Saturday, April 30

Business Casual is my life.

For some strange reason, I'm passionate about professionalism. It's a theory that's been drilled into me since high school. 

 Necklace: 17th Birthday Gift from Friend
 Blazer: from China (about 20$)
T-Shirt: Next Era (Old)
Wrap Skirt: 6 Degrees (Unknown)
Tights: Forever 21 (unknown)
Shoes: Nine West Oxfords (Stolen from my mom)

I feel like "business casual" is a good way to describe my personal style. I NEED to work somewhere where I can wear pencil skirts, heels and suits.  For example, this outfit was just for a normal day where I had nothing exciting planned. If you know of any blogs that have a business or professional style, please let me know!

In the meantime, I've got a few tips to share with you. These are things I've picked up in my time, which, please understand, hasn't been that long.

1. Peeptoes are never appropriate with a suit. Unless you're rocking an Elle Woods suit or something like that. Peeptoed shoes can look sexy, flirty, but rarely professional. If the outfit is a flowery blouse and pencil skirt, peeptoes are great. If you're wearing a suit, peeotoes just don't work.

2. You're a woman (in a man's world). In order to succeed in traditionally masculine  industries, women often dress like them and wear straight cut pantsuits. After wearing my fair share of pantsuits, I've come to realize that I'm a strong believer of skirt suits over pant suits. A lot of petite Asian girls think that wearing skirt suits will make them seem less credible. It's too girly looking, or too young looking. The opposite of that is true, at least when it comes to college aged girls. I'm sure higher positions (not to mention politics) have a different set of standards altogether. There's nothing worse tor a  girl than  an ill-fitting suit. I should know. My mother brought me my first suit when I was fourteen in the ninth grade. It was a size four petite. That size doesn't sound too wrong, but it didn't fit me then and it doesn't fit me now. You have to be comfortable in your suit, otherwise, you look like you don't belong there.

Don't wear pants if you have assets. Men's suits look a certain way for a certain reason. If your cut is masculine but you have a feminine figure, it's going to look odd. No one's going to turn down your application if you wear pants but there's a certain image you have to show your clients. It's subtle and unconscious--professionalism. 

Unfortunately, there is the issue of actual prejudice. I've met and heard of individuals (both men and women) who believe that women shouldn't wear pant suits. No ifs, thens, or buts. I don't agree with that. Pant suits can look fierce as often as it looks inappropriate. Know your body.

Side note: If you're wearing a skirt suit, wear pantyhose. Always.

3.Your job is not to be sexy. Suits should make you feel powerful, professional, but if we can see cleavage, if the slit if your skirt is too high, if the control top of your pantyhose is showing? You're not sending the right message. Don't take items from your "I'm young and siiiiingle" outfit to wear with your "I'm a young professional" outfit. This applies to your shoes as well. Unfortunately, there is a height limit on heels. Five inches is probably too much for the courtroom. I've also found that patent leather (or shiny black heels) are more nightlife than office appropriate.

4. Less is more. Suits are getting amazing and crazy these days. But if you're looking for your first suit or your power suit, put the ruffles down. Put the giant bow down. Put the short sleeves down. A LACE suit? Don't even think about it. We're going for plain and simple. 

This list a collection of pet peeves--most that I've seen in action. I'm constantly learning more (what to wear with striped suits, gray suits, what men wear, and professional hair and makeup tips).  If you have any tips please share them! I'd love to know. 

Thursday, April 28

A Patchwork Manicure

First off, I am never doing a patchwork manicure anymore. Maybe it's just my polishes... but it took so ridiculously long! 

Please excuse my cuticles in this picture. I was clearly having issues. 

First I applied Purely Pearl from Petites. Then I waited for it to dry and laid a piece of scotch tape diagonally across my nail. I applied the pink color, Sinful Colors Vacation TIme. The black is from ELF. I've used it before here

I got the idea from this nail blog.  I think it looks very nice, but it just took so long that it's hardly worth it.  I still love the idea of doing nail art without any artistic talent though. Please share your designs with me!

Tuesday, April 26

"Apologies" for my "Absence"

Ugh. I used to never understand why people apologized for little absences from their blog. I usually didn't notice their disappearance for a week... or even two. Even if they are the type to respond to every comment, I never noticed that they lapsed on the commenting. But people continued apologizing: for not posting, for not commenting, for doing shorter posts, or for doing picture posts. Sometimes I wonder "Why people are apologizing for something they do for fun... Did you mess up on the number of posts your sponsor required?"

