Tuesday, August 30

It's Z Pizza!

ZPizza was a pizza place in downtown phoenix I went to ... just before a road trip. It was just a fast trip to grab some grub before hitting the road but I still found time to snap a lot of pictures! Z Pizza really specializes in gluten free and vegan pizzas. 

Here are some pictures of the atmosphere!

It's pretty bright and spunky with a nice outdoor patio. 

It's a very modern design inside. You have the ability to customize and have them prepare a personal pizza, or you can get a slice from one of the many pizzas they have in the display case. Since we were short on time, we decided to get pizza from the case!  

They have someone with very nice handwriting. 

They keep the pizza warm. ...Although I feel like that's more of a basic amenity and less of a feature. 

They have pizzas waiting to go in the oven.

And here's what I got! A veggie tomato pizza and a sausage mushroom one. 

As I'm not really vegan or watching gluten, the specialties of this place wasn't my cup of tea. However, the pizza has priced well and tasted good!

Monday, August 29

My Life Is Average Mondays: Shopping Ups and Downs

The other day, I went shopping by myself. I stopped in a few standards stores and lastly, I went to the Gap.

I saw a great pair of pants.

They were regular sized, but "cropped" so I thought that they might fit me. Surprisingly, they did. 

But I still wasn't sure. I remembered that there was a shirt I wanted from Gap, an online exclusive, so I put down the pants and I left. 

When I got home, I checked my links, only to find out that the shirt I wanted is from Calvin Klein, not Gap at all!  I was disappointed, but I decided that I still wanted the pants so I headed to Gap's website. I found that the same pants, on sale for 30 bucks at the store, was 13.99 online! I clicked with glee. When it was time to check out, I noticed that the price didn't budge. Upon checking back, it wasn't the black that was on sale for thirteen dollars, it was another color. And that color only had a few large sizes left. 

In the store, the sale ends today and the pants go back to being 50 bucks tomorrow. Shopping is disappointing sometimes. Now I'm just trying to convince myself that the pants didn't actually fit that well. 

See the scrunches near my behind? It's something not filling out right. I'll find more pants fit for short people right? Right. 

Saturday, August 27

Are you drinking duck farts?

The explanation for the title will be clear. Just trust me on this one.

The latest Harry Potter movie was decent, I thought. Because I read the books so long ago, I didn't even catch the inaccuricies and the plot points they misesd out on like before. Like any other Harry Potter movie, though, I thought that it was fraught with serious parts that made me laugh. One of the funniest parts was...

Seriously! Way to take the drama out of the moment.

Following up where we left off last week with the prettiest laughs, is a discussion on strange, funny sounding and ridiculous laughs.

Last summer, I was in China and someone told a joke and I was laughing very hard. It was to the point where I couldn't breathe. It was one point past "This-is-so-funny-I-can't-breathe" and in the category of "I-really-should-stop-laughing-and-try-not-to-pass-out." Then, all of a sudden, my cousin commented that it sounded like I was drinking duck farts. It makes more sense in Chinese than in English, but trust me, it is every bit as crude and WTF-inducing. I stopped momentarily, comprehended his words and went on laughing for a different reason.

Who do you think has the silliest laugh? 

Thursday, August 25

Baking that Fish!

Fish is healthy and delicious. But it can be difficult to cook well. 

So here's what you do. 

You get a big plate. 
A few fillets of tillapia; arrange it on a plate; sprinkle paprika on it.
A handful of spinach leaves.
Cut a tomato in half and then in chunks.
A little bit of butta.
Put that all in the plate. 

You're gonna get something like that. 

Pop it in the oven for 25/30 minutes. 

You should get that. 

Put it on a plate.
Then, this next step is important.

And now you know why I don't give recipes. 

Tuesday, August 23

ELF Nourishing Cuticle Pen

I got this little doohicky from target, after peeling off my nail polish and ruining my cuticles. Although this is by no means a miracle product, it's not bad for a dollar. 

As you can see, it says that it has Avocado and Almond Oils. It also has vitamins E, A, and C. 

The product was relatively easy to use. Once you took the cap off, this is what you saw.

That's a hard nub that dispenses product at a good rate. It's strong enough for you to really push your cuticles back and make it a multipurpose tool.

As for its effectiveness, I think it works. My nails are stronger and I do try to use it regularly. 

You can learn more here.

Monday, August 22

My Life Is Average Mondays: I'm super attached to my car.

The last time I complained about my car was in November. Why haven't I complained about it since? My parents got a new car and gave it to me to drive. I'm eternally grateful, of course, but this summer, I went and... hit a pole. I went and dented the front bumper of a new car not even six months old.

This was the first time I ever hit my car and my parents were pretty understanding about it. They decided they needed to get it fixed. Fixing my car would take a week. So... I'd be carless, for a week. This horrible week is finally over, but giving up my car to the repair man was such a traumatic experience that I needed to get breakfast at the Good Egg. 

Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say goodbye til it be morrow til I eat a loaded and fluffy omelet, fruit and biscuit.

Saturday, August 20

Dotted Nails

Putting dots on your nails is one of the easiest decorations. You don't need a steady hand... or artistic talent. Last time I shared some polka dot nails. This time I'm sharing a manicure I copied from The Daily Nail. This gal is truly a nail artist, in a way that I could never be.

I used Sinful Colors Mercury Rising for the dark red and a really old, goopy white/silver color for the dots. 

Thursday, August 18

Laugh Until You Cry

via weheartit
I used to have a crush on this guy in high school. I thought he was cute and all that good stuff, but the part that I still remember about him was his laugh. He had the most beautiful laugh that I have ever heard. I can only describe it to you using stereotypes. It sounded like bells clinking. In fact, when I think back on it, I swear I was hearing him laugh in a green grass field with flowers and a steam running in the background...when I'm pretty sure it was on a bus in the middle of the desert.

