Saturday, December 31

This unimpressive bowl ... actually a sad attempt at this dish.

One of the things that I dislike about Asian dishes is how often it calls for fresh ingredients in such small qualities. For example, I have great issues with green onion. When I buy it, it's at least 3 bunches. I think I use 2 stalks per meal, at the most. I usually stick them in my fridge, only for them to dry and shrivel up. 

Now, for this dish, I brought a few types of eggs. I still have way too many salted duck eggs and thousand year eggs. Perhaps it's time to revisit this dish!

Also, happy new year's eve!

Thursday, December 29

Vlog Teaser!

So... Remember when I was talking about the possibilities of a Vlog about a month ago? I really wasn't sure where it was going but after a morning of filming with Mugdha from A Vigilant Muse... We have something!

All I can show you now is an awkward Teaser but there is more to come as soon as Mugdha edits it all! Much thanks to her for taking part as well as doing all the editing. Without further ado...

See us in video!

Tuesday, December 27

Galaxy Nails for Cheap!

Hello everyone! I'm back from my vacation. I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and spent a nice time with their families. I'm getting back in the swing of things but I've been horribly lazy. Today, I am bringing you a nail look!

Remember that trend of making your nails look like they were in space? If I remember correctly, it used an Orly polish that cost quite a bit. 

Okay. Not quite a bit. But it costs more than a dollar and that's how much I try to buy my polishes for. 

By combining two polishes, I created a similar effect. This nail look is for the lazy. You don't find planets and solar systems and galaxies in this look. Just SPACE, the FINAL FRONTIER. I hope you read that in William Shatner's voice or something. 

Enough gabbing. The star of this look is NYC's Love Letters. By itself, it looks awful. Barely sparkles, mostly clear. LAME.

But what if you layer it over black? Ohhh. Isn't that pretty?

I love the details of this look. It looks like individual stars. And I tried to show how much of a duochrome this polish is. It's pink and purple and magenta as well as blue and teal.

Even though this uses two polishes, the NYC Love Letters is cheap and the black I have was really cheap as well. You probably already have a black color on hand. With the two colors combined, this look only took two dollars to do! 

Saturday, December 24

Leopard Print

I used to think that Leopard Print was so tacky and trashy. It used to be something that only really trashy people wear. 

Then, I realized that curvy black women looked great in it. 

via tumblr

Then I thought that older white woman could look good in it too.  

via weheartit
My journey in accepting animal bring has been fraught with generalizations, misconceptions and stereotypes.  But now I think that even I can look good in it. Anyone can.

I still don't agree with wearing it head to toe, but scarves, nails, bags, cardigans, coats and shoes can always be printed! I hope the print will very forgive me for my earlier comments.  It's not tacky, it's not trashy. It depends on how it's worn!

How do you feel about animal prints? 

Thursday, December 22

Oversharing Hypocrisy

via weheartit

Let me just be clear. I hate oversharing. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Oversharing often makes me hate social media as a whole. But as you can see from the title, I'm a hypocrite about it. And how can I not be? I'm on facebook and I have this little thing called a blog.

People share so much useless information about their lives. Where they are, who they're with, what they're thinking about... You've seen the mundane Twitter Updates ("Woke up, my coffee tastes awful, lol." You've see the vague facebook updates that are designed to make you ask questions ("It's days like theses where I know that no one cares. Everyone's fake, even you.") There's the depressing tumblr reposts that include a pretty picture and some words like "Life isn't worth living." There are people who constantly update, whose updates are never original... the list goes on and on. I'm sure that everyone has their own annoyances. 

But the thing that I hate the most is that I check these things. I read and look at every annoying sentence and picture and comment. I can't stop looking at it. I don't care about anything that people say, but I'm constantly still refreshing and keeping up to date. That's probably the most annoying part of all. 

Tuesday, December 20

The pictures kind of match!

You guys know I have trouble replicating recipes. And you know that I have even more difficulty getting my pictures to look like food bloggers' photos.

But this one... It alllllmost looks the same.

The recipe is from Kevin at Closet Cooking and the dish is Asparagus Mac and Cheese!

I count mac and cheese as a pasta and it is definitely one of my favorite kinds. I love that the asparagus added some veggies to the mix. Definitely try this recipe out. It was so good.

