Tuesday, February 28

Sparkle shoes!

Everyone's been either posting or showing these shoes around. I've also been seeing them in stores and I love love love them. But! They're not really in my budget because... when would I wear them? I think there's a reason they're on polyvore "Holiday Party" and "Going Out" looks. That's pretty much all they're fit for. Let me know if you think differently and give me more reasons to get them.

Aren't these just pretty?

Women's Komet Platform Pump, from Payless
And then there's this multicolored beauty. 
Betsey Johnson 'Tastty-G Glitter Pump

But you know what I really really want? Glitter flats. I think they can work in more settings since they're more casual. I need flats anyways. Imagine these with a skirt and some black tights. 

Women's Chelsea Flat, from Payless
But cheap flats can make me unsure of quality. Even so, I'm also partial to these. 
Women's Mossimo Supply Co Odell Glitter Ballet Flats - Gold
Even though the holidays are over, I can't help but to still like these. 

Do you have or want a pair?? 

Monday, February 27

My Life Is Awesome Mondays: Giveaway winner?

Thanks so much to lovefemme! This is LONG overdue, but I really wanted to thank Che from lovefemme nonetheless for her generosity.

I've only tried out a handful of everything she gave me but gah, way to get me hooked on Konading!

Saturday, February 25

Random dots...

My nail looks aren't always well thought out and profound. You guys already know if there's one thing (see here and here) I can do with nail polish, it's dot. But you can do a lot with a simple skill. (Also known as, because I only have one simple skill, I've found different things to do with it. Same difference.) 

This is just some red dots and some white ones because that's what I felt like at the time. 

Thursday, February 23

Veggies are NOT Candy....

But this is as close as it gets. I based my recipe on this post but I feel like the recipe in this  post is similar if you want to try and compare the two. They both sound healthy! 

One of the things that I've been very unused to is the appearance of food. Chinese food tastes delicious, but there's not too much of an emphasis on plating... or color schemes. In fact, much of Chinese food is covered in this amazing and delicious dark sauce. But this dish? It's gorgeous. 

Have a look at the uncooked colors. 

Now feast your eyes on the cooked version. Wonderful, isn't it?

Perhaps best of all, these veggies are all very simple to cut. And that's the only preparation needed.

Tuesday, February 21

2011 Movie Reviews, Part Two

Please read my 2011 review, part one, here
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Paul - This little alien sci-fi flick really warmed its way into my heart. The knockout team of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost can always seem to deliver the nerdy references to Comicon, Star Trek and what seems like every alien movie out there. I found myself noticing X-Files ET and Star Wars references... not to mention the cameos! That's all I'll say.

Your Highness - Oh dear God. James Franco alone wasn't enough for me to want to watch this movie... but Zooey Deschanel was involved too. NOT WORTH IT. Bland humor (or stoner humor? I can't tell the difference.)

Fright Night - Much scarier than I anticipated but if you're into Anton Yelchin, vampire lore, or want to catch a glimpse of David Tennant, curl up with a friend or cat or both and watch this! While the premise is hokey and the script doesn't pop, the acting brings this home. Look for a special performance by Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

Puss in Boots - I watched this in theaters because some of my friends dragged me. This wasn't Pixar's best but it wasn't too bad. I didn't think it was too funny. I guess you can watch this if you need to babysit and still watch a movie you'd enjoy.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows - I... could write pages on this but I'll try not to. This is a Guy Ritchie film. It's an action film with a minimal mystery component. I loved Noomi Rapace's character style in this movie. It was enjoyable.

Water For Elephants - Another movie that I randomly saw in theaters on a whim. I wasn't expecting ANYTHING from this movie but it actually wasn't bad. It's a romance story which I don't love, but Robert Pattinson plays a likable character. There are worse movies you could be watching.

Shanghai - I actually watched this in China... This is the ONLY movie that I've ever seen in China. I watched this with my family and I haven't heard of it at all in the states but I really liked it when I watched it. Watch it you like: period films, shanghai, Gong Li or John Cusack.

The Green Hornet - This film got some pretty awful reviews but its tongue in cheek humor delighted me. 

Friends with Benefits - I thought the first half of this movie was hilarious. I think Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake are genius ... but it is a romantic comedy and it does get sappy at the end. Halfway through the film, I definitely got bored. The first half is loads better than the second.

