear Set - What was it thinking with this?  I never wear any underwear that is uncomfortable in any way... so why risk it with getting something from China? 

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  1. Good to see your post again!

    I've been ordering from Shein but really I wouldn't what I am going to get until I open the package. Some are surprisingly good while being so much cheaper than other online retailers but some are just garbages. Their return policies are solid but I guess undies and jewely can't be returned, right?


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