However, having experienced this. I have some new insight. Last weekend I edited my posts and scheduled them to run. Throughout the week, I only looked at my comments and replied to one batch. Over this weekend, I didn't get the time to schedule my posts for this week. I feel like I've missed out on so much! I get this feeling when my old besties tell me they're dating someone. We used to tell each other about every celebrity crush, every "That cute boy said this", every minute detail. Then all of a sudden, they're dating someone and I don't even know how they met. I think when people apologize, they do so cause they've really missed out.

Phone picture, you gotta love them.

I have a picture to share! Over the weekend I made some peep smores. Graham cracker, chocolate, and Peeps! I paid dearly for my Sunday night fun... I woke up Monday morning at 8:06 with a class at 8:30. It was my last class--I had to go!

Saturday, April 23

Black Monster

I was shopping in Dillard's the other day when I happened upon this coat. It looked ridiculous on the rack, so I had to pick it up and try it out. It looks ridiculous on me too. With a coat like this, you've got to be truly fabulous to pull it off. I couldn't do it.

When I'm alone, I try on a lot of clothes that I don't intend on buying. If I do intend on buying something, I try it on many times. This makes me a very paranoid online shopper. I love looking at clothes online, but I've never brought anything online that I didn't first find and try on in stores.

What do you choose to try on? Everything? Nothing? How do you feel about online shopping?

And ... how would you wear this coat?

Thursday, April 21

All American Meals

I always ate Chinese food with my family. Always. Now that I live alone... I rarely cook my mother's dishes. She's really, truly awful at giving me directions. 

She'll say something like, "Daughter, you'll want to put this in," then she'll reach for a dark colored liquid in a Gatorade bottle. What is the dark colored liquid? Chinese vinegar? Cooking wine? Soy sauce? Some kind of oil? Flavoring? I have no idea. Why is it in a Gatorade bottle? No clue. How much do I put in? I just have to estimate the stream.

I just can't learn.

So I cook American meals based on recipes I find online. Or in friend's cookbooks. 

But I know really nothing about American food. 

My American friend has an American cookbook and we picked an American meal together. 

 We made mushrooms sauce with entirely too much butter. (This is what happens when you cook with friends who insist that Americans put a cup of butter into their dishes... yuck.) I'm relatively sure that's neither healthy nor correct.

We made pot roast that was a liiiiittle too dry, but pretty good nonetheless. Tenderizing it (or, HAAAAAM PUUUNCH) was very fun.

And we put it all on a plate and drizzled it in sauce. It wasn't bad, just extremely salty.

Tuesday, April 19

Yummy Yummy Cat Pee

Way before the holiday season, Lush sent out an email, saying they were hiring. I had to try out. 

It was unlike any other job interview I'd ever done. The sales assistants had several different stations set up. Haircare, massage bars, jellies, bath bombs and skincare. Applicants went though each of them and listened to the assistant talk, then demonstrated the products on each other. I have to admit that it was an intense two hour process. It really tested your public speaking skills, your knowledge about the products and your enthusiasm. I didn't get a call back for the job (which was just as well, because I wouldn't have been good for my addiction), but I did get a free shower gel out of it! It's one of those tiny 3.3 ounce bottles. But because I rotate my shower gels so much, it's lasted me a very long time. 
via deliciousmagazine
I was not a fan of this smell at first. It's not great in the bottle. It smells synthetic and sugary.  I've heard Lushies talk about a "cat pee" smell that comes from some products. I thought this could have been it, but I've never owned a cat so I don't know. 

When I put it on in the shower, I become a fan of the smell. I do have to warn that the formula is very runny. You may be tempted to use a lot of it but despite how thin it is, it still foams up nicely! It's not especially moisturizing, but not drying either.The smell sticks with you well enough. It'll never be one of my favorite smells but I do enjoy it every time I use it.  The smell that it leaves on your skin is a cross between cotton candy and bubble gum. Since I love really strong, sweet smells, this wasn't bad for me. It may be too much if you want something more subtle.

At the moment, YYY is discontinued. It may return in Retro!  

