Saturday, October 29

A while ago, I went to an Improv Comedy night.

via weheartit

It's not the type of thing that I usually do, but it was pretty fun. Though tickets were only ten dollars each, each person had to order 2 items from the overpriced menu, which added up. 

The comics were all local. And they really ranged in talent, but one joke stood out to me.

This male comic was talking about his wife's pet names for him and he said it was "Pooh Bear." He continued by explaining that it was because he enjoyed walking around in a red t-shirt and no pants. I might have just butchered his joke. He had better comedic timing.

But enough background information. A few days after that, I saw this post. No one's really naked here, but it fits in with some of my other Winnie the Pooh posts. 

Speaking  of... do you have your Halloween Costumes?

Thursday, October 27

Third Street Promenade

Only a few pictures this time. We went to Third Street after visiting the beach to look around, listen to live music and eat dinner. 

We wound up going in a few stores even though we weren't supposed to. No one brought anything though! 

We did however, see these dinosaur plants! 

On the way to dinner, I spotted this funny face in a dentist's office. The mannequin, not my face in the background!

Most of us were starving by the time we wanted to have dinner... so I think I totally forgot to take pictures of that. After dinner though, I made everyone walk back to this crepe shop I saw... we got crepes. 

So yummmy. 

Honestly, these crepes were so so so so good. Maybe it was because the nutella was sweeter, or I just had really nice company, but this place was amazing. I wish I remembered what it was called. 

Tuesday, October 25

You know what's not always practical?

Huge family style meals when you live alone. And when you're in college.

I love food, but when I have 12 hours days and only myself to feed, here's a list of things I won't do:

1. Prep and cook for hours.
2. Cook huge portions of food that don't taste good reheated.

Here's some things I will do:
1. Make a sammich.

But seriously, this is a Laura Original Recipe. A LOR, if you will.
I really shouldn't write recipes, but here goes.
White bread (or whatever)
Cheese (I used provolone)
Sliced Tomatoes
Sliced Mushrooms
Lunch Meat Roast Beast Beef

1. Heat up your skillet to medium. Place a piece of bread and cheese on it.
2. Put mushrooms on top of that. Then tomatoes.
3. Take that off the skillet and put the other slice of bread and cheese on the skillet.
4. Put roast beef on that. Then take that off the skillet and put it on the other part of the sandwich. MAKE SURE TO PUT IT ROAST BEEF SIDE DOWN.

I just taught you how to warm a sandwich. A sandwich that doesn't cook the mushrooms or really melt the cheese that well.

Saturday, October 22

New School Year, New Planner

I know I'm not the only person who thinks planners are really flipping cool. In preparation for the new school year, I consulted many a college/prep blog to look for the perfect planner. There were a ton of expensive ones, available to order from online but I balked at the 20-30 dollar price tags. I eventually found on at ... Wal-mart.

I'm only a little ashamed.

This planner was about seven bucks and it has a nice, cheery blue color.

One of my concerns with planners is having enough space to write. Luckily, this one has a space for me to plan out my months as well as to go over each week. 

It has lovely tabs as well.

I also wanted to show everyone what my old planner looked like after a year's wear and tear. I have thing thing where I keep planners, just so I see who I was hanging out with, what classes I was taking and what my general mindset is. I have 3 from college so far. You can see that the corners are DONE and that the binding is coming apart. I got this from Walmart too, but after a much less careful search. This was cheaper but the look of it was definitely more juvenile.

Nope, my handwriting isn't neat at all. And yes, I do keep my grocery lists in here as well.
You can really tell that the corners are absolutely done for!
I'd love if if you would share about the planner that you use and show us!

Thursday, October 20

Wear a Tubetop at Work

I don't know if you saw that article about the workplace that had a dress code called "Tube top Tuesdays" instead of casual Fridays? It was a case about workplace harassment, which is no joke, but I did wear a tube top to work the other day. How did I do it?

Is there anything that gives an outfit instant class faster than an a pearl necklace and a pair of heels? No.

Dress: Lorada (Unknown)
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe (Old)
Necklace: (Given by Friend)
Heels: Dexter by Payless (22.99)
Belt: Brandless from China (Given/taken from mom)

From here, you can see that I'm not showing shoulders or a lot of a neckline at all. Best of all, the material is still comfortable. Now, the caveat is that up close, it's obvious that my dress is cotton. I wouldn't wear it to an interview, but for an average day at a casual office, it's absolutely appropriate.

Tuesday, October 18

It's still 95F here, so here's another summer recipe.

This watermelon granita is another Pioneer Woman Recipe, linked here. I really wanted to get this posted before it really turned into fall. Here, it got cold last week but highs are still 100 and walking around campus still makes you very very warm and looking forward to something cold and sweet for when you get home.

This stuff really hits the spot! I didn't think I liked watermelon before this but this stuff is amazing!

Monday, October 17

My Life is Average Mondays: Weeping Angel

One of the scariest monsters in the television show Doctor Who are the Weeping Angels.The Angels are not a new species, but I first encountered them in the episode "Blink". The story behind the Angels is this: Weeping Angels are a species of aliens. They are frozen into stone when any creature is looking at them, however, when they are not being looked at, they attack. A single touch from them takes their victim back into the past as these Angels live off potential energy. 

Now, I had heard of this episode even before I started watching Doctor Who, so when I got to it, I recruited a friend. We watched the episode and it was scary, but manageable. Then he told me the story of this Statue at Arizona State's West Campus.  He even took a picture of it at night. 

Now, this is called Statue of Woman Looking into the Future, but it just a creepy picture of a hooded woman. Imagine passing by that at night! 

