Thursday, May 31

Those beautiful wedges!

Remember when I was asking your opinion about what shoes to purchase? 

Cardigan: H&M (19.96)
Shirt: H&M (12.95)
Shorts: Forever 21 (7.00)
Tights: Forever 21 (6.80)
Shoes: Gianni Bini (34.99)

I decided to go with the black wedges and haven't looked back! They look slightly awkward and kinda like horse hooves, but I'm slightly awkward and born in the year of the horse. So it's all good. 

They're not exactly a summer or spring shoe, but I think they work for enough seasons. They're  tall but so comfortable. It's like walking on clouds. 

Tuesday, May 29

Buns, Topknots and other updos!

I've loved buns for a while, but now that my hair is very long and it's getting to be summer, I love buns even more! I have lots of hair, so not only is wearing a bun easier, it freshens up my look too!

Here's some of the gorgeous inspiration I've been looking at.

via tumblr
via tumblr
I also have to admit that I love the headband look!

via polyvore

Saturday, May 26

11 Questions Tag (again)

Unrelated Avengers Spoiler Picture
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I was tagged by Gayle from Gayle's Wishlist. This was really fun to do!

You have to answer 11 questions and then tag 11 people to answer your own 11 questions.

Here are the questions asked by Gayle:

1. Drugstore or high end makeup/skincare brands?

Drugstore, drugstore, drugstore. When I was first getting into makeup, I actually got my taste of both. A friend took me to get some drugstore foundation. Another friend helped me get some foundation and mascara from Sephora. It took me a little bit to realize that respective friends only shopped drugstores or more high end brands. As I started reading blogs myself, I grew to love drugstore items. I definitely see the value in most high end items, but I believe that if you spend a bit more time and do your research, there's definitely comparable drugstore items at a fraction of the price.

2. Why did you start blogging?

I'd been reading a lot of blogs and REALLY just had to get in on the action. I was falling in love with documenting my life, my fashion, my food and my thoughts in a public place. Probably not a great reason, but I wanted to share.

3. Is the number of followers important to you to decide to follow a blog/ or even take a look at it?

I kind of evaluate a blog on how many followers it has, but perhaps not in the way that you'd expect. First, I have to like the blog. Obviously. Then, it if has a small number of followers, I'll subscribe. If it has 500, I'll raise my expectations for it and see if I still like it. If it has thousands, I'll have to be sure that it's a blog I really like before I follow it. I blog for interaction--and I already follow more than enough blogs for me to keep inspired and keep reading. I think that larger blogs may be less likely to interact with you so I don't follow 'em unless I love love them.

4. How many lipsticks/lip stains/lip balms do you own?

I own two lipsticks. One nude pink from Estee Lauder and one really magentaish red. I think I'm going to get a true red and then a nice pink and I probably will never need lipstick for the rest of my life because I wear it so infrequently.

5. What is your worst fear?

Uncertainty. I'm extremely risk adverse. I hate "the unknown" and I hate unpredictability. From important things like my career to day-to-day things like attending a party, I hate it when I don't know what to expect. I think if I knew ahead of time, I can plan for it.

6. Do you prefer to shop online or in store?

It depends. If I'm trying to wrap my head around a style, I'll look online to see how people are wearing it, where they're buying it and where I can find it. Then I'll actually go in the stores to try things on. I can't buy anything without trying it on because of sizing issues.

7. Have you ever met a celebrity?

No. Unfortunately.

8. What's your biggest dream?

To find something I am truly passionate about and work on something that "isn't work". I don't think it's going to happen though. 

9. Would you get out of the house without makeup on?

Oh yeah. I do it all the time. I think now a days, I wear makeup as much as I don't wear makeup. 

10. Do you wear mostly heels or flats?

mmm. Mostly heels, I'd say. I have the unique quality of being flatfooted--so heels give me the arch I need on those days where I have to walk a lot. 

11. Do you care about all the chemicals that you can find in your daily skin care, makeup products, tab water, food, etc?

Nope. I try to do what I can with small actions but I'd rather enjoy a short life than suffer though a long one.

Here are my questions:

1. Who is your favorite superhero? Why?
2. What is your favorite magazine?
3. Have you ever lived abroad?
4. If you could only wear one accessory (bracelet, earring, necklace, etc) for the rest of your life, what would you wear?
5.  Do you own any animals?
6. How do you know when it's true love?
7. As for perfume... floral, fruity, foodie, other?
8. Do you have a favorite store to shop at for clothes?
9. What blogging habit gets on your nerves?
10. What type of music do you like listening to? Any favorite artists or songs? 
11. Are you satisfied with your job?

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Thursday, May 24

It's my couch dress!

I've always loved dresses that remind me of couches. I think the fabric is called brocade, but if you know, leave a comment. 

The material is slightly scratchy and stiff but I think it's the fabric that sheath dresses were MEANT to be made from.

I took these pictures in a park that's a minute or two from a really big mall we have here. It was the first and last time I went there, but I'm hoping to go back sometime.

These are slightly old pictures from before I chopped a few inches off my hair in China. For some reason, I miss those inches. 

