Thursday, January 27

Feasts from Long Ago

When I cook, I don't... follow recipes, per say. For some reason, following directions to a T is very difficult for me. If I find something online, I'll be sure to link it. =)

Over thanksgiving break (yeah, that long ago, sorry!) I had a friend over. We had a little dinner party of sorts. 

First, we made a hot spinach and artichoke dip.  Only we didn't use the oven and we used asparagus instead of artichokes. I went to the store to look for artichokes, but I didn't know how to eat them! Now I know that artichoke hearts come in cans. This recipe's great! Not healthy at all, but cheap and easy to make party appetizer food.

Next, we made mashed potatoes with onions and mushrooms. It tasted good, but I found that it was a really strange texture. The mashed potatoes were a bit flavorless. After picking out the onions and mushrooms I threw away the mashed potatoes. 

Saturday, January 22

Wonderful Etsy Shop

When necklaces are concerned, I like classic pearl necklaces or very humble pieces. Something that provides a small, fine accent.

On the other hand I also like really out of the norm pieces. 

I found several necklaces of the latter kind in a Etsy shop: Niche. I'm completely unaffiliated, of course.

It's times like this when I wish I wasn't allergic to metals of all kinds. 

My favorites are the revolver and the skull.

from Niche
from Niche

Thursday, January 20

Thank you! Thank you!

I haven't had the time to write up this post, but recently, I received not one, but two blogger awards! I'm really amazed that when people think of these awards, they can think of me and my little blog!

First, I'd like to say thank you to Gingersnaps from Pretty Little Thing for passing on the One Lovely Blog Award!

There are a few rules that accompany accepting this award....
  • Accept and thank the person who gave you the award.
  • Post it in your blog including the name and the link of the blogger.
  • Pass the lovely award to other bloggers that you've met along the way.
  • Lastly, inform them that they have chosen for this award.
I'd love to pass this award to Mugdha from A Vigilant Muse and Arudhi from A box of kitchen. Mugdha is a real life friend of mine and honestly, my inspiration for this blog as well as its content.  As for Arudhi... I cook so many things from her blog because her recipes are delicious and easy!

Secondly, I received a Stylish Blogger Award from Nicole at ♥Twisted Thoughts♥
But these awards won't continue without rules!

  • Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award. 
  • Share 7 things about yourself. 
  • Award to recently discovered bloggers. 
  • Contact these bloggers and tell them about this award.   
Let's see... Seven Things about me... These are going to be very silly!
1. I am scared of birds and fish. I don't know when it happened, but I can't stand either.
2. I collect turtles. Not sure when this started, but I have turtle watches, stuffed animals, bracelets, snowglobes... some pretty strange things.
3. I used to be very interested in anime. 
4. I occasionally watch Asian dramas, specifically, Chinese/Taiwanese/HK ones. If anyone knows of something good, please recommend it to me! When I watch these things, I pretend like I'm learning.
5. I can never finish anything... especially television shows, sewing projects, home improvement projects, stories and sometimes books. 
6. My interests change every three weeks. I get obsessed with things really quickly and it slowly fades out. 
7. I don't like sharing my opinions; I'm not outspoken but I'm not shy. I stay away from talking about serious things.

I'd like to pass this award on to Amy from VeryAimee and Kileen from  cute and little. Amy is a real life fashion icon. She's the girl who always thinks about what she's wearing! Kileen's sense of style is so similar to mine; she always inspires me with new ways to wear things.

Tuesday, January 18

A New Jacket

This weekend was disappointing. I came back the night before school started, trying to get everything organized. When I checked the shipping status of my textbooks, I saw that they had already been delivered and left on my patio. ...But nothing's on my patio. 

I remembered that this weekend (while I was not here) my water heater started leaking and there was black mold in my patio. My parents came to clean it. I don't know if they took it, if UPS left it on someone else's patio or what... I'm extremely frustrated and off to a bad start. 

So I decided to do a little online shopping, to ease the mind! 

A new jacket is something that I don't need at all. It's an item that my wardrobe has a ton of. 
The tricky thing is getting something cute and light. I started my search at Charlotte Russe and Forever 21, just to get a sense of how cheap these jackets can be and the general styles that are out there. A jacket can get to be over a hundred dollars easily. I'm not sure if I want to invest. 

