Tuesday, January 31

Nail Polish Tag

The rules:
1. Answer 10 questions
2. Pass it to 5 other Bloggers
3. Make sure the blogger you tagged know about this.

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1. How many polishes do you have?
31. A great number of them were gifts.

2. What is your favorite brand of nail polish?
Sinful Colors. I get it when it's on sale as a one dollar polish. They have great variety and decent quality.

3. Do you like Crackle polish or do you have it?
I think it's a cool and easy look but I haven't found any that are about 1$... so I don't have one yet.

4.What is the brand of your first nail polish?
Erm. I think I still may have it. It's a green Dollar store color!

5. If you're going to have a nail polish line what would you name it?
Probably L'Arc En Ciel or something like that. It was the name of a band I LOVED when I was in middle school. It means rainbow in French.

6. What nail polish does not compliment you?
Some shades of pink. It just doesn't agree!

7.What nail polish compliments you?
I like darker, more mature colors.

8. Name two of your nail art best-friends.
I love love Konads and tooth picks. Konad plates are the easiest way for me to get fancy and neat nails. You don't have to have endless plates but with a few plates of a few colors you do have endless combinations. I also love various forms of dotted nails so toothpicks are a great way for me to do that.

9. What was the best nail polish gift you ever received?
I can't really say. I won a nail polish giveaway prize from che at lovefemme a while back and that I adooooore.

10. Make a speech thanking the blogger who gave you this tag.
Thanks to the Girlie Blog! I've never done a nail tag before. Her blog is great and I can't believe I just found out about it.

Five bloggers I'm tagging:
A Daily Dose of Anything
Keyleigh Jean
Love, Femme

Saturday, January 28

Chomp, Chomp, Chompie's

Have you guys seen the show Man V. Food? It's a travel channel show where this guy named Adam goes across the nation doing food challenges at restaurants and and showing us the dishes that they offer. It's one of my favorite shows. When I found out that he made an episode in Tempe, I decided that I NEEDED to go to this restaurant. It's called Chompie's and it's more or less, known for being a NY Jewish deli.

Even though I wanted to go to this place, when I did go, I ended up forgetting to bring my camera. Of course. so I apologize for cell phone pictures.

So, this first picture is a part of the menu, this shows the guy and the meal he had to eat. I know I can eat a lot, but I can't eat very fast... so I can't ever do any food challenges. Oh well.

They also have his picture as well as other pictures of people who tried the challenge. 

Now let's talk about the actual meal. Instead of giving you bread or anything like that, the meal started with pickles. I really think there are two groups of pickles here. One was really quite gross... all salty. The other was a normal salty pickle and it was great.

While I didn't get five pounds of food, I did get the same sliders as Adam.

It was cheesy and delicious, but I think I hyped it up too much in my mind. At the end, I had a little bit of trouble finishing even three. However, if you have one of these restaurants in your area, I still recommend it. Their menu is huge.

My friend who accompanied me out had a Chipotle Burger. Now... that was delicious. It was incredibly juicy.

After we had dinner, we walked by the dessert case on the way out. And I could not resist picking up creme brule. it was... really good. Those pieces of chocolate? I want this all over again.

My friend got the seven layer chocolate cake which was on sale. This was really good too. The dark cellphone picture doesn't do it any justice at all.

Thursday, January 26

Wanna see some LUSH stuff?

Wanna see some LUSH stuff? This is some of their Halloween stuff (hey, not as late as Christmas in July).

When I unwrapped the package, I was disappointed with Lady Catrina soap. It doesn't look that appealing, does it? That's really okay. It smells delicious. If I carved off a nubbin of it, I'd think it was a purple jellybean. It smells wonderful. It has that tart jellybean scent and I actually don't think it's that sweet like some others have described. I think this spells better/stronger when it's not wet but I love the scent it leaves on your skin. It's very light and mixes with my own natural scent very well. 

For a soap with Lush's new base, it's also quite sudsy and moisturizing. I need a little extra in the winter but this would probably keep my skin quite happy in the winter. 

