Saturday, February 26

Stuff it!

I love making yummy food from recipes I find online. This is a recipe I stole from a box of kitchen. My friend Mugdha also did her version of stuffed mushrooms

To be honest, with the grinding of the shrimp and corn, these were more or less a pain to make. I don't have a food processor, I have a blender. A blender that's falling apart. When I was making these, the bottom fell out and I had grey shrimp/corn mush on my hands. That's, literally, on my hands. 

After looking at Mugdha's version, I feel like I should have put them in the oven instead of over the stove. They weren't fun to turn and the stuffing kept falling out. Ultimately, I'm not sure if I cooked them long enough, but I didn't get sick, so hey!

You don't notice that this picture is blurry.
 Just an additional update on my life. I talked about Mock Trial Regionals. I'm happy to report that my team did very well and we finished 8th. Thanks for sending us good luck vibes. On the other hand, it was a bittersweet ending because my season is over. This means I have more time on my hands!

Thursday, February 24

A New Jacket, Pt 3

Do you see my problem now? 

I have serious shopping issues!

I was looking in my closet and I decided that I don't need any more cardigans. I need something I can wear outside of a cardigan. Not a sweater, not a coat, but a jacket. A heavy blazer? 

Perhaps I don't know what I'm looking for either. 

Sometimes I just want a fantastic fur coat a la Cruella DeVille.

And Lady Gaga, apparently.

Or maybe something military-styled. Or something leather?

Or something that looks like grass.

Kidding about this one.

Tuesday, February 22

I love Lush.

Oh, look, it's my favorite store, LUSH!

I don't order a lot of things online, so I love receiving big boxes. I got these  items from their Halloween Forum Party. (Don't worry. It's the post that's super late, not the shipping.) If you don't know, a forum party is an event where all sorts of lushies get online, talk to each other, answer trivia and get prizes. To top it all off, there are limited edition items. 

I got Gold, Frankincense and Beer (GFB), a shower jelly as well as Ghost, a shower gel.  I received two samples, Honey I Washed the Kids Soap and Coal Face Cleanser. 

I've used Honey I Washed the Kids before and it's one of my favorites. Makes sense that it's one of Lush's best selling products! This is a pretty sweet-smelling product and incredibly creamy. They have a limited edition item out for Valentine's Day called It's Raining Men. It's Raining Men is Honey I Washed the Kids in shower gel form and it smells divine.  

I haven't used Coal Face before. It's more for oily skin and I don't really have that, especially in the winter. One day, I woke up feeling slightly oily and I gave it a try. I cannot stand the heavy licorice smell that this product has. The coal in it leaves your face slightly black after you lather and it dried my skin out, as I expected. I'm saving it for the summer.

The GFB  (not to be confused with the BFG, or big friendly giant) is pretty fun to use. I rub a exfoliating glove (which I use as a loofa) over it. It lathers up like a dream. The smell is reminiscent of root beer. It's not a traditional bath product scent, but that's what I like about Lush.

The Ghost shower gel is very pretty outside of the bottle. It looks like it has shimmery silver flakes in it.  I can't say that I generally like flower heavy scents but this lily shower gel is very nice. It's very sophisticated and relatively gender-neutral. I have to admit, that this was seventeen dollars in terms of price though, so it's an indulgence.  

Saturday, February 19

No Snacks!

I'm traveling this weekend to LA. More mock trial... yay. I'm at the Regionals tournament. If I don't do well, it could mean the end of my season. If I do well... it may still mean the end of my season, but closing the season off on a good note makes me happy. Please wish me luck! I've been horribly nervous about this weekend. 

Moving on to something substantive.  

As a student, I love snacking on things. It's a habit that my family's encouraged over the years. I remember the first time I needed to read textbooks past 11pm and how my mom brought me plate after plate of snacks. But in order to keep healthy, I've learned a few tips. Maybe they can work for you too!

First of all, identify why you want to snack. I snack to concentrate, not because I'm actually hungry. These tips apply more for this situation, than say, if you snack to keep you energy level up. 

Here goes!

1. Control what you buy!
I try not to buy potato chips, cookies, sugary fruit snacks, and the such. This is harder to control if you live with a husband/roommate or family. Luckily, I live by myself. Sure, your cravings hit you at midnight, but you're not going to run out to the grocery store then. If you don't keep anything unhealthy in the house, you're not going to eat it.

2. Have something to munch on. 
On the other hand, I do keep things to munch on in my house. Granola and yogurt, it's a good, healthy, and filling combo. Let's say that a serving holds 150 calories. After one serving, I'm not likely to go back, unlike those bags of bite-sized cookies of 100 calories. I can easily eat 3 bags of those! I've also been looking into fruit as well as crackers and hummus for something salty.

3. Don't beat yourself up. 
I do indulge once in a while, but I don't beat myself up for it. My current indulgence of choice is bar chocolate. I can separate it into small portions, but each bite still overloads me with that delicious taste.  I have no issues with buying Valentine's Day candy on sale, for myself.

4. More meals, smaller portions. 
Never go without a meal. When I deprive myself (or food or sleep) I feel grumpy. Then I overeat (or oversleep). If it takes you 2 sandwiches to feel full and you skip 'em all together, next time you'll find yourself eating 3 sandwiches.  

My snacks currently include hummus and crackers (crackers > chips), apples, oranges, and gum. A few days ago, when I was out of snacks, I was eating tons of sugary cereal. I know I shouldn't be eating sugary cereal in the first place, but the box gave me a deal I couldn't refuse. Movie tickets! Either way, replacement snacks!