There are also some movies that came out in 2011 that I still really want to watch! In no particular order:
- Super 8
- Kung Fu Panda and Kung Fu Panda 2
- Hanna
- The Three Musketeers
- The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
- Real Steel
- Hugo
- Colombiana
- J. Edgar

How many of these movies have you seen? What did you think?

Monday, February 20

My Life is Average Mondays: Updating you on my decisions...

I've been asking you guys to help me make a lot of decisions in the past few days so I figure I'd give an update on how everything worked out!

First, I wasn't sure about whether or not to keep this Jason Wu Dress.

Ultimate decision? Yes!

I started looking at more of Jason Wu's other things and realized that I really like him as a designer. And... well. I'd rather keep this >$50 dress than super splurge for another item.

Next, I asked if I should get Twitter or Tumblr.

I decided on Twitter, thanks to your advice. I thought that since I've been using Tumblr all along without an account, I can continue that. Anything I want to post on tumblr, I can really post on my blog. On top of it all, so many of you use Twitter. You can find me @seven_percent. Make sure to follow me and I can follow you back and we can be friends and stuff.

Lastly... Those shoes! I only had three days to return them. So... I kept the wedges.

This shoe was really popular with you guys. I'm gonna have to find some new socks to wear with this, but I already have a pair of boots I can tuck jeans into. I'm looking for a pair I can wear more flared leg jeans with so, I guess for those purposes, this pair is perfect.

Saturday, February 18

Misikko Hair Dryer Review

There is NO way that you haven't seen this company and their products around before. But I'd like to add my own review in. This product was provided by Misikko for review. This review reflects my honest opinions.

I was approached to review the HANA Air Premiere Hair Dryer right when I was considering the purchase of a new hair dryer. The old hair dryer I was using was an old Conair that I found somewhere in the house. It worked at blowdrying my hair well-enough (or so I thought) but I hated how it made my hair smell after using it. Note: that's not normal.

However, I was hesitant about purchasing a Hana product. It's claimed as Salon quality and about two hundred dollars. ...Not exactly one of my usual purchases. But the thing is, guys, that you never just get the hair dryer. I received a nine pound box from Hana... and the hair dryer was not nine pounds.  

As you can see, the box was packed full of goodies.

What kind of goodies? Well... I got a monkey.

As well as a dust bag I could not get a decent picture of.

A sleeping mask.

Two seperate bags of a bunch of nail files (I desperately need a new one) and hand sanitizer.

A heat protectant pad for flat irons.

A FULL brush set from Bobbi Brown!!! WHAT?

An ELF Eyelash Curler.

A cloth cover thing.

A bottle of Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Shampoo and a bottle of Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Treatment. At the bottom there are scented roses; they're just filler but I LOVED THEM. 

Not to mention... oh yeah, the hair dryer. It came in a fancy box. 

I am by no means, a hair expert. So, let me start by telling you what I was looking for. I wanted this to dry my hair quickly; I wanted this to be easy to use; I wanted it to not dry out my hair; I wanted this to not frizz out or damage my hair.

Let's start with what this hairdryer is. I'm inserting my comments on the side.

Ion Technology- condition hair & reduces static electricity (No static in the winter. My hair doesn't float anymore!)
Tourmaline & Titanium Oxide Technology- natural ions promote healthier hair (Smoother and definitely reduces post dry frizz.)
Silver Nanotechnology- for antibacterial Protection (I.... don't know about this one. )
Scratch Resistant Shell with black metallico finish adds durability and is easy to clean (Very pretty. Yes, it is!)
Long life motor with low noise (I'd add that the motor is freaking strong! The medium setting here is strong thank high from my other dryer.)
Gyroscopically balanced for easy handling (It's a bit heavier than what I was using before, but not inconveniently.)
Fiberglass concentrator
Italian Design

This has two fan settings, three heat settings and a cold shot. It even comes with a warranty for two years! Before, I had to towel dry my hair then blowdry layer by later. Overall, it would take about twenty minutes. With this, it takes less than ten. I have incredibly thick hair, so if I'm okay with it being a little bit damp, it only takes five minutes after towel drying. Power and efficiency are it's two best selling points. The next is probably the result. My hair is less frizzy and has less static. Because I don't need as much heat to dry it, it feels softer and silkier as a result. If your hair is damaged, this dryer isn't going to heal your hair or give it magic sun powers, but it will probably be better than what you're using now. Lastly, this thing is durable. When I first got it, I planned on dropping it on the floor to see how it would last. That's something my last hairdryer always did--fall on the floor. But I didn't need to with this one. There are two rubber nubs on the sides of the dryer... it doesn't budge from your counter. 

