Tuesday, November 29

I finally found my white blouse!

I don't think I ever told you guys, but these past months I've been searching for a white, flowy blouse. My search started in the early summer and it took me until September to find it. This post is a bit old, sorry. Anyways, relive summer. Here!

This summer was my first "blogger summer" if you will--a summer when I was conscious of the options of keeping cool while looking hot. ...Sorry. I just had to. However, I noticed that a lot of the things that other bloggers wore just wouldn't fit Arizona. In Arizona, a short walk from your car to the mall would make you overheat. Being naked wouldn't even make you cool.

However, I discovered light clothing. There were certain fabrics other bloggers wore that I just loved. I loved the way it draped on their figure. I loved how it looked so cool and still allowed for full coverage and protection from the sun. It seemed like such an improvement of my usual summer uniform of camis and shorts. (I got really annoyed with camis because the straps of my bra were always showing.) Sheer clothing also made it easier to cover my arms, so I wouldn't be half dressed all of the time. On top of it all, it seemed like a great layering piece.

I found this top at H&M and it was even on sale, down to 7.95 from 17.95. To think, I was ready to drop 50 dollars on a shirt from Express. I think it's perfect. It's very lightweight, but not too sheer. It's cut in that "mullet" fashion (shorter on the front and longer in the back). I could complain about having to roll up the sleeves or the fact that there are two front pockets... but for the price, I really couldn't be happier.   

 Shirt: H&M (7.95, on sale from 17.95)
Shorts: Mudd (Old)
Shoes: Aldo (49.50, on sale from 70.00)

I know these shorts are really short but I have a lot of trouble finding a length that's long enough to fit my age and short enough to not cut my legs off. Cause... don't my legs look long in this picture? Don't they? Also, check out my fishtail braid in the last picture. Took me a really long time to learn that. 

Saturday, November 26


In Tempe, there's an OktoberFest every year. At night in turns to drinking but it's like a German themed fair during the day. Ever since I started blogging, I've wanted to go to more of these events so I dragged my friends!

We parked... and right after we got out of the car, we saw these empty little bottles of alcohol. "Somebody had a good night," I quipped. 

The festival takes place at Tempe Beach Park, right down from Mill Ave where we parked

Right off the bat, we pooled twenty dollars together for tickets and started checking out all the little shops and places that offered food.

Having never tried funnel cakes before, this was what I went for!

When I got it (with cinnamon topping) I found that there was more than enough to share.

We sat by Tempe Town Lake to enjoy our funnel cakes.

I thought it might have been cooler since it was October... but nope! It's still warm even now. It seemed like there were too many people.

Since it was OktoberFest, there was beer tastings everywhere.

I even spotted this little German dude!

We also stopped by the baseball field, which they modified to be a short racing track. We saw dachshund races. They were purebred... and adorable.

They had to race down this track... And although they looked silly, they ran really, really fast.

To wind down our day, we decided to split a caramel apple. This one was covered in oreos. I found out that those knives they cut the apples with are really more like saws.

They also had a ton of other types of apples. I wish I could have tried one piece of each. 

But we were very satisfied with our apple. A long time ago, I think I ate a caramel apple that got stuck in my teeth, but this one didn't do that at all and it was just delicious. Since I hate apples, I thought it was a decent way to enjoy them.

Oktoberfest also had several stages around the park all playing different types of music. There was polka dancing, rock music and country. Of course, mix that with a little alcohol and you have people dancing up front.

The stages were really nice places of congregation because there were lots of umbrellas to shield us from the sun and tables to sit down on. Unfortunately, it was too busy for us to get a seat.

I thought it was a super fun experience and a nice way to spend an afternoon. I might go back just for the fair food. 

Thursday, November 24

Restaurant Week

There's a little thing here called Arizona Restaurant Week. It happens twice a year and basically, it offers meals for 15, 20 and 30 dollars per person. The 30 dollar meals are at really fancy places and includes a starter, entree and dessert. 

Of course, being cheap, I went to a two for thirty place (called Arcadia Tavern) where we had to share the starter and the dessert. But I didn't mind. Here's the menu we could choose from. There were some pretty awesome choices. 

Oh, before we go on, I should probably tell you that I forgot my camera... the pictures aren't of the best quality. Apologies. For the starter, we choose the hot spinach and artichoke dip. This was definitely a case where the appetizer was so good that I ate too much of this and didn't have enough room for the entree. 