Thursday, February 17

Unlikely Style Inspiration: Sheldon

Over the winter break, I watched way too much Big Bang Theory. I was first shown this program a while back, but it didn't really resonate until recently. You know how you have to grow attached to the characters? 

In spite of what the title of this post may suggest, My favorite character on the show isn't Sheldon. It's Wil Wheaton. I adore that nerdy-bad boy image he gives off. As a Star Trek fan, I also love the frequent Trek references. But alas, even if my favorite character isn't Sheldon, this post is about Sheldon.

In addition to watching Big Bang Theory, I read a lot of fashion blogs during my break. Slowly, fashion began to mix with Big Bang Theory and I saw a few interesting details. Does anyone notice how ridiculously awesome Sheldon's shirts are? 

I need more awesome shirts like his. And I need to wear them with a long-sleeved shirt underneath, like he does. So I tried it out!

I apologize for not keeping my hair away from the t-shirt (guess Sheldon doesn't have that problem). My t-shirt is from and my long sleeved shirt is from Forever 21. 

How did I do? What do you think about Sheldon's t-shirts?

Tuesday, February 15

Hey, I do nail art too!

It started over the summer. I paid a Chinese woman thirty US dollars for a mani-pedi. 

Never again. 

I looked at her work, scoffed and said "I can do that."

I've never looked back. 

I like to do a lot of different designs. I'm not actually very good at drawing on my nails so my designs usually turn out to be geometric. 

In today's case, we have black and nude abstract art. Sorry for the blurry pictures, I'm still learning about my camera. If anyone has any tips on nail art photos, please let me know!

I'm not the neatest or most creative... but I have fun. I used ELF Desert Haze, an ELF black and an Art Club striper brush. I would like to point out though, ELF nail polish sucks, even for the price it is. 

Do you ever do nail art? Where do you get your inspiration?  

Saturday, February 12


Does anyone watch Hetalia Axis Powers? I think that's what it's called... The show with anthropomorphic countries? I don't really watch it, but I do remember seeing the first episode when Italy said "Paaastaaaa!" That's where the title of this post comes from. See? It wasn't just a silly story.

This is bow-tie pasta (store-brought, just boil brand) with Italian sausage and mushrooms in premade sauce. It was amazing. Really... the perfect blend of things I have to cook and things I buy already made. It was a really hearty meal. The Italian sausage gave it a kick too.

I boiled water and pasta as I cut up mushrooms and sausage. Then I combined marinara sauce with the pasta, gave the mushrooms and sausage a quick once over with garlic and added that as well. 

Such a quick and easy dinner!

Thursday, February 10

Masks are made for hiding.

After coming home from a long day of school the other day, I was ready to take a nap. 

But I realized I should probably stick something in the laundry before I did. So I spent half an hour sorting out laundry and getting that started. 

And then I realized I should do something for myself--like put on a face mask! I got a ton from China and I haven't used very many at all.

Does that ever happen to you? You start out trying to do one thing but end up doing other things? It's like that book, if you give a mouse a cookie...  

Sorry about quality, taken with old camera.

Face masks are supposed to be used consistently and I don't do that. So take my opinion for what it's worth. This mask claimed to have whitening effects as well as moisturizing effects but I didn't notice any whitening effects with this (I never do). On the other hand, it did make my face moisturized afterward. In the winter, that's all you can really ask for, I suppose.

For the record, I have no idea what brand this is or where you can get it. Try China? 

What face masks do you use? What would you recommend? Are they effective?

Tuesday, February 8

A New Jacket, Part 2

I really need to stop being so ADD with my entries. I can't keep my focus very long, especially when it comes to this blog!

I mentioned that I wanted a jacket. I looked for jackets. And then I found something Sherlock Holmes related. Then I stopped looking. 

Did I find a jacket?


Luckily, the other day at H&M I saw something I liked. 

I don't think this was the exact color I saw. The one I tried on was more camel colored.  I really want to be a part of the camel trend! If I see it again, I'll buy it.

Saturday, February 5

Be Alone Today

There was a small tragedy this morning. While I was cleaning out my IKEA french press, the strainer portion fell apart. I tried to put it back together, but I couldn't. My coffee was extra grainy. I knew I put it together wrong and I couldn't stop thinking about it.  After one mug, I thought, "Oh no! What if the other part fell down the drain?" I rush over to check the sink, but thank Diety, it's still there. Mr. French Press isn't the same as it was, but... crisis averted.

This past week has been stressful. I have a feeling this upcoming week will be too. So I returned to something I love. A while ago, I found this poem performed by Tanya Davis. Please watch it. I don't really know if I can do it justice trying to explain. It's amazing. It lifts me up.

I listen to her voice often--when I'm alone. She tells me that things will be more than just alright.

Thursday, February 3

What's life without whimsy?

I don't know, Dr. Sheldon Cooper, I don't know.  

Some days, when I feel whimsical, I play with my hair.  

I like hairbands you make from items around the house.

This ribbon once tied some chocolates together. Now, I use it to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Have a happy year of the rabbit. Let me know what festivities you have planned. I'm going home tonight for hotpot and dumplings and family.

Tuesday, February 1

Four Poster Beds

I've always thought that these were beautiful. It's one of those things that I've always wanted. I rarely see four-poster beds in real life, but they're really common in movies. I associate them with Princesses and it is one of the biggest reasons I want to go to Hogwarts.

It's so incredibly majestic!  

Sheila Bridges
Unfortunately, that's so far out of my price range it isn't funny. What is in my price range? IKEA!

I do like the second one, but it's just not as awesome. All that being said, I don't think I'll be looking to replace my bed anytime soon; the frame is new and the mattress is new. The headboard I picked up at a garage sale for 5 dollars!