Saturday, December 17

Link Up

It's time for some random links I find on the internet! 

Let's start off with an SNL skit that has Steve Buscemi and Batman.

Get ready for Class in 30 Minutes - ...You mean five, right? Cause on a day I have 30 minutes to get ready... I clearly woke up 25 minutes too early.

I'm late... - Another article about looking awesome in no time at all. Cause sleep guys, it's important. As is checking your blog in the morning.

Sweet Lemon Magazine  - Have you ever wanted a blog in a magazine form? Here it is. If I were to describe this... it would probably be east coast and preppy. 

The Dirty Unethical Business of Fashion Blogs - The relationship between your favorite blogs and those who they advertise for. 

Unicorn Nails - Every bit as amazing as it sounds... and like all of my nail looks, so simple even I can do it. I just... don't own a shatter nail polish at the moment.

People Who Photograph Food - Also known as everyone I know? Including all you bloggers? NYT article on the new "phenomenon". 

Also, I'm turning 21 today and going on a week long family vacation. I'll have scheduled posts but probably won't be commenting that much. If you'd like to reach me, please contact me here. I'll be back around Christmas. 

Thursday, December 15

Downtown and Fair Trade Cafe Adventure

I recently found out that there was a free shuttle that took me from Arizona State's Tempe Campus to Arizona State's Downtown Campus. So... I went!

I find the Downtown Campus to be fresh, new and exciting as opposed to the Tempe one. Look, tall buildings.

They even have something you don't really see in all of Arizona. Historical buildings.

There's something about it all that just looks so modern. Unlike the rest of Arizona.

There's that Civic Park "Jellyfish"!

My main goal in taking this adventure was to find the Fair Trade Cafe! And I spotted it!

Interestingly enough, the area is secluded and hidden. At least, it was for me. You had to go down these stairs.

I had a nice berry ice tea.

I also got a sandwich. It was overpriced, but really good. They even gave me a cookie! Overall, I have to say I really liked the Fair Trade Cafe. I would never go there again just to eat there like I did this time but if you're in the neighborhood, I think it's a perfectly acceptable place to stop by and grab a bite. Of course... they are known for their coffee and I didn't get to try that. Perhaps one more trip.

Tuesday, December 13

Wonderful Days at the Farmer's Market

This was the last time I saw my friend before she went off to London. I think it was September or so. We went to the Phoenix Public Market, which I'm sure you've seen if you read blogs by other Phoenicians. 

Once we got there, we went to have a drink. I got a Sparkling Lemonade. This stuff is super refreshing. I highly recommend you try one. 

Here's me posing with my drink. Like in an advertisement. Oh, if only my face looked like this more often and less like my goofy faces. We are not in dress season anymore. Don't worry.

She also pulled this out of her purse? I thought it was doggie doo doo at first. It's not. It's a doughnut. 

And because we're Asian, we take pictures. ...Or, maybe it's because I'm a blogger, I take pictures. Either way, pictures of hotdogs were taken. These hotdogs in particular came from Short Leash, which is a hot dog food truck.

The dogs were really good. They gave you a fork cause it's kind of a messy experience. 

As you can see, it's not in any normal type of bun. It was encased in a tortilla type shell. I thought it was weird at first, but it was good. I had a brat, some sauerkraut and thousand island dressing. Sounds super weird, but it was very good. 

The place wasn't so much of an experience that I'd dying to go back; maybe with the right person.

I have two more finals to go! Today and tomorrow... and I'm free. 

Monday, December 12

My Life is Awesome Mondays: Birthdays and Trips!

via weheartit
So... I'm still in the midst of finals but I can't stop thinking about what this winter break as to offer me! It's shorter this year but I have to look forward to my 21st birthday as well as a family trip to Orlando to visit Disneyworld and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I shoooould be studying but I can't stop thinking about all the fun I'll have.

But! I need your help.

My birthday is on Saturday and I need to leave Sunday morning. I'm thinking of just having dinner with my friends on Saturday as celebration. Where should I go? What kind of vibe should it have? Any ideas?

Also, do you guys have any must visit locations in Orlando? Any booths, rides, or shops that I need to go to in Disney and Universal Studios?

