Thursday, December 30

Not cheating because I haven't committed.

So, I said I want to be healthier, right? Not necessarily healthy. I want to be more healthy than I was, which is not very healthy at all. 

Oh, the contract reader in me is finding all these technicalities. 

I went to hang out with my brother the other day. He requested pizza for dinner. Just a clarification, he requested pizza for dinner. 

I obliged. We went to Barros, a pizza chain that was just a few minutes from home. We were deciding what to get when the manager says, "You want a medium sausage pizza for five bucks? It's fresh. Someone canceled their order."

I look at my brother.

He looks at me.

"We'll take it."
 That's how we ended up eating this pizza, drinking soda, and making fun of a children's football team. Sibling bonding...a worthwhile diet breaker, no?

Tuesday, December 28

I said I wanted practical, but!

Spiked Pumps
A girl needs to dream! These babies are definitely a part of my dream. 

They're badass in every way imaginable. Except for, well, those spikes are rubber.  Why would you create these shoes if they weren't meant to kick things? On the other hand, I'm sure there would be lawsuits galore from people who were injured by these shoes, both as the abuser and the abused.  Lady Gaga should adopt these to make them 1) more punk and 2) more dangerous. 

It's no surprise that the next pair of shoes I desire have been largely popularized by that very pop star. 


I just really, really, really want to try these. And these lucky ladies from Stylelist got the opportunity to do so. Check this video out. It's no easy task walking in these. I'm really interested in the physics of weight distribution. with these shoes.. maybe ballerinas would have better luck.

Saturday, December 25

Festival of Lights - Boat Parade

I don't live in New York City, where there's always something going on. I don't live in Los Angles. I don't live in Vancouver. My city doesn't have beautiful scenery or a rocking night life. In fact, I live in a pretty lame place. But I'm determined to make it not lame. There must be things to do, right? 

I'm in a constant search for more Arizonan bloggers. But I've also started to seek out events myself. It's hard to get outside in the summer, but there's no better time than in the 70 degree winter! A few weeks ago, Amy from VeryAimee accompanied me to a Boat Parade. 

So, to celebrate Christmas, if you do, here are some pictures from that event!

Look at all the people!

Some pictures are a bit trippy, sorry.

Thursday, December 23

"Let's get some shoes."

Does anyone remember that video that was really popular in middle school? 

This is going to be about shoes. 

Don't worry. None of these are my shoes.

Let's see the stats.
29 pairs of shoes, including 1 pair of boots, 1 pair of sneakers, 3 pairs of converse-like shoes, 5 pairs of flats, 4 pairs of flip flops, 2 pairs of wedges and 10 pairs of heels. I know that doesn't add up, but I also have strange things like dancing shoes, even though I have never danced in my life.

What stands out though? Ah, those heels. I have to admit that I like heels, but practical heels. I won't buy 5 inch heels that I can't stand in for more than a few hours. On the other hand, I don't really want to buy 2 inch heels either. My standards are above 3 inches, but comfortable. 

That's really the goal with any shoe isn't it? Comfort?

Tuesday, December 21

I missed the Harry Potter opening.

Remember how that was a month ago?  Unfortunately, a month ago, I was in Irvine. Spoilers ahead, beware!

But I just watched Harry Potter this weekend and I'm going to have to insert a fangirl rant here. OMFGBELLATRIX. She's one of my favorite characters and I love, love, love, love, love her hair. And Emma Watson? That girl is seriously pretty. So, of course, this makes my favorite scene in the movie the one where Bellatrix is on Hermione. Sure, carving mudblood into her arm is an addition, but I feel that using curses definitely distances the audience sometimes. The strangest part of the movie is naked Harry and Hermione making out (naked).

I've also been looking at all the merchandise and Potter related crafts! When I saw these adorable hairpins on Etsy, I asked a friend what Harry Potter House she thought I belonged in. She replied and I apparently wasn't satisfied with her answer or something. Because...

Then I sent a mass text asking more ten people what Harry Potter House they thought I belonged in. I didn't get very many replies, but the ones I did get blossomed into conversations about the new movie, merchandise and even catching up with a few friends  I haven't  spoken with in a while. Fandom is awesome.

