Saturday, March 31

ELF Angled Eyeliner Brush

For three dollars? YES.

At first, I was concerned with the stiffness of this brush. It's softer than the eyeliner brush my Physician's Forumla eyeliner came with so I wasn't sure if it'd draw clean crisp lines. No worries. It does. This is just a really simple brush that gets the job done. There's really no higher praise I can give it.

I sometimes apply too thick of a line and I'm still getting used to the brush.

Thursday, March 29


Thinkgeek has always been one of my favorite websites. It brings me endless geek joy. 

How can it not? 

Bazinga Shirt
I've actually purchased a tribble before. They're pretty awesome.

Star Trek Interactive Tribbles
Star Trek Monopoly
Doctor Who Cellphone Alert Charms
Doctor Who TARDIS Lunchbox
Would you spend money on this? Or is it lame (totally an okay option)?

Tuesday, March 27

Cajun Food

Before this meal, I don't think I've never had Cajun food before. I heard about Cajun food..but I didn't know people made it here. I thought it was only available in the south. Not true. A friend took me to Baby Kay's Cajun Kitchen to experience Cajun food for the first time. It's a very small, unassuming place but it had such a warm atmosphere. Live music made it perfect. 

We got some blurry steamed vegetables to eat. They had little pepper flakes on them which I thought was very in theme. Other than that, they were average.

 We also got chicken gumbo. At first, I thought the jambalaya and gumbo was a soup and rice dish that you were supposed to mix together. That's not true. This was the perfect amount of hot spicy and incredibly flavorful. I was hooked. 

The even hotter jambalaya closed the deal. I'm Asian, so it's no surprise that I love rice... but I really love this type of rice. The pieces of sausage here were great. One of the things that I really can't get over about the meal was how new everything was. I had never had these tastes in my mouth and I was absolutely in love. 

We also got mashed potatoes that were good. They were really creamy, and again, flavorful, but not the highlight of my meal.

I'm not sure why the picture of the bread is last because I'm pretty sure that was consumed first. The bread was alright, a bit too crunchy for my likes but I really cleaned up the gumbo with this. Guess bread + soup is a good combination for any culture. 

Overall, I think this was a great restaurant, but more than that, I am inexplicably happy that I found Cajun food.

Saturday, March 24

7% Muse on Movies

You care about what movies we're looking forward too, right? Of course you do. Here, Mugdha and I chat about the movies we want to see in 2012.

Remember, we're thinking of doing a Q&A video so we're taking any questions we see over here!

Thursday, March 22

Versatile Blogger Award

I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger award! Thank you so much. Daphnee constantly features bloggers and youtubers on her blog so it's great to see new faces.

The rules:

1. Thank the person who awarded you.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 bloggers.

Let's see, seven things eh?

1. As I'm writing this blog post, I'm also reading blogs on my google reader, replying to comments, chatting with my friend online, shopping at Urban Outfitters, and doing an assignment.
2. The last time I went outside was for school. I can spend entire days indoors if I didn't have to go.
3. I generally have incredibly vivid dreams that I remember if I write them down right away.
4. I really dislike dancing. I don't know how to do it and I've never really enjoyed it.
5. My mom likes to call me. A lot.
6. I really like having wood floors as opposed to the tile that's so common in Arizona. I like carpet too, but wood is warm and easy to sweep.
7. I've never ridden on a motorcycle, but I'd like to.

I'd like to pass this award to 
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Tuesday, March 20

I'm being silly...

Some people's dogs make appearances in the blogs. Other people have calculators.

Scarf: Charlotte Russe (8.55)
Cami: Forever 21 (unknown)
Sweater: Old (unknown)
Jeans: Zco (Old)
Shoes: from China (Old)

I really want to share my new scarf with you all! I got it from Charlotte Russe after searching for a little bit. I've been really digging the idea of getting simpler clothes and more accessories lately.

Monday, March 19

My Life Is Average Mondays: Spring Break Plans

Not to mention, the last of my undergraduate spring breaks.

But my spring break isn't going to look like this:

via weheartit
Or this:

via weheartit
None of this:

via weheartit
Definitely none of this!

via weheartit
I have the defense for my undergraduate thesis on the Monday when I come back; I have exams and quizzes and assignments on Tuesday; I have essays to write. Not to mention--working full time.

Despite that, I'm still looking forward to it all. Why?

I plan to read this week. Probably NOTHING exciting to any of you since I know so many of you are voracious readers, but I don't read. I make a lot of excuses about time... but that's not true. Last Friday, I started and finished The Valley of Fear by Arthur Conan Doyle because I couldn't put it down. And I'm looking into books based off last year's to read list (I think I try to read every spring break). Maybe I'll try something new to me like 1963 or The Man Who Was Thursday.

And what else is going on? Maybe some more VLOGS with Mugdha from A Vigilant Muse. We have a few ideas but throw out any suggestions. We also really want to do a question and answer vlog so please, please, please ask us questions. They can be silly, serious, tutorial related... anything!

