Tuesday, May 31

Four Week Challenge: Colors!

Can you believe that we're already on week three of Peachy Keen's four week inspiration challenge? Week three evolves around colors! The color for today is orange. 

 Shirt: Copper Key from Dillards (3.60)
Skirt: Metro Wear (Old)
Boots: Target Xhilaration Karassa Slouchy Heeled Boots - Cognac (29.99)

I also wanted to share the interesting crocheting on the neckline. It makes a simple tee-shirt so much more jazzed up!

If you want to check out my other outfits click here.

Sunday, May 29

Four Week Challenge: Formality

I love this skirt. I really didn't realize it until I looked at this picture and my picture from my first Professionalism Tip post, but I'm wearing the same skirt!

Sweater: Mossimo from Target (12.60)
Tights: Last Chance, unknown brand (1.00)
Belt: Forever 21 (Came with another shirt)
Skirt: 6 Degrees (Unknown)
Heels: Dexter by Payless (22.99)

This outfit is part of my participation in Peachy Keen's Four Week Challenge. I choose formality as the inspiration for the second week. For my other posts, see one, two, and three!

I also wanted to tell you guys about something random and sweet. My little brother has swim practice at a pool where I live. The other day, since it was convenient for me and inconvenient for my parents, I picked him up. He gave me a leftover cakepop as a gift. I thought he was so sweet and considerate. My little boy is growing up ... he's turning 13 in June! Kids grow up so fast.

Saturday, May 28

Stylish Blogger Award, again!

Thank you so much to Chloe for passing on the Stylish Blogger Award. This is my second time receiving this award.

Here are the rules.
  • Thank and link back to the person who sent the award 
  • Share 7 different things about yourself
  • Award recently discovered bloggers
  • Contact these bloggers and and tell them about the award
Here are a few facts about myself.

1. I used to play the violin. I started in the 5th grade and continued until 9th grade. I refused to take it seriously and I started out as Concert Master (1st position in the 1st Violins) and ended up as second to last chair in the 2nd violins at the end of the school year. 
2.  My favorite soda is Dr. Pepper and Mr. Pibb is not an adequate subsitute. 
3. I love Sherlock Holmes. ...But you guys knew that, right?
4. I don't like Robert Downey Jr as Sherlock Holmes. He's a fantastic actor (ohmygosh, IRON MAN) but he doesn't do well as Sherlock. 
5. I've never seen all of Lord of The Rings (only the first one) or read any of the books (only the Hobbit) but I quote it often. 
6. I didn't wear shorts or skirts until sophomore year in high school. I wasn't as much a tomboy as a stubborn child who refused to show my legs.
7. The chore I hate the most is washing dishes because it chips my manicures. I also hate grease, as well as the fact that I get really pruney, really fast.

Friday, May 27

Professionalism, part 2

I posted some rules of professionalism here and... you guys had a lot to add. So, here's part two.
via weheartit

1. Professional, down to the tip of your nails! I've only recently gotten into painting my nails so I  am a tad new to this. This tip is brought to you by a. She says, "no nail design whatsoever. neutral/clear/nude nails only". 

I'd like to expand and say if you're having issues with your nails, an infection, nail bed splitting, uneven lines or anything like that, a very subdued pink that compliments your skin tone may be appropriate as well. I've worn Sinful Color's Vacation Time on my nails during professional events. I posted a picture of the bottle here before. 

If you think that people don't notice what's on your fingernails... you're wrong. Once, I wore a Valentine's Day Manicure to a career fair (where you meet recruiters and hand your resume out). As I was handing my resume in, a recruiter literally grabbed my hands and asked if I did my own nails. She liked it, but I think if it were an older woman or a man, I would have definitely had my resume put in a different section. 

The dress code for my summer internship is casual, so I'm thinking of painting my nails plain colors (pink, coral) and sticking with no nail designs. Then I'll see if I can include bolder colors like red.

2. You can retain your personality. This tip is brought to you by Bonnie. She says, "The key is to find ways to make them [outfits] super fun and cute while retaining the professionalism. I live in blazers, but I dress them up with bright colors underneath and fierce-ass shoes."

In the comments of the last post, a lot of you expressed your distaste for business casual/business professional wear.  This is not the first time I've heard such complaints. Luckily, for me, dressing this way is already in my personality, but what about people who don't like it? A lot of people express themselves through the clothes they wear, but when you can't rock your usual style, you can still express your personality. Because, you know, it's your personality. Not your clothes' personality!