I think this one is also amazing. It's actually supposed to be the same scent as Lady Catrina, just in a different form. I think this form has a stronger smell because you keep it in its bag more often. I think while this smells just as great it's a little bit more tart. It's also not as moisturizing. This is also supposed to be in the same of a skull but it seems that it's not that pronounced and my camera isn't great at capturing it. 

Tuesday, January 24

2011 Movie Reviews: Part One

I love watching movies. When I was reading a blog about 2011's best movies, I thought I'd make my own large scale review. Before that though, a note about what I like about movies and in movies. I love popular movies; I love action movies; I love superhero movies; I love movies that I have a good time with. I'm also incredibly geeky and greatly enjoy pop-culture references.

I tried not to have too many spoilers here!

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X-Men First Class - I was so excited for this film I actually saw it in theaters. I really like the era that it took place in. The depiction of Mystique bothered me a bit, but the male leads, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender were great.

Thor - I was quite excited for this as well and I also saw it in theaters. As far as superhero movies go, my favorite character would have to be Loki. He had a great amount of complexity. Special effects and portrayal of Asgard also blew me away.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows PT2 - I really liked this. Ever since I got to high school, I haven't been able to go back and reread the books as often as I liked so I didn't even notice the giant differences. I thought it was great entertainment and a fair ending. As they say, the journey ends. I even posted about this when I saw it.

Captain America - I loved the era that this film took place in too. I was really fighting for Steve since he was so small at first and this film actually gave me a lot more of a story than I was expecting. Steve is an interesting character. I wasn't that impressed by the conflict in the plot.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - I lost interest in the franchise a movie or two ago but I actually saw this in theaters on a whim. After I came out, I remember talking about the mermaids. I've always liked mermaids and I thought the depiction was quite good. I really liked the supporting characters this time round (I expected Will and Elizabeth again) but Johnny Depp isn't as exciting to me anymore. 

Green Lantern - As much as I like Ryan Reynolds... I thought this was a weak movie. Space travel, superheros and aliens pretty much always make me happy but the relationship was icky in this movie. I liked the villain... but not as much as I loved Loki from Thor. 

Sucker Punch - This looked so epic! But it was one of those cases where all the epicness was contained in the trailer. The film got boring every time it tried to progress the plot. '

The Immortals - I watched this at a dinner and a movie place! ...It was not a movie you should have watched while trying to eat. I watched this movie because I loved 300, but other than the gore, it just didn't compare. The movie was a lot of build up about a bow that was used less than five times. I didn't even think there were great fights in this film. Just torture porn. 

Hangover 2 - I didn't watch part one because I thought I would hate it, but when part two came out, I watched both. I like Hangover a lot better than the second one, but it's really cute, crazy, mindless humor. Who can object to laughing? Now, if you think this isn't your brand of humor, I'd at least watch half an hour of it then decide. I didn't give it the chance it deserved at first.

Bridesmaids - There are many who call this Hangover for girls and I'm not sure what to feel about that. You can't look at the cast of all women and all men and determine based off of that. At parts, I found this much more foul and full of guy humor than Hangover. At the same time, the character development and the plot that drives the story is very much chick-flick material. This movie made me laugh and it made me cry.

Have you seen any of these? Agree or disagree with what I thought?

Saturday, January 21

Nails with a little depth.

This nail color is a combination of several colors. It was inspired by the "pounced" nail art trend since I'm always on the look out for nail art that's simple and easy. 

I know this isn't the clearest image, but the difference was quite subtle. For this look I used Sinful Colors Mercury Rising, Wet n Wild Red Red, OPI The One that Got Away (Gift!) and I topped it off with NYC Love Letters. The different shades of red just give it a bit of a different dimension than just any one color by itself.

Thursday, January 19

Why I Wouldn't Travel With the Doctor

This is all about why I wouldn't travel with the Doctor, from the show Doctor Who. I've posted previously about Doctor Who and some of you guys said that you have seen the show. 

