Saturday, September 29

Featuring... Lace Shorts

I finally got a polyvore account! I feel like most bloggers who ever talk about fashion have a Polyvore account, but if you don't know what it is, it's a place that has items of clothing available for you to create outfits with.

As for me, I'm going to use this to create outfits with items that I'm really craving. Though this item is more of a spring/summer trend, I think it'll be summery in Arizona for quite a while. I really want a pair of lace shorts!
Featuring... Lace Shorts

DKNY Jeans poncho top / Short shorts / ALDO wedge high heels / House of Harlow 1960 leather collar necklace

That's how I'd style it! I don't have all the items listed here, but I own things that look more or less similar to the pieces here.

Do you own a pair of lace shorts? Would you wear them in a feminine look or edge it up?

Thursday, September 27

Leibster Award

Many thanks to Kumiko Mae from Loving Sunshine for passing on this award!

Basically, you share 11 facts, answer 11 questions, create 11 more and tag 11 people! Let's get started. 

My Facts:
1. This is probably no surprise, but I love painting my nails. 
2. I'm in a graduate program right now!
3. I've lived in Arizona for almost 13 years!
4. My favorite kinds of romance movies are ones where the couple doesn't get together.
5. I like to have a LARGE desk for studying. And I just purchased one from IKEA.
6. I saw a power tool in use for the first time in August.
7. I don't believe in long distance relationships. 
8. I'm a pretty messy person.
9. I think the oxford comma is a stuffy outdated rule that can make things more confusing. And that we need to get rid of it. 
10. I have a lot of opinions about a lot of things that don't matter. 
11. I'm constantly worried about not losing batteries in my electronics.

My Questions: 
1. What's your favorite book and why? 
The Sherlock Holmes series. Because I love mystery and I love the characters.

2. If you can be born again to a life of your choosing, what would it be like and where will it be? If different period, you might want to share the period too! Be creative! 
Probably 1920s Shanghai. I'd probably learn to dance. 

3. What are you saving up for right now? 
This is probably pretty shallow, but a pair of Corso Como Del shoes. 

4. What were you like in high school (if still in high school, in grade school then)? 
Strange, like I am now, but with not as much of a desire to fit in. 

5. What are your thoughts on bullying (online especially, let me know if you've experienced it or know someone who have!)? 
I have experienced it only a bit during elementary school. I was made fun of by some of my peers because I didn't speak English. But I got over it. I think online bullying is a fine line. Some people can't take criticism at all. Others are ruthless in their comments. 

6. Why do you blog?
See my solution

7. How do you unwind? 
Sleep. Watch TV and eat. Nothing exciting or special here.

8. What's the most irritating thing for you? 
Recently, it's high maintenance people. People who are obsessed with how others see them and take great care to do opinion-control. It just seems so fruitless and talking about people about these things makes me feel really self-conscious and tired.  

9. If there's one thing you can change about yourself, what would it be and why? 
I'd get a longer attention span. That way, I would be able to work really hard on things. This is part of the reason I'm scared to actually work. I can't keep my mind on one thing for very long at all.  

10. What are your thoughts on mermaids? 
Mermaids ARE AWESOME. I've always thought that mermaids were awesome. I think it had to be some fantasy story that  I read in my childhood.  

11. What's the most remarkable thing that ever happened to you so far?
Okay, this is kinda mushy. But I think it's my boyfriend. I never thought that there's someone that awesome out there. He's my friend and my ally in life. We haven't been together too long, but so far it's been such a ride. 

Your Questions:
1. What is your favorite Nicholas Cage movie?
2. What is your favorite Nickelback song?
3. Do you find yourself using internet memes in daily speech? 
4. About how many make up products do you find yourself wearing daily? None? About 5? About 10? More?
5. Earrings, bracelets, or necklaces? 
6. Do you bruise easily?
7. Do you burp in front of your significant other? 
8. Do you still lick envelopes?
9. What sound do you hate? Something that just irritates you so much! (Popping gum, smacking lips, etc)
10. Where do you want to be a year from now?
11. When do you think is the best age/stage in life to move in with your significant other?

I Tag:
Nic Nic
Bravoe Runway
Champagne Star
Elle Sees
Angelica Ng

Tuesday, September 25

Warm Dr. Pepper

This is either going to gross you out or interest you. Or both.

The following information is from the Dr. Pepper website.