It retails for 194.99, which is more than I had ever considered paying for a hairdryer. But let's take a look at the whole package, shall we? Even if we get rid of the doll, the bags and containers, there are some SERIOUS freebies here. We all love E.L.F (which is the brand I've seen included most often) but Paul Mitchell  and Bobbi Brown aren't E.L.F. There are freebies in every package, so it's not just the ones for review. According to a Misikko representative, "We basically have really big bins full of makeup and each box gets different makeup it’s really all what the picker decides to put into that box. Then on top every box gets the eye mask, hand sanitizer bag, heart shaped rose soap, and a heat proof mat." If you value these freebies, the true cost of the dryer may not be $200. If you don't, there is the two year warranty and the quality of the product to consider.

Would I buy this? To be honest, no, I wouldn't. I'm not in a state in my life where I splurge on nice products. I'm in the stage in my life where I try to pay for graduate school. However, if you're looking to make an investment in a hairdryer, or if you blowdry often and you want to maintain healthy hair, I'd definitely recommend this. There is not a single part of this product that performs badly. Misikko may have the best hair dryers. I read a lot of other reviews before doing this one... and I did not read a single negative sentiment about its performance. If you're interested, please also look at Chi Flat Irons.

Thursday, February 16

Please Help Me Choose!

It may just be because I'm learning about anxiety disorders at school, but I have EXTREME indecisiveness. I can spend up to a day thinking about what I have for lunch the next day... and you saw that I can't make up my mind about whether to get a tumblr or a twitter. I actually still haven't decided. If anything, it's going to be twitter, but I'm going to hold off until I make sure I really want it. (See what I mean?)

Anyways. Went show shopping, brought two pairs of shoes and... I have problems deciding which one to get. 

Option 1: GB Gianni Bini "The-Beat" Boots

These, only black! These are so trendy right now! That's a plus and a minus for them. Trendy, yay, good. On the other hand, the winter season is almost over...will these be as popular later? The ankle is a bit low--it shows my ankle socks so I may have to get even lower socks to wear this with. I love how chic and edgy these look but it may be too edgy to work with my normal style. Should I just go for it?

Option 2: Gianni Bini Cheyene Ankle Boots

Click here... this gives you a much better front view. I like these because of the color scheme and the details on it... but ugh! The sweater cuff. I don't know if I'll find that hard to work with in terms of matching. I'm wondering if it'll be limited in terms of wear-ability in the spring. These shoes just don't get me as excited.

Option 3: Don't get any; keep looking! I'm kind of tired of searching... but I'm sure there'll still be boots out there. Maybe on Endless.com. 

In terms of prices... the first pair is 34.99 down from 99.99. The second pair is 45.49 down from 129.99. I got both from Dillard's which is having a sale, so I highly suggest you go take a look this weekend. 

So, Option 1, 2, or 3!?!

Cherry Blossom Cafe

I'll admit. I got lost on the way to this place. And the friend who I was meeting up with called me on it. It happens. To make me feel better, this restaurant was located in a pretty tiny and run down shopping complex after a long strip of car lots and dealerships. I walked in, not expecting much but I saw really nice wood furniture and some bamboo curtains. Overall, it had a really nice atmosphere. The crowd was nice as well. Mostly businessmen who came over from work. 

We ordered off their reasonably priced, but not cheap, lunch menu. 

I don't know about their regular menu, but the food was worth every penny. We started out with a simple salad with this delicious ginger dressing. Really really good.

If I remember correctly, I got a big bowl of udon noodles. Whatever they were though, the bowl was this big and I finished most of them.

Talk about complete! In addition to all their yummy Asian food, they also made their own cakes. I thought that this mousse was irresistible.

So, I would have to say I'd definitely go back to this place. The atmosphere is nice, the food is worth the price and they have yummy desserts. What's not to like? Find their website here!

Tuesday, February 14


I write what I please in this blog. I mean, I care about what everyone thinks, of course, but I also care about myself. Though I'm not a great writer, I greatly appreciate its place it my life. If I write it down, then it's out of my mind.

You know that feeling when you're thinking about a to-do list? Thoughts are spinning in your head and you're trying to hold on to them. The list keeps on growing longer and you forget something. Then you remember it. Then forget something else. You're not even sure if you've forgotten something. Writing things down helps. I literally move an item from my brain to a piece of paper, where I know it'll stay safe. I can refer to it again at any time. It's not going to go anywhere so I've freed up my mind to think about other things.