I've just been thinking about this for a while. Every single person I've spoken with would go traveling with the Doctor as his companion if given the chance. I always end up asking them if they have or have not considered the danger that is constantly involved. They would still go. That's something the Doctor actually asks his companions too--about the danger and they answer in the same way. I have three reasons that range from the petty, the practical and the profound.

The Petty: I can't drop everything and go. That's been my issue for a lot of events forever, but I can't drop it and go. I can't come back and adjust. I'm not good with change... and what is travelling in the TARDIS but constant change? 

The Practical: I wouldn't last. How many times has the Doctor said "RUN?!?" to his companion? At the state my cardio is at, I wouldn't last a day in a zombie infestation, not to mention outrun aliens with the Doctor. I've also seem Martha run in heels. ...Martha. How.

The Profound: I don't know if I can handle it. I know I can't handle the physical... but knowing about the worlds out there? I don't know if I can handle that. In each episode, the Doctor and his companion goes on a dangerous journey and I think I'd become so exhausted. I'm not one who runs towards danger. I walk away and I would only look back from behind a very safe wall. 

Tuesday, January 17


If it's not clear to you now, I love trying out new places to eat. I feel like one day, I'm going to have tried every restaurant in my available area... But I know there's a reason that that's not going to happen. I keep going back to the same old places, again and again.

But it's a completely different experience when a friend shares their "same old places" with you. I've had that feeling, where you're waiting in tense anticipation and wondering if they like it. Because...they have to like it.

I went to Sauce recently. Like True Food, Sauce is a Fox Concept restaurant, but much lower end (ie affordable) and it simple focuses on American dining. Is there anything more American than Mac and Cheese and Pizza? 

Best macaroni and cheese, ever. This dish can come out tasting fake, or too salty or not salty enough. For something that also comes in a box, it's really easy to get completely wrong. Now, we paid several times box price for this but it's worth every penny. Hands down, best mac and cheese ever. End of story.

Oh, random artsy picture of me. 

The other thing we had was mushroom pepperoni pizza. I'm not going to say that this is the best pizza I've never had (I've been to Italy) but this was pretty good. It still has the downfalls of pizza as it was greasy, but it was pretty good for a decent price. 

I recommend Sauce. They combine fine (or, better) dining food with casual dining prices.

Saturday, January 14

Boots, boots, boots.

I really wanted a pair of boots last season. I was looking for combat boots, but I ended up with these. I still love them, but my black boots  are dying. The heel is being worn out. So, I suppose I'm looking for black boots again. Living in Arizona, I definitely don't NEED boots, but I think a black pair and a brown pair is always useful, right? 

Don't answer that. 

I almost want to get the same pair I have in brown in black. 

Women's Xhilaration® Kainda Slouchy Heeled Boots - Black, from Target

But I love variety too much. I want my combat boots to have a heel, and I love heels, but these are a bit unpractical. 

Scilian, from Aldo
There's definitely a part of me that really wants gungy boots. 

Distressed Leatherette Combat Boots, from Forever21
But these don't really fit with my overall style, so I'm not sure how much wear something like this would get. 

I also went through 13 pages of boots on a website. How can there be so many pairs of awesome boots... and not one I'd actually spend money on? Let me know if you recently brought boots and where from!

Thursday, January 12

Chinese New Year Nails!

Colors for celebration! These were inspired by a nail look I happened upon online. I didn't do these for any special occasion but I think they'd be fantastic for the Chinese New Year. I'm probably going to do them again. If you need a reminder, Chinese New Year is on 1/23/12 and it's going to be the Year of the Dragon. Insert Skyrim/LOTR/other dragon pun here.

I used Wet n Wild's Red Red and my gold striping polish to dot. Really easy. Really quick. Tons of color combinations you can do. I call that a winner.

Tuesday, January 10

The Best Breakfast

Breakfast burritos are the breakfast of the champions.

Not that anyone has the time to make this in the morning. But you're a lucky one if you do.

