Monday, April 29

Gallery of Cheap Spring Dresses!

Indulge me while I lust for some pretty, casual dresses! This spring, I don't find myself wanting too many things. Just one really pretty dress. 

Well.. I may eat my words in a week. But today, all I really want is a pretty spring dress. 

I don't have a polka dotted dress in my wardrobe. Or even a skirt. I have a shirt and some shorts that have polka dots on them, though. I love polka dots, but I think I've stayed away from large flowy pieces in the print so I don't seem too young. I love this dress here. It's so classic and chic. 
Polka Dot Dress with Skinny Belt, Forever 21
Stripes are classic and standards. I actually already have 2 black and white striped dresses in my closet. But I don't have any bold stripes. Or any colored stripes. In other words, this dress would totally have a place in my closet. 
Classic Striped Woven Dress, Forever 21
I wasn't feeling Old Navy too much this season. I usually like their plain pieces, but I felt like their drop waists and maxi skirts just all looked awful on me. I didn't try this one out, but it looks pretty comfortable and I don't object to the print. 
Woman's Printed Sundress, Old Navy
You're probably sick of this pattern already, so I'll save you a bit of time and just talk about the shape. I love my loose flowing dresses, but there's also something to be said about a dress that tucks you in at the right places. A well constructed dress in a comfy material is definitely a weapon appropriate for all events during the Spring. 
Geometric Cut Out Dress, Love Culture

Thursday, April 25

More Daleks

I don't know if you guys remember my Dalek Socks, but I also have a Dalek t-shirt. It's a loose comfortable top, but I thought I'd try to dress it up by tucking it into a skirt. 

Jacket: Forever 21 (16.99)
T-Shirt: Star Trek Convention (20.00)
Skirt: H&M (5.95)
Tights: Forever 21 (6.80)
Boots: Ross (21.56)

Also, for maybe the first time, my hair is up in a pony tail . But as you can see from the baby hairs... there's a reason I don't put it up often. My hair is one of those things that I still don't know what to do with. Hate, for that reason.

Enough focusing on that. 

Back to my awesome t-shirt! I got it over the summer and overpaid for it, I know. But the material is so soft and comfy. I love how casual it is. 

Dressing up t-shirts? Yay or nay?

Monday, April 22

Graze Box Take 2 + Mini Blog Announcement

As the last few weeks of my program is wrapping up and I get just that much closer to graduation and a Master's degree, I've been thinking of some changes. It seems like for the first time in a while, there's a lot in flux. There's been a lot on my mind but one of the changes I feel like needs to happen is regarding this blog. 

I can't believe that since its creation in 2010, I've posted 3x a week here. I honestly don't do anything for that long. However, I know I'm going to be busier when I start working, and if my friends and fellow bloggers are any indicator, I'll want to post less. So, I suppose I can just start now. I'm bringing the posting from 3x a week to 2x a week. You probably won't even notice! 

Anyways, to keep this from being a boring post, I'll share my second Graze box with you!

Bonnie Wee Oatbakes - red onion marmalade with cheese and chive oatbakes
No good to me! Not that it was bad, but I just can't eat this in public. The onion is good, but so strong that you need to brush your teeth right afterwards. I hope they pair the oatbakes with less potent jams in the future. 

Bounty Hunter - milk chocolate drops, coconut flakes and cranberries
First off, I've realized that Graze has fantastic chocolate. I haven't been disappointed. It's probably why I continue to get chocolate items. The cranberries here were good too. I didn't like the coconut flakes that much because they were very hard to chew on. The flavor was weak as well. 

Pina Colada - pineapple, coconut flakes and mango
The Pineapple and the Mango were both delicious. The pineapple was a bit tart, but that's just the way they are, isn't it? I could have eaten a bucket of both items. The coconut flakes had the same issue that I noted above. it didn't really combine with pineapple or mango for a full flavor. 

Jaffa Cake - roasted hazels, orange infused raisins and dark chocolate buttons
This might have been my favorite snack this box. The roasted hazels contrasted with the two sweet items very well. The chocolate... you already know that I love it. The orange infused raisins were fantastic too. I have never had an interesting mix of flavors like that before. This is a snack I would get again in a jiffy. 

If you're interested in the Graze Box,  I'm going to share my code with you again. 

