Wednesday, October 31

Makeup for the Zombie Apocalypse

I know some girls who won't leave the house without makeup; I also know others who look significantly different without makeup; Additionally, makeup gives girls, myself included, more confidence. Now, you might be thinking that if you're in a life and death situation like a Zombie Apocalypse, you may not need makeup... but here's where we'll separate the survivors from the brainfood.
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Reasons to Wear Makeup

1. So your friends and family can recognize you. So, say you're one of those people who generally wears a heavy makeup look. Your friends have grown used to seeing you this way. If all of a sudden, you change that look and become unrecognizable, you may be left behind. Now, I don't know if you have a zombie survival plan or not, but essential in any plan is to STICK TOGETHER. How do you stick together if no one knows who you are? 

2. Look alive! Why did we start wearing makeup in the first place? As women, we wanted to attract men by appearing healthy and have their babies, right? Well, in a Zombie Apocalypse, what is more important than looking healthy and alive? I've often been told that I don't have very much color if my face if I don't wear blush. Imagine this scenario. I'm walking around, looking for help and a sniper somewhere mistakes me for a zombie because I don't have color in my cheeks. Boom, headshot. And there I go. Blush, bronzer and lipstick can save your life. 

3.  Mind over matter in confidence. I'll admit. I don't have a Apocalypse Survival Plan. That means I'll need all my wits about me. I'll have to act fast, be physical, and believe in myself. Hey, if a little bit of eyeliner can help me outrun the undead, I'll use it. 

4. Extra tip: Keep it down on the eyeliner (we don't want dead looking eyes here!) and the blood red lipstick. Who's to tell if you just bit off an arm or touched up your MAC Russian Red?

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30

Halloween Inspired Nails - Splatter!

This is the last look in my series on Halloween Nails! For more inspiration, check out Candy Corn Nails and Stitches on your nails! I did this look with black and white, but guess what else you can do it with? Blood red.

Either way, this is a super eye-catching look that is prop intensive, but easy to recreate. First, you want to paint your nails in a base color. 

Second, grab a straw. Any can work. Take the nail polish you want to splatter and coat the inside of the straw, opposite of where your mouth would go to blow. There's a lot of theories about this step. Other ways of doing it include dipping the straw into the polish itself and dipping the straw into a puddle of polish set aside. I find that coating the inside doesn't waste as much polish (unlike creating a puddle). It doesn't give you too much polish (like dipping your straw into the bottle itself) or too little. Lastly, coating the inside of your straw ensures that you'll have something to blow from inside the straw. It's more effective than coating the inside and the outside. 

The last step to all this is the clean up. I simply took a shower afterwards. The hot water helped me peel the mess of nail polish away. The little specks of black in the picture above are the only things left over from a BIG mess. If you want to be a bit more neat than I am, others have wrapped their fingers up in tape or coated each digit in Vaseline. I recommend the Vaseline

Have you seen these manicures around before?  Any tips of your own to add?

Monday, October 29

My Life Is Average Monday: What's in Your Purse?

Because what's in mine is receipts. Tons and tons of receipts. Please refer to this video if you don't believe me. Is that what's in your bag too? 
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Whenever I see what's in my bag posts or videos, I get confused. I seriously don't understand how people don't have receipts in their bags. I understand cleaning out your bag. I understand that some people clean out their bags religiously, but not even one receipt? Where do they go? Where's that receipt from the drive-thru Starbucks, or the grocery store? Is there some other place that secretly has a stash of reciepts? 

Do you have a ton of receipts in your bag? If you don't, what do you do with it? 

Saturday, October 27

The Opaque White Polish You've Been Looking For

My problem with a lot of white polishes is opacity. I need to put on coat after coat after coat to see anything at all. And when I put on coat after coat, it's still streaky. It bubbles. It's thick. Not to mention, it takes FOREVER to dry.

This polish however? It's opaque in 2 coats. I mean... that's how many layers of polish I normally put on. For any color! The formula is a bit thick and if you're not careful, it does bubble a bit (see picture above). However, I think it's a great product for so cheap! The Sinful Colors Snow Me White is a highly recommended product!

Do you have a go-to white color?

Thursday, October 25

Las Vegas Sights and Eats!

I didn't know that Excalibur was one of the cheaper hotels, but that's where I stayed. It's where I've wanted to stay since I was a child. The appeal of brightly colored castles was too strong to resist. 

There was a lot of walking around, taking pictures with inanimate objects. Here's me pretending that the Statue of Liberty is a weeping angel.

This scene seemed so iconic that I needed a picture while I was in the middle of the street.