Saturday, April 16

Black Swan Outfit


Necklace: 17th Birthday Gift from Friend
Top: Forever 21 (Old)
Skirt: Spring Street (unknown)
Tights: Forever 21 (unknown)
Boots: Ross (Old)

Lighting experiments! Haha, that last one was just sooooo dark. This isn't as much an outfit inspired by Black Swan as the outfit I wore when I when to watch Black Swan.

I spent the majority of time in this outfit clutching on to a friend while that friend was shielding their eyes from the screen. We're a bunch of scaredy cats. I only thought the movie was alright. I wasn't blown out of the water like everyone else was. I think it was just hyped too much.

Thursday, April 14

Money makes the world go round.

And yet, it's the root of all evil? 

... Evil makes the world go round? 

Remember that formula from middle school that said something about money being the root of all evil, then linked it to girls wanting money and concluded that girls were the root of all evil? 

Well. I do. 

Money is really important. Money can't buy happiness. But money can buy things that bring happiness. I suppose that point is debatable. 

I don't work right now (yes, lucky me), but I want to. More than that, I want an internship this summer. 

via weheartit

(And if it's not too much to ask, I want to work somewhere where people smile. I want to work somewhere where awards aren't hung up crookedly in the corner. I want to work somewhere where people say please and thank you. I want to work somewhere where people don't wear jeans.) 

I'm studying accounting in school right now, so if you happen to know of any positions in the Phoenix area, I'd really appreciate it!

The 7% Solution: Apply!*

*But to be clear, I've started applying much sooner than mid-April.

Tuesday, April 12

Cornish Pasty Co Restaurant Review

Yesterday was very annoying. If you live anywhere in Arizona, you might have heard that Arizona State University's main campus had a power outage. It lasted from about ten am to five pm. For the majority of that time, I was on campus, waiting to see if I still had to go to classes (I did and we sat in the dark) and club meetings (I didn't. But then the power came back, so I did. But no one else showed as soon as I got there, everyone left.) One of those days, you know?

Back to your regularly scheduled post. One of the things that I've wanted to do  with this blog is include restaurant reviews. I constantly see cool places on the travel channel and cool events in other cities. I think Phoenix can be cool too. ...It can right? That's why I go to events like this and restaurants like this. 

Cornish Pasty Co is hidden away on University and Hardy. Next to Discount Food. Oh, you know how it is.

When you go in, you almost expect something shady.

It's definitely smaller than any restaurant you're used to, but it's really cozy. 

The menu is shaped like the restaurant. I took a picture of what Cornish Pasties are. My friend and what I ordered and what my friend ordered, that'd be the Sherpard's Pie and the Bangers and Mash. 

Then after a while, the food came! It so so hearty and delicious. Enough for two full meals! The bread was crispy and flaky (and when it was leftovers, it was soggy but still yummy). The stuffing was so hearty. 

We also ordered dessert. It was really good, don't get me wrong but... the waitress said they took it right out of the freezer. ...Yeah, CLEARLY. This was so tough that I used all of my upper body strength (which isn't that much, I understand, but nonetheless!) to push through the graham cracker. 

Come for the pasty, but skip the dessert.

I've also heard that this place is pretty lively as a bar late at night. I am not of drinking age, but it seems like a cool atmosphere.

Saturday, April 9

A New Jacket, Part 5

I got it, guys. After parts 1, 2, 3, and 4, I finally got it. It's none of the things I mentioned before. =)

I got a sweatshirt. From school. Now everyone knows what school I go to, but whatever.

So you see how long the sleeves are on me? The first time I wore this sweatshirt in front of my mother she grabs at it and goes "It's too small for you!" Now, I understand why I have clothes I'll never, ever fit into. 

I've searched for this piece of outerwear for three months! Now that I've finally got it, it's really time to put it away because it's already a hundred degree weather.

Thursday, April 7

The Devil and Sherlock Holmes

I mentioned in this post that I wanted to read during Spring Break, but like so many Spring Breaks, I have no idea where my time went and I only ended up reading this book. I also discovered a lot of books and how... very few of them interest me.
via amazon

So, The Devil and Sherlock Holmes was okay. It started off with an absolutely amazing story about the murder/suicide of a Holmesian scholar. And it had the intriguing story of a wrongfully sentenced arsonist. A few of the weaker stories in there included one on diggers/construction workers/ sandhogs in New York and  a baseball player that refused to quit. I didn't know until the very last story in the book that these stories were all published before in the New Yorker. The short story essay format appealed to me as did the non-fiction aspect. I felt like I learned something after reading it. 

