Saturday, December 29

Featuring...Oversized Sweater

There's a winter uniform that I desperately long to wear. And this is pretty much it. 
Featuring...Oversized Sweater

Oasis jersey pants, $22 / Wedge boots, $45 / Coach shoulder bag

It's not cold in Arizona, so anytime during the day, a sweater is appropriate for going outside. Not exactly a new concept among bloggers, but sweaters are SO freaking comfortable. That's the kind of fashion I strive for! I want to be stylish but not at the expense of any comfort. Also, this specific sweater is so lovely! Several elements of it--draping, color, cut, pattern--scream essential fall to me. Now, it's probably not Fall for most of you, but it's just getting cool here. 

Thursday, December 27

Glitter Nails Galore

Holidays, glitter, you know the whole song and dance by now. I'm a fan of sparkle and glitter like any other girl... but one thing that I cannot stand is chunky nail polish. You know the type! Nail polish with a texture? Caviar nails and 3D stickers are definitely out for me.

These nails are kinda textured. I started with the Sinful Colors Snow Me White and sponged on a dark, glitter polish. Unfortunately, the glitter was quite chunky and though it left a pretty cool effect, it was just a thick coat that the polish didn't really last. 

Whatever you choose, I hope you do something sparkly for your New Year's Manicure! 

Monday, December 24

Link Up: Fall to Winter Edition

Here's another round of what I've been loving on the internet!

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15 Ways 20 Somethings Ruin their Twenties - Not uplifting, but all very truthful reminders. 

How to Plan a Career in your 20s to Stay Home with your Kids in your 30s - Most of my friends and I are just starting out are careers, but as a woman, work life balance goes beyond daily planning. We have to think about the long term. While I don't agree with everything Ms.Trunk says, I think it's important to consider what you need to do to achieve your goals. 

How to Change your Summer Clothes to Winter Clothes - For someone who lives in perpetual summer with a month of winter nestled in between, I live by these rules. 

Tis the Season to Be Skinny - Something to think about! This is the season of get-togethers, chamange, and feasts, but it's also the season where we're oh so self-conscious about every cookie we eat and hot chocolate we drink. 

Cofftea - Even when it's not cold outside, I try to enjoy warm coffees and teas, but it's just not the same feeling as drinking it when it's cold outside. This tumblr site gives you that same warm fuzzy feeling as drinking a mug of tea and coffee on a cold showing you those images. 

Saturday, December 22

A Review on Terry Cloth Insoles

I got this from Aldo after hearing about it on another website. Here's what ALDO's website has to say:
These terry cloth insoles help keep feet cool and fresh. Their terry lining helps absorb sweat and latex backing is specially treated to eliminate odors. 
I got them because at the end of everyday, I always slid forward in my heels and I desperately wanted not to. 

These are made with terry cloth, for the part that touches your food. The bottom has a rubber sole sewn on to the terry cloth. 

First Reaction? Awful! These took up all the extra room in my shoes and pinched my toes. Then I realized that of course it would as it was adding extra cushioning to the bottom. So, I wore them out for a day. They do what they say in keeping me from sliding forward in my heels, but they are NOT helpful when I want to walk. The sole shifts and then folds over itself, proving very uncomfortable. Good for standing, not walking. 

I wore them with two pairs of shoes, same result. I already didn't love them. Then, when I was peeling them out of my shoe one day, the bottom rubber part stuck on to the sole of my shoe...and ripped! The rubber basically ripped off from the middle of the sole. I threw these away. I'm thinking of trying similar insoles, but just for the ball of your feet. 

Have you tried these? Did you have a better experience? What do you use to keep from sliding forward in your heels?

Thursday, December 20

2012 Movie Reviews!

I did a few movie posts earlier in the year and I just thought I'd follow up. These are the movies I wanted to watch from 2011 but didn't get a chance to.
- Super 8 
- Hanna 
- Real Steel 
- Hugo 
- Colombiana 
- J. Edgar 

And these are the movies I did end up watching!
- Kung Fu Panda and Kung Fu Panda 2 - I watched Kung Fu Panda and while it was an adorable feel good movie, it did not motivate me to watch the sequel.
- The Three Musketeers - While I am a huge fan of Christopher Waltz, not even he could save this mediocre plot. Only watch this is you were very bored, like I was.
- The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - I first only watched the Swedish version. It was a fantastic story. Then, when I fell in love with Daniel Craig, I decided to watch the American version too. I thought Rapace was better in the Swedish version but Craig was better in the American version. Good movies, but overall, too emotionally draining.