3.Walking that fine... Business/Business Casual/Casual line. Most people don't go to work in a suit everyday. It's a very "special occasion" deal. Business Casual though, happens a lot more often. While business casual is for sure not a full suit or flip flops and shorts, some interpret business casual to mean jeans, others would blanch at the suggestion of jeans. There's a east coast, west coast difference as well as a upper management/associate difference.
I honestly have not figured this out. The tips I've read have served me well though. I overdress a bit for the first day and I observe what coworkers wear.

4. Lastly, I'd like to leave a tip for the interns! As an intern, you want to be remembered or the job that you do, not the clothes that you wear. Don't be the intern that carries the 9000 dollar purse, or wears sky high heels. Don't be the intern, who wore yoga pants to work one day or didn't shower. Do be the enthusiastic intern who took an interest in the job and was always helpful! 

As always, this information is always industry specific. If you have any disagreements, or more tips, please comment below!I really appreciate it!

Thursday, May 26

Wet n Wild Wild Shine Red Red

So, this polish was highly polarizing for me. I got it because I didn't only any bright reds. Since I loved some aspects about this polish but was abhorred by others, I'll separate this one into a pro/con list.

- The price. It was 99 cents. Can't really beat that! Plus, WnW is a brand that is quite often on sale.
- The opacity. Seriously. Holy Opacity Batman. In the pictures you see... It's one coat. ONE. You rarely get that with cheapie polishes.

- Lasting power. I was a bit messy with application the first time and so I waited until I took a shower to take a picture. After coming out of my shower, my polish was chipped. Not just a little chipped either, but a few days of wear chipped. It's nothing that a top coat can't fix. Interestingly enough, the wear is much longer on my toes, in spite of squeezing my feet into tight heels.

- The formula is a bit on the liquid side. It was more than I was used to, but you may prefer your polishes to have this quality.
- The shine. Perhaps it was because I only did one coat, but there wasn't a lot of shine coming from the polish. I think I might call it more of a creme? But again, with a top coat, the problem is solved.

Overall, I still really like this. But the only question is... does this shade of red match my skin tone? Let me know!

Wednesday, May 25

Four Week Challenge: Wild Card....

I'm participating in Peachy Keen's Four Week Challenge. Check here for information about the challenge and how you can do join. Last week, were were supposed to take inspiration from television and movies. I was inspired by Matilda! Specifically, Matilda and Miss Honey; for my posts last week, check here and here.

The inspiration this week is wild card. From 5/23 to 5/29, you're supposed to choose what inspires you. For me, the wild card is "formality". Yeah, I'm not really going outside of any comfort zones here. Whenever I think I look "nice", I just look dressed up. I'm in the business school and I always get asked if I have an interview or a presentation. If I could, I would wear cardigans, heels and pencil skirts all day.

 Headband: Actually a necklace! (Given by a friend)
Cami: Charlotte Russe (Old)
Shirt: Charlotte Russe (Old)
Jacket: Liz Baker (Old)
Jeans: Levi (Old)
Shoes: Dexter by Payless (22.99)

I guess this outfit would be my best attempt at dressy casual (so I won't get asked if I have a presentation.) I throw jeans on. This huge jacket I'm using as a blazer is a jacket my mom brought me when I was 14. She told me I would grow into it. Clearly haven't.

Since "formality" is the theme of the week, look forward to professionalism rules, part two! For a refresher, you can read part one here.

Tuesday, May 24

Spinach Soup

I don't even remember half of what was in this soup, but all I recall is that I couldn't stop eating it for a week. 

This concoction is made from chicken broth, spinach, corn kernals, cheese, and a tad of pepper.
I might be wrong with this philosophy, but one of the things that I love best about soups is their ability to incorporate almost any ingredient.

Sunday, May 22

Four Week Challenge: Matilda Style Inspiration

It's pretty much officially summer and a week of unimportant "firsts" at this blog. This week marks the first time I posted on a Wednesday. It's also the first time I'm posting on a Sunday--today! And the only time I'm posting not in my usually scheduled hour of 9am.

Why am I breaking all sorts of rules? It's because of the Four Week Challenge, of course! As a refresher, during week one, you're supposed to draw inspiration from a television show or movie. I already did Matilda (see here) and today I'm choosing another inspirational character from the show.