My main issue is that  I want a short jacket but I've got wide wide hips. The cut usually makes me look short and stout.  

Forever 21
 I was browsing through when I found this gem. I stopped, pointed at my screen and blinked. SHERLOCK HOLMES much?

Thursday, January 13

Honey Baked Salmon

I know this is an awful picture.
Doesn't it look good nonetheless?
So, I've warned you that I'm not a great cook. But this piece of salmon, marinated with honey, vinegar and sugar was really really good. Too bad it was just so small... 

Also, sometimes I take bites out of my food then decide I should photograph them. =)

Tuesday, January 11

Things That Only You Love

I was browsing on Black Friday in Forever 21 when I happened upon some bug necklaces.

Forever 21
Forever 21

I think this was these two...  I love these long, dangly necklaces with something whimsical on them. Sure, bugs aren't classy and they're a little creepy, but they're so fun!

I might end up getting one anyways. 

Saturday, January 8

Stolen Oxfords

I've been wanting new shoes for a long time. When I saw some oxfords online, I realized that my mother had a pair in her closet. 

Shamelessly, I stole them. I haven't really gotten a chance to wear them... what would they look good with?

Thursday, January 6

Shopping by yourself!

It can be the most productive sometimes. No one to distract you or make you look at things you don't want to.

Remember my boots from this post?

Well, I selected it from the following choices:
Mossimo Supply Co. Kaden Tall Buckle Boots - Black

Xhilaration Karassa Slouchy Heeled Boots - Cognac

Merona Kaiden Cuffed Boots - Brown

I think I made the right choice (the middle one!). Even though I saw all these shoes in the store, I ordered from online so that it was the right size. This was the first time I've brought clothing online! I'm so glad my search is over. I've been looking for brown riding boots and black combat boots for what seems like ages. Something to tuck my jeans into!

I can't tell if the spots on this picture come from my screen, the mirror, or the floor. ...Focus on the boots!

What boots do you own? Sometimes I can't believe I only own two pairs of boots... but when you take into consideration the fact that the temperature here is above 100 degrees more than half the year, it makes sense.

Tuesday, January 4

Improvement is so vague.


I say I want to improve my writing--but how? 

This is one of my biggest issues. 

I can't properly express myself. 

Orally, it's a little bit better. At least if you're speaking with someone in person, you can see their WTF face. 

If you write, they might just skip over your words. In this day and age, with email correspondence, it's so easy to be misunderstood. 

The number one complaint from employers is that their new recruits suck at writing.

I suppose my amended 7% Solution is to write clearly.

Saturday, January 1

Glitz and Glam

Usually, I would make more of a big deal for New Years Day. Even when I didn't have a blog, I'd write a short something something about ends. New beginnings. But I just don't care this year. This year, I want to talk about something more materalistic. Don't worry, it's just a tad  more shallow. 

Sequins! I've hated sequins for a long, long time. I remember my mom would get me some t-shirt and it would be covered with cheap, disguising sequins. I sighed when I realized it was a trend this year. To my surprise, I didn't hate sequins this year. 

I think they can be worn very wrong, but ... can also look nice. I wonder if I can pull it off. 

Sequins are festive, but I don't want to look cheap.
Charlotte Russe
I think this can look very nice paired with something more conservative. I'd definitely want to try it on though, it might be too short.

Charlotte Russe
 This one looks rather okay as well. 

Charlotte Russe
An example of something I'm not okay with. 

Keeping all this in mind, I went shopping. Now, before I show you the pictures, I'm going to ask for forgiveness. I'm not the most photogenic individual. In fact... pretty much the opposite. And yes, these were taken in the pitch dark. They were taken approximately 10pm on Christmas day when a friend and I decided to take a walk.

Top: Forever 21 (12.80)
Skirt: Forever 21 (12.50)
Tights: Forever 21 (unknown)
Boots: Target: (29.99)
Bag: from China (approx 35$)

I have a blog post planned for the journey I went through to find those boots. It wasn't easy, let me tell ya!

Oh yeah, Happy New Years.