Saturday, June 30

Guide to Scenting Your Home With Tarts: Part 2 - Warmers/Burners

Hey! If you're interested in Scenting Your Home With Tarts, I'd like to direct you to Part One - An Introduction to Tarts. This part will cover the types of melters and burners that you use your tart with.

Like I explained last time, tarts are meant to be melted, not burned like candles. However, some people still use tealights to burn candles. A tealight burner, pictured below, has an opening where you can put a small tealight (unscented candle with wick) to heat up the tart above. If I'm completely honest, I think these are really stupid. The entire reason I moved from candles to tarts is so that I can stop playing around with fire. However, these do melt your tarts quickly. Depending on design ,you can find this burner for about $15 to $30 dollars. 

via essential pleasure, a great reference
This next one is an electric warmer. It has the same format as the one above (a little tray is placed on top), only instead of a tealight warming up the candle, it's a light bulb. You really need to watch how many watts your light bulb is. If it doesn't get hot enough, then your tart isn't going to melt. These can go from $15 to $30 dollars as well. 

via essential pleasure

Lastly, there's the plate warmer. I have a version of this and it's my absolute favorite. It's like a hot plate in that the black part heats up to make the tart on top melt. I feel like these are less common and slightly cheaper at $10 - $25. 

via essential pleasure

However, being really, really thrifty, I purchased the following from Walmart for five dollars. It's not as pretty as the other ones and it doesn't come with a tart holder, but it was a lot cheaper! I'm happy with it! 

I tried to find a shallow and wide container like the ones you saw before, but I couldn't find anything for a good price. 

I use this warmer with a small container I purchased from a bath and body works outlet shop. 

Thursday, June 28

Link Up: Posing, Reality Youtube Shows and Fashion Inspiration

I do most of my linking up on Twitter now, @seven_percent! Follow me there to get more timely news. 
via tumblr

How to Pose Like a Fashion Blogger - An article poking fun at the most common style blogger poses. I think I'm guilty of a few of these. 

Beauty BootCamp - A reality show on youtube in the style of a boot camp for aspiring makeup youtubers. It's run by Elle and Blair Fowler. Love them or hate them, you've got to at least watch an episode. 

Jason Wu Runway Looks for Less - College Fashion takes my faaaavorite designer and interprets his designs into things college students can afford!

Looks Inspired by BBC's Sherlock - Well, you know. Sherlock Holmes is my favorite! 

Summertime at the Office - With a lot of students working for the first time, or interning... there's a lot to be learned about appropriate dressing at a semi-conservative office. Wear hosiery if everyone else is!

Tuesday, June 26

Sunshine Award

I've never gotten this one before. =)Thanks ever SO MUCH to Cherry Lane! 


Thank the person who gave you the award.
Write a post about it.
Answer the questions that come with it.
Pass it along to ten people and let them know they’ve received the award.

Favorite Colour: The rainbow.
Favorite Animal: I think turtles, because they're inherently awesome and I collect turtle figurines. But I've been into rats lately. SO CUTE.
Favorite Number: 3 or 7. Probably 3.
Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Toughy. I like water. For juice, I love orange juice. For caffine... I like all kinds of coffee but I also love all kinds of tea. Stand outs include milk tea boba, green tea boba, and chai tea lattes. They're all my favorite, depending on the weather and if I'm drinking them plain or eating something too.
Facebook or Twitter: Facebook is good for keeping in contact with my real friends but I love Twitter for talking with my bloggy buddies. If I had to get rid one one though, I'd get rid of twitter.
My Passion: I honestly don't have a clue. I get a ton of speeches about finding my passion and making sure that I work in my passion but I have no clue what it is. The things I love change so frequently. I am constantly realizing that there are people better at "my passion" than I am. I can't find something that I always will love.
Getting or Giving Presents: Unfortunately, getting. Although both giving presents and getting presents is a very stressful process for me.
Favorite Flower: I don't think I have one. I'm allergic to a lot of flowers. But, I've never been given a flower I didn't appreciate.
Favorite Celebrity Role Model: I thought about this for a long time and I didn't think that I had one until early April, when Felicia Day came out with her new channel, Geek and Sundry. I think she's my role model because she's multi-talented and she has quite the business mind!

I pass on the award to:
Raviolis & Waterworks
Style Montreal Sud -Est 
Totally Vogue
Red-Soled Fashionista 
Almost Delightful Admirably pretty Rinny's Beauty Diary the blog of worldly delights
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Saturday, June 23

Guide to Scenting Your Home With Tarts: Part 1 - Tarts

This past Spring, I got really into candles. I had a period in my life when I really loved candles before, but I was constantly burning them and the smoke of snuffing them out really got to me. This spring, I got back into it all but instead of burning candles, I started melting tarts. What's that's you say? Let me explain. 