Miss Honey is kind, intelligent, caring, fun and understanding. She's everyone's ideal teacher.

via fanpop

And she has a killer fashion sense. She always looks so refined and gentle. I wanted to replicate that (with a friend at a picnic, more on that later.) Specifically, I wanted to do my version of this dress.

 via Embeth Davidtz Fan

Isn't it stunning? Here's my try.

Dress: Forever 21 (15.50)
Shoes: Aldo (49.50, on sale from 70.00)

I just want to finish on a note about maxi dresses.  Every girl under 5'5 (and I used to be included in this group too) thought that short girls couldn't wear maxi dresses. But honestly, with the right dress, you can actually look taller. In looking for this dress, I've tried on my fair share of tents, but just keep trying! I found the unique elastic waistband to actually elongate my legs.

*I also noticed that in all of these pictures, the little bow is untied. How embarrassing.

Saturday, May 21

Five Guys: Burgers and Fries

 I haven't been to this restaurant until recently. It's a west coast chain.The first time I mentioned it, the person I was talking to went on for five continuous minutes on how amazing it was. The other day, I went home and took my little brother out for a meal. We have a habit of eating unhealthy American food together.

As you can see, the restaurant is formatted like an old fashioned diner. The cooking areas are generally open. Depending on what you order, the cashier shouts "one patty!" or "two patties" back and they put your meat on the grill them.

As you can also see, this place is a death trap for anyone with a peanut allergy. They use peanut oil in their cooking and they have boxes and boxes of peanuts out in the open for free. If you're into that. I really dislike nuts.

Five Guys specializes in affordable burgers that are yummy!

 Look at that juicy deliciousness!

And do they add things inside for free? You bet they do!

That's my little brother's hand.

My brother had to have an order of fries, but I found their fries to be only average.

In conclusion,  if you're out at the mall and want a quick lunch, if it's 9pm and you've got the munchies or if you just want a quick dinner, this is absolutely the place to go. Now I find myself craving one.

Thursday, May 19

Eyeliner Search

Guys, confession, I just got into makeup last year. And my eyeliner... more or less just ran out. I've been on a search for new ones, but all I've found are duds. I picked up this eyeliner during the CVS sale because of some good reviews. But, I hate this eyeliner. 

What is it? It's the Physician's Formula Eye Definer Felt-Tip Eye Marker. Before I continue on this hate rant, I have to preface it all with a disclaimer. I've used pencil liner and I've used liquid liner. I haven't used this type of eyeliner before.

As you can see from the packaging, it actually looks like a sharpie. How quaint. If only it worked. I was so excited to use this and I had such high expectations. 

I can't really show using pictures what happened when I used this eyeliner, so I'll describe using my words. I took out the eyeliner and tentatively made a swatch on my hand. It looked great. It was a nice, thick, full line. 

So, I rushed to my vanity to put it on. Nothing. Nothing came out. Maybe I wasn't pressing hard enough? I press down a little bit harder. Nothing. I try again but I decide that my sight isn't worth a $2.37 eyeliner (purchased at the CVS sale a few months ago). But, I did pay for it, so I go back to it a few days later. I try it out of a piece of paper and it makes a line. I use it on my eyelid and it made a smudge and then nothing. To cut a long, frustrating story short, whatever device dispenses the eyeliner fluid only works if you press down very hard and very near the marker side of the eyeliner (versus the tip). 

Why didn't I return it? I lost the packaging. I'll have to remember to try products out before I toss the packaging out.

Wednesday, May 18

Four Week Challenge: Matilda Style Inspiration

The other night, Matilda was on TV. I learned that my brother had never seen the movie, and as a fan of both the movie and the book, I decided to watch it. And make him watch it. 

I fell in love with the charm of the movie all over again. Take this scene for example!

via fanpop

We know Miss Honey's poor, but wouldn't you kill to join that tea party? I would! She lives in such a charming, rustic cottage.

And Matilda! Seriously. If reading a lot gave you psychokinesis... I bet I would still do it. I used to sit with my spoon in a bowl of cereal and try to make it move. And despite her young age, Matilda is quite the little style inspiration! Notice her trademark bow and her peter pan collar in the picture above. She dresses her age, but it's... so cute.

In order to complete the Inspiration challenge for week one, I drew from her.  

Week 1 (May 16th - May 22nd): Inspiration: TV & Movies - For the first week, you will draw the inspiration for your outfits from your favorite television and movie characters. For more info on the Inspiration challenge, check out this post!