 Here are a few highlights.

From Amy @ VeryAimee - "Ravenclaw, though by default most Asians are in Ravenclaw."

Most hilarious reply goes to my little brother, who passes himself as a nerdy Asian but can't read. He's 12. 
My text: What HP house would I belong in?
Him: HP?
Me: Harry Potter
Him: What do you mean what house?

The total came out to be: 4 Ravenclaw, 3 Slytherin, and 1 Ravenclaw but maybe Slytherin.

Interesting fact: Gryffindor colors are my school colors. 

Saturday, December 18

Hairy Irony

A fun bun.

So, I don't really do anything with my hair. 

Until about a year ago, I didn't even condition it. 

Sometimes, I find it ironic that people say they don't do much with their hair. Just the usual shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, refiner, anti-fritz spray, gel. 

I don't know what most of those things are. ...Or if they exist. 

But my hair's lackluster now. It's boring. It's straight and limp and like chow mein but not delicious. 

Anyone know of any good hair blogs? People who style their hair a lot? Or talk hair cuts? I would love some recommendations.

Thursday, December 16

Tomorrow is my birthday.


But when you wish someone a happy birthday, what does it mean?

My birthday used to be all about me. Ever since I was 12, I always lamented about getting older. I took living as a personal success. But my birthday isn't about me at all. It's not about gifts. It's not about any personal success. 

I feel like every happy birthday should be directed at my mom--who was in labor for a ridiculous amount of time. To my parents together, who have given me clothes, food, an education, an apartment, new gadgets and so much more. To my friends who cheer me on in life. 

The thing is, it wouldn't be a happy birthday at all without these people. 

Tuesday, December 14

Bearing Fruit

A few Fridays ago, a club I'm a part of put on a Benefit Concert. 

The organization is Kiva. The group dynamics in it are crazy. Friends, professional relationships, all mixing. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing too much, other times, I feel like I've done way too little, but none of that matters. 

This Benefit Concert was an amazing experience.  I'm so proud and impressed by everyone I've worked with. I haven't been pleased with how some things have gone, but the end result is nothing less than a success. I have never been a part of something as public as this. A lot of hard work (not from me) went into it; I just want to recognize that.

Here's a few pictures from the event. 

I didn't take the pictures and they're not the best quality since it was a dark room, but I lightened them and now they have a cool, old quality. If anyone has any suggestions on how to make pictures taken in a dim setting visible, please let me know. I'm always interested in new camera tricks.

Saturday, December 11

My apartment smells of cookies.

What is that?

Could it be one giant cookie? 

That's what I wondered when I opened this up. It's a cookie scented candle. 

Like that.

Makes more sense now, doesn't it? 

Every time I open the door, I'm assaulted with the smell of cookies.  Once, I left some vinegar out (I was eating dumplings) and the two scents mixed. My apartment smelled so sweet, tangy and delicious. 

This candle is from The Cake Candle Company. I received it as a birthday gift two years ago. 

Do you burn candles? If so, which ones?

Thursday, December 9

The Adventure of Pumpkin Pie

Almost an entire month ago, someone mentioned pumpkin pie to me.

I like pumpkin pie. I like it a lot. The thing is though, I'm a girl. A girl who lives alone and a girl who's trying to lose weight. Pumpkin pie is not a Solution. 

It's a problem. A rich, delicious problem. 

A week later, I find myself still thinking of pumpkin pie. All I wanted was a taste. I swore I'd be satisfied with a bite

I went to the grocery stores and I looked at the pies. I leaned on my shopping cart and gave a lovesick sigh.  

'It's not meant to be.'

Then, one day, I went to the grocery store and instead of whole pies, what do I see?

Pie slices. 

I brought one. I took it home. I gobbled it up. 


Tuesday, December 7

And back to the core of it all.

I haven't been very healthy. It wasn't because of Thanksgiving, but more because of stress.  Staying up late and munching away. Staying at school and drinking sodas, eating hotdogs noming on fries. This needs to change.

Healthy living--that's what life is all about isn't it? 