Use 4L9CXHJ on Graze to try your first box for free. For more information  you can go to my first post on Graze here

Thursday, April 18

A List of Necessary Appliances

This is an ultra practical post for college kids and young adults. I'll tell you, in LifeHacker style, what appliances are indispensable to me. As someone in college or even as a young adult always on the move, you may not want to buy a ton of appliances. Perhaps it's that you don't have the money to invest (I don't.) Or that you don't think you need something. Or even that you don't want excess furniture/appliances to carry when you move (me again)!

However, I think the following items are indispensable. 

1. Microwave 
via weheartit
You already have this right? Most apartments come with microwaves and microwaves are on the packing lists of most colleges. Make sure you have one. It warms up leftovers, helps you create meals in a pinch and even assists with cooking. 

2. Coffee Maker
via weheartit
Don't think you need a coffee maker? Think one's too expensive? For the longest time, I didn't want a coffee maker because I was looking at the wrong ones. I don't have 300 dollars for a Keurig, I thought. I still don't. I went with a Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker for under 20 dollars. I also thought that making coffee would be a hassle. If I got a coffee maker, wouldn't I still need coffee beans, a coffee grinder, those filters... Wouldn't it all add up? Let's break it down. 

One cup of Starbucks Coffee is 1.40. As most of us know, the special drinks can cost up to five dollars, but for the sake of price comparison, we'll stick to the basics. A coffee maker is 20 dollars. A filter is 3. A bag of already ground coffee is 7. Making coffee at home is an initial investment of 30 dollars. If you make 21 cups of coffee, you've already made back your money. Even if you add creme and sugar to that list, it just doesn't make sense to buy coffee every morning. All you have to do is wake up and set it up. I find that the process and being excited for coffee makes me more alert and willing to walk to the other room too. 

I know I have a lot of opinions on coffee makers, but bare with me. I'm almost done. Perhaps the best part about this is that I don't feel tempted to buy coffee out anymore. Pair your coffee maker with a good quality tumbler and you are set to go! I'd call it unlimited free coffee, but that may be going too far. 

3. Single Serve Smoothie Blender
via tumblr
I guess this will only apply to you if you do the following. 1. Buy smoothies from Whole Foods/Jamba Juice. 2. Enjoy smoothies. 3. Want to start drinking healthy green smoothies. I actually had a blender before I got the Hamilton Single Serve Blender. But that blender was large and didn't work well. I hated having to clean it every time I used it, so I didn't use it. 

When you're out looking for your small single serve blender, I'd make sure that its motor is powerful enough to crush ice. After that, the possibilities are endless. Instead of spending 5 dollars somewhere for a smoothie, simply grab some recipes online and blend it yourself. It's an initial investment of 20 bucks plus 10 dollars of fruit/veggies for maybe 20 servings? If there's 2 things you need to know about me, it's that I like to save money and save effort. (Or that I'm cheap and lazy...) 

Another reason I avoided a blender was because I didn't think I could make the same .tasty smoothies I could buy. It's true that I don't follow many of the recipes listed online since they're just too complicated. I stick to simple smoothies using whatever fruit I have on hand. I've made smoothies out of frozen grapes (just frozen grapes), as well as strawberries and bananas, pears and spinach. As I discovered the other day, 1 ingredient is all you need. 

Saturday, April 13


I really like this pattern. I don't know exactly what I see in it but I really really like it. I think it's because I don't think I own anything even remotely like this.  (3 sentences, used "I" 7 times. Skill, baby.) Over the winter, I had a slight obsession with graphic sweaters. But it's too warm to think about sweaters now. One print that I find I still love is the geometric/tribal/aztec black and white print. I find that many different places call it different things, but it's all over the place now. 

I can find dresses, cardigans, leggings and skirts in this print. Like the dress below!
Tribal Inspired Georgette Dress, Forever 21

Of course, there are those thick cardigans I was first attracted to.
Tribal Chunky Knit Cardigan, Love Culture

No surprise that there's a lot of trend combinations. Here, we see the geometric print mixed with a hi-lo hem. 
Sacred Geometry Cream Tribal Print High -Low Skirt, Lulu's

Despite these summery trends, I still find myself looking at my first object of affection, cardigans. The reason why I haven't purchased any is because I think I really want a cardigan that closes with buttons. These are all drapey and open. 

Geometric Chunky Knit Cardigan, Love Culture

This one, though slightly more fitted, still doesn't have any closures. 

Cozy Neighbor Black and Ivory Sweater, Lulu's

Lastly, I've been really eyeing these dresses at H&M. One of them is the dress below and the other I can't find online, but it's made of cotton and really hugs your body. I can't decide between the two!