Headband: Cloth Scrap (Left over)
Shirt: XXI (Unknown)
Dress: Divided by H&M (Thrifted for $10)
Shoes: Antionio Melani (Old)
Book: Sherlock Holmes (OF COURSE!)

I look really young in this outfit, but I think I did Matilda justice by carrying a book.

I would like to leave you with a few clips from the the infamous cake scene. My inner glutton loves this scene.

Tuesday, May 17

Surveyyyy time + Challenge Introduction!

via weheartit
So, I'm trying to "work on" my blog a bit this summer. Don't expect too much, it's one of my many projects that will probably amount to nothing. 

But I do have a few questions for you.

1. When do you usually read blogs (morning, after work, on weekends, etc)?
2. How often do you usually read blogs (just to catch up, just when I feel like, all the time)?
3. If you had any suggestions for my blog, what would they be? 

I know that sometimes, I don't visit people's blogs because something about their blog bothers me. Even beyond the topics they write about and the personality they portray, minor things like font size, layout, picture quality and size bother me. ...Honestly, some blogs crash my browser (which may be my browser's fault... but still!) I'd love to take this opportunity to get to know your opinions and please don't hesitate to give constructive criticism. 

I'd also love to know your summer plans! So many of my friends are traveling and working in far off places (or New Mexico). I'm super jealous that I will be in Arizona the entire summer! I don't even have any vacation or roadtrips planned. 

Lastly, Cassandra from Peachy Keen is kicking off the summer with a 4 Week Style Inspiration Challenge. I've never done anything like this, but I'm going to try and join along. You can find more information in this post.

Saturday, May 14

Still learnin'.

Confession: I wore this on New Year's Eve. It's May in Arizona and ... well, I have no idea where the scarf and sweater even went. I pulled out this old picture because 1) I miss the cold and 2) I'm just slow at editing, uploading and writing. That's how this post and this post happens. /endexcuses

At first, this outfit looks really sloppily put together. It's my fault. I don't really know how to dress in layers because usually, in Arizona, the most I have to put on is two. It was below freezing on New Year's Eve and required more than two layers. So, what I wore ended up looking sloppy. 

However, I'd like to redeem myself my letting you know that I can dress in two layers. See below.

Scarf: New York and Company (Unknown)
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe (Old)
Shirt: Forever 21 (Unknown)
Jeans: Toxic (Unknown)
Sweater: Sonoma Lifestyle (Old)
Shoes: Nine West Oxfords (Stolen from my mom)

I really love that this outfit defined my waist so well and showed off that gorgeous blue material in the shirt. I miss clothes and wish I didn't have to wear them at all during the summer. Fortunately for everyone else, I still do.

Thursday, May 12

Handwriting Tag

EDIT: Because of blogger's little snafu (Situation Normal All F-ed Up) I'm back dating this as I post. If you see two messages from me telling you about this tag, I'm sorry. I think they deleted all the comments too but I still wanna let you know about this!

I'm sure you've seen the handwriting tag that's been going around. Now you get to see my chicken scrawl too.  I have to say I'm so envious of those who have gorgeous handwriting that it looks like a font. Incredibly jealous.

I was tagged by InsideOut Elle and Gingersnaps. And apologies to both ladies. I know you tagged me a while ago, but between school and getting ready for the summer, the tag's slipped by.

Get a piece of paper and write the answers to the following questions:
1. What's your name/your blogger name?
2. What's your blog's name/URL?
3. Write "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."
4. Favorite quote?
5. Your Favorite song?
6. Your favorite band/singers?
7. Anything else you want to say?
8. Tag three to five other people.
 *Just wanted to let you know that I rarely have any absolute favorites. So any favorites I list are my at the moment favs.

I tag Biscuit from *Muffin loves Biscuit, Briggs and Jules of Short Sister Style, Kara of Sunshine Cupcakes, Emily of Girl of a Thousand Faces.

Tuesday, May 10

Throw it all in.

This is a recipe I originally learned about from Ginger at Pretty Little Thing. And like all the  recipes I choose, it's fast and easy.

I went to my local Asian supermarket to grab some noodles and boiled them while I was browning my meat. After the noodles were done, I combined the two and added some veggies. Sesame oil is the only MUST flavoring ingredient. I've done this dish with rice wine too.