We can hope to climb figurative mountains, reorganize our lives, have new experiences... but we need our bodies to be strong. 

I once subscribed to the philosophy "You can sleep when you're dead." 

... You can. 

I certainty can't...unless you want to deal with someone cranky and upset. I can't concentrate if I'm sleepy. 

Physically, I spend too much time lounging, not enough time moving.  

The 7% Solution: To exercise and eat healthier  

Saturday, December 4

Sherlock Holmes should be high more.

I don't condone the use of hard drugs or anything like that! I was just searching youtube for clips of Sherlock Holmes, high on cocaine. It's what I do in my free time?

To my surprise and disappointment, there aren't many clips. I found a total of three, all from the Granada series.


Just a guess, of course, but perhaps it has something to do with depicting drug use on television? Especially when times were more conservative? Maybe television ratings would have gone up? Maybe the director just thought it wasn't an important aspect of character development. 

Either way, in the new Sherlock Holmes movie with Jude Law as Watson and RDJ as Holmes, I'd like to see Holmes high. Perhaps with Downey's personal history, it'll have an especially gritty take. 

A girl can hope.

Thursday, December 2

Classy and Fabulous

I hope everyone had a great first day of December. I couldn't believe it was already December when I flipped my figurative calender. But I always feel like that.  

The title from this post comes from a Coco Chanel quote, if you didn't know. It might be the Coco Chanel quote. 

I've been told that I have a classy style. (Of course, the people who tell me this are male, so it may be the only non-offensive descriptor that they know.) Whether or not I have a right to be, I'm honored. 

When I'm not classy, I'm definitely quirky, whimsical and bright. I love neon colors that stand out.

I've recently started to follow trends, but I do know when something doesn't work for me. 

My go to combo is probably a cami, cardigan and skirt. I'm curvy and short, so I'm still learning to dress for my shape. 

The 7% Solution: To buy, and make it worthwhile

Tuesday, November 30

Silver Lining!

There are a number of annoyances bothering me this morning. 

The first is the fact that the "h" key on my laptop doesn't want to work. 
The second is that I have more group projects and tests before finals week than I can handle.
The third is that I have finals less than a week from today.
The fourth is that by having my car towed twice, my budget is more than dead. (Why is life so expensive?)
The fifth is that yesterday, my car stalled on the side of the road. I was driving and turning into a shop when all of a sudden, it stopped. Pushing on gas did nothing. Putting it on park made it stuck there. ...Then I started to roll back into traffic.

However, I'm thankful that my car stalled out right in front of a tow truck--which then towed me home for about half the price he was supposed to charge and in turn, covered my behind.  

Not my car, but might as well be.

My car has given me endless grief. I've had it for three years (it was my father's before) and I remember:
  • the battery dying. This was while I was trying to park in the garage at school. Think about all those tiny spaces! My parents came over to jump it.
  • the passenger side window sliding down... and staying down. The belt in the window was broken. ...a hundred dollars or so to fix. 
  • the front right tire popping.
  • the front right tire popping. Yeah, that's right. This happened twice. Both on the highway.  Once in morning rush hour. Once Friday night. Both required towing. Total was probably close to a thousand dollars.
  • the front windshield cracking. Required replacement. A hundred dollars or so of cost. 
I apologize for the rant.  I'm thankful I have a car, though, and I'm thankful I have the money to make said repairs. I'm thankful to have people who can help me out. 

I still don't want to pay over two thousand bucks to make repairs.  I'm calling in favors left and right for rides too. Life can be annoying sometimes, but ranting helps, no?

Gimme your worst rant!  Then your silver lining. =)

Saturday, November 27

Home is where ... most of my possessions are.

I have to admit that I am one of those people who are very attached to their wordy possessions. I'm not the type who can pick up and resettle anywhere. Where I am and who I'm surrounded by defines me. It's all about the context, folks. 

Right now I attend college and my parents have graciously allowed me to live in a condominium/apartment of theirs. They purchased it for investment and currently, aren't charging me rent. 

In addition, I can decorate it however I want! 