It's like that with all of my thoughts. There's one thought in particular that I've been thinking about. It's fandom.

via weheartit
What is fandom?

Merriam-Webster defines it as 1. all the fans, 2. the state or attitude of begin a fan.

Wikipedia describes it as "term used to refer to a subculture composed of fans characterized by a feeling of sympathy and camaraderie with others who share a common interest."

The highest rated Urban Dictionary entry says it is "The community that surrounds a tv show/movie/book etc. Fanfiction writers, artists, poets, and cosplayers are all members of that fandom. Fandoms often consist of message boards, livejournal communities, and people."

So, that's fandom: fans of something.

But fandom is so important to me. If this comes off as really pathetic, it's okay. Don't pity me, I'm enjoying my life. The television show or movie or book is just a starting point for something much more impressive. Like the definitions explain, it's a community.

I meet people though fandom... amazing people. These individuals have such incredible talent in drawing and writing and knitting and sewing and baking. They can express their interests though ways that I haven't even dreamed of. They inspire me. It's a group of people I can communicate with using the secret language of the fandom. I can find entire conversations where the only form of communication is references to minute details... details that a fan would know. Details that EVERY fan knows. It's like being a part of a club.

There's no doubt that people spend money because they're part of a fandom. People spend effort and time to catch up on the latest everything. Fans can follow actors and writers to the point where it's unhealthy. But it's different for everyone. What joins people is the passion that drives them.

That's what it means to me. It's a reason for wanting to do the best I can do. Stupid things like looking forward to The Hobbit in December and Star Trek next summer make me happy. It makes me excited. And I'm not sure how much of a exaggeration this is, but it gives me a reason for being. Fandom, will you be my Valentine?

Monday, February 13

My Life Is Average Mondays: Social Media Dilemma

I seem to like creating problems for myself where there are none. Today, the topic is social media. The main scope of discussion is, if I could only choose one, what would I create? A Twitter or Tumblr account? 

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Why only one? Well... self imposed rule. Often times, I feel incredibly over social media-ed. I actually did have a Twitter that I got rid of because I was constantly looking at it. Even when I walk now, my face is stuck in Facebook. There's a joke in there somewhere, ten points to Hufflepuff if you find it. 

So, let's talk pros and cons. Twitter. Twitter is easy to use. I've used it before! I can connect with all of you who have twitter accounts and share pictures as well as live updates of what I'm up to. I can also get your latest info. Twitter will be incredibly useful in sharing blog stuff with blogger buddies. On the other hand, I notice that I am much much much less censored on Twitter. 

Tumblr. I go on tumblr even when I don't have one. Tumblr is certainly popular, but it doesn't seem as popular among the blogs that I follow. I think I'd love to have a tumblr because of all the fandoms there. I could rant about Sherlock Holmes and Star Trek and Doctor Who without confusing you guys. But... I don't want to separate myself and run two blogs. 

What do you guys think? Do you have Twitter? Tumblr? Which one should I get?

Saturday, February 11

The Meaning of Reichenbach

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Have you ever heard of that word before?

It's a series of waterfalls in Switzerland, but that's not what the word is known for. In the short story, the Final Problem, this is the location where Sherlock Holmes had his final fight with his arch-nemesis Professor Moriarty. They had been clashing for years before and their largely intellectual fight was finally brought to close quarters when Moriarty sent several men to kill Holmes. Holmes lured Moriarty to Reichenbach Falls and they both tumbled down. Mutually assured destruction. But Sherlock Holmes doesn't die. He returns to 221B three years later.

What's interesting about this word isn't any event that made it into the Holmes Canon, it's what was kept out. When Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the Final Problem, he meant to kill Sherlock Holmes. The detective he created had gotten too out of hand for him. He was constantly trying to create new mysteries and the stress had become overwhelming. He wanted to stop writing these silly mysteries and write more historical novels. It was only his fans' outcry that forced the author to bring back Sherlock Holmes.

So... Reichenbach.

With any mention of Reichenbach in a Sherlock Holmes story, fans know what they're going to get. The beloved hero of the tale will take a fall. And it's heartbreaking. Even though we know he lives, it's gutwrenching. Reichenbach represents a dark time, a necessary sacrifice, a period of hopelessness and an eventual triumph. Sherlock Holmes's dearest friend John Watson, thought he was dead for years. We suffer along with him because in real life, Sherlock Holmes really did almost die.

