Thursday, May 30

ELF Lip Exfoliator Review

I did an ELF haul recently, so you'll see these items start to trickle in as I use 'em. This exfoliator wasn't something that I was meaning to get. I just saw it and it looked interesting so I picked it up. 

It's basically an exfoliator in a lipstick format. As a chapstick, it's alright. Relatively moisturizing and in the middle of the pack. According to ELF, this has Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Avocado, Grape and Jojoba Oils. As a lip exfoliator, it's excellent. It reminds me of the Lush lip exfoliators except much cheaper and in a better package.

It's so fun to use too since I love putting on lipstick. It has very high ratings from everyone else on ELF's website and it's only 3 dollars! I highly recommend it.

Monday, May 27

This or That Tag

I don't think you guys know this about me, but I freaking love tags. I love answering questions that someone else set out. They can be so insightful. I saw this tag on youtube and then Emily did it on my endless imagination so I had to do it too! 
via weheartit
And for the record, dogs, coffee, pirates and pancakes.

tag questions: 
blush or bronzer: Blush! I am pretty dark skinned, but I lack color in my cheeks. Blush is a part of my every day makeup while I have ever used bronzer before. 
lip gloss or lipstick: Lipgloss. I like my lipsticks, but I think gloss is more forgiving on my very dry lips. 
foundation or concealer: Foundation. I really like a light coat of tinted moisturizer or something with SPF. I don't ever use concealer. 
OPI or china glaze: Both were given to me as a gift and I don't know what I'd prefer. I think I like China Glaze since the quality is comparable but China Glaze is cheaper.
Long or short: I wish I could have long nails but my constant nail biting gets in the way. I have to have short nails. I don't even know how to do things (like type and write) with long nails. 
Brights or darks: Brights during the spring, darks during the winter? But if I had to choose overall, brights. 
Flower or no flower: No flower. Other than the fact that I'm upset that I can't draw flowers on my nails, salons don't offer the same cute designs I see on the internet. 

perfume or body splash: Body Splash. Perfume is more expensive and such a concentrated scent. Body splash is just a casual burst of scent.  
lotion or body butter: Lotion. I don't think I've ever really tried out a body butter. 
body wash or soap: Body Wash. Sometimes I'm too lazy to use soap. 
lush or other bath company: In terms of which company's products I go crazy for, Lush. But since their prices are so expensive, I often just shop at whichever store has the deals.

jeans or sweat pants: I don't really wear sweatpants. Only during the winter, at home. So, I have to say stretchy jeans for the win. 
long sleeve or short: Short sleeve, I guess. It's hot here most of the year and I always, always, always push my sleeves up past my elbows. 
long dresses or skirts: Dresses. I think they're the easiest thing to wear since you don't have to look for a separate top.
stripes or plaid: I like plaid, but I think stripes are the more classic pattern. I recently took a quiz that said my style was a bit French inspired or something like that. 
flip flops or sandals: Flips flops are so freaking uncomfortable. Sandals. 
scarves or hats: I actually like hats and I think they would be really practical for blocking out the sun in AZ, but I actually own several scarves and no hats. That may change this summer. 
studs or dangly earrings: Neither! My ears aren't pierced. 
necklaces or bracelets: Necklaces. I fiddle with bracelets way too much. 
heels or flats: I love both, but heels are just more dressy!
cowboy boots or riding boots: Riding boots! When I love one and hate the other, the choice isn't very hard. 
jackets or hoodie: Jackets can be as comfortable as hoodies... and I think they generally look better. 
forever 21 or charlotte russe: Forever 21. Whenever I go to Charlotte Russe now, I really can't believe I used to like that store. They have some great deals, but some of their items are so gaudy. Forever 21 has pretty bad moments too, but on a whole, I think I wear more F21. 
abercombie or hollister: I've honestly never shopped at either. Just from my memories, I think these are both very dark and smelly stores. I always feel like I'm going to be mugged. 
saks 5th or nordstrom: Never been to Saks 5th so Nordstrom!

curly or straight: I wish my hair could have natural curls since it looks good when it's left alone... but I'm too lazy to do that most of the time, so straight. 
bun or ponytail: Buns. Buns actually stay up on my head whereas the high pony tail look falls flat after a few hours. 
bobby pins or butterfly clips: I don't know...I use bobby pins now, but they are not very effective. I think butterfly clips would work a lot better with my hair. 
hair spray or gel: Never used hair gel... so spray!
long or short: My hair gets kinks in it if it is short, so it is easier to take care of long. I think it also frames my face better. 
light or dark: My hair's black and I've never dyed it. So black! (Not sure if I'm using the right form of dye here.) 
sweep bangs or full bangs: Side sweep probably. I have not had bangs for a very, very long time.
up or down: Generally up when I'm indoors and down when I'm outside. It just looks super messy when it's up!