And this is my list of 2012 moves that I've seen!

via weheartit
- Mirror Mirror - This is shallow, but I initially disliked this movie because Lily Collins' eyebrows really bothered me. But the movie was definitely a laugh-out-loud movie fit for the entire family. Surprisingly, I loved it.

- The Avengers - Loved! First of all, I waited for this movie forever! And it didn't disappoint. Joss Whedon did an excellent job balancing plot, character development, and big booms in this film. Tony Stark was expectantly awesome. Mark Ruffalo was unexpectantly awesome and Loki? I just love him! 

- Men in Black III - I really enjoyed the previous movies but I felt like something was missing from this one. It was still a funny action movie, but the heart of it seemed to be gone. Also, it's an alien time travel movie that draws references from a ton of pop culture... and it doesn't mention Doctor Who. 

- Snow White and the Huntsman - I thought that the two Snow White movies coming out so close to each other were sure to cannibalize sales. But they appealed to such different markets that I think they got more exposure and news coverage because of each other. Charlize Theron was excellent in this film and I really like Chris Hemsworth as well. The movie as a whole was more of a flop though. 

- Ted - I'm not a fan of Family Guy or any of Seth MacFarlane's work but I really enjoyed this movie. It was adorable and funny, tugged at my heart strings and had me laughing out loud! Go see this! 

- The Amazing Spiderman - While I admit that this wasn't the perfect movie, I love the actors in it! From Emma Stone to Andrew Garfield to the supporting cast of Rhys Ifans and Denis Leary, the cast really held everything together nicely. Oh! Embeth Davidtz was also in this film. You might remember her from Matilda. 

- Dark Knight Rises - This was a good movie, but I think at the very least, half an hour cut be cut out. Despite not being a fan of the Dark Knight movies, this was good. 

- This Means War - I watched this pretty much right after I watched the Dark Knight. I loved Tom Hardy in the dark knight, but he's charming and adorable and I wanted to keep that memory of him. So, I watched this incredibly silly rom com. This is one of those movies that I watched because it seemed like a funny action adventure. I enjoyed it even though it made little sense; you can absolutely skip this!

- The Flowers of War -This was a good movie, but such a downer! The film, which features American actor Christian Bale, is set during the Rape of Nanking. It's definitely a deeper movie that covers the subjects of innocence and morality. It disgusts you and tugs at your heartstrings all at once. 

- Looper - This was a pretty interesting movie, though the beginning of it was surprisingly grotesque. I would describe it as one part timey wimey, one part explodey wodey, and one part Bruce Willis killing babies. 

- Skyfall - Let me preface this with the fact that I'm not a huge Bond fan. At least, I wasn't before this movie. After watching it, I can totally appreciate all the classic characters (no spoilers...) and especially Q, the quartermaster, who I fell in love with during the trailer. I've really heard mixed reviews on this one, but I'd urge you to go watch it. Especially if you are not a Bond fan. 

- Brave - This was a seriously cute movie. I loved how the bears were depicted in the movie. It wasn't as amazing as Finding Nemo, perhaps but I really loved how they depicted Merida's relationship with her mother. 

The Hobbit - This is the last movie I had to review before putting out this post! I watched this in 3D IMAX to catch a glimpse of the first 9 minutes of Star Trek. I don't usually watch movies in 3D, but this was alright. I love Martin Freeman in this role (though he's typecast, he plays it well). I thought the movie was incredibly long and repetitive at parts, but it was still cool every minute. 

If I had to pick my favorite movie of the year, it would be a toss up between Avengers, Mirror Mirror and the Flowers of War. 

Did you have any movies you loved in 2012? 

Tuesday, December 18

Fun Graphic Sweaters!

I just love these goofy and comfortable looking sweaters! I've seen them all over the internet for weeks, but every time I got out looking for them in person, I always have the hardest time. Not sure why..

I really like this first one. It has a really goofy face on it, but isn't even a weird color. I have a friend who really likes sharks, and I think she'd really like this sweater too. 
Monster Face Sweater, Forever 21

I guess this one isn't too strange, but it appeals to me too! The length on this (hitting at the hipbone) looks like it's really nice and the bold stripes don't hurt either.
Geo Striped Pattern Sweater, Forever 21

I'm generally not a fan of prints that look like this. But this winter, I've been all over weird geometric prints such as the one below. Is this popular lately (and I haven't realized it)? 
Geo Pattern Open Cardigan, Forever 21
Back to goofiness here, I guess. This combines the geometric weirdness of the last one with the out of place animal in the first sweater. It's so random that it just screams me!
Cooperative Fair Isle Kitsch Sweater, Urban Outfitters
Which sweater is your favorite? Or would you avoid all of them?