To top it all off, my mafia connections family from China mafia connections have given me  a gift card of 1200 dollars to Ikea. 

Due to the sponsorship, this will be one of my most feasible projects. 

Despite the fact that I've been here for two years, the only picture I dare show of my apartment is this tiny corner of my living room.
The 7% Solution: Home improvement

Thursday, November 25

Happy Thanksgiving!

 My family's never really celebrated this holiday, but I'm going to go home and visit them in the evening. I think I'll go to dinner with them too.

I haven't really decided if I want to brave the craziness tomorrow, (on Black Friday) or not, but I think I might. I've been wanting a new camera. 

I'm planning on hosting a friendsgiving this Saturday too. I've got so much cleaning and preparation for that. Ah!

I want to remind myself to be healthy. Here are a few tips I picked up from around the web. You can party-proof your diet. Or you can, you know, binge eat. But really, with Christmas events... you should really look into some tips.

Tuesday, November 23

Back from Irvine!

The weekend wasn't good. It was, in fact, very bad. But I'll share a few highlights and the up moments. 

For Subway, please take a left. For Subway, please take a right.

Beautiful scenery between Arizona and California.

Completely kidding. It's awful.
Anteaters are the mascot of Irvine. They're... scary.

Apparently, this is a rather famous restaurant in California.

It's basically a tea/restaurant places that's always hopping. Excellent service.

Great atmosphere too.

This is what I got. Honey Black Tea with Boba. Yum!

My tea with all the bags of tea that the restaurant sold.

I didn't know that they made ice cream out of this!
 How do you like road trips? 

Saturday, November 20

Where am I today?

I'm actually in Irvine, CA mocking up a storm. 

Mocking up a storm?

A tad of history is appropriate here, I suppose. I love speaking to a large group of people. I  participated in speech and debate in high school. Yeah, I'm that kind of nerd.

My life in college is now all about Mock Trial.
Mock Trial, also known as Moot Court, is a team activity. On the undergraduate college level, it's governed by AMTA, or American Mock Trial Association. I've been doing this activity for three years and it's caused me endless stress and joy. In each round, teams from two schools go head to head against each other. At minimum, there's six people on each team. Three people make up the bench, or the attorneys. Three more people are witnesses. Think of a lawyer show like Law and Order. There's an opening statement, direct examinations to allow the witness tell their story, cross examinations to take away credibility from the witness, and a closing argument. 

Wish me luck!

Thursday, November 18

I'm not a foodie.

Far from, actually. I barely discriminate between gourmet food and fast food. My tongue just doesn't taste well.

As far as cooking goes... I'm honestly a cooking disaster! I remember in high school, I had to cook for bake sales. I believe I caused a fireball to shoot from the oven once... and another time, I melted some plastic. Then there was that time when I was making meatballs with my friends and an entire pan of half cooked meat, grease and burning oil almost fell on me.

I only learned to cook when I moved out for college. I haven't caused any fireballs recently, but I do splash myself with oil frequently. 

Nonetheless, I love to try new recipes. 

The 7% Solution: To eat and to cook

Tuesday, November 16

My Written Resume

I was never good at writing. I'm still not. 

When I was younger, my middle school teacher lied to me and said I was a good writer. Then I got to high school and the truth slapped me in the face. I've been told my word choice is plain and my sentences are unstructured. I lack organization.

I don't care; I still write. 

I used to have a journal when I was 12. I used gel pen to write in it. I glued ribbons to the front and back cover and tied it up every night when I was done writing. It was filled with the most profound of thoughts. 


I wrote about what I ate, what time I woke up and what errands I ran with my mother. 

But I reread it to remind me of the simpler days. 

Sometime later,  I moved to the internet. My preteen days were filled with xanga--a website that's barely relevant. 

I spent a long time on livejournal in my teens. 

Now that I'm oh-so-freshly out of the teenage phase, I'm moving to blogger. And that's that. 

The 7% Solution: To improve 

Sunday, November 14

Let's start with "Hello."

I'm sure you've read that statistic out there.


The one that says most blogs last 6 months before they die?

Yeah, that one. 

With my commitment issues, I do hope this goes on for a bit.