One of the activities on this trip was to see all the free shows. The following is a picture of the volcano in front of Mirage, but I also saw the Treasure Island show and a few other sites.

Here's a picture of me, in my natural state, being a pig.

And since we were on a vacation, I thought I'd indulge in one of those overpriced cupcakes. Gah, I am an absolute sucker for overpriced cupcakes.

It's really sad because I know exactly what draws me in...they're pretty.

I even went so far as to pose with the cupcake. I wanted to take a picture at that time...but I think if this was found anywhere else, it'd be "girl with cupcake". There would be comments saying how Asians take pictures with everything.

You can catch a glimpse of my Star Trek manicure (grey and gold) while I cut the cupcake.

One of the things that I absolutely had to do on this trip to Las Vegas was eat at a Vegas buffet. I choose to go to the Bellagio. Look at that glorious slab of meat!

There was also a pretty yummy and small disk of mac and cheese.

I made sure to save enough room for dessert. If I haven't established this well enough already, I love pretty, well decorated sweets.

Have you even heard of Serendipity 3? I first heard about it on the Travel Channel when they covered their frozen hot chocolates. Specifically, one that was a thousand dollars! It included gold flakes, a really fancy bowl and all sorts of extravagances. I didn't try that, but I was excited to try their frozen treats. 

Let's start with the inside of their store. So cute, right?

These aren't the greatest pictures, but you can tell that this place had a classy and fun design.

Here's a picture of their menu. You can click to make it bigger. I got the frozen hot chocolate drink for eleven bucks.

And here's what it looks like! Now, obviously, a very expensive frozen hot chocolate, but I think it was worth it for the experience. This was very tasty and very rich. If I were on vacation again, I'd definitely get this again!

One of the weirdest events we went to in Las Vegas was this Norm MacDonald show. It was in an older casino off the strip and I swear, the entire atmosphere was different. The people there were much older than the crowd on the strip. However, we had a really nice Cajun dinner there and that made me feel better.

Lastly, I couldn't resist ordering one of these. Overpriced and not delicious, but a good keepsake.

Tuesday, October 23

Chickpeas, spinach and noodles!

And wayyyyy too much onion. I seem to have a problem with onions. I don't love them and I always seem to be putting too much in. This dish is a sad imitation of this one!

I didn't really like this dish since I screwed up with the onions and made it too bland. Hopefully, you can do better!

Saturday, October 20

Halloween Inspired Nails - Stitches!

This is another creepy Halloween nail that you can wear with your costume. It's less cutesy than the Candy Corn Nails and much more scary!

All you need to do here is paint your nails with a white base. Then, draw two lines anywhere on the nail. I choose to have them intersect like so, but I think you can really do anything. Then, place hatch marks on the nails. They're supposed to be grotesque stitches so they do NOT have to be neat. 

Variations are possible too! If you want to add a bit of blood, drip away. If you want to have a flesh toned base instead of a white one, I think that could look really scary too!

Are your Halloween costumes more cutesy or scary?

Thursday, October 18

Las Vegas Star Trek Convention

I mentioned a while ago that I was going to Las Vegas for a weekend! What did I do there? I went to a Star Trek Convention! 

The Convention was held at the Rio Grande Hotel, just off the strip. It was much smaller than the Phoenix ComicCon! Apologies for the blurry photo below, I actually didn't take too many pictures of the event.

One of the panels I was really excited for was Trek Girls. You can see the panelists in the picture below. They talked about what it was like to be a female Star Trek fan.

I had expected to see a ton of vendors there but I was disappointed... there weren't too many.

Nevertheless, we saw a lot of interesting cosplays and brought a few pieces of nerdy merchandise.

I'm so upset that I didn't grab a clear picture of this, but isn't this cosplay so detailed?

I didn't realize before attending how old the Star Trek fandom was. In addition to the fact that the age of con-goers was over 28, the merchandise was also very old.

Nonetheless, some of the merchandise was very amusing.

While this convention was definitely fun, it wasn't so amazing that I would try to make the drive again.

Tuesday, October 16

Revisiting my Goals

You can set goals, but unless you revisit them, they probably won't go anywhere. That's my philosophy with the "Solutions" behind this blog. 

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Writing: To Improve
Not sure about this one. Some blogs have great content and engaging writing, but I feel like this isn't one of those. I write the way I speak, so I think it really makes more sense if you actually know me. What do you guys think? How can I improve my writing here?

