Tuesday, November 27

Food Bites: Blue Wasabi, Takamatsu, Sakana Sushi and Grill

Here are a few shots from a few local Arizona restaurants! First up, Blue Wasabi!

Blue Wasabi is a restaurant in Gilbert, an area I used to visit often but haven't been in a few years. All my friends from there moved away! It's a sushi restaurant but what's most notable about it is that their wasabi is blue. When I went there, they were offering a happy hour where wearing blue got you half off of certain drinks. Pretty neat! Their sushi was good and creatively named. We got the Gordon Gecko.

Their wasabi was a strange, offputting color. More of a teal than a blue.

Next, Takamatsu! It's a Korean BBQ place. I had the weirdest hankering for Korean BBQ so I dragged a friend (who ended up disliking the foods. WHAT?) I'm not a fan of kimchi, but most of the side dishes weren't bad. 

We got 2 kinds of meat, both beef, and I thought they were amazing.

Meat + lettuce + rice. It's so perfect. I'd definitely come to this little place again. Not sure how many Korean BBQ places are in AZ, but my family always comes to this one.

Lastly, Sakana Sushi and Grill. This place has awesome lunch specials. It was actually recommended to me by my mother. So, take a look at the following picture.

Pretty big platter of food right? Definitely more than one individual's worth. How much was this? 9.95, I think. You get 2 small salads, several pieces of chicken, stuffed peppers, a roll of sushi, a fish fillet! and a dessert.  Crazy deal. 

I got the sashimi platter. This was slightly less of a great deal at 12.95, but still. The cuts were SO large and juicy and yummy. The tuna in the lower left was flavored and seasoned really well too.

Monday, November 26

My Life Is Average Monday: I made it into the the DSM.

Well, not specifically, me. I recently listened to an NPR article that revealed the DSM recently classified nailbiting as a mental disorder. It was an interesting and eyeopening article. 

You see, I've wanted to be a psychologist for a long time. I used to watch anime a lot and I'd give diagnoses to all of the characters. I'd label them depressed or say they had anxiety. I found matching symptoms to people fun. At the same time in Middle School, I really took pride in my weirdness. Combine the two and I'd give myself a lot of these same labels. I used to go around asking if I could be my own psychiatrist. 

Fast foward to some time in college, when I became a Psychology major. Whenever we learn about any mental disorders, everyone thinks they have that disorder. It's the same effect as if you're a medical or biology student learning about sicknesses or even if you're reading WebMD and learning about what all the symptoms could mean. So, long story short, when I was little, I thought I had all the mental illnesses. 
via weheartit

At the same time, I've been a chronic nail biter. I have no like when I started, but for as long as I remember, my mother has been telling me not to do it. Though I still do it, I am much better than I was before. One of the reasons is because I've been painting my nails. Compared to all the other ladies that do nail art, my nails are woefully short and stubby... but for me, this is a huge accomplishment. So, just when I'm finally dealing with my nail biting habit...I realize that it's new term is "pathological grooming" and that it's a symptom of an anxiety disorder. I recognize that I'm a pretty anxious individual, but it's still surprising that nail biting, skin picking and hair pulling (all things that I occasionally do) are now in the DSM. 

Of course, you have to do all of the above A LOT to mean you actually have an anxiety disorder. Looking at your split ends once in a while doesn't mean anything. 

Do you have any little habits? What do you think it says about you? 

Saturday, November 24

Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair

It still surprises me when I run out of shampoo. It's kind of a staple, isn't it? Running out of shampoo is a little like running out of toilet paper. Only less bad. 

This shampoo is just something I picked up from the store because I needed. It has pretty good reviews on Makeup Alley and I'd agree with that. For the price, it's a good shampoo. It smells pretty nice and always leaves my hair feeling clean. I wouldn't say that it does super duper amazing things for my split ends, but I definitely believe its claim of repairing hair. Though my hair gets more and worse split ends as it gets longer and longer (and as the weather gets colder and colder), I actually don't notice many at all these days. If your hair is anything like mine (dry), I would definitely recommend this to you over the winter months.

Speaking of hair, I'm wanting to put long layers into my hair. Anyone want before/after pictures?

Tuesday, November 20

A White Lace Dress

I've seen bloggers do so many awesome things with white lace. Dress it up, dress it down... I knew I had to get one for myself! But I've always had issues with sheerness and price. However, when I found this dress and tried it on, I couldn't NOT get it.

I found this dress to be so cute and pretty. Exactly the classy and elegant lace that I wanted but with none of the pretentiousness. The cut of the dress makes it much less formal than it could be. I can wear it more places because it's rather casual!

