30 Days at Home

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It's been 33 days since a worldwide pandemic was declared, 28 days since I started working from home, and 20 days since our Governor issued a stay at home order. March has felt so incredibly busy, and looking at the summary above, so quick. Has it only been a month of working at home? This feels like the new normal. Everyday, I'm struggling to catch up with work, a kitchen that never seems to be clean, a floor that is perpetually covered in dog hair.

I rarely start a blog post with a fresh page and no plans on what I'm going to discuss, then post it immediately, but that's exactly what I'm planning on doing with this post. I've heard of many who started journaling to document their lives in this weird time, and I hope to do the same. 

There's been a lot of thought pieces on what people feel at this time, and what people should feel at this time, so I won't pretend like this is for others. This is more for my own personal reflection. I'm writing this in the 15 minutes before I should log on to my work computer, so let's call it Morning Pages, if you will. 

We've settled into a comfortable routine. 

8am - Wake up and walk the dog
9am - Start Work
12pm - Break for Lunch and walk dog
6pm - Finish Work and walk dog
7pm - Dinner
8pm - Watch a movie, read a book, play some computer games, or clean

Once a week, after work, we trudge to the grocery store to get some essentials. Our meals are pretty standard. We're eating ramen, we're making some steak, ordering some take out, but haven't had time to get into the breadmaking projects that everyone else is exploring. I did try to make Dalgona Coffee once, but that was a fail. I'm video chatting with friends or family once a week. 

I'm at once, incredibly grateful, and incredibly worried. Obviously happy to have a job where I can work from home, but not sure how long that can last. I'm hearing about layoffs more and more frequently. I'm happy to be in a comfortable financial position, but the markets are down and I was thinking about buying a house recently... But overall, I think still do have the luxury of worrying about what may happen in the future. My worries are a lot of people's current realities. 

I don't really pay close attention to the news. It's weird to be comfortable in this current routine. I feel like no one is quite at ease. But with my new apartment, the trees in full bloom outside, my little family safe and close to me... there is still quite a bit that's alright. 

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  1. A little over a month ago we put in 2 offers on houses. One was not ideal but I liked it, small, under budget, needed love, a couple fruit trees but good bones. The other was more of what we were looking for big yard, lots of space though not configured well, in dire need of work, at the top end of our budget but we'd make it work monthly with housemates. We got outbid as we always do (beach town in California = competing with developers always), and we sighed and kept on. Then the stock market tanked and we were offered the large house again. We thought about it but realized with all 4 of our universities closed and 60% of the work force out of work (beach town = tourism industry + heavy service sector) we literally would have no one to rent to.

    So we shelved our home owning dreams. It was pretty gut wrenching but at the end of the day we both have our jobs working from home, we can still save and weather this storm and maybe get to buy a home on the other side, a lot of people won't have that and that truly breaks my heart.

    1. Oh my goodness, that absolutely breaks my heart that you were that close. It's okay! You will get the right house at the right time, whenever that is!


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