Did you know that hash-browns came in boxes that you fill up with water? Then then you dump all the potato out into the pan to fry? I'm not sure if it's real food, but it's delicious food. This pan shows some potatoes and some bacon (I chopped it up and cooked it in a pan.) I left the bacon grease in this pan to cook the hash-browns. Sorry if you think that's gross. I like gross food sometimes.

The other part of the meal requires meat. This is flank steak, cut up into strips. You add a little Worcestershire sauce and pepper.

You boil it in its own juices. It is delicious. Then, burrito ingredients, then ASSEMBLE. In case they don't do that by themselves, you're going to have to do it. I put a little ketchup on this one.

Mouth, use bite! It is super effective!

Saturday, January 7

7% Muse on Television

As some of you may recall, I started a vlog with Mugdha from A Vigilant Muse. We shared an awkward teaser but some of you may be interested in us actually talking! 

So, without further ado... here is the first part of our vlog!


Some of you will be excited to know that she's BACK TO BLOGGING NOW. Cheers all around. 

Thursday, January 5

The Young, Educated and Unemployed

Today, I go back to school. In honor of that depressing mood, here's a depressing post. 

I recently listened to an NPR article on American college students and their job search. This is a topic that I'm sure you've heard at least a little about no matter where you are. For the eleven minute article, see NPR, here. Here's my take on it.

I'm a graduating senior in college and I'm not exactly sure if I'm going to grad school... but a getting a job is definitely in my future. I'm surrounded by many friends who are definitely working after school and scrambling to find jobs so I find this very interesting. While most of my friends are business majors, I thought I'd still talk about choosing a major because a lot of bloggers are still in high school or have just started at a university. There's a continuum between doing what you love and doing what you can support yourself with.The NPR article tells you pretty straight: it's the more technical fields that are in demand. The most popular majors include psychology, journalism and literature.Yet, it is in these majors where jobs can be most difficult to find. On the other hand, a major like actuarial sciences is very low in desirability and very high in demand. One of the most poignant and new pieces of information I learned is that a "bad" major in a "good" school can still set you back in your career.

Encouragement can set you back too. Parents who tell their kids that if they study hard, they can do anything... aren't exactly right. You have to study hard at the right things. Professors, advisers and recruitment officers continue to tell kids that they will find success as long as they work hard are disillusioning their students. Students like to listen to those who tell them what they want to do; not those who tell them to do that hard boring stuff.

Lastly, TEDtalks are also misinforming you. I'm not a fan of TEDtalks myself (in fact, I take a little pleasure in bringing them down, so take my words with a grain a salt) but many of my friends are. My friends are inspired by TEDtalks in searching for their future careers but NPR talks about how TEDtalks do not give an accurate picture of the jobs really out there. TEDtalks make it seem like the perfect job is just waiting for you. Students, in turn, are waiting for the perfect job. What's wrong with waiting, though? Oh... Bills, loans, interest, defaulting, credit. Just that.

This last bit really resonates with what I see in the blogging world. I see so many successful etsy shop owners, successful bloggers and fashion designers and stylists that sometimes, I feel like I just want to do that instead.

Tuesday, January 3

Happy New Year!

I really can't believe it's been a year already. But then again, do I ever?

 I wanna do a quick roundup of my favorite posts from each month.

In January, I found a recipe for honey baked salmon that I've been using ever since.
In February, I shared my love of Big Bang Theory and Sheldon's style of dress.
In March, I started documenting my journey of raising a virtual child (you can find all the posts here).
In April, I went to an Arizona Blogger Meetup.
In May, I did a style inspiration challenge.
In June, I started a new blog feature called My Life is Average Mondays.
In July, we had a HUGE haboob.
In August, I admitted I'm self-conscious about what I write.
In September, I tried to write down what I learned during the summer and took a vacation to LA.
In October, I posted about getting a new planner.
In November, I had my one year blogoversary.
In December, I started vlogging!

I always try to think about what I did during the year... and if these posts are any indication, quite a bit!