Tuesday, July 31

Grilled Ave

I keep an eye on new restaurants in my area. A while ago I heard about Grilled Ave. A place that opened up right next to my campus. 

It's run by a Korean girl and serves types of Asian cuisine. The location is small, but very central to the ASU campus. Though it's new, you can see how they've already made it homey.

It serves a fusion of Korean, Chinese and Japanese cuisine. All with a bit of American flavor. 

And honest, the prices are pretty great too!

Their food? Not bad! Not bad! If I recall, I got the teriyaki sandwich bento. The sandwich was pretty nice. I found it hard to eat because it kept on falling all over the place but that's really user error. The meat was tender and well seasoned, albeit a bit sweet. Their salad was amazing. It's made of that ginger/sesame seed dressing and it was to die for. I can imagine myself eating a ton of this for lunch... salads are one of the cheapest things on their menu too! The macaroni salad was light and also very very good. I have to say that the stand out portion of the meal was the right side.

My friend got a bento box with sushi. Are those not the biggest sushi you've ever seen?

I have to admit, I was really wary about buying sushi at a place like this. Sushi needs to be fresh! While I wouldn't come here for fresh fish (they don't really have any on the menu anyways) the sushi is a nice and filling meal. At most places, I can't get full on sushi, but here, we had sushi left over. 

Overall, it was an experience that I'd really recommend to others, especially if you're ever in the area.

Saturday, July 28

China Recap: Part 3 - The Food in Beijing

One of the things I love about going back to China is the food. ...Duh.

This is called a Bei Jing Yang. I don't really know if that's the name of the company or the drink. It's like orange fizz. Nothing too special, I suppose. 

That says prune juice which sounds totally gross but it's my most favoritest drink. It's sweet and tart and basically the best thing ever. 

Glorious, glorious food. That pile of meat on sticks is lamb kabobs, the most delicious meat known to man. Except for the bottom left plate of sweet tasting chicken. The green stuff in the center is bitter melon--not meant for human consumption. Towards the right bottom is shrimp, fairly decent but pales in comparison to some other stuff. 

Do you see the amount of seasoning and spice they put on that? I want some so badly right now!

This is nai lao. Or... I guess the best way to describe it is baked milk. My mother tried to buy the recipe off the chain store and now she thinks she can make this. But she can't. It has a jello consistency and is refreshing, sweet and cool. 

Red bean soup. This is sometimes eaten as porridge, as a meal and other times as a dessert if you empty a jar of sugar in it. Behind it is baozi or steamed buns. They are no less than a thousand kinds of amazing. 

This is an oh-so-unflattering picture of me. It's not even candid. And I have my eyes closed. You guys may not know this, but I have my eyes closed for 80% of the pictures I take. Needless to say, I ruin a lot of group shots. Anyways, this is a teppanyaki place. It's Japanese themed and uses an iron girdle to cook food. The chefs try to be showy about it but I think they're all very tired. They don't have a moment's rest. 

 I ordered a huge coconut boba and it came in a curvy glass. I love things served in curvy glasses. 

Here's the food, uncooked. Some veggies, some marbled meat with enoki mushrooms. Stuff that you can't see very well include bacon with pineapple and curried beef. 

Here are the veggies. Nothing too special but a nice break from all the meat. 

Marbled beef + mushrooms. I was so surprised at how cheap the meat was. Each dish, albeit small, was only about three to four dollars. 

Curried beef. I found the flavor here way too strong. It's interesting to see Chinese take on foreign food and America's take on foreign food. 

Thursday, July 26

Wallets - Everyone needs 'em!

Lately, I have had the darnest time finding a wallet. It's because I've been looking for a small wallet that I can fit in smaller bags and I feel like there's nothing small enough for what I want and big enough for what I need. Basically, I need time lord technology (if you don't get this, it's okay... but watch Doctor Who.)