If all that sounds like it's up your alley, I'd recommend it. If not, then you should probably pass.  

And I really gotta share this story that happened to me the other day. So, Sunday morning, I woke up and I dug in my fridge for a little bit. I didn't find anything good to eat. So I decided to go to the grocery store (don't worry, the story picks up). I got a carton of Silk Almond Vanilla flavored milk (this is not the part of the story where it picks up). Then a woman approaches me and hands me a card (this is where it's picking up). She tells me that she sensed my aura from afar. She told me that the man I'm with is keeping something from me. That I don't really know who he is and that he's lying to me because he doesn't want to risk our relationship falling apart. We stood in the middle of the aisle and she continued to talk to me about how my mind is weak and how I don't have enough strength for about half an hour. Very strange.

Has anything like that happened to you? 

Tuesday, April 5

Arizona Blogger Recap #947854

Okay, fine, there weren't 947853 other bloggers at the Arizona Blogger Meetup, but there were a lot more than I expected. 

My adventure started in February when I saw a post about a meetup. Now, I'd seen pictures from other meetups and I was very interested in attending. A few people posted their interest and I started looking through their blogs. At that point, I didn't think there were many bloggers in Arizona. I followed a few and moved on. A month down the road, my Saturday schedule cleared up and I decided I wanted to go. Then a week before the meetup, Mock Trial interfered again. Ultimately, I got to go for a short period of time.

I brought my camera, but when I saw everyone else's (cameras and skills) I just decided to take minimal pictures! None of these pictures are mine.

I got lost both on the way to the meet up and on the way back home but we're going to glean over that fact just like this. See? Now we're done. A group of bloggers waited in Civic Park Plaza for a few minutes, getting to know each other (there were blogs with followings in the thousands and followings in the tens) before we set off on a walking tour.  

credit: karie denny
Since everyone was handed nametags where we put our names and blogs I tried to look at everyone's nametags to see if I recognized anyone. Everything was delightfully awkward because I was in absolute interview mode from my recent job applications.

One of the things I noticed was how "on trend" everyone was. Everyone looked nice (okay, fine, there were going to be pictures taken and these pictures would be on the internet). Past that though, I noticed that there were a lot of people wearing floral prints and a lot of people wearing striped prints (I was one). When we walked as a group, it looked a little bit like a vintage runway.
credit: karie denny

Our first stop was the Phoenix Public Market. I've never heard of it or been there before, but I definitely want to go again. A lot of people asked me about what the event was and one person even (a bit oddly) invited me to do a "review" of sorts on his business. So, look forward to that post!
credit: karie denny

I also visited a few vintage boutiques downtown. These are not places I usually visit or shop, so that was an extra treat!

Yes, I did go through a lot of photos to find me in them! Here's a flickr group of the event for your stalking pleasure. The entire experience was a bit surreal. I get this feeling when I visit a new blog-- I look at the layout, I look at the type of posts, I look at the pictures and I read the "about" page. This meetup was like I was doing all of that in person. I think I asked everyone I met where they lived. I'm sorry. If it makes you feel any better, I don't remember. =)

I only wish there was "forced interaction" and intermingling. I was shy and didn't speak to as many people as I wish I could have.  Thanks again to the organizers from Sometimes Sweet, Roofresh, and Tea Talk

Saturday, April 2

Something Old, Something New

Sweater: Old
Cami: Forever 21 (unknown)
Jeans: Lei (Old)
Boots: Target Xhilaration Karassa Slouchy Heeled Boots - Cognac (29.99)
Bag: from China (approx 35$)

Sometimes, you just look like a creepy stalker. I don't know why I have such large dark circles in this picture. But hey, this is the best picture out of the bunch. 

The sweater in this picture is one of the things that I just can't throw away. I don't even remember when my mom brought it for me. Middle school? I remember that first, I wore it because I had no idea what looked good. Then I stopped wearing it at all costs. Then, one day, I didn't do my laundry and I wore it again--only to realize that it was incredibly short. Then I discovered layering and ... I wear it again now. 

This is why I have clothes from FOREVER ago. I keep thinking that I'll do something amazing with it in the future.  

What is your clothing turnover ratio?