Saturday, March 17

ELF Haul!

Needed things. Got them. Isn't that how everyone buys things?

This is my little bag of goodies! I 'll share a few reviews in this post as well as a few reviews in other posts.

I had to get the ELF Brush Shampoo. I started to use a cream eyeliner  so I really needed a brush shampoo. I haven't tried out all the other alternatives (baby shampoo) but I find that this works wonderfully. There's really nothing more I could want from it.

I also got their complexion brush, which I use for blush.

I really love the thick handle on it. the bristles are nice and soft and this brush is just a bunch of fun to use.

I did notice one weird thing though. The brush is oblong. It's nice and fluffy one way, but thinner in another. I'm not sure if this got squished in transit or if it was just made like this. It's gotten a little fluffier as I've used it but it still looks like this.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Thursday, March 15


Everyone and their mother has scarves these days. Those gorgeous, pretty scarves.

Of course, I had a scarf too. But I wanted a lighter scarf. A more summery scarf with a fun pattern and a lighter material. 

I fell in love with this scarf at the Gap. 

Multi-Floral Scarf, from Gap
But at thirty dollars, I wasn't too sure if I loved it enough. Some scarves were too warm, some weren't warm enough.
Frayed Plaid Scarf, from Forever 21
Some were too dark. Some were too bright. I'm a hard girl to please. 

Colorful Geo Scarf, from Forever 21
Eventually, I settled for one from Charlotte Russe that I got with a gift card. I'll show you soon!

Tuesday, March 13

Primavera means Spring!

But that doesn't mean that this dish is only available during the spring. In fact, when you make it with frozen veggies, it's really available anytime. 

Watch how in the original recipe, Ree uses a ton of fresh veggies. 

See how I used prepacked veggies and risotto? See how much better hers looks? Story of my life. There's way too much prepacked food and all of it is way too tempting.

Saturday, March 10

Suave Dry Shampoo

This dry shampoo ended on some people's most hated list for the year and some other people's most loved list for the year. As for me, this was the first dry shampoo that I've tried. First obvious pro: its price. It's only 2.74. 

Otherwise, I feel like it's alright. It has a decent amount of product, especially for the price. When I first used it, I was shocked at how much of a white cast it made on my light black hair. That quickly disappears as you rub it in. If you don't rub it in though, beware! This stuff makes your head itch like you just sprayed lice on... if you don't rub it in. That's an extremely important step.

I think this works relatively well as a hair refresher. It smells strongly of citrus, but the smell is unique so that if someone leans in, they might be able to tell what you used. I find that this gives my hair the volume it needs so that it doesn't look like greasy, second day hair. I want to try out more dry shampoos, but I'd have no issue with repurchasing this one.

Have you seen this product around? Do you have a favorite dry shampoo?

Thursday, March 8


It's getting to be spring, and that time for nice, coral colors!

As you can see this is Hazard by Sinful Colors. It looks great here...but it only looks coral in natural light. In every other light, it looks orange!

Nonetheless, I did a bit of nail art with this one. Rather simple chevrons... Almost a tribal look but it's not too busy!

Tuesday, March 6

Florida Recap

I mentioned back in early December that I was going to DisneyWorld, Universal Studios and Florida! I just wanted to post a few pictures to remind me of my vacation. Don't know about you guys, but I looooove vacation photos and I did get several requests to take pictures of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Here goes!

In December, Arizona was pretty cold, so going to Florida was a nice break. Helllllo, Lake-y Florida.

We stayed in a pretty fun condo of sorts. It was incredibly strange to share a house with my parents again and even more so to share a room with my little brother. Here are a few shots of the place!

After spending all night meticulously planning our one day in Universal Studios, we were off! I stick my hand out the car for this next picture. And allllmost thought I was going to drop the camera.

It was so warm at Universal Studios! We headed straight for Harry Potter while I snapped pictures of everything we passed. Later in the evening, we had dinner at this Hard Rock Cafe, which is the world's largest.

We walked by Cat in the Hat. Honestly, this was a scary place. It was so cartoony that it made me feel like one.

At this point, the sun was absolutely blazing.

I don't even remember what this guy was! I call him "on the way to HARRY POTTER."

LOOK LOOK LOOK. A glimpse of the magic. 

And I'm going to have to cut you off right now. Haha, that was only a teaser! I'll get the rest of the pictures for you guys over the next few weeks or so. I love reliving my trips.

Saturday, March 3

Is it awkward to wear the same dress twice?

Generally, I try to show off new purchases once on my blog but I really enjoyed repurposing this summer dress for "colder" weather.

I think I just really enjoy stomping around in a swishy skirt and some thick heeled boots. 

Jacket: New York and Company (Oh, so very old)
Dress: Thrifted 
Tights: Forever 21 (So, so old)
Boots: Target Xhilaration Karassa Slouchy Heeled Boots - Cognac (29.99)