Thursday, February 9

Western Cooking

The other day my friend commented and said that I cooked in a very Western way. I paused to consider and thought that she was right. I don't ever cook anything that's truly Chinese. But I have started cooking more Mexican-American Food. In fact, I think I make this stuff more than I make Chinese food.

I think this is actually a Tortilla, as opposed to the Quesadilla I made earlier. It includes cheese on tortilla, fajita meat, a handful of spinach leaves and some guacamole and sour cream.

Tuesday, February 7

Back with more vlogs!

So... another thing that Mugdha and I decided to do was a "What's In Your Purse Video" but I think we need to call it what it really is.

Hoarders: Purse Edition.

You be the judge.

Without further ado...


Monday, February 6

My Life is Average Mondays: Reflection


I have to admit that I really miss writing down my thoughts. I was readying my old livejournal entries and I realized that while no one else might be interested, I was. To be honest, I enjoy writing down my mundane life issues. Years later, I like to re-read that much more than I care about what I wore or where I ate. It's just something about the way I write. It's very raw. Very rambly. Every time I read it, I can hear my own voice--just years younger. I suppose that's what I'm trying to do here. I generally don't enjoy forming complete thoughts. And I think in fragments.

This is more for me than is it for my readers.

Sorry. Let me have a moment.

Sunday, February 5

Jason Wu For Target is here!

As some of you may know, today Target released Jason Wu's collection. I woke up at 8, when the store opens. But I didn't want to see over-eager so I moseyed around my house before leaving a nine. Mistake. I was expecting a zoo when I got to the store but it was very calm. Why? The racks were already picked over. I just picked up and tried on whatever caught my eye and was in my size. It didn't add up to a lot.

The first thing I got was a polkadotted navy blouse with a necktie. It's made of a really light material that would be perfect for summer. This was the only piece I picked up in extra small and it was indeed, too small for me. I thought this was cute, but too small and not exactly my style. I've seen a few other girls tuck this in but I liked the casual look.  I can't justify a blouse at 34.99 even if I love how it's cut.

I also picked up this nice little t-shirt dress. I was in love with the colors but the draping didn't work for me on all levels. Front view was awesome!

Side view, not so much. It clung on my chest and my behind awkwardly. The material (lovely, but cotton) and the draping on my body was not good enough to justify 34.99. And I'm also cheap. What?

I'm smirking in this picture because I love this dress. It's super light and chiffony and it comes with a belt.

Sorry for the next two headless pictures. I got upset at my camera (any tips on fitting room photos?!?). I was really sold on the cinching at the bust, the ruffles and the patterns. I spent a few minutes spinning in the fitting room because the skirt was so lovely.

The side profile isn't bad either. This was 39.99, which might be the most expensive dress I've ever purchased in my life. Should I keep it? I do desperately want something from the collection. How do you think it'll compare to the usual H&M and Forever 21 spring dresses? I'm not sure if it's unique. Please let me know your thoughts!

Please also check out other reviews! SewPetiteGirl has one up! 

Saturday, February 4

Jason Wu Chaos

I wasn't in love with Missoni for Target... but I'm more than thrilled for the Jason Wu Collaboration. I'm sure you've seen this collection on more than a few blogs but I think these clothes are just too lovely not to share. The collection will be available starting tomorrow... and I'm guessing it'll be gone incredible quickly. 

Pictures from Target
I absolutely love lines in the pattern as well as the full skirts and pleats. He also has a great deal of chiffon-esque and sheer blouses. I'm in love with his dots and flowers. 

I think I may be one of those people fighting in Target come 2/5.

As a sidenote, I know I didn't make a note of 100 followers or 200 followers... BUT 221 followers! Baker Street for LIFE.

Thursday, February 2

Baking with Friends!

If there's one thing in cooking that I fail at, it's baking. That's strange, because it used to be the only thing I could do. I cook by changing recipes around, dropping spice and herbs here and there. I exchange a lot of ingredients (sometimes not on purpose) and I'm very haphazard about it all. 

Baking's a lot more exact. Or at least it seems. However, I have a few friends who are excellent at baking and so, Strawberry Nutella Cupcakes. I'll link you to the recipe  from here but I'm just going to say that there's a lot of delicious baking on that site. Fair warning. 

Not healthy at all. But SO DANG good.