Saturday, December 15

got 2b Rocking It Dry Shampoo Review

I've only tried one dry shampoo before; it was the Suave Dry Shampoo and you can read about my experience on it here

This product was more expensive than the last dry shampoo I tried by a few dollars but much better in quality, I believe. I find the smell more refreshing than the Suave one. It is definitely not as itch inducing as the last one too. As for effectiveness, I find that it works about the same. Overall, though, this is the type of product I would repurchase. 

Thursday, December 13

The Grind in Arcadia

I love it when fellow Phoenicians post about restaurants. Katherine from SparkleFarkle posted about The Grind a little while back and I went to try out the restaurant for myself. 

It's a very little restaurant in Arcadia, in a shopping center that isn't all too easy to spot. 

We arrived during Happy Hour and once we were seated, we were confused. I couldn't find a menu. there were only drinks available. But then see that brown paper? Apparently that's a menu, hidden in plain sight. I felt so silly.

The burgers were for around 10 bucks or so, comparable to Zinburger's prices. First thing I noticed was that they gave you a lot of meat here! The cheese was melted to perfection and the arugula was very complementary in taste. However, I remain a fan of how Zinburger does their bread. 

Let me take a moment to apologize for the pictures. It was really, really dark in the restaurant. I'm not good enough to have great in-the-dark pictures. 
I think these burgers are made for meat lovers! They definitely had a different vibe than Zinburger. More of a sports bar atmosphere. (But Zinburger has milkshakes so.... I'll have to remain loyal.) Overall, really good and would definitely recommend.

Tuesday, December 11

Sunshine Award

Kat was so lovely as to tag me in the Sunshine Award!

The rules for the award are: 
Include the award logo in a post and/or on your blog sidebar. 
Link to the blogger who nominated you. 
Answer 10 questions about yourself.
Nominate 10 other fabulous bloggers and ask them 10 questions. 
Link to your nominees in your post and let them know about the award. 

Here are some of my answers!
1. What are you looking forward to this weekend? 
Definitely the Hobbit coming out... as well as getting time to myself with school finally being done and all.

2. What is an unusual food that you enjoy eating that most people wouldn’t? 
This is purely a cultural thing, but I absolutely adore pig's blood in hotpot. I think most Americans would find that unpleasant. 

3. What fashion trends have you disliked? 
I generally dislike a lot of trends when they first come out. I disliked peplum at first, but now I'm over that. I don't like harlem pants though. Still haven't gotten around to liking that one.

4. What do you think is the next fashion trend that will occur? 
I think that's it's silver. I imagine the color and the texture will get pretty popular. (But let's be real, I'd be making a lot more money if I could see fashion trends.)

5. Favourite tv series at the moment? 
Probably Castle. You can see me talk more about my favorite TV shoes here. Definitely leave a comment or a tweet if you're also a fan. 

6. Favourite colored nail polish? 
Really hard one! At the moment, probably a vampy red or burgundy color. 

7. Last movie you watched? 
Skyfall, the new James Bond movie. I wasn't a Bond fan before, but I highly recommend it. 

8. Favourite app on your phone? 
I'll have to do a post sharing all of my favorite apps... but probably Mobile RSS. It lets me read your blogs when I'm on the go!

9. Favourite country to visit? 
China, because that's where all my family is. However, I would love to go to Russia and return to visit England. 

10.What is something that you would love to receive as a gift?
Depends on from who. I've already asked my parents to fund a pair of shoes. 

Here are the questions I have for you!
1. Winter whites: is this a style you would try?
2. Would you mix black and brown?
3. Big, bulky and flashy jewelry or delicate, subtle pieces?
4. What is your favorite holiday?
5. What is the most overrated holiday?
6. What's one beauty tip that just seems weird to you?
7. What's the winter weather like where you are? Would you want it to be different?
8. Do you collect anything weird?
9. Tell us about an interesting first impression.
10. Do you have any frenemies? 

I nominate: 

 Girlie Blog Seattle

Thursday, December 6

Noteworthy Pictures 2 (Pictures of my haircut!)

Ever since I got my iPhone, 2 things have happened. 1. I've started taking a lot more pictures with my phone. 2. I've started taking a lot fewer pictures with my camera. The first time I had a noteworthy pictures post was from way back in August... thought I'd do a little catching up. These photos are things that I want to show you guys... but too miscellaneous to go in a post by themselves.