Sleeveless Chiffon Dress, H&M

Tuesday, April 9

Cozy Outfit + Awkward Drive Thru Moment

I love comfortable clothing. I feel like this winter, I've discovered tunic tops, leggings, jeans and boots. Rediscovered. Whatever. It's just so easy to throw on! 

Necklace: Gift
Sweater: H&M ($14.36)
Leggings: H&M ($9.20)
Boots: Ross ($21.56)

This sweater is EXACTLY the type of oversized sweater I was looking for here. Perfect to wear with leggings and boots. This was my uniform this winter and I won't be surprised if it wear it next winter too. With the days getting hotter, this is all I can think of. You can also read about how excited I was when I first got these boots here. Looks even better on, right?

I have a good story for you guys too. I don't go through drive thrus very often. I generally don't eat fast food and even if I do it's because someone else wants it and I'm not driving. Oh, let's not mention that I'm pretty bad at driving through them. Once, at a Starbucks drive through, I hit the curb hard enough to go over it. 

Just the other day, I was at a McDonald's drive through. I paid my money and the attendant started talking to other employees. After an awkward 30 seconds, I asked him if I should drive forward to pick up my food. I don't know how to use a drive through, apparently.

Monday, April 8

My Life is Average Mondays: Spring Break Cleaning

via tumblr
So, a few weeks ago during spring break I was all pumped to do some closet spring cleaning. I was going to get rid of clothes I never wear and sell it or donate it. 

Until I actually set to the task. 

I realized that I had given many of my undesirable clothes to my mother already. All those old, ill fitting shirts went to her, as did the too skinny for me pants, and those out of style dresses. 

After cleaning out my closet, I had a total of less than 10 items to sell. 

When I took it to the store, it took the lady 3 seconds to look though my things and determine that she didn't want any of them. 

What a bust! 

Saturday, April 6

My First Pair of Corso Como Heels!

I've talked about the Corso Como Del Pumps before. I've obsessed over them for many many months. Now, I finally got them! 

I got a pair of Del Pumps in Nude. Had to order this online because it's one of the few places where I saw nude shoes that were not patent. I had tried on the sizes in store and determined that a 7 1/2 was appropriate. 

At first, I was a bit surprised by the color. it's not really noticeable in these photos, but some parts of the shoe are darker than other parts. When I read the pamphlet,  it said that these discolorations were normal as these shoes are made from real leather. I've never had real leather before, so I don't know any better. 

One of the most disappointing things is that due to sizing, on my smaller foot, the back end of the shoe rubs against my heel. I may have to find a filler of some sort so that my foot doesn't constantly slip out. 

The bottom of the shoe, of course, is incredibly comfortable. They aren't kidding when they claim that there is four layers of padding. However, this padding doesn't seem to stick to the bottom of the shoe. When I took my foot out of it one night, a part of the padding loosened. I hope this isn't indicative of a future problem. 

Overall, I still absolutely love the shape and look of the shoe. I'm holding off judgement on its comfort because I believe I still need to break it in. As to quality, I hope that shoes like this last me a long time... but I won't know until later! 

What's your go-to brand for pumps? 

Thursday, April 4

Lace Shorts, A Desire Fulfilled

I made an outfit a long time ago with lace shorts and now, I finally, finally got them. See how long it takes me to look for things? Much longer than it should.

I decided to wear these lace shorts with a printed top and a long cardigan. I've also worn them with a solid colorful top... Pretty versatile and comfortable, I'd say! Other than the fact that they're a bit short, I'm happy with my purchase.

Point of note, I'm never looking at the camera because my attention span isn't long enough. I've got issues... I KNOW. 

Lastly, here's a shot of the pattern of the shorts. I had to fiddle with the color a bit. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to take a picture of shorts without a crotch shot. It's real hard, guys. 

Tank: Aeropostale (Thrifted, $5)
Cardigan: Loft ($20)
Shorts: Wet Seal (16.50)
Tights: New York and Company (7.47, 1/2 off!)
Shoes: Gianni Bini (34.99)

Tuesday, April 2

Too Delicious Not To Post

I can't believe there was a day when I hated Mexican food because I can't get enough of it now! Lately, I've been super into making this enchilada lasagna dish. 

This is hardly a healthy dish... But it is an incredibly cheesy and delicious dish. It is so filling that you don't need to eat too much of it. I actually ended up eating this for a week. It works for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The best part about it? You can drrrrrrown in in sriracha sauce.

This enchilada is an adaptation of this dish from Picky Palate. Tastes delicious whether you put in a lot of effort or a little.