My friend got the roasted chicken, which was definitely delicious. Star of this plate was the mashed potatoes, though. WOW. So creamy and rich. It's hidden under the chicken. I'm always really impressed when some one or some place makes food that I've attempted and failed at. That's right. I can't make mashed potatoes.

I got ribs. I think this is the first time I've never had ribs before. A complete set anyways. This was also really juicy, delicious, and fall off the bone tender. Finger licking good, I might say. Actually. I would say. Just said!

For dessert, when I was sooo full... they brought out a sundae. A huge, sundae. Ice cream and whipped cream and nuts and brownies. It was ALL there. 

Here's my face for comparison of how large the sundae was. It's kind of the same size.

We ate it all. And all this was only thirty bucks! I guess I should be very thankful of the good times, good food and good company I keep. 

Hope you're enjoying your Thanksgiving. 

Tuesday, November 22

Goofy face + Layer it on

You know how I often crop my face out of pictures? Most people say that my face is okay, but I don't think you understand. I can end up making some seriously goofy faces. They range from the eyes closed, to the dreaded eyes half closed, to doing something strange with my cheeks or mouth. Today, I'll show you a goofy face. Since I'm showing it on the internet, just thought I'd let you know, this is probably only a 6 on the scale of goofiness. With 10 being a total goof. Of course. 

Also, I'm doing this post in parts. Each being a step of how I put on my clothes. There's no real reason for it. Just am.

Part one: The tank top. I got this tank top for five bucks at Buffalo Exchange. I like it.

Then I put on a blazer, because I don't like going outside in polite company in just a tank top. Anyone else like that?

And this is what you've been waiting for, my goofy face. What am I smiling at? I have noooo clue. 

Tank Top: Aeropostale (Thrifted, $5)
Blazer: Forever (Thrifted, 4.99)
Shorts: Forever 21 (7.00)
Wedges: Unknown (Old)

I'm always too lazy to wear accessories, so there are none.

And you guys! I had no idea that everyone felt the same way about Starbucks. Considering almost all of us have a love/hate (or just hate) relationship with it... why is it so successful?

Monday, November 21

My Life Is Average Mondays: Starbuck's Caramel Brulee

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Starbucks, I hate you.
I love you.
I hate you.

I... hate how everyone is carrying those stupid clear white cups with green straws. I hate how I looks. I kind of really love carrying them. I hate how big they are and how they're everywhere. But I love how it's always there for me. Starbucks, I hate your stupid drinks and how much sugar they have and how delicious they are. No. I take that back, they don't even taste good. I love your seasonal selections and how you advertise them and how they look so appetizing. I hate that I have no self control when it comes to you.

I know I try to be eloquent most of the time... but I just needed to get this rant out of my system. 

Saturday, November 19

Weekend in LA: The Last Dinner and the Long Drive Home

We wanted to hit the beach after Balboa park and the Rose Garden, but after going to several different beaches, we realized that we didn't have enough time. There was still a 6 hour drive left to go home and I had work the vest next day. So, we ended our trip at a fancy restaurant.

I shared an octopus and shrimp pasta in marinara sauce. It was good, but it was also one of those things that still don't justify the price. 


Friend got a simple pasta alfredo. I heard it was too salty. 

Things always look more beautiful when you're tired and leaving a good weekend. 

Random fact: that truck was border protection. 

Thursday, November 17

Casual Outing

I really like this shirt. It's just a comfy, cotton tee. I find that it's perfectly casual.

In this picture, it makes me look a little bit like a tent, but that's ignore that. I'm sure that's not the shirt's fault. I think I wore this outfit on a day out shopping or something like that.

 Shirt: Urban Outfitters ( about $10)
Shorts: Love Culture (about $12)
Shoes: Old Navy (about $5)
Bag: from China (approx 35$)

I also want to show you my new watch!

I gave in over the summer to those watches everyone was getting... but since I knew I had a much smaller budget and would probably be in it only for the trend (and the fact that I needed an analog watch for a test) I got this cheap one from target. It makes me happy all the same.

It's not the most flattering angle...but I really enjoy the summery shade of white and I think it can really stand out in the winter too. 

Sunday, November 13

Thank you for your Patronage!

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I started my blog with a simple "Hello" and the gloomy statistic that most bloggers who start don't last 6 months. A year later, I definitely still am going on. In the scope of my life, I have to admit that this past year has been a pretty good year and blogging has only made it better. I've learned so much from blogs. I've learned about the economy and I've been shown career advice; I've learned so much about how to cook and about ways to stay healthy; I've learned makeup tricks and all about the products to buy; I've learned about what brands fit short girls and where I can get the best deals on clothing. I don't know how many of you realize this, but blogging is an all encompassing... guide to life.  