Arizona is kind of known for dust storms. (Sad, right? The only huge storm we have is just dust.) I've posted about dust storms before here but this time, I snapped my own pictures.  You can really see it rolling in here...

Within a few minutes, bam.

At the start of the school year, I got a new IKEA table to study on. ... It's much less clean now and has a ton more random pieces of paper on it. 

I like to keep an eye out on new places that have opened up in my area. One of these places is Bar Louie, a hip and trendy bar. They have delicious burgers, amazing martinis, and nice deals on beer!

You may or may not know this but I am one of the most stereotypical "stay in" people ever. It's not that I'd rather stay home than go out to a club, but it's that if I were given a choice between watching a movie at home or at the theater  I'd choose to stay at home. On top of it, I'm not super open to new experiences. But, I went to a jazz club! I don't know if I can count this as a concert, but I've only been to one other concert in my life. Despite the fact that not including outliers, the average age was 40... I loved it. When I walked out though, my ears were ringing. 

Lastly, here's my new hairstyle (Left)! I got an inch chopped off and shorter layers at the front then some other layers mixed in. For comparison, my old hairstyle is to the right. I haven't had layers for many, many years. 

Make sure to follow me on twitter @seven_percent. I post about a lot of fun links and tweet about the weather way more than I should. 

Tuesday, December 4

Fall Television 2012 - What are you watching?

Though this is titled Fall Television, it's a combination of new and old shows I'm watching! Just wanted to recommend a few to you... and please tell me if you watch any of these! Please beware of general spoilers of the shows, especially if you have not caught up with the latest season. 
via weheartit
New Shows: These are shows that came out in 2012 and I'm either hooked... or have been meaning to watch them. 

Arrow - I've only seen one episode of this. The trailers make it look pretty awesome and the first episode was interesting, but nothing is making me really, really want to watch this. If I hear good things about actor John Barrrowman's appearance... I might go back to watching it. 

Elementary - I'm a Sherlock Holmes fan, of course I had to check this show out. My first reaction upon hearing about CBS's Elementary was, like so many other fans, anger. How dare an American channel remake a modern day Sherlock so soon after the success of the British Sherlock? Then upon hearing that Watson would be played by an Asian woman, my anger subsided and turned to interest. Admittedly, the show isn't great. It's not as witty (or even comparable) to the BBC version. But it's not too bad. 

The Mindy Project - I haven't seen this yet! I've seen trailers and it looks like such a cute, smart and relatable show. However, it's quite different than the programs I usually watch and I just haven't looked this up. Should I?

Old Shows: You've heard me talk about these shows again and again! You need to watch them.

Bones - When we left off last season, Bones had gone on the run as a fugitive. This season, she comes back and the drama continues. I've been watching this show for many seasons now. The interesting and quirky characters as well as the engaging plot lines keep me coming back.

Grimm - This is a show that I've also mentioned several times on my blog, despite the fact that it's only in the second season. I can't claim to be unique here. I also like this because of the characters and episodic plots. I'm really attached to the characters too. I love Monroe (and his style) as well as his new girlfriend, Rosalie. At first, I didn't like Juliette, the main character's girlfriend, but the writers hit a reset button on her and now I don't mind her. Likewise, in season 1, I didn't care for Hank, the sidekick. Now that he's in on the secrets, I actually quite admire his bravery. 

Castle - This is one of my favorite shows because it contains the two elements I like best in television, adventure and humor. Now that the main couple is together, there's a lack of sexual tension but that just makes the relationship between Castle and Beckett more hilarious. 

Big Bang Theory - Though I still like this show and enjoy it every time I see it, Big Bang Theory is sliding further and further down my list of "Must Watch" shows. It's still funny, but there's nothing "at stake" here anymore. This is a show that's just comedy, which I don't think I enjoy as much as the comedy/action mix. 

Doctor Who - This is a show that was playing earlier this Fall and returns at Christmas time. It's a British show with craaaazy fans, if you're not already aware. I really want to say that I love this show, but that love is quickly dying. I was so happy to get rid of Amy in the last season... Though I'm getting sick of Moffat's tricks, I have to admit that I am so excited for the new companion. 

Community - I'm going to be honest. This show is mostly canceled. It was supposed to start in a Friday slot on October 19. Then it was delayed to a February start date. Then one of the principle characters (Chevy Chase) left. Though I love this show, it seems seriously doomed.

Which show should I dedicate my time to this winter break? I really suggest you watch Castle, it's my favorite on the list right now.