A tart is a candle... pretty much. Whereas candles are meant to be burned, tarts are smaller and meant to me melted. This means that they are often made without a wick and have a heavier scent. Let's go to etsy for some examples. 

This is a candle like we're all used to seeing. You can get jar candles anywhere. They're probably at your local Dollar Store for a dollar, your grocery store from $5-10, and of course Yankee Candle and Bath and Body Works for $3-30. High end jar candles can cost up to $50. 

via candlekraze

These next ones are breakaway tarts/clamshell tarts. They're sold in packs of 6-9 cubes and you're meant to break out each cube with use. You can find these online as well as Walmart, where they have an affordable candle line. You'll need to watch the weight with these. They generally weight anywhere from 2.5 ounces to 4 ounces and can cost anywhere from $3 to $6. Make sure the quality is good if it's a low weight for a high price. 

via Delightful Scents

These are scent shots. Each of them are a tart that comes in a small "shot" glass. You generally see these containers holding sauce or something. These shots can start at $1 to $3 depending on size. They can hold anywhere from 1.5 ounces to 3 ounces. If you want to try out a new store or some scents in a new store, this is so the way to go! I've never really seen these anywhere but online. 

via Sweet Fixations
Other than the breakaway tarts/clamshell tarts, you'll most often find tarts in this form. Just a little piece of wax in a certain shape. Sometimes they're sold individually, other times in packs of 2-6. I think it's generally worth it to pay $1 - $2 per tart (multiply accordingly for however many is in a package). Bath and Body Works do not sell these tarts but Yankee Candle does. In addition, they're available all over the internet!

via nikkicandles
Lastly, tarts come in funny little shaped. I've seen cookies, cakes, brownies, doughnuts, strawberries and blueberries. Somehow, these amazing tart creators can not only make wax smell like all these delicious item,s they can make wax look like these amazing items as well. These tarts are a bit more expensive than average, but they're usually very large and extremely cute. I've seen them go for $5 to $25 but they can be about as large as a real slice of cake. I have only seen these online as well. The more extravagant ones are on Etsy while plainer ones can be purchased from any candle maker. 

via Candle Confectionary
If you're into reading reviews for tarts, there's basically two things you want to watch for. Burn times and throw. Burn time is pretty self explanatory. It's basically how long you can burn (or melt) the tart for. Leave questions if you have 'em!

Thursday, June 21

Finals Fast Food

This picture of me comes to you from last year during finals time. This is what I look like in the middle of a food break while studying. Bleary eyed. Tired.

But the point of this post isn't to talk about how I look. It's to talk about SmashBurger, a local burger joint.

This joint is one of my friend's favorites. And with its location right next to the Arizona State Tempe Campus, it's popular for sure! It's very much a fast food place, more comparable to Five Guys and In N Out than Zinburger. We got some nacho fries to start off.

Unfortunately, very average. So bland that I might even call it bad. Definitely will not be ordering again. And I got a pretty standard burger.

It's not bad... but it's not great either. This burger wasn't ten bucks, but it was definitely on the higher end. The meat was good and the bread ... just was. I'd definitely make the drive to Zinburger and shell out the extra money if I'm in the mood for a nice burger. If not, I can probably just hack it at In N Out down the street for a fraction of the price.

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Tuesday, June 19


Hey guys! I'm back. I absolutely FAILED taking pictures last week... so there'll be none of that. But I'm still editing tons of China photos. But I'll give you a bit more of me being silly, what else is new?

Shirt: (7.95, on sale from 17.95)
Shorts: Love Culture (about $12)
Tights: Last Chance (1.00)
Boots: Target Xhilaration Karassa Slouchy Heeled Boots - Cognac (29.99)

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Monday, June 11

My Life is Average Mondays: On another trip!

It feel like I just got back from China and I haven't started sharing all my pictures but I'm going out of town again. I'll be in Houston from Monday to Tuesday and in Chicago for the rest of the week. I really haven't been to these places much so I'm pretty thrilled. 

via weheartit

I won't be posting this week but I'm sure I'll be commenting and tweeting. I'd love recommendations for places to visit! Plus, enter my earring giveaway. Only 3 people have entered! 

Saturday, June 9

Aussie Three Minute Miracle Review!

I first heard about this product from SWEATshirt DRESSshirt who is one of my favorite bloggers. After she had posted about the product, I went out and got it on a whim. 

This is a conditioner you leave in for three minutes--enough time to suds yourself and shave! The only complaint I have about this is the packaging. It's a squeeze bottle, but without a cap. Instead of a cap, it has a hole in the center that lets product out when to squeeze. I can imagine this being a travel nightmare! 