Until then, I didn't know that laughs could sound pretty.

Who do you know that has the nicest laugh? 

Tuesday, August 16

I'm embarrassed I blog. Sometimes.

via weheartit
Are you guys ever embarrassed you blog? A lot of people say how blogging is an escape and I absolutely agree with that. For people, it's a little bit of an obligation too; when you don't blog, you feel a tad guilty because you didn't keep up with some friends. But sometimes, I feel guilty for blogging. Especially blogging about some of the things that I blog about.

Fashion? Makeup? Food? I feel bad for talking about these thing when there are real people with real issues out there in life.

Don't get me wrong, I love looking at fashion and makeup and food, but isn't there something about that that seems a little... vapid? I can't say that I love fashion when there are individuals who are truly dedicated-those who work in the fashion industry and blog as insiders or those who revel in every bit of fashion related news. I don't have a great talent in putting together outfits or applying makeup. Interests that translate into skills (DIY, or others) are truly admirable. That's not to say that things that remain just interests are lame either. So many women (and men) pay attention ot the clothes they wear.

When people ask me what I do in my free time, I want to say that I blog. The next logical question is "What about?" I think answering with "Makeup, fashion, food, my life." makes me sound shallow. I accept myself for who I am and my friends accept me for who I am as well. But what about those people who I don't know as well? What would be your reaction to your blog if you weren't in this bloggy world?

Thursday, August 11

Soda Cravings

via weheartit
This is what I think about when I get a soda craving: Cool, refreshing, with that hard carbonation sliding down your throat.

I used to think that I didn't drink much soda. I never brought it for myself. Most of the time, I got water in restaurants, I drink a lot of Arnold Palmers... But I never really noticed how often I indulged in soda. If there was soda at my parent's house, I'd have some. If it was available at a friend's house, I'd choose it over water. Lately this summer, I'd just want to gulp some down in the middle of the hot afternoon. 

Soda isn't good for me. Everyone knows that. From chipping away at your teeth to all the sugar to that awful bloated feeling afterwards, it really isn't good for any of us! I like juice and I like water and I like tea but... what do you do when you just have that soda craving?

Do you like soda? Any substitute to it? 

Tuesday, August 9

90s Children

Sometimes I just take normal outfit pictures. And other times, I decide to be silly. I was very grungy, teenage rebel in these pictures. My face totally matched the pose... but ultimately, I decided to crop my face out. I just couldn't risk the ridiculousness that would ensue if they were found out of context.

I swear I don't think I'm a great model. Just having some fun. 

Sweater: New York and Company (Old)
Skirt: Forever 21 (4.60)
Tights: Forever 21 (unknown)
Boots: Ross (Old)

Monday, August 8

My Life is Average Mondays: Work, again.

This MLIAM is actually... super average. This wasn't even a project I had to do this summer, but it sure makes for a funny picture, doesn't it? Stacks of sky high binders... an intern's job.

My summer is ending, but I've spent these last few days having as much fun as I care to. I like to evaluate my summers at the end of them and this summer, I think I've met some great new people. I've learned a lot and I've had a lot of fun.

Now, it's time again to look at school related things. I have one last year left at university. Let's make the best of it!

How was your summer?

Saturday, August 6

I don't know my veggies.

I understand that vegetable identification is a grade school skill... but... I still can't do. My mom always used Chinese names for veggies and in school I learned to pair the picture with the English word. Due to some type of language fail, I can't identify veggies.

Anyways, this is why when this recipe called for cabbage, I used lettuce. Big diff.

When I say what I made was based off the recipe... I really mean based off. Look at my pictures and hers. It's a sad, sad difference.

I still can't caramelize anything, but it was yummy! My dad came over the night I made it and tried a chunk. He said it was too tough. Tough luck, dad. You're not getting anymore.

How do you caramelize onions???

Thursday, August 4

Candy Addict

A little while ago, I heard about a store opening on Mill Avenue, a hip and happenin' street for college kids. I'm not sure if I'm a hip individual, but the street reminds me a little of the hustle and bustle of China, so I like visiting. 

This store is a candy store amid a street of bars and sometimes, hobos. 

But once you walk in, boy is it a candy store! From candy that you see in the grocery store, to the rare candy you had that one time when you went to visit Germany, to Wonka candy... they have it all in every flavor.

And it's all organized brilliantly. I'd insert a joke about a kid in a candy store but that's way redundant. 

The shop owner is an escapee from Silicon Valley who came here to run a family friendly candy shop. Talk about living the dream! Success there and entrepreneurship here. 

He was an extremely friendly guy and I asked him what was the most unique piece of candy he had. He showed me....

Um. Wow. Yeah, that's unique alright! I don't even know how you eat those. 

I walked out with some yummy chocolaty confections. 

I kinda have a thing for white chocolate. 

Do you like candy?

Tuesday, August 2

Top 10 Award

I would apologize for missing posts on Saturday and Monday, but I doubt anyone noticed. I was gone this weekend for a quick excursion that I will tell you guys about soon! Moving on now...

Thank you Eileen, from The Sneakerette for passing on this award. I highly encourage you to check out her blog because it's so unique.

Rules: Link back to the person/people who tagged you, nominate other 10 bloggers, and list your favorite 10 products.

(I unfortunately have to change this up a little bit because I don't have ten favorite products.)

5 favorite products:
1- Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF100
2- ELF Mineral Eye Shadow Primer
3- Aveeno Nourish + Treatment Leave in Conditioner
4- Bath and Body Works Dark Kiss Body Splash
5- Physician's Formula Custom Eye Enhancing Creamliner

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