Just remember that this is not 1 meal! I made that mistake and was out of commission for the day once.

I've got an awkward situation to tell you all about. A bit of a back story. I live in an apartment complex and there are a few wild cats here. My next door neighbor, a young lawyer with a bluetooth implanted in his brain, adopted one of these cats. ...He kind of adopted one. I think the proper term is that it's an outdoor cat. The thing is though, the kitty really loves the bushes by my apartment. He's scared my mom a few times-she's horrified of cats. And I'm pretty sure he affects my allergies (which is a huge part of why I dislike cats). In addition to that though, the kitty howls by my window. It's that stereotypical Halloween cat screech. Sometimes, he'd do it all night long. I'm thinking that he may be a she and she may be in heat? Kitty experts, help me out here. 

So, I have this large window facing this grass ditch that people rarely walk through. I'm sitting there, reading blogs on my laptop at the coffee table and I hear the lawyer neighbor get home. (I live facing a parking lot too. Fun.) He starts going "Here kitty, here kitty" and trying to get the kitty to go in his home. The large bush by my window rustles. Next time I know, the guys is RIGHT next to my window, trying to get his cat from under the bush. And I? Let's just say it's a hot Arizona day, AC is expensive and I am not wearing appropriate clothing. I slowly grab a pillow from the couch. I don't even know if the guy noticed me but then he proceeds to get on all fours on the grass, in his suit and calls for his cat. And then he leaves. I'm pretty much never saying hi to him again.

Saturday, May 7

Tiger Mother: 6 Years Old

wearing this coat, via weheartit,
I just wanted to give everyone a little update into this project. If you remember from this post, I'm in a developmental psychology class this semester and we're raising virtual children. The following post will be musings about her and my child-rearing philosophies. 

Before I go into the specifics on my project, I'd like to thank Crystal Luvs as well as Susalie for their insightful comments. I agree that the mean things "Chinese Mothers" say aren't meant to be hurtful, but to shame children and to push children. However great their intentions might be though, the American culture made me impervious to traditional shaming. While I do agree with pushing your children to be the best they can be, I think it's also important to realize that every child is motivated in a different way. I hope that I can learn from how my parents raised me and improve when I'm a parent. I'm also going to try my best to teach my children Chinese, no matter what the ethnicity of my husband is. If all goes well, my children will speak/read/write Chinese better than I do! Hopefully I can financially afford to do this. On top of it all, I don't have to practice my English--I might practice my Chinese with these kids.

I ended up naming my daughter Marilyn. I was incredibly surprised when she was born because she's... black. Or really really really dark brown. Darker than myself and any of my family. The program asked me if I wanted to breastfeed. I wasn't sure. I don't know if I was breastfed or if my brother was breastfed. I've heard that it's better for the child, but it has certain cosmetic consequences. Ultimately, I said that I would, but I'd also supplement with formula. Despite completing the assignment in a few nights, I found myself becoming frustrated with her when she cried and becoming pleased when she laughed. One of the things I wondered was how short my patience was... if a silent computer program annoyed me. 

When she was three months old... I realized I had a husband (a bit slow on the uptake... so, where do children come from?). The program told me that my husband and I had a quarrel. I wasn't happy. Somehow, I never considered raising my child with someone. The plan I always had in mind was to send the kid home to my relatives in China. It was the way I was brought up; the way my brother was brought up... and the way I want my child to be brought up. For one of the answers, I choose to get a live-in nanny for Marilyn because in China, where labor is cheaper,  it's normal to have live in caretakers. Somehow, this has always been my plan.

At Marilyn's eight months mark, my husband lost his job. ...What kind of a caretaker and provider can't keep down a job? I found myself angry at my virtual spouse.  I also thought that for some reason, her skin would lighten up after infancy, but it didn't. She spoke her first word a little bit after her first birthday. It was the name of my parent's dog (slightly ironic because I don't think they'd ever have a dog). My husband also got another job; I stopped being angry at him. 

Marilyn was the cutest toddler. The program said that my eighteen year old cousin came to stay with us while she went to school (my real life translation? My cousin from China came over here to stay at an American university). My cousin takes care of Marilyn a bit. My cousin sings, so Marilyn shows a bit of interest in music. This prompts me to ask, "When can I get a tiny violin for my daughter?" Toilet training her was gross... because the program mentioned cleaning up her messes. This reminded me how I skipped looking at, dealing with, and smelling baby diarrhea. Babies can be so gross. 