Saturday, December 10

Physician's Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 Tinted Moisturizer

I've been using a BB cream with SPF I got from China and I decided I really loved  the idea of foundation + SPF. I don't like to wear too much on my face because then I feel like I have robot skin (no offense to robots), so I tried to look for tinted moisturizers. I looked into a lot of drugstore items as well as Sephora and found that a lot of the tinted moisturizers only go up to SPF 25. That wasn't going to work for me since I live in the Valley of the Sun and I hate sunspots. 

But after more searching, Physician's Formula came to the rescue. It always amuses me when products have incredible long names. This is one such product. The Physician's Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 Tinted Moisturizer.

I thought it was okay. I'd agree with what it advertises here. It's lightweight hydration, for sure. If my skin was in bad shape, I wouldn't be comfortable sticking with only this for moisture.

The foundation is very runny and liquidy. I disliked this at first because I wasn't used to it, but it honestly leaves my skin very very soft. It's a weird kind of oily soft though (even on my very dry skin), so I'm not sure I'd recommend this to people with oily skin. As for coverage, it's extremely lightweight. Next to nothing, I'd say. However, I'm fine with that because I wasn't looking for much coverage anyways. This does a great job of evening out my skintone. It's a very subtle improvement. 

But another problem with this product is that the pump is flawed. Now, to be fair, I've dropped the bottle a few times but I find that the product drips out and down the side of the bottle rather than into your finger. If you tilt it, it doesn't work as well.

I'm not sure that I'd repurchase this. This retails for 13.99 (but I got it for 10 with a coupon) which means it's not super cheap. I don't love the product, but it's one of the only products I was able to find with SPF of 50. I might try the powder form of this product next. While I don't like the look of powder on my dry skin, it would fix many of the problems with the packaging and texture of the product.  

Thursday, December 8


Yeah. Read that title carefully. 

When I first tried this dress on, I thought it was ill fitting. The chest was too tight and it was too low. But I still loved it too much. Excuse the following picture, the color representation isn't great but it was the only straight shot full body I had. 

That's better. The skirt started with a small crocheted top, a nude panel, a light blue panel and a dark blue panel. It was a bit short for my liking but not unwearable. Someone commented that I wear a lot of wedges... which was really true this past season. Wedge love.

 Dress: (Thrifted)
Wedges: Aldo (49.50, on sale from 70.00)

I also did a strange, side-swept pony tail braid for this dress. Just experimenting for fun. 

I wore this dress on a night out when I had dinner at Tempe Marketplace. An outdoor mall near my college campus. The place was called Kabuki. I don't usually like expensive sushi places, but I thought that this place was worth the higher than average prices. The food is really so good.

Their happy hour menus is pretty fair and I loved their sushi so much that I signed up for their reward program. There's really something to be said about quality and originality in sushi. I love salmon, but I'm constantly looking for new ways to experience it.

PS. Finals week! Wish me luck.

Tuesday, December 6

Ma Bar

It's been a while since I did anything Lush related hasn't it?

I come today baring a recommendation for the winter times. This isn't part of their Christmas collection, but it's great when you're in that mood. This is called the MA BAR BUBBLE BAR. 

Lush says: Spoil yourself with a chocolate-toffee bar. The LUSH Ma Bar is a Bubble Bar of two halves: cocoa and honey toffee. In the centre, there's a lump of brown sugar, which melts in the bath water. Despite what might pop into your mind, the Ma Bar gets its name from its origins. It's a bar for Ma. It has the winning fragrance of our Honey I Washed the Kids soap and smells like a delicious bar of chocolate.

Just half of a Ma bar gives you really good quality bubbles. It smells warm.. very much like something you'd want to drink. I think it may be a good idea to drink a nice hot chocolate while you're in the bath too!

I also just did my first ever guest post over at World According to Shia. She likes damask and is awesome. 

Saturday, December 3

Paletas Betty Mexican Ice Cream!

One of these stores opened up on Mill Ave and I just had to go! These stores specialize in Mexican ice cream and they've been incredibly popular over here in Arizona.

The shop was rather quiet so we went in, got our popsicles (I think they were two dollars or so for one) and sat outside. It was kind of expensive, but I think again, worth it for a treat. After some struggling, I opened it.

The mold of the ice cream looks like it has a bite out of it already. That scared my friend.

