Thursday, July 28

Physician's Formula Custom Eye Enhancing Creamliner

It's always nice when I'm sharing the last leg of a journey. You saw me try Physician's Formula Eye Definer Felt-Tip Eye Marker and Covergirl Liquiline Blast Eyeliner and really dislike them both.

But this product, I really enjoy and I've been using! It's the Physician's Formula Custom Eye Enhancing Creamliner (which, if you notice, I've used as the title of this post. Clever me.)

As you can see, this eyeliner includes three colors. Three colors, and it's only 10.99! I actually got it on sale for a little over eight dollars.

So, they have different packs for blue eyes and green eyes. I got the brown eyed version which includes colors black (with barely noticeable sparkles), brown and purple. Even though I rarely use the purple, it's still a pretty good deal!

Of course, with it, there's also a little brush. It's a nice brush and what I use for application. I feel like it works very well.

So, ignore the fact that I took these pictures standing up with my bag on my shoulder before I exited the house, but... there's what the eyeliner looks like.

I wouldn't say that it lasts for 24 hours. More like a solid 8-10. It does smudge if you rub it, but other than that, it stays pretty much put. 

Tuesday, July 26

Lemon Garlic Shrimp

Thank you guys so much for your hilarious responses on yesterday's post. I had no idea that almost everyone has been ...asked for their hand in marriage by a stranger!

Here's a few quick facts about me. Portions: I'm not so great with them. Also, pans: I only have one size.

This recipe is from the Pioneer Woman, an excellent cook who uses a lot of cream, milk, and butter in her recipes.

When I made it, I used way too much lemon juice but it was still very good. I think it's hard to make shrimp taste bad.

Monday, July 25

My Life Is Average Mondays: Marriage!

Saturday morning, I was walking to my class on Mill Ave. Now, a bit of a background on Mill Ave. It's a gorgeous place, full of restaurants, bars and local boutiques. It's right next to my college campus, a huge school of 60k plus. There's a lot of drunken bar hopping on the weekend, but it's also a great local attraction.

So, Mill can be a shady place. I've been cat-called (which is generally harmless). My friend and I have also been followed across the street to be asked out by two guys. That's nothing threatening, but I've also heard of a friend getting held up at gunpoint a bit behind Mill.

For my class, I park in a badly paved lot on the opposite side of a parking garage. I walk through that parking garage to get to my class. It makes me a little nervous, especially at night but I'm generally okay in the mornings. ...Except for this one.

I'm walking through, minding my own business and I see this shirtless, long haired man. Now, it's a hot day so, I guess if you really needed to take your shirt off, no one can blame you. He wishes me a good morning. And I reciprocate.

Then he asks me if I want to marry him.

I say yes and so, I'm married guys!!!

via we heart it

Totally kidding. Please say no one fell for that. 

I'm not a person who quickly judges others, but after a marriage proposal, I file him away in the crazy category. Then he does something... kind of original. He adds on to the end of that proposal, "Come on, we can get divorced tomorrow."

...Okay, sure then. Like that's going to be the cherry on top of the pie.

Have you ever had a marriage proposal from a stranger?

Saturday, July 23

Aveeno Purchase

Do you ever find yourself missing random pictures? I do. That's why two pictures here are original and one is internet.

Ah well, what can you do?

I brought a shampoo & conditioner set from Aveeno. I found this shampoo to be decent for my hair type (long, uncolored, dry). It moisturized decently and lathered/cleaned well.

This product was the powerhouse of the two. I used this for several purposes. First, it really weights your hair down. This means if you have flat hair, it's going to look more flat. But I have... voluminous lion hair. A few sprays of this makes it a bit flatter, but I don't need heat and it's still natural. Secondly, I use this to moisturize the ends of my hair. I have a history of split ends and incredibly dry hair. This makes my hair so incredibly soft. Third... this smells really good.

Lastly, there was an extra in the pack. They gave me a small sample of body wash. It's called the Aveeno Positively Nourishing Hydrating Body Wash. It has the scent of figs and I highly recommend it. If there's another drugstore sale and I need body wash, I would get this one. It smells delightful. It's creamy. And it moisturizes my skin so much that I don't need lotion. 

Thursday, July 21

Target Purses

Ah, so begins a new search. A possible one this time. I want a new professional bag. I would like to try out the cross body trend and I really want something classic and quilted. I want a chanel bag, but I'm not going to spend the money to get it... so here are a few more realistic options.

via target

I like the color of this one. It's a bit small; I'm not sure my wallet would fit in it. The clasp is really unique though.

via target

This one's pretty classic and plain. 

via target

This is a little bigger, but still pretty toned down.

