Thursday, September 29

Not really a proper photo...

Sorry about that. 

But I do want to show this because it's one of my favorite shapes to manipulate. Everyone has a different body type and different trouble areas. Everyone also has assets to show off.

This is one of my favorite outfits because it shows off my waist and hides my stomach.

Shirt: Heart to Hips (Old)
Skirt: Gap (Thrifted from Buffalo Exchange for 12.00)

In addition, I found pairing a rather plain t-shit, with simple embellishments, and a skirt to be an incredibly easy way to go and dress business casual (leaning on the casual side). I need more throw-on shirts that look good.

Tuesday, September 27

Torrrrrrrrrrtilla. I mean...

I live in Arizona, where Mexico and Hispanic culture has a great influence. However, I've always disliked Mexican food (except for Chipotle, which isn't... really Mexican.) 

As a result, I can't really tell the difference between different types of Mexican foods. I learned that what I so aptly titled a tortilla when I first wrote up this post is actually a quesadilla. ...According to the recipe  it is anyways. This is another recipe from the amazing Pioneer Woman. 

I definitely didn't use as many fancy cheeses as she did or use a grill pan... and there might have been some really iffy quesadilla flipping moments, but I got past all that. The end result is really really good. Mushrooms and spinach are my absolute favorite healthy foods. 

Monday, September 26

My Life is Average Mondays: When the Phone Rings.

You guys already know that I'm a Star Trek fan and that it's my preferred Friday night activity. So, a few Fridays ago, I was watching an episode of The Next Generation. It's called Phantasms and I highly recommend if if you haven't seen it yet. 
via weheartit

In the episode, Data has some disturbing dreams where there's this incessant ringing. It turns out to be a telephone, but the way the music plays, it turns out to be a little creepy. In the episode, there are several of these dream sequences and once during them I said to my friend, "I think my phone's ringing." My friend assures me that it's just the phone in the episode until... the phone in the show stops ringing and we still hear ringing. I run outside to grab my phone... it was my phone after all! From a room away, it sounded like the exact same pitch and tone. Totally creepy.

Saturday, September 24

Sonia Kashuk Bristle Hairbrush

For all my life, I've purchased brushes from the dollar store. I had one requirement. They should untangle my hair. ...And my hair usually so straight that I don't even brush my hair.

Except the thing with dollar store brushes is that they break after falling from the counter to the floor after too many times. So I had to go get a new brush. Being the new me, I looked up some brush reviews.

To my absolutely surprise, I found out that there were such things as brushes that cost more than 100 dollars. Specifically, the Mason Pearson Brush.

Not only that, but I found out that there was a dupe for this brush, the Sonia Kashuk Bristle Brush.

This was much more affordable at fourteen dollars.

As you can see, this is a lot fancier than plastic. It's made of piggy hair and stockings. 

I've been using it for a few weeks and I have to say that I'm definitely not used to the fact that the bristles on this move when I brush it. I don't notice a ton of differences between this one and much cheaper ones. One of the differences I do notice? Little to no static. 

How do you brush your hair?

Thursday, September 22

LA Vacation!

As I mentioned before, I love looking at other people's vacation photos during most of the summer. I loved that I could live vicariously through others as they took vacations out of the county or out of state or just in the next town over. Now though, I'm excited because I have my own vacation to share.

This vacation took place between the 30th and 31st of July. That's why you didn't get a post Saturday or a MILAM. ... If anyone remembers.

I took a ton of pictures. Here goes.
This is just the first part of the first day, Chinatown in LA.

Here are some scenes of LA. So many more people than I'm used to!

On the right, a lovely gate. And on the left, a couple walking underneath red lanterns. I think this image is kind of romantic.

On the left is a billboard type thing painted on the wall advertising the area. On the right is an actual educational board attached to a post.

A cute little fountain. 

Mugdha from A Vigilance Muse  and I in front of the gate from a few images before. 

Some places have brides and grooms as cake toppers. Other places have these little dolls. 

Mugdha's yummy red velvet cake from a local bakery.

My lychee ice cream and coconut mochi. Lychee ice cream has such an interesting taste!

My friend's red velvet cupcake. 

We explored Chinatown for a few hours before hitting the beach that afternoon!

Tuesday, September 20

Essence Bakery


Ladies and Gentleman, if that condition describes how you feel about these delectable treats, you may have a condition. At this time, we are unsure if the disease is contagious, but we urge you to be treated right away.

Essence Bakery is located at 825 W. University Drive, Tempe, Arizona and you need to run, not walk, to it. Or drive. Drive would probably be fastest.

It's an unassuming place. The inside, which I didn't get a picture of, isn't your hip and posh cafe. In fact, it's quite the opposite. It's not a manufactured look at all. They didn't hire an interior decorator to make the place look like something it's not. 

They have macarons. And no, they're not cheap. But if they were, you'd eat dozens of them and then you'd get really fat, so it's all for the best. They're affordable as a sometimes treat. 

And they're good. They're so good. Of course, there are different flavors but each is cold, sweet but not overly so. The outer shell collapses in and blends with the middle. It's four or five minutes of heaven, depending on how fast you eat. 