Despite the fact that I didn't get my lace shorts, a nice, white lace dress is always useful!
Necklace: Forever 21 (7.80)
Dress: Cotton On (24.95)
Headband: Forever 21 (1.50)
Shoes: Aldo (49.50 on sale from 70.00)

Saturday, November 17

Rudy's Barbecue

My little brother was actually the one who discovered this restaurant. It's a barbecue chain that just entered Arizona. Rudy's is built in a fun barn style and at least for that first week it was open, it was POPULAR. See that line of people? We had to wait about 25 minutes to get in. 

Not too sure what I was trying to get at with this picture... But either way, here's the menu. It's a cafateria style place where you wait in line, order your food and find a place to sit. 

 In line, they had these quaint little glass bottled colas.

I loved and hated the eating style. On one hand, it was novel and wonderfully casual. On the other, it was not the finest quality dining.

I have to admit at the end of the day that the food was only alright. It's nice and cheap if you want to pick up a bucket of something for kids or family but I don't think I'd make a return trip.

Thursday, November 15

Featuring... Printed Cardigans!

Sometimes I don't feel brave enough with print. It took me a very long time to feel okay with leopard print. I own leopard print now, but only in the form of small accessories like shoes. I recently saw a printed cardigan exactly like this at H&M but was too afraid of wearing such a bold print. I think the cardigan looks fine here, but I wouldn't really know what else to wear it with?
Featuring... Printed Cardigan

Is this too much leopard print at once? Too flashy? Too old lady?

Tuesday, November 13

Though I strongly label myself as a "shoe" girl...

I can't help but get bag lust once in a while.

These are just bags that I like the look of. I wouldn't dream of toting around my receipts, netbook and school stuff in a bag like this. But look at this black purse. I love its structure! I bet it would feel really nice too!
Too Hot to Handle Tote by Marc Jacobs, Shopbop
Every winter, I get obsessed with camel all over again. This winter is no exception. I've fallen for the contrast here!

31 Hour Bag by Phillip Lim, Shopbop
This is called a shopping bag, but who would put their shopping in here? I guess if I had the money to carry something like this around casually, I would. 
Shopping Bag by APC, Shopbop
Though I'm generally not a fan of this brand, I think this is a really nice tote. The lace here adds a nice interesting texture to this black bag.
Miss Pippa Lace Tote by Juicy Couture, Shopbop
Along with classic black and camel, there's also cognac, right? Another gorgeous color that represents a classic rustic mood. 
Robinson Double Zip Tote by Tory Burch, Shopbop

Do you have a favorite bag or an all purpose tote?

Saturday, November 10

Another Cheap Dress

As I purchase more work clothes, I'm really noticing what a difference lined and unlined pieces make. I absolutely love the cut and color of this skirt. (Taupe is not only trendy during the winter, but I'm boring enough to have it as one of my all time favorite colors. Along with camel, tan and beige.) I even love the light material! However, because it's unlined, it's so easy to have VPL. 

Dress: Forever 21 (19.80)
Necklace: GoFavor (7.99)
Shoes: Aldo Arnoldoa (70.00)

I really struggle to find nice work pieces that I won't sweat bullets in. These pieces include dresses that aren't thick and shirts that have sleeves and aren't sheer. Unfortunately, this brings up an entirely new set of issues. Ah, whatever. Might as well enjoy what I have now!

Thursday, November 8

New Collar Necklace!

I purchased this necklace a while ago and I always get a ton of compliments. I'm not sure that the necklace is deserving of so many compliments. Despite being in line with the collar necklace trend, it's very large and obnoxious.

I tend to wear this necklace when I have a shirt with a plain neckline. That way, it stands out! 

How would you style this piece? Or is it overall, just too obnoxious?

Tuesday, November 6


Arizona has quite a few microbreweries! Four Peaks is one of them. I don't know beer at all, but the brand is pretty popular with most people that drink beer here. A little while ago, they celebrated fifteen years with an event called Randomonium. Located at Tempe Beach Park, this event featured music, food trucks and of course, craft beers. 

I, of course, decided to hit up the food trucks. What is it about food trucks that fascinate us so much?

I choose this food truck because the guy in it was friendly.

I got some tater tots and a pulled pork sandwich and ate in the blazing heat. The food from this truck was just alright. 

Saturday, November 3

I'm Sick of these Words!

via weheartit
I've always had a special connection with words. I love them. In fact, it's my favorite part of music. I think of music as words set to a wonderful beat. It's no surprise that I love listening to Spoken Word. When Meg from Meg's Mind made a post about words, she inspired me to do the same. I'm sick of some of the words she is! 


I'm making some very silly faces as I write them. 

What else in the business world am I sick of? 


I feel like these are all empty words that people throw around. But they're not just in business, they're in blogging too. You've all heard of:

"Pop of Color"
"Arm Party"

What words, blogging or otherwise, are you just SICK of?