Q: What is hot Dr Pepper?
A: Hot Dr Pepper was developed many years ago as a refreshing winter drink. Heat Dr Pepper in a saucepan to 180 degrees, place a thin slice of lemon in the bottom of a coffee mug or insulated cup and pour the heated Dr Pepper over the lemon.

Heated soda... isn't that strange? I was incredibly adverse to this as soon as I heard about it. Why would you heat soda? That ruins it! It takes away all the carbonation... 

But then we did it. 

Guys, it's the weirdest thing. I have to admit that I still didn't like it, but it didn't even taste like Dr. Pepper. It tasted like a type of tea. 

You should try this if you're bored. Very... very... bored. 

Saturday, September 22

The 9.50 Forever 21 Skirt

I don't go to Forever 21 to look for business clothes. Shirts occasionally, when I just need something to wear under cardigans, but never skirts.

Shirt: H&M (14.36)
Cardigan: Loft (20.00)
Skirt: Forever 21 (9.50)
Shoes: Aldo Arnoldoa (70.00)

Despite that philosophy, I found this skirt at Forever 21 the other day. I was in the market for a lace skirt since my last one is showing holes and tears in the lace (also from Forever 21, for about four bucks). 

This new one has a few of the Forever 21 faults. It does ride up and it is a little too tight. However, it still hits at above one inch to the knee (my measure for if something is too short or not) and the silhouette isn't any different than my skirts. This is nothing I'd wear for an interview, first impression or client meeting, but I think it's just fine for everyday wear. 

Do you have any rules for shortness and tightness in work skirts?

Thursday, September 20

I'm not one to obsess about shoes...

Total lie. I am one to obsess about shoes. I love shoes! A few weeks ago, I was at Nordstrom when I fell in love with the Nine West Rocha pumps and the Corso Como Del pumps.

I saw these in stores. 

via corso como
Now, while I fell in love with the shape of it, I didn't like the patent leather. I've been looking for nude shoes forever, but it seems like everything is in patent! For me, patent scuffs really easily and I think that it can be too shiny at times to be professional. I think I want something a bit more demure. Then I discovered these...

via nordstrom
I adore the quilted texture in these heels as well as the cap toe (latest trend, classically represented here!) It's nude, but it's not patent. In fact, it also reminds me of Chanel purses here! This is on my to purchase list! That being said, these babies retail for 129.99 so I think I'm going to wait.

The best thing is that if I'm really satisfied with the comfort of these, there are still so many other types! With so many dressy and party pumps, I may never have to go looking for replacements.

I'm going to make like a pokemon master and collect them all.

Tuesday, September 18

My Top 5 Career Related Nightmares

I wrote this entry while I had early morning insomnia. Edited for grammar, but forgive me if it's delusional sounding. As many of you may know, I'm heading into graduate school for tax. These are 5 possibilities of what may happen when I emerge. They are my 5 nightmares, in order from not that bad, to worst. 

5. The Slight Under Employment
This possibility probably wouldn't be that bad: I have a job when I graduate. And it's a job in my chosen field. But it's not a great job and I feel like I could be doing more with my potential. I work, but I'm constantly on the look out for new opportunities and I start building resenting my career. This is that awkward place where you have something, but you're not sure if you should let that go in return for something greater. 

4. The Internship
Here, I graduate. But I have no real employment. I'm once again, an intern. I have the same title with juniors and seniors in college who don't even have their Bachelors. And there I am, with a Masters, doing the same work. If I'm not fetching coffee for the staff, or being bored at my desk waiting for 5:00pm, I'm wondering if I will get a full time offer from this firm that I'm interning at. I'd be plagued, wondering if I should be applying at other places or just wait for an offer. I'd probably question if I choose the wrong career and if I need to go back to school for more education or a different career path altogether. 

3. The Drastic Under Employment
I have a job, but I might as well not have gone to graduate school or college for it. I could be doing the kind of work that only requires a high school diploma. Worst of all? It's probably a customer service job where I have to pretend not to hate my life. This adds insult to injury because to date, I've not worked retail or food. If I do, I want it to be because I want to.

2. The Unemployment
I'd move back in with my parents, who would hide me upstairs and tell everyone else that I'd gone to China to work. I'd look for jobs, but eventually feel and look so dejected and sad that no place would ever want to hire me. This would end with me turning into Bellatrix Lestrange, only not as cool.