These bags are cheap enough, but... none of them really call out to me. They're a bit more rustic and a bit less classic than I want. 

Where do you usually buy bags?

Tuesday, July 19

Tiger Mother: The Last Installment

Last time we saw Marilyn, she was 13 and getting bad grades in school. This last installment will go through her teen years to the end of the program.

At fourteen years of age, Marilyn had a pretty good bond with me. However, she dresses provocatively and flirts with boys. This is one thing that I know I'm uncomfortable with. I know that my mother has objected to some of the things that I've worn. I know that some things I wear are not as classy as they should be... But it'll always be strange to see your kids look attractive and no matter what the age. Your kids are always too young. As a Tiger Mother, I should probably restrict Marilyn's clothing choice. As a human being... I realize times are changing and clothing that I think is scandalous might not be.

Marilyn also experiences body image issues. She wanted a push up bra so because she's being teased about being flat chested. Other than my disdain for the push up bra, I really don't want to satisfy her every whim. This seems like a lesser version of that news story about an eight year old getting plastic surgery because she was being teased.

Her teen years are filled with a ton of questionable situations. The program got really creative. Here's a story I have to share... verbatim.

"It's Halloween! Marilyn no longer wants to trick or treat. She wants to go to a friend's house in an hour to help set up a Haunted House. You find out the friend is a boy you don't know yet, and furthermore, that Marilyn and one of her girlfriends from school will be "murdered" by him repeatedly in one of the scenes in the haunted house."

What? I gave her a few precautions and let her go... but have any of you ever experienced such silliness? She even went on a chaperoned date in the 9th grade.

At the end of the school year, I'm shocked to see Bs in Spanish, English, Geography and Fine Arts. At this point, I was incredibly upset with the program. She's still doing well in math, but I start asking myself how I let this happen. Though she is still a successful singer and orchestra member, that hardly consoles me.

The issues continue at age sixteen. Issues with her dating people for a short two months and declaring love, issues with her constantly wanting to lose weight. Then there are slightly more issues with her spending time with friends who do drugs and who drink. I experienced one of those feelings that other parents feel. "So young!" I don't disagree with drinking, even underage, but in high school, I never considered, never questioned the fact that I wasn't supposed to. To see her engage in these activities seems so foreign.

Her grades and PSAT scores still aren't where they need to be. At the end of her high school career, she ends up attending a state school. I'm disappointed; at the same time, that's where I am... so I can't be that upset.

One of the greatest lessons I learned from this time in her life, and another reason of why I am SO not ready for children is the fact that you have to love them in spite of their behavior. I gained a greater understanding of my parents point of view. My dad is much smarter than I am. On top of that, he works harder too. I wonder how he must feel to see his daughter not achieving as much as he could have, if he were given these opportunities. Maybe I'm not doing the best I am either.

Hats off to all the parents out there!

Monday, July 18

My Life Is Average Monday: Harry Potter 7.5

After a ridiculously long day, I went to watch Harry Potter at the midnight premiere. It's been an important part of my childhood.

I don't feel like I really express how much I adore Harry Potter eloquently. Time to give the floor to the individual who can! My friend, Mugdha, is the biggest fan I know. I went to watch Harry Potter with her and here's her HP-Centered Post.

This awesome picture was taken at the theater with the Weasleys, who were all in character. From right to left, they were Arthur, George, Fred, and Harry. Pretty nice cosplay if I say so myself. Later in the night, they called me Cho (Cho Chang) even though I wasn't dressed up at all. Token Asian? I'll take it.

Saturday, July 16

Closet Philosophy

Girls, let's talk about our closet/budget philosophy. Most of us think clothes are pretty neat and we like to buy things that we want. Even though we all have very different budgets,  a certain concept seems to apply all across the board. 

Buy less cheap clothes you'll only wear a few times; buy more expensive clothes that will last you a long time. 

This definitely makes sense when you think about it, but a few things from my experience tell me that it's not always true. 

1. Cheap items aren't always flimsy. 

I used to have THE MOST COMFORTABLE pair of heels. I don't remember where I got them from, but they were so amazing that they were the only pair of shoes I brought on vacation. That's right--vacation! Even with sightseeing, uneven pavements and all day of walking... I knew that these heels would be better than a pair of tennis shoes. One of my favorite pairs of jeans cost nine bucks. I wear a ton of cheapie shirts; none above twenty dollars. 