And I like to eat them while wearing dresses. 

Saturday, September 17


Glitter was one of the biggest trends and the start of the summer and I wanted to be a part of it. I got a striping brush in gold glitter.

I did a quick and easy manicure with it. 

Here's two pictures, one clear and one blurry to show the art and the sparkles. It's nothing too exciting and could definitely be neater, but it is what it is. 

This type of glitter is kind of grunge (especially on black). I'll have to try it on some other colors. For fall, I think glitter is going to be bigger, bolder and in a lot of colors.

Thursday, September 15

Cold Summer Pasta Salad

I don't know if this pasta salad looks good to you, but it is.

What I like about it isn't just its taste, but the fact that it's loaded with good things. I used to hate salads. I thought of them as cold, tasteless iceberg lettuce. The only way they could be redeemed is if they were drenched in ranch sauce. Then I found out that ranch sauce was so unhealthy that it more than made up for calories in a salad. I stopped eating salads altogether. 

Somewhere down the line though, I found that salads could be yummy. I found spinach to replace lettuce. I found that you can have chicken, salmon, and so many different kinds of cheese in your salad. I found out about healthier vinaigrettes. And all was well. 

You guys also know that I love pasta in all different forms. I decided to combine the two.

Do a cup of multicolored rotini pasta, half a cup of tuna, and as much cucumbers, grape tomatoes as you care to add. Then finish it off with as much balsamic vinaigrette as you feel like. Do many taste tests. 

Yes, you get carbs eating pasta like this but there's a lot more veggies and a lot less of that creamy sauce. It's cool for the summer to boot. 

Tuesday, September 13

Pagosa Springs

I worked this past summer and I was desperate for vacation photos. Other than sneaking about all your vacations and road trips, I asked my friends to send me pictures too. One friend did this when he went on a one week journey with his family to Colorado.

This friend is an amateur photographer, so I just thought I'd share some of his pictures. I'd really appreciate comments and constructive criticism in this post. Thanks guys!

Which photo is your favorite? I love the one of the bubbles!

Monday, September 12

My Life is Average Mondays: Doctor Who

A brief note before I go into my actual subject. I know that people say they're thankful for their readers and friends but, seriously. Thank you. Your comments about the city you live in helped me so much to know where the public transport is good and where it seems like I'd like to live. Since I'm in the process of making plans for my next few years of life, your advice is indispensable.

Now, the Doctor.

I've had friends who are fans of Doctor Who forever. As for me, I never really got into it all that much.

After my friend forced me to watch the first episode (with the 9th doctor) I remained unimpressed. It was simply okay. The effects weren't great. In fact...they were kind of lame. Months passed without me thinking of it again. Then it turned to May. I had just finished school and was sitting around home bored, day in and day out. I decided to pick up the show again. I watched the second episode and it scared me to my wits end. Ghosts? Dead mediums? I couldn't handle this! These were the days when I was afraid of my reflection.

But when that same friend visited me, she told me that most of the episodes were not as frightening as that one. She said that I had to at least give it a chance for another few episodes. I started again and though I didn't love it, I got into it. I started getting attached to the characters and I started caring about the state of the world and of humankind. I'm now at the beginning of the third season and I'm thinking... I really like this show. 

Saturday, September 10

Summer Reflection

I love going through life to learn things about myself: things I didn't know I'd like; habits I didn't know would annoy me; where my passions lie. Alright. I haven't quite figured out that one but I'm working on it. One of the things I realized is that while I do like desk jobs, I can't handle sitting at a desk all the time. 
via tumblr
Due to some circumstances, this summer sometimes I found myself sitting for 13 hours a day. It really bothers me how much of a sedentary lifestyle that is. Here, I drive and sit. The only walking I do consists of trips to the bathroom! To top it all off, I can't stand the morning traffic. I really want to live somewhere where I can use public transportation. 

Do you have an ideal city to live and work in? Why?

Thursday, September 8

Chase Ball Park Field Trip

Last semester, I took a real estate class. At the end of that class, I went on a field trip to a property we learned about. Chase Field, here in Arizona. 

First we can see the front of the stadium. It's located downtown and to me, a non sports fan, it didn't look that impressive.  

Did you know that I've never been to a stadium before? This was my first time. I've never been to a baseball game either. ...and I have never watched more than 5 minutes of a sports game. 

Inside the stadium, it was pretty big and impressive.

In addition to there being a balzillion seats, the stadium was convertible, meaning that it had a sunroof that opened to give the grass light. In the hottest parts of the Arizona day, it can close too.

You see those three levels? In the part above the first level and beneath the second one, there were restaurants and places you could buy beer. 

And yes, we have a (hidden) swimming pool. It's very expensive. And if you were wondering, balls do end up in there. (Did anyone catch my reference?)

The field was under repairs. ...And see those lamps? They give the grass in the shade special sunlight. That's some pampered grass!

The billboard. I was told that it's very big and very expensive. This billboard has also been struck by baseballs before, but each section is a littler panel, so if that breaks, only one section needs to be replaced.

Lastly, a picture of me in a baseball stadium, because I don't predict that I'll ever be returning.