Saturday, October 15

LA Vacation: Santa Monica Pier

This is the second part of my vacation. You can see the first part here. We went to the Santa Monica Pier.

Some people just want to ruin vacations... :(

But we made it past them and took a walk on the pier. There were an incredible amount of people. 

From the pier, we could see all the people on the beach. 

Taking advantage of the scenery, I took pictures with friends. 

And by myself. There was just really no way you could get a bad background!

The water and the pier itself was breathtaking. It was such a huge change to go from Arizona, where it was so hot you couldn't breath to this coastal area!

They also had a huge ferris wheel and a ton of fair games. Being, games you would find at a fair, which most times, are the opposite of equitable. The sea-side humidity (and 6 hour car ride) definitely made my hair unravel at this time.

Next we decided to enjoy a bit more of the ocean breeze.

Then we took the short walk down. I haven't felt beach sand in years!

The water was cold, but I only dipped my legs in. ...Is that still a dip? Or does it qualify as a dunk?

This following picture is my absolute favorite of the bunch!

After that, we went and walked on the Third Street Promanade (pictures to come later) and I snapped this photo when we returned in the evening. 

Thursday, October 13

Work Outfit

If I were to name one inappropriate aspect about this outfit is that the skirt is way too tight.

Shirt: Forever 21 (12.80)
Skirt: Joe Benbassat (Unknown)
Heels: Dexter by Payless (22.99)

So, why exactly am I wearing this skirt?

...As much as I love dressing in an office appropriate way, I don't like doing laundry. And I hate dry cleaning. As these things are required to keep up the office look, sometimes I venture into questionable territory.

Tuesday, October 11

Baked Spinach Tomato Pasta

I have a recipe, for once. Because I started out with a recipe.

Serves 4 ( I used less)

2 cups penne
1 tbsp olive oil
1 clove minced garlic
4 cups baby spinach 
3 cups diced tomato
1 tbsp oregano
Pinch of Salt 

1. Preheat oven to 350.
2. Cook pasta to al dente. 
3. Heat oil, add garlic. Stir until fragrant and then add tomato and spinach. Cook for 4 minutes or until spinach wilts. 
4. Combine with herbs; stir in cheese. 
5. Grease baking pan; pour pasta/veggies in. Cook uncovered for 15 min. Put some more cheese in and bake for 5 more min. 
6. Proceed to OM your new NOMs. 

Because I'm a meat eater, I added some chicken to my dish. 

Monday, October 10

My Life is Awesome Mondays: Whatspp

Technology is amazing. I'm not a techy person, but I appreciate technology. Recently I was introduced to Whatsapp. Whatsapp is basically text messaging... which isn't that impressive but it works through your data plan. That means, that you can text your friends from across the world, which as it happens, one of my friends is. 

Texting someone is fun... but waking up to a picture texted to you from across the world? A picture of Stonehenge? 

That's inconceivable. 

Saturday, October 8

Gold Tipped

Remember the gold polish I got from here?

I did another look with it.

It's rather simple, suited for the fall or winter, probably.

Kinda grunge.

As you can see from my middle finger in the first picture, the gold polish smudges quite easily. I gotta be careful about exactly how dry it is before I move on with doing things. But it shows up okay. 

Have you guys ever been to Sprinkles Cupcakes? I've gone there for Valentine's Day, but I've been there since then as well to take advantage of their free cupcake. The thing is, I get so guilty just asking for a free cupcake that I purchased water that was way too expensive. It's cute bottle, so I thought that I'd include it in some type of picture. Reuse--in all ways.

Thursday, October 6

Cupz and Crepez

There's a certain love that everyone has for their neighborhood restaurants. You know, the ones that are family run?

But unfortunately, these family run restaurants are sometimes open to the same pitfalls as chain restaurants. Unpleasant staff, expensive prices, lack of atmosphere, bad food... While small business owners are admirable, I don't think that it's fair to relax general standards on them.

Cupz and Crepes is a family run business. Though I'm a fan of most places with a smaller family feel I didn't love this place as much. And they sell crepes! What?

The set up is pretty nice. It's a roomy place that has tables as well as comfortable chairs in a cafe style. 

Their handwritten menu is a nice touch and everything on their menu looks... so incredibly YUM.

My friend got a hot chocolate. The whipped cream is a lovely touch and I find myself really attracted to the cup they used as well. 

And that strawberry nutella crepe? No complaints from me!

This looks significantly less impressive, but I swear it still is. Avocado and chicken. It's just hearty and makes a good lunch.

Their food was yummy, and the cafe atmosphere was chic... But the service was awkward. I did go during the middle of the day, but the place was incredibly empty and the one employee was incredibly distant. I like a smile occasionally!

Tuesday, October 4

Heels, Beauty, and Fandoms!

I like to write in my blog... but I also like to read other people's blogs. And sometimes, people write things that I just really love. 

It's either this inspiring and amazing outfit post or this really insightful article... or just some plain helpful tips. I considered doing a "Link Up" kind of post, but I realized that there's no day of the week that starts with L. 

So this will just be a once in a while post. =)

Stripper Heels are Meant for Strippers  - I thought this was an interesting article about shoe height.

What is "Blogger Beautiful?" - For those of us who put outfit pictures on the internet, it's inevitable to compare. This article includes a few thoughts on what "Blogger Beautiful" is. 

And a random picture: 

Harry Potter Beauty - A link from over the summer to relive the end; makeup looks inspired by each house. Hufflepuff!

Zachary Quinto (Spock in Star Trek 2009) plays rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock in the clip below