So, yeah. I think I got the strawberry flavored one and I absolutely loved it. I also had a lick of the chocolate one and it wasn't bad either. It was a little pricey for a popsicle but I thought it was great! It really gave you the perfect amount of a cold treat. If you're interested in their website, you can visit here

I also want to let you guys know that I recently signed up for Skimlinks, an affiliate site.(If you click on this link to sign up for the service, I will receive a commission.) I'll give an opinion about it, but I'm super new to this as well. You'll start seeing links for the items I post and it'll get me motivated on my blogging resolutions. Especially for more fashion and haul related posts! I proooooomise I won't start just posting things. I'm just curious to see how this works. =)

Thursday, December 1

Kreativ Blogger Award

I'd like to give a big thank you to Erin at Popcorn, Pugs and Peonies for passing on the creative blogger award. 

As always, there are rules and facts to share about yourself. 


1.) Link back to the person who passed you the award
2.) Complete the form below
3.) Award 10 blogs and drop them a note to let them know about it
4.) Share 7 random things about yourself.


1.) Name your favorite song? I serenaded someone with Taylor Swift's You Belong With Me, recently, so that.

2.) Name your favorite dessert? Ohhh. Chocolate anything. And creme brulee.

3.) What pisses you off? People who don't take care of the responsibilities they have... often. Once or twice is excusable, but if it's a constant you don't have your stuff together type of individual... I can't stand that.

4.) When you're upset you? Eat bad unhealthy things and sleep.

5.) What is your favorite pet? Tribbles.

6.) Black or White? Both? I wear much more black though.

7.) Your biggest fear? Probably being alone and unhappy with myself.

8.) Best Feature? I'm not sure... Perhaps my hair now? It's incredibly long and I always find it really impressive when I WHIP MY HAIR BACK AND FORTH, WHIP MY HAIR BACK AND FORTH.

9.) Everyday Attitude? Happy go lucky, I guess. I know a lot of people probably think I fret about everything because I fret to them, but I generally just try to live my life and do the best I can. Hakuna Matata perhaps. 

10.) What is perfection? I remember last time I said that perfection was working hard for something and achieving it. I think this time I'd have to say it's the feeling of helping someone else along and seeing them achieve their dreams. that's perfection too.

11.) Guilty Pleasure? Food. To be precise, eating too much food. I really think that I enjoy my food so much that I just want to constantly be eating it.

I'd like to tag:
Kayleigh Jean
Shiny Pretty Things 

Tuesday, November 29

I finally found my white blouse!

I don't think I ever told you guys, but these past months I've been searching for a white, flowy blouse. My search started in the early summer and it took me until September to find it. This post is a bit old, sorry. Anyways, relive summer. Here!

This summer was my first "blogger summer" if you will--a summer when I was conscious of the options of keeping cool while looking hot. ...Sorry. I just had to. However, I noticed that a lot of the things that other bloggers wore just wouldn't fit Arizona. In Arizona, a short walk from your car to the mall would make you overheat. Being naked wouldn't even make you cool.

However, I discovered light clothing. There were certain fabrics other bloggers wore that I just loved. I loved the way it draped on their figure. I loved how it looked so cool and still allowed for full coverage and protection from the sun. It seemed like such an improvement of my usual summer uniform of camis and shorts. (I got really annoyed with camis because the straps of my bra were always showing.) Sheer clothing also made it easier to cover my arms, so I wouldn't be half dressed all of the time. On top of it all, it seemed like a great layering piece.

I found this top at H&M and it was even on sale, down to 7.95 from 17.95. To think, I was ready to drop 50 dollars on a shirt from Express. I think it's perfect. It's very lightweight, but not too sheer. It's cut in that "mullet" fashion (shorter on the front and longer in the back). I could complain about having to roll up the sleeves or the fact that there are two front pockets... but for the price, I really couldn't be happier.   

 Shirt: H&M (7.95, on sale from 17.95)
Shorts: Mudd (Old)
Shoes: Aldo (49.50, on sale from 70.00)

I know these shorts are really short but I have a lot of trouble finding a length that's long enough to fit my age and short enough to not cut my legs off. Cause... don't my legs look long in this picture? Don't they? Also, check out my fishtail braid in the last picture. Took me a really long time to learn that.