1. Hating My Job
I'd have a great job lined up for when I graduate--the kind where I'm proud to share with my friends and family. I'd be excited to start my career, only to find out once I start that I hate what I'm doing. Maybe I hate the people, the work, or the hours... but I'd turn into one of those people who, when they're not at work, only complain about work. While I'd be paid enough not to want to quit my job, I'd really want to leave and wonder if all jobs are like this.

Saturday, September 15

Hufflepuff for LYFE!

I've not had much posting inspiration lately so I've been looking at what's online. And while it's fine to find a bajillion lists about making lists, I thought I'd turn back to my own blog for inspiration. (And delete some entries if they're really bad.)

I found this gem, where I asked my friends what house they thought I was from. Since then, I've fallen in love with Hufflepuff. Hufflepuff is often thought of as the lamest of the four houses. Gryffindor is where all our heroes come from; it is known for bravery and courage. Slytherin is the badass house online; people like to think that they're so ambitious, sly, and cunning. Ravenclaw is where all the people who want to think that they are smart go. And Hufflepuff? No one wants to be a Hufflepuff. 

Instead of valuing a specific trait in its members, the Hufflepuff House is known for loyalty, dedication, hard work, patience and fair play. That sounds like me if I've ever heard of anything that sounds like me. Hufflepuff is the most inclusive of the four houses, and I think that makes a lot of people dislike it. At the same time, Hufflepuff is known for being the butt of many jokes both online and in the series because of their poor performance in the house cup...and not being very outstanding, academically. But the novels have also shown Hufflepuffs are badass and courageous when they want to be (Tonks, anyone?). They can also be absolute dicks (Triwizard Tournament) as well as outstanding Professors and leaders. 

For the Harry Potter fan out there, do you dislike Hufflepuff?

Thursday, September 13

The Tale of Kale

I hated kale at first. I heard about how it was SUCH a delicious and healthy vegetable so I had to try it. I tried it in a salad. The leaf was so hard that I felt like I couldn't chew it. 

Then, I discovered how amazing it was in soups when I tried out this recipe.

I pretty much love kale this way now. I discovered that before, I got my kale from a pre-prepared bag and it wasn't soft. These leaves, especially after being cooked in soup, add so much texture. It's my favorite way of eating kale now. 

Tuesday, September 11

Softsoap Body Butter Scrub

Time for a review on bath products!

My mother gave these to me one month. And then the next month, she gives me two more bottles of the same exact stuff. Though I love the product, I'm a bit afraid that she has a Softsoap Body Butter Scrub generator and I'm going to be using these for the rest of my life. 

This product isn't exactly expensive. A bottle of this is less than five bucks and lasts for quite a bit, no matter how generously you use it. It moisturizes okay... I like it because I don't usually put on moisturizer after I shower and this product covers me pretty well. However, I don't see this holding up against dry winter winds at all. Since this is both a body butter and a scrub (and the scents are very summer based), I imagine this is a summer bath item. 

I think it works well for the summer! The scrub does a good job when I need to freshen up my skin a bit. I think there are too few scrubby beads in the body wash, but others may like that because it ends up being very gentle. I think this is a solid product, but I wish I didn't have quite so many bottles of it! 

Sunday, September 9

Spend $50 and get a gift from Chinese-Apparel!

Chinese-Apparel is a site based in Shanghai that sells tons of cute, Asian fashions. That's not to say that they're not wearable elsewhere! I've seen quite a few wholesale sites like this pop up lately! If you're into a cutesy, Asian style, I would definitely suggest this site to try a few things out. I have not ordered from them specifically before. This post is not sponsored.

They have cute blouses and skirts. The blouse listed below is 12.98 and the skirt listed below is 9.80.

 I find their special occasion dresses and jewelry to be an especially great deal. The blue dress is only 16.96.  The earrings are 5.69. 

I do want to remind you that since this is an international site, you'll have to pay international shipping. If you spend $50 at their site, you'll get a free gift (shipping price included, so that ends up helping you a bit). For me, these watches really stood out. They're available in many colors, bright and sparkly.

The other stand out item was this House of Harlow dupe, which I actually own. (Not from this site.)
 This promo lasts until 9/15, so check out the site if you're interested. 

Saturday, September 8

I don't love this outfit.

But the reason I HAD to share it is because my hands look like claws in the shadow.