What is 7% Solution going to be up to in the next year? I have a few goals...

1. Better content with better writing. Improving my writing was one of my original Solutions. However, I can't say how much I've really tried with this one. Sometimes, after taking, uploading and editing all the pictures, I feel like I've already put enough effort into one post and I can't really be bothered anymore. But, I suppose I should always go back and make sure that everything that I write is clear. It's one of my biggest problems. 

2. More contact. You guys have probably noticed, but I added a Contact Me! Tab to the top. This is step one in my quest to have more contact with my fellow bloggers. I comment on your blogs and you comment on mine, but I want to get into more intimate posts, outfit challenges, that type of thing. Blogs are, after all, for connecting, right? I deleted my twitter account a while ago, but I wasn't using that to connect with anyone anyways. I want to get to know you better.

3. Leaving real comments. I hate, hate, hate it when I go on your blog, look at an outfit /dish/post you've put time into... and I can't say anything but "Nice hat." Or "That looks delicious." Or "I agree." Starting a few months ago, I've really tried to improve this by trying to carry on a conversation through comments as well as by really taking the time to think before I call something lovely/gorgeous/beautiful/cute. If I leave a comment like this on your blog, I'm sorry. I'm trying my best to improve. 

With that, I'm sure you all want to see, what's coming in the future? Anything... new?

1. Vlog. I can't say for sure if this one is coming or not. I don't want to give false impressions because I'm not going to start vlogging on a weekly basis or even frequently. But there may be a little project in the works with another blogger. We'll see where it goes!

2. Different types of posts. When I look at my blog, it's really no surprise that I've gained a ton of weight. All I do is eat. I think food related posts take up the biggest chunk of the pie here. (Yummmm. Pie.) So I'm thinking about doing more makeup/product reviews as well as getting back on track and taking more outfit posts. But in addition, I also want to look into a few new types of posts... lemme know if you're interested!

- Fashion - Blogging has gotten me so interested in trends. Some people are trend followers, some are trend leaders and some are trend ignorers... but either way, it's definitely there. I think of myself as a trend follower. Occasionally a trend leader. I'm thinking about documenting my quest for some clothing items again. Example with boots here

- Hauls - Since I do buy things based off trends, my purchases are composed of trendy items. I feel like I don't buy that much but I've definitely amassed quite a bit of clothing. Asking for your opinions in a timely manner might help me return some of it, no?

- Career - I've given a few pieces of career advice in regards to professionalism in dress, but there's so much that I've learned and so much more that I have yet to learn. This topic is interesting to me, but is it to anyone else?  

In another, mostly unrelated train of thought, do any of you have any questions for me? I don't care what they are, or how personal they are (within reason, you know. And I get to decide). I'm looking to compile a question bank and answer some of these questions in a future post. 

Saturday, November 12

Balboa Park: Rose Garden

This is yet another part in my vacation from long, long ago now. I'm still reliving it, shush. You can see me in Chinatown,  on Santa Monica Pier, pointing at tree-dinosaurs on the street, and gorging myself!

Mugdha had a post on Balboa in her blog here and it became on of the places that I really wanted to go! We got to go listen to a organ performance... it was very classic and eerie... but we eventually got bored. The performance was free but it took place in the sun. Profits were made from these umbrellas.

After that, I whined like a child and we all walked to the rose garden. It was kind of funny because directly across from the rose garden was a desert garden... which looked like an Arizona backyard. We all had a hearty laugh and headed towards the roses. Cue gratuitous pictures. Since you all know that I am NOT a photographer, it's obvious to tell that these were taken by Mugdha, not me. 

Not bad, right? My favvvvvvorite are these two here. 

I'm not a huge flower person, but there's just something sappily beautiful about a hot afternoon, a cool flower patch and some pretty flowers. 

We got to sit on the benches behind this last photo and just... enjoy.

Thursday, November 10

Simple Scallops

They'll take your heart away. The recipe is from here

I struggle with eating well and eating a lot. ...that's rather silly because I know I should eat well and I know I should not eat a lot. But sometimes, I just want a ton of junk food. Other times though, I spend my money on worthwhile meals. 

When a worthwhile meal is so simple and easy to make, it's quite difficult to resist.

And the biscuit because... I'm weak.