2. Expensive items might not be a good investment.

Even if you buy fewer items; even if you buy more expensive clothes, you can't guarantee that you'll like it.  Maybe it's different for other people. When I buy clothes, I make sure that I'll like it before handing over my credit card. But sometimes, it doesn't work with that pair of shoes, or it looks different in the sun, or there's a tear you didn't notice. I can still return it. Sometimes I keep clothes for too long and I can't return it... but I don't know if I truly love an item until six months later. 

I can wear a new shirt four times in the first month I buy it but only once in the following four months. Just because you buy something expensive doesn't mean that you'll like it more.

3. Expensive items may still not hold up. 

Of course, I would expect a fifty dollar pair of shoes to fare better than a twenty dollar pair. I would expect a fifteen dollar shirt to go through a few more washes than a five dollar shirt. But what if that doesn't happen? I have these twenty dollar pants from NY & CO that pill so badly, I wear them as sweatpants. I have a nice shirt that's slightly fraying. Even though you can guess about the quality a certain item, you never truly know until you put it though the test.

4. Is the maintenance worth it? 

Dry clean only. Hand wash. Only wash on a Wednesday with a full moon. Right... Sometimes, if you wash an item wrong once, it turns on you. Other times, the maintenance that comes with a nice piece of clothing is three or four dollars per wear. In the long term, expensive items are made even more expensive by the cost of their maintenance. 

So... have the "expensive" items I'm buying just not have been expensive enough? Do I need to buy a 200 dollar dress before I know what true quality is? Is cheap sometimes...just as good? 

I'm still transforming my closet from jeans/t-shirt of a fifteen year old to the professional wear I'm going to need as a young adult. I find that the stores I look in have changed from Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 to Ann Taylor Loft, Express and The Limited. Lemme know if you think cheap items can still pass the test!

Thursday, July 14

Polka Dots!

From binikis, to shirts, to dresses, the polka dot is a classically summer pattern. I once heard a speech on the history of the polka dot, starting with the dance polka, but I'm not even going to bother researching that.

I have two manicures to share!

This was done with a black from ELF and white from Wet N Wild, reviewed here.

This is a completely Wet and Wild Manicure. I used French White Creme, Red Red and Black.

I love how this looks!

On another note, anyone watching Harry Potter tonight?

Tuesday, July 12


Like I've mentioned, growing up with traditional Chinese food, I've never eaten a casserole or made one until a few weeks ago. 

I tried making a spinach casserole. 

Doesn't it look good? Albeit a tad runny. I've been baking food ever since I made this. The amount of cheese in my diet has increased dramatically. 

I even had to go out and get my own baking pans. Can you believe that my mom didn't even have any? 

Monday, July 11

My Life Is Average Monday: Haboob

Do you even know what a haboob is?

Is it
a. a traditional Muslim dress for women.
b. a fruit from the middle east.
c. an intense dust storm.
d. the capital of Pakistan.

...It's a dust storm! Always go with C, guys.

Arizona is warm/hot and sunny almost everyday. Some people love it, some people hate it. But whenever the it rains, hails or is cloudy everyone posts about it on facebook.

Last Tuesday, we had a really large dust storm.

via tumblr
Isn't that crazy looking?

I was inside when it happened and all I knew was that there was a dust storm. But Phoenix made global news! Thank goodness it wasn't dangerous. The consequence was just that my car was covered in dust. Check here for some videos and pictures

Saturday, July 9

Asian Express: A Cheap Eat, but is it any good?

Before I start this post, I just want to thank everyone for their comments on my last post. You're all amazing for sharing your fears with me and making me feel okay. Moving on to something less scary....

This week, on 7% Solution's battle for good food, I bring you Asian Express!

I actually went here with my family.

The setting was a rather stereotypical Chinese restaurant. The atmosphere wasn't great, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything about the food.

They have Engrish on their menu. "We would not add MSG." And they're offended you would think so.

They show neat pictures of their dishes. I find that really helpful if you're exactly not sure what you're about to be ordering.

They also have this incredibly unique offer where they will cook fish you bring in. I have never seen that before. It's an incredibly personal touch and really speaks to the adaptability and skill of the chefs.

I got iced tea. It wasn't amazing, but iced tea isn't something you go to Chinese restaurants for.

I was feeling like soup so I ordered a pork noodle soup. It was the saltiest thing I have ever tasted.

My mom ordered pork and rice with green peppers. The flavor was pretty spot on. I took this picture about a minute after the plate was set you can see, it was a popular dish.

The fish in this dish was very salty and the sprouts in this dish were tasteless.