I like the neon one here and the yellow and white one, but perforated tan + holes reminds me of bandaids. 
Jessica Simpson's Women's Brenna Perforated Bi-fold Wallet

I actually really love the orange, blue, and green here. The xoxo is a bit flashy but it's a nice upbeat wallet! 
XOXO Tangerine Dream Colorful Wallet

This is rather plain but I like the fact that it looks like it's made out of a good quality material. 
Mossimo 2 Prong Buckle Trifold Wallet

What kind of wallets do you carry? Long or short ones?

Tuesday, July 24

Black and Red Chevron

I hate it when whatever nail art I'm trying to show is unclear. My inspiration for today's look came from here. It's not the neatest look I've done, but I think you can do much better if you use tape to outline. 

I used to do so much more artsy nail designs, but I think I've started to pick out more interesting nail polishes. Ones that are interesting enough without any designs.

Plain nails or nail art?

Saturday, July 21

China Recap: Part 2 - Scenes around Beijing

After Shanghai, I went to Beijing. I'll be separating my trip here into the where and the food. This post includes scenes around Beijing.

This is where my uncle works. He's in the basement of a hospital that still has these military style bunker doors. 

This is a small street or hutong in Beijing. You see that car driving into the street? I have so much respect for that driver because I have no idea what they're gonna do if another car decides to go in. Having this be one way roads would make more sense... but Chinese people live life on the wild side. 

This is the little hutong where I live. That man sitting on the side of the street owns a noodle shop. He's known me since I was 6 months old. And I have no idea who he is. I have so many relationships like this China. 

This is another angle of the same street. I had to take a picture because I realized that though my family has lived there for more than 20 years, the only pictures I have of it are from infancy. 

Isn't this eerie? This is a college that's on the way to the park. It's an old structure that looks out of place among iphones. But then again, what else is China but a mix of the very old and the very new?

This is ... a lake. It's very pretty and during the day there are a ton of paddleboats out. Those lights in the distance are bars  made for foreigners.

I know I look derpy. I had my little cousin take some pictures of me eating some candied haw fruits (one of my favorite snacks) and this is what I got. In Chinese, or specifically, Beijing slang, he called this "er" or two. Two means stupid and that's how I look in this picture. Without my face, you never would have learned that valuable piece of culture. 

Another shot of the lake. After I got done eating, my cousin wanted to throw the stick in the lake.  I wouldn't let him. 

Tuesday, July 17

I have horribly shifty eyes!

Just can't be helped! During conversation or even in pictures, I'm just glancing to one side or the other. 

Hairband: Forever 21 (3.80)
Cardigan: Loft (20.00)
Cami: Charlotte Russe (Old)
Leggings: Hue (~20.00: amazon is about $10 cheaper than in stores!)
Wedges: Gianni Bini (34.99)

I think this outfit could have really done with a piece of statement jewelry or something. I really gotta get myself some more necklaces! As of now, it's kinda bland, shapeless and not flattering on my figure. You win some, you lose some.  

The main purpose of this outfit was kind of to show off my new headband. 

Monday, July 16

The Monday Sandwich

Mondays are hard, aren't they? It's not as much about the weekend that is now over and done with, but the fact that you have these five whole days of work ahead of you. 

Just staring you in the face.

And you still have memories of a great weekend.

But the weekend is gone. 

And that's very sad. 

I was feeling like that a Monday ago. Then I made this sandwich. And I felt better. 

This was more or less inspired off the Grilled Chicken Pesto Sandwich found on Closet Cooking. You'll notice that I added a pickle instead of lettuce. And switched the mozzarella with cheddar. Just a few more things that we in the fridge.

It's not a fantastic looking sandwich and as you can see from the cellphone picture, I wasn't meaning to make it into a post, but it was really such a good satisfying meal that I had to include it. Afterwards, it felt like the best of all possible endings to Monday. 

Saturday, July 14

China Recap: Part 1 - First Days in Shanghai

A ton of you asked me where I was in China... I was in Shanghai and Beijing. They're where my father and mother are from, respectively and they're the ONLY two large cities I've been in in China.

Shanghai was grey. So incredibly dull and grey. Especially compared to Arizona where there are blue skies and sunshine every day. What surprises me about China is how separated it is. Shanghai is such a modern metropolis, but you might not be able to tell from these pictures. And this is comfortable middle class living. Anyways, these photos were taken out of my Grandmother's apartment building. 