The actual product works great. I have pretty long hair and even I don't need all that much. I don't use it all over my head but I don't use it just on my ends either. Since I have pretty dry hair, I start working in the product at my neck and all the way down my pony tail. Some report that your hair can get too greasy if you use this every day... I use it every other day and I have absolutely no issues with greasyness. Best of all, this product is about four dollars at your local drugstore. It's a steal! 

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Thursday, June 7

Blogger Appreciation Award

Thanks a ton to drinkcitra who gave me the Blogger Appreciation Award. I know that a lot of people think these awards can be a waste of time or a chain letter type mail but it tells me that there was some type of honor that a blogger had to pass on... and for some strange reason, they thought of me. I know that I may not be their favorite blog, or even one they check every day, but they remember me. So often, while trading comments back and forth, I feel like people can get lost in their blogs. But a few blogs and a few people really stand out to me. I remember what's happening in their lives and the television shows they like and their pets' names. And when you, drinkcitra, or whoever else, selects me for an award or tag, I feel like you remember me. 


The rules of the Award:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award with their blog link on your post.

2. Answer the following 4 questions. 
3. Award the Blogger Appreciation Award to as many readers/commenters/supporters/followers as you’d like.

4. Let the blogger know you've just awarded them (by leaving a comment, a tweet, an email, etc.)

The questions:
1. How long have you been blogging?
2. What are 1-2 reasons why you started blogging.
3. What types of blogs do you like to follow/read?
4. What is 1 thing you would like to improve on as a blogger/on your blog?

The Answers: 

1. I've been blogging since November of 2010, so about a year and a half now. The time has just flown by!
2. I was in a rut with life. I had started becoming interested in taking pictures and documenting my life, as well as my purchases, my clothes, and makeup. I really wanted to share all that in a more formal format. At the same time, I wanted to be like all these bloggers that I looked up to. This isn't a great reason, but I wanted to live a life that others would envy as well. 
3. I love "special interest" blogs. I love vintage-themed clothing blogs as well as professional wear focused personal style blogs. In terms of makeup, I love both drugstore focused reviews and Asian makeup tutorials. Then I think there are just the people I find intensely interesting--I care about their lives. In a not-creepy way. 
4. Pictures! I am so bad at taking nice outfit pictures and I think these photos really make or break someone's blog!

I award: 
Letters To Juliet
Things I Like to Eat (...and Other Nonsense)
Qin At The Disco

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Wednesday, June 6

Anjolee Jewelry + Giveaway

I am so happy to bring you the very FIRST giveaway on 7% Solution! Many, many thanks to Anjolee for sponsoring this giveaway. Anjolee sells diamond jewelry on the internet. Now, I know that not all of us may be in the financial situation to purchase upscale jewelry, but browse their site! I'm a huge fan of all their bracelets. Check out this one... it's straight from Rivendell! (Disclaimer: I did not read the series.)

Crown Link Bracelet
Now, I would absolutely understand that purchasing such a luxury item from the internet may  not be someone's first choice, but I absolutely think that Anjolee is at the very least, worth your consideration. There's a lot of options with Anjolee. For example, with their Wedding Ring Sets, you can choose your metal type from white gold, yellow gold and even platinum. You can choose the carat size, the diamond quality and of course, the ring size. I've never exactly shopped for diamonds before, so I also found their articles helpful and informational.   

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Quad Block Diamond Studs

Tuesday, June 5

Morning Encounters at NCounter

I had class on Mill Ave last summer and that was when I saw Ncounter open.

It was a hip and happenin' place that was always packed with people in the mornings. I wanted to go ... but like so many other restaurants, I never got the chance. I've got to find some friends who love trying out new places with me! 

The place had some what of a scrabble theme. Am I the only one who sees this?

It's located in such a pretty area. Tempe Beach Park is only a hop away (translation: not too far to walk to even in the Arizona summer). 

My little brother took this picture of me. There was another one... but he reported that I looked scary in that one. Brothers, always watching out for you!

I got a Chipotle egg burrito. 

Um. Yes. I put hot sauce all over this and it was amazing. 

My little brother got some strawberry and whip cream pancakes.

WOW. This puts IHOP to shame. And don't worry, I got one of his pancakes for half of my burrito. 

This place is almost comparable to IHOP in terms of price but the quality is 100x better.

Saturday, June 2

Sparkles Abound!

Look at this nail polish. Just look at it.

Isn't that chunky glitter just to die for? Force of Love by Icing. Go get it! I received this polish from Che at LoveFemme, who has great taste in polishes!

I was pretty much so excited that I didn't bother to do any clean up.