Dress: Gianna Bini (23.70)
Bag: Coach (Gift)
Shoes: Aldo (70.00)

Tuesday, May 22

Pizza Recipe + Return from vacation

I just returned from China over the weekend and I'm happy and fat but not really ready to get back into working and dealing with real life. I hate being bored at home but I also really want to sleep for a week. I'll work on getting vacation pictures for you...but in the meantime, here's an old blog post!

Make pizza--that's definitely one thing I never thought that I'd do. I got the recipe from this place.

Despite it being unattractive, it was quite good! I've always thought that pizza making would be too much work and not worth it, but this had adequate return on investment! I'm proud of myself for doing this... Though next time I'm craving pizza, I think I will go out for it.

Monday, May 7

My Life is Average Mondays: 2 Week Absence

via weheartit

I mentioned this last week, but I'll be gone in China for two weeks! I'd schedule posts, but I think it would take way too much time to reply to after I come back and I could have done guest posts, but I didn't have enough time to coordinate that. My apologies!

But rest assured, I'll be back on 5/20 with pictures of China! If you want to know the moment I land in the US, follow me on twitter! Otherwise, though, I'll be really disconnecting against my will. Especially since China banned Google. 

Saturday, May 5

Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Home!

This post represents the last leg of my Disney/Universal Studios Adventure from December. For the other parts, see me at: Animal Kingdom, Marvel, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and on a Walkthrough of Universal Studios.

I really got tired of taking pictures towards the later part of the trip. After Animal Kingdom, I went to Epcot for the afternoon, then again in the morning. I never 'got' Epcot when I was little, but my little brother was very into it and since I'm over 9000 times more interested in science fiction now, it was very interesting to me as well. There was a fair of the worlds at Epcot and I got a crepe. Wasn't bad!

I remember doing a racetrack ride and another Finding Nemo ride in Epcot but that's pretty much it. We went to Magic Kingdom after that and discovered the job of interactive rides. This is a new one that I saw advertised a while before and basically, you get to experience a very mild rollercoaster and shoot at things! IT WAS AWESOME.

Then at night, I got the munchies and purchased a Disney Smore. What makes it Disney? The price.

Fastforward another day and we found ourselves at Hollywood Studios. I don't think we spent enough time here. For the record, we had 4 days at Disney but left ourselves only half a day for this park. My parents are parade crazy. I have no idea why. I think parades are the best time to ride things but they have to stop and take pictures. Though my brother and I managed to get out of watching a few, we were stuck watching the one at Hollywood Studios. But hey, we caught Pixar characters. See if you can spot your favorites.

Also at Hollywood Studios? A Cars and Explosion behind-the-scenes movie making show. I watched this one last time and enjoyed it, so even if I didn't want to see it again, I couldn't say no to my brother. But guess who was added to the show? A Pixar Cars car. (Picture is blurry because we sat SO far away.)

There were SO many awesome shows at Hollywood Studios. We also went to watch an Indiana Jones behind the scenes show that was awesome. And the Indiana Jones stunt double was pretty dreamy. ...Okay, fine, you can't see him very well, but not bad?

We were basically watching them interact on a set. Pretty neat!

Unfortunately, the movie they were acting out was Raiders of the Lost Ark--which I had not seen at the time. I came home and watched the movie but I wish I got to see the stuntshow afterwards.

The family and I had dinner at this outdoor 50s-esque diner. The food wasn't priced too badly but it's nothing to write about. It's strange coming to Disneyland understanding a sense of money. Last time, everything was incredibly expensive to me.

THEN WE WENT ON STAR TOURS. We saw droids. And had a ton of fun being guided by C3PO. 

Lastly, we went back to Magic Kingdom and had a late night Aloha Isle Dole Whip. 

It's called a pineapple float. Pineapple Dole Whip with pineapple juice. I saw it on a blog before my trip and it was a hit with the family. 

Then, at last, after a tiring week, we were back! And compared to Florida, Arizona was freezing. 

Thursday, May 3

My Obsession with Wu

Ever since his collection for Target came out, I've been obsessed with Jason Wu.

I love his lines, his draping and his cut. It really feels like the kind of clothing that's going to look good on every woman. He mixes his conservative style with flair... and I just adore that.

Tuesday, May 1

Mellow Mushroom

I was very excited last summer for Mellow Mushroom to open, but I didn't get to go until much, much later. 

This is yet another restaurant on Mill Ave. From the outside, it looks so brightly lit and exciting.

Confession, I actually went in the fall. Their menu was specifically designed for the fall season which is cool.

Of course, we got their specialty--some pizza. It had a few kinds of mushroom, a few kinds of cheese and jalopenos on half. Jalopenos are too spicy for me.

Unfortunately, I found the pizza to be a bit bland, Without the heat of the jalapenos, the cheese got to be a bit much and there wasn't much flavor in the mushroom. I was disappointed with the pizza. On the other hand, the meal overall wasn't a bad experience because the waitress/kitchen messed up our order and we got wings late and for free.

The wings weren't spectacular, but they weren't bad at all! Though I was so excited about Mellow Mushroom, I have to admit it's bust for me. I don't object to going back and trying other pizzas but I don't have an immediate return trip planned.