I went from Shanghai to Beijing and back to Shanghai again, so these pictures are only from the first day or so in Shanghai. I got a pair of wedges fixed!

Also super crazy in Shanghai? Apartment buildings. In this picture, there's about 15 high rise apartment buildings. Then if you look to the left, another 15 in a different complex. Look to the right? Another 15. These are all decent sized dwellings but generally with 3 generations in them. 

Lastly, food. This is a picture that I snapped at the beginning of the deal when all the "cold" dishes were out. 

Thursday, July 12

Just a pink polish!

We see so many beautiful polish colors--the most interesting blues and browns! Then we have our matte top coats and our crackles and so many interesting things but this is a plain pink polish. Love it or leave it, this is one trend that's always classic.

This is Uptown, by NYC. It's a quick dry polish and I highly recommend the line because of its forumla. 

I did a "splatter" manicure with this polish. For better pictures, please visit deez nails! She's my inspiration here! A splatter manicure basically involves a white base and a splatter of other colors! Think of your nails as a canvas! The best part about this that there's really no neatness required.

Tuesday, July 10

Headbands to wear with Buns!

I told you I was into buns. I'm also into the hair accessories that you can wear with buns. Aren't they so cute? I wish I looked half as beautiful and ethereal as the women in these photos. 

via Forever 21, Polka Dot Bow Headband
via Forever 21, Rosette Trio Headband
via Nordstrom, Tasha "Sweet Beads" Headband
via shopruche, Leighteen Scalloped Headband
I've had someone tell me that you shouldn't wear hairbands with buns though. What do you think about that... is there some rule I don't know about?

Saturday, July 7

Guide to Scenting Your Home with Tarts: Part 3 - The Companies

To read more on my series on Scenting Your Home with Tarts, please look for Part 1 - All about Tarts and Part 2 - All about Warmers and Melters. This part will be about companies and big players. You've already seen me mention sellers on Etsy as well as Bath and Body Works and Yankee Candle.

However, to get to know your options, you have to know about Scentsy. Scentsy sells everything related to Scented Candles. They sell most all the types of candles and warmers I mentioned as well as plug ins, solid perfumes and lotions, just to mention a few. Some people think they're overrated, but the general consensus is that they sell good quality products at a bit of a markup. The part I really love about them is that they have such a great community. You can sign up to host parties... It's basically like a tupperware party but more fun since it's with candles. I'm actually not affiliated with them. 

You can also find some pretty large vendors online if you do a quick google or youtube search. I don't have time to cover all of them, but I'd like to dedicate some time to Haley's Heavenly Scents. This is a company that I've order from and really liked. They offer great prices.  So great in fact, that they're more or less the best I've found on the internet. (Fifteen dollars for free shipping also helped.) In addition, they offer a lot of choices as far as types of candles and scents. 

Cue awful flash pictures!

This is just to give you an idea of how large they are and what they look like. I purchased the following scents. 

CAKE BAKE: The aroma of almond cake with a base note of melted butter. 
I thought that this was great. It gave my home that just finished baking scent  love. 

FRUIT SLICES: a fruit salad blend with grapefruits, oranges, lemons, strawberries and ripe raspberries 
This is my least favorite tart. It just doesn't smell like it has all of these scents and was not as strong as I liked. 

STRAWBERRY LEMONADE: a blend of strawberry and lemon chiffon 
This was quite strong and quite tart. I think it's perfect for summer but others may dislike it. It lingers in the air beautifully. 

WHITE TEA & GINGER: BATH AND BODY WORKS. hypnotic blend of citrus,rich florals and underlying musk and wood. This is a very clean scent, one of my favorites!
Obviously a dupe scent. I've never noticed this scent in Bath and Body Works before but putting this candle on makes me feel so zen inside. I love it. 

Overall, I really love this company. The only thing that I was expecting was a faster shipping time (since candles melt in Arizona) but 2.5 weeks isn't very long to wait for something that's freshly made.