Food: To Eat and Cook
I've improved on this SO MUCH. When I first moved out sophomore year of college, I had no idea how to cook. I brought meals, tried to make Chinese food and ate microwaved food all the time. Now, I subscribe to a handful of cooking blogs--I know what I like to eat and make and I know what I'm not so good at. And, after years of burning onions, I finally learned how to caramelize!

Apartment: Home Improvement
A total failure. I've lived in my apartment for three years now and I have one picture on the walls and that picture was put up in the last 3 months. I also installed curtains within the last week. I'm in the process of adding a new study desk to my room and looking for other DIY projects I could possibly do. 

Style: To buy, and make it worthwhile
I think that my style has changed drastically from the beginning of college. My style continues to change a little, but what I've been finding lately is that though my style changes little, my body is changing more. I'm conflicted about getting new clothes or exercising to try to lose weight... which brings me to my next topic. 

Health: To Exercise and Eat Healthy
I've been doing a little, here and there. I try not to snack as much. I'm more conscious of what I snack on. I try to go hiking during the weekends and I make an effort to work out. Still though, all I notice is that I'm getting more out of shape (in terms that I can't do what I used to) and that I continue to grow out of any and all jeans. I haven't made this issue as public on the blog because I'm not sure just what to do here. I'd appreciate any ideas here too!

Lastly, one of the parts of my physical appearance that I continue not to put any effort in is my hair. I could still use some hair tips!

Saturday, October 13

Featuring... Shirt Dress

So, here's another polyvore with an item that I've wanted for a while. I'm not sure why I want a shirt dress so much. I know I used to own one that I'm too big for now and that I like the combination of buttons on top of a skirt. I can't say that I'm too picky on the type of shirt dress I want in terms of color or fabric, but this is just one that I found. I'm very into forest greens for the fall so I think it can work.
Featuring... Shirt Dress

Oasis tshirt dress, $95 / ALDO shoes / Coach duffel bag / Long necklace / Charlotte Russe floral hair accessory

Do you own a shirt dress? Wardrobe staple or no?

Thursday, October 11

Halloween Inspired Nails - Candy Corn!

I think I actually did this manicure last Halloween but somehow, didn't post it until now! This is a "cheater" candy corn post as I didn't have exactly all the right colors. I still think it's reminiscent of candy corn though! Here's how I did it. 

First, I laid down the color that I chose for orange. It's coral in the sunlight, but under any indoor lighting, it's orange. This color is called Hazard. Next, I used a hole protector (basically a circular sticker) to separate the top portion and the bottom portion. I used white on top (any opaque white will do) and yellow on bottom. The yellow is called Pullover. Though my colors are all slightly off, it's now instantly recognizable as candy corn!

Tuesday, October 9

Potato Soup Recipe

A few months ago, I shared a recipe and started that I don't know how to caramelize onions. Months and months later, I STILL don't know how to caramelize onions. 

Now, if you find yourself thinking... Aki, most of your food looks good... but not this one. You probably have the right idea going. I burned the onions pretty badly in this try. But, I thought that was not a reason to deny you of the original recipe. Try it out and let me know what this actually tastes like not burnt. 

Saturday, October 6

Orange Skirt

This was one of those horrible impulse buys that I actually didn't return. I was really unsure about this skirt because it was labeled as a mini-skirt and it was such a bright color. When I tried it on, I saw that it hit at right above the knee--not a bad place at all! While it's shorter than some of my other work skirts, I didn't think that this was too short! Otherwise, I absolutely fell in love with the color. So, putting this piece with some darker more conservative items, I wore it to work on a Friday.

 Cardigan: (6.80)
Shirt: H&M (7.46)
Necklace: Gift From Arizona Blogger's Conference
Skirt: Loft (23.99)
Shoe:  Aldo Arnoldoa (70.00)

I felt pretty comfortable with the ensemble after reasoning myself into it, but what do you think?

Thursday, October 4

Link Up: Some Gorgeous Videos, TV and Advice

Top 10 Most Anticipated Shows for the Summer - Did you watch any? I wasn't excited for any, but I've heard a lot of good things about Political Animals and The Newsroom. 

I Just Want To Be a Superhero (Comic Con) - A beautiful song that makes me cry every time I hear it. Set to cosplayers from Comic Con. 

5 Things You Need to Know About Dating Geeks - A silly article, but a very accurate one! 

Is Grad School Worth the Cost? - If you're a college senior and thinking of applying, definitely skim this!

Time Style and Design - This ethereal short clip involves fashion, cinematography, music, and Tom Hiddleston. 2 vacationers travel back in time to London 2012. Watch it. You won't regret it.