All was going well until my husband lost his job again. Can I call him a deadbeat yet? Why am I the only one taking care of our daughter and working? I become an angry, angry mother. And I wanted a divorce. ...A virtual divorce. One where we virtually split the assets. The finances were so bad that we moved to a different part of town. Then some surprising news come up when Marilyn's two and a half. ...

I got pregnant. ... I remember looking at that message in disbelief. I've had time for intercourse with my deadbeat husband while I work and take care of the children and he does nothing? Abortion was not an option in the program. Unfortunately. I don't think I'd ever really want to have children that close in age. 

So, my husband (probably due to my nagging) decides to go back to school. Just to clarify, I'm paying the bills. And I just want to reiterate, I'm pregnant during this.  He graduates six months later and gets a higher paying job. I'm still trying to be a very involved parent--constantly interacting with Marilyn and trying to teach her. I'm constantly having arguments with my husband. Divorce? I want to take my daughter and get away from that unneeded stress. 

Then, I give birth to Marilyn's little sister. Is it just me being traditional? I wanted a boy. 

I notice that Marilyn is watching a lot of educational television--something my mother never allowed me. She's probably going to end up with glasses.

Right before four years old, Marilyn's evaluation puts her at average for many things like language skills and gross motor skills but above in quantitative reasoning (yes!). I'm rated as slightly above average in discipline. I take this as a badge of honor. A year later, she's still rated as average in the majority of subjects but she's advanced in math. Hopefully, good things will come in the future.

Thursday, May 5

Wei of Chocolate

I love chocolate, but I am not a chocolate connoisseur. I buy my chocolate on sale on dates like November 1st and February 15th. I got a haul of some white chocolate eggs, some peeps and some marshmallow eggs after Easter.

But I love all sorts of chocolate. Recently, I was introduced to Wei  of Chocolate.  I first heard about them when the Arizona Blogger Meet Up brought me to central Phoenix's farmer market. Wei of Chocolate had a booth and I had a short chat with a representative who he gave me a few chocolate samples. Since I was with a group of bloggers, he informally asked me to write about the company. So I am. =)

According to their website, Wei of Chocolate is devoted to creating a sublime experience through chocolate, to balance body & mind.They have a lot of interesting information their website about how the company came to be, but I just kinda just want to talk about the chocolate. As you can see, Wei has a few different flavors. 

Wei Gratitude is chai-infused. Wei Love is chili-infused. Cafe Wei is espresso-infused. Wei Joyful is citrus -infused. Wei Dark is darker chocolate and Wei Relaxed has interesting properties for rest and better sleep! I only tried three flavors. 

 I had Wei Chai. I love anything Chai so I had to have it. It was crunchy, sweet, as I like my candy, but not overly so. The taste of Chai was heavy. I loved it. I also had Wei Espresso, which wasn't too different from Chocolate Covered Expresso beans I've had from Starbucks. The last piece I tried was Wei Citrus. Knowing my love for citrus and chocolate but my hatred for citrus combined with chocolate, this would really make or break my experience. Wei Citrus was tasty, it was mostly chocolate, but had that light citrus flavor--something natural and subtle, not like the citrus syrup I usually get. 

It's yummy! Check it out!

Also, have a great Cinco de Mayo while I take some finals.  

Tuesday, May 3

Lush's Christmas Sale

I can never call anything I get hauls. Calling it a haul makes it seem like you got more than one item. That's rarely the case with me. But this time, it's a buy one get one sale at Lush. I got a total of ... two things!

Lush has a famous Christmas Sale. Though their items don't usually go one sale, after Christmas, it's buy one get one... which really adds up. I got two bath bombs to try.

Lil Lush Pud smells like Snowcake. It turns the water an unattractive murky brown color, but whatever. The thing that I dislike about these bath bombs is that the smell isn't too incredibly strong. In fact, it's sort of disappointing. On the other hand, it was very moisturizing. I didn't need any lotion afterward. 

So White is rather small and definitely one of the cheapest bath bombs. It smells like apples, but in the bath... it didn't really make a splash. I don't like the idea of using a bubble bar, a bath bomb, and a bath melt for a 15 dollar bath, but I suppose I expected too much out of this bath bomb. I don't think I'll be getting a bath bomb again. Might try out bubble bars though!

I know that my Lush reviews haven't been... glowing. But it might be because I've been trying different things out.