This was actually a pretty good dish, but the little ribs, were again, too salty. I have to say that while this place REALLY didn't work for my. My mother loved it. She continues to love it. 
My mom ordered. Like usual.

Thursday, July 7

Afraid of My Own Reflection

This post is both a bit serious and a bit ridiculous. It is not a body image issue post.

I have a fear. It makes me uncomfortable. It makes it difficult for me to sleep at night. At the same time, I realize that it is an irrational fear. 

Let me set the scene for you.

It's the summer. I don't have to wake up early in the morning. I'm in the habit of sleeping at 2am and waking up at 10am or 11am. I spend my nights on my couch in my living room watching TV, blogging or reading. I only have the light on in the living room, to save electricity. Sometimes, I feel like going to my bedroom. In order to get to my bedroom, I pass by my mirror in the bathroom, my full length mirror hanging on my closet as well as my vanity across from my bed. I can't stand it because in the mirrors, I can catch a glimpse of a long dark hared girl walking by in a white shirt/dress. 

I look like a ghost from a stereotypical horror movie. I'd put up a picture comparison, but I don't feel like googling the images and scaring myself. I'll share something pretty.

via weheartit
When I turn off the lights to go to bed, I can't look in the mirror in my vanity because it really scares me. If I need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I keep my eyes closed and feel my way to the bathroom--only opening my eyes once I've turned the lights on.

I know I'm easily scared. I don't watch any horror movies (only mysteries... so I still get a share of dead bodies, but they're not bad). I can't stand being this jumpy and afraid of my own reflection. 

Am I the only one who has this problem? What scares you?

Tuesday, July 5

More smellies!

Despite my love for Lush, I started out sniffing things at a much bigger store--Bath and Body Works, to be exact. Even though sniffing things makes me sound like some type of drug addict. Actually, that's fair, this is almost a drug.

I've been looking for a perfume/body spray and  trying a few scents out. 

Carried Away
via weheartit

Is this the cutest packaging ever or what? I feel like I'm determined to like this for that reason. I tried the fragrance mist. It's described as "a whimsical blend of lush raspberries, white jasmine and whipped vanilla" but all I smelled at first was an overwhelming scent of flowers. As someone with allergies, I am not fond of flower scents. About ten minutes later, the flower scents disappeared and I smelled lightly of vanilla. Then the scent disappeared altogether. This wasn't bad, but it wasn't a favorite. 

Dark Kiss

I first tried the body lotion from this collection. The first thing I smelled was clay. It was not awesome. But then my arm felt so so so soft. Then I took another whiff and it no longer smelled like clay. It smelled like something sweet and tangy. The company says that Dark Kiss is a mix of "dark berries with a kiss of vanilla". That sounds right for what I smelled, but Bath and Body Works also says that key fragrance notes include "sensual incense, Mirabelle plum, and night musk". I must not be digging the incense and night musk. This was the body spray I ended up getting. It's delightful!

P.S. I Love You

My friends and I went to a Bath and Body Works Outlet and we picked up some older fragrances for cheap! We all got little 3 ounce bottles for a dollar. I got this in shower gel form. It smells a lot more flowery than anything else I've liked... but for some reason, it appeals to me. I think it's because the scent is very, very light. I almost smell a bit of lychee syrup in it. It's top notes are "Sparkling Riesling, Golden Amber, Hypnotic Incense and Bright Rose Petals."

Black Raspberry Vanilla

I'm noticing a raspberry/vanilla trend! I got this ages ago when it was a gift with purchase. (You know how BBW does their buy 10 dollars get a signature item free?) This lotion works decently, but is a bit thick for my liking. The scent it has on directly after application is too synthetic, not my cup of tea. Later, though it improves to a light sweet, berry scent. Its top notes are "Juicy Blackberry, Bergamot, Anjou Pear, Vanilla Orchard  and Taffeta Musk". 

Monday, July 4

My Life is Average Monday: Work Barbecue

The other day at work, we had a barbecue.

The entire office of 200 people went to it. There were burgers and hot dogs. Corn and potato salad, drinks and even fresh of the oven pies and ice cream.

And they let us leave three hours early. It was a pretty good Friday before the long weekend.

Saturday, July 2

Chanel Bags

I'm not exactly sure where this desire started, but my want for a Chanel or Chanel-esque bag is great. Specifically, I WANT the iconic Chanel 2.55.

Swoon. Maybe I can justify this after I make a few million and pay off the mortgage on the house I have yet to buy.

For now, I'll just look at eye candy.