Shirt: H&M (14.36)
Cardigan: H&M (23.96)
Skirt: The Limited (29.94)
Shoes: Macy's (~ 35)

 I don't know what my hands were doing that that in the first place.

I do plenty of silly things but I really don't think that my mother gives me the benefit of the doubt sometimes. I think she was giving me a foundation that was a gift with purchase the other day, and I tested the color on the back of my hand. My mother gives me a look and tells me that it's not for my hand. It was a classic moment where she thought I was silly and didn't know anything about makeup. The irony.

Back to the outfit! There's one upsetting thing about this cardigan ! I thought it was quite expensive when I purchased it but it ended up tearing the first time I washed it. I hate it when that happens!

Tuesday, September 4

Summer Reflection 2012

I didn't mean for this to be a yearly post, but as it turns out, I've had lovely, eye opening internships for the past two years so it's hard not to write some type of a conclusion post. Last year, I talked about learning how public transportation grew to be important for me. This summer, I got to experience public transportation. I'd love to report that I was right! I rode a light rail/metro/train to work everyday and it was a fantastic experience. I didn't like that it took longer and sometimes returned me when I was late, but overall, it was worth it to not have to drive. 
via weheartit

Unfortunately, I also realized that a desk job, especially a semi-busy one, makes me gain weight. I was really surprised by how much weight I have gained this summer! I'll really have to commit time to exercise in the future. 

The other thing I realized was how scary my work life is. Every year, I can look forward to new teachers and professors but when I start working... I'm going to be working, for the rest of my life. I'm sure I'll have different careers, jobs, and projects, but still. It's a very bleak one way road. 

Saturday, September 1

Phoenix Comicon Recap

I never do anything spur of the moment, but in late May, I went to Phoenix Comicon. It was my first ever convention but I was hooked! I have a ton of pictures so feel free to scroll through for the general feel or look at each one in detail if you're a nerd!
First, I spotted these knights fighting. They had an elaborate system of Dukes and Kings and Ladies. They dressed up, fought, and lived in the whole medieval system. 

While walking randomly, I spotted the Doctor and Rose!

There were so many amazing things in the booths! One of them was these handbound, leather TARDIS notebooks. 

In addition to comics, art, science fiction, and anime, I was really surprised to see bath products! I actually purchased some stuff from this booth, so you'll have to wait and see what these were all about!

That's me, by a TARDIS. No big. 

Yep. And a Dalek and K-9. Try not to be jealous. 

Then, while walking around, I saw all of these stars breathing the same air that we were! I was too afraid to go up and meet them, so I took pictures of them from far away. 

Here's a shot of the convention floor where all the vendor booths are. Such a large room and so many people, right?

This is the downstairs area of the convention center that leads to the vendor room I showed in the picture above. I don't even think this picture was taken at the busiest time!

Hey! And Avengers fans? The fans of Loki (myself included) took to calling themselves Loki's Army. On a map, I found this gem taped as an informal meeting for all the fans. 

Of course, there were people selling lightsabers. These were definitely pricey (starting at 50 bucks) but they said that these were made for fighting. I would love to whack someone with a lightsaber. 

I also took some pictures by a few repair droids. And a child who refused to leave. 

More creeper pictures. Here's Levar Burton. Did you know his show Reading Rainbow is on the ipad? 

A bikini that I contemplated purchasing but then I came to my senses and realized how incredibly skimpy it is and how the art isn't... super well done. 

I also saw these signs made out of legos. I think that caption beneath each of them is pretty accurate. 

During lunch, my friend and I walked over a few blogs to CityScape, an urban shopping center, if you will. We found that it was roped off and there was some kind of Jamaican party going on.

There were food trucks and gigantic grills. It was pretty hot outside and the grills definitely didn't help but thank goodness we had water with us!

There was also live music. It was very loud but incredibly infectious and got everyone in a dancing mood. 

I got a huge meal that I couldn't finish. It was a Mango Burrito. Yummy, but nothing too special. 

My friend snapped a few more pictures while I slowly stuffed my face. I'm always the slowest eater. 

After throwing away a lunch I couldn't finish, my friend went to purchase a cookie. Because that's totally necessary. 

It was a sugar cookie with some jam on it. I took a picture by the stand, because again, necessary. 

We only walked around for a bit after lunch. We spent most of the afternoon sitting in panels and listening to cool people talk about cool things.