Rain or shine: Shine. I mean... Arizona is the land of sun, right? I love my rainy days but only because they're so infrequent. 
Summer or winter: Winter. The summer is just too hot to be enjoyable. 
Fall or spring: Fall. I get too many allergies during the spring. 
Chocolate or vanilla: With all of my heart and soul, chocolate. 
East coast or west coast: After so many years out West, I have to go with West Coast! 

This was a cute and fun tag! I would encourage you to do it if you wish. 

Thursday, May 23

Back to Warmer Days

Back to shorts time! I took these pictures to feature the shorts, but due to the sun, it's near impossible to tell the pattern. ...Just as well, I'll do another post with 'em in the future.

Cardigan: Q (9.99)
Shirt: H&M (7.46)
Shorts: Target (12.58)
Shoes: Old (Unknown)

I'm looking down in both of these pictures because of the sun. I hate how wearing glasses makes it impossible to wear sunglasses. First world problems...

Here's a fun story: I lost my phone the other day. I'm always misplacing my phone but I have never actually lost it. However, when I was driving back from Best Buy, I noticed that my phone wasn't in my purse. Cue panic. I thought about how likely it was that my phone was stolen when I was looking at tablets in Best Buy and I determined that it was very likely. If my bag had been open, all someone needed to do was to slip their hand in and take it. More panic. 

I drove home, though, to see if I had just left it there. I looked around all the usual places I would leave it but still, it was nowhere to be found. At this time, I really, really gave up. I checked my phone right before I left too... so if it wasn't at my house. It was gone. Until I went back out to my car and saw my phone on the ground, next to the tire. I guess it slipped out when I got into my car? 

I can't believe I was so lucky. Someone could have stolen it from the floor when I was gone. Someone (even me) could have ran it over with their car. I could have just not seen it. Counting my blessings. 

Monday, May 20

Modern Steak: Fox Restaurant Review

I always pass by Modern Steak. It's right next to H&M, Loft, Lush, Forever 21 and everywhere else I shop at. It's upstairs from where I park at the mall. Basically, I've been staring at this restaurant for years. But with dinner entrees in the $30 to $40 dollar spectrum, I've never gone.

But take a look at these decor pictures, wouldn't you like to go to a nice fancy place like this?

Sorry about not being able to grab a picture of the entire restaurant, but people stare at you when you're snapping pictures, especially at nice places. (Also, they have some lovely pictures on their website.) The other picture I did snap was of their ceiling and wine display. 

However, I finally got to go due to a special occasion  The food was top notch. While it didn't surpass my high expectations, my expectations were fully met. 

So, before I tried the bread and butter, I thought I would try just the butter. It wasn't a bit salty and creamy like I expected. It was actually much, much saltier than I expected with a strange herbal after taste. Then, I spread a thin layer of it on my bread and the taste completely changed. The bread was good, but this was some of the best butter I have ever had. Unfortunately, I have no idea what I was tasting or why it was so good.

Then came what we actually ordered. This was a roasted chicken with brussel sprouts, fingering potatoes, and mushrooms. For that much meat, it was very light and fresh. Flavored, but not over seasoned. 

I got a turkey burger. This burger had the same buttery bun as Zinburger. I thought the turkey patty was wonderfully spiced as well. Super filling. I only had half of it.

If you're ever in the Scottsdale area, I highly recommend Modern Steak for a very special date or anniversary night. 

Thursday, May 16

Book Snob, but...

So, I think I do a lot of things that are contradictory. For example, I'm kind of a book snob. For my book related posts, click here.
via weheartit
I don't really want to read what everybody on the internet is reading (Hunger Games). At the same time, I want to read something classic and popular. I like reading timeless books--novels that have stood through the ages. My friends always recommend me the fantasy or science fiction pick of the week but I don't remember the last time I picked something up with dragons and werewolves in a fantasy land. 

So, I'm kinda snobby. Or particular. However you dice it. 

But with movies, I'm the opposite. I mean, I post about movies often enough right? I love summer blockbusters that everyone watches.The movies I love to watch in theaters are always the ones that break revenue records not because they are so good, but because so many watch them. On the other hand? Critically acclaimed movies? Oscar nominated films? I don't think I've seen a film nominated for Best Picture in Years! I actively try to stay away from them. 

I love bad movies, too. Actions movies with a very weak plot? I'm there. Comedies with little to no plot? I'm fine with a cheap laugh. 

So that's that. I'm kind of a book snob, but I'm very much for the people in terms of movies. 

What kinds of books and movies do you like? 

Monday, May 13

What I've Learned from my Health Journey So Far

You may have already heard of everything in this post. You may choose to skip it or read it just to give yourself a bit more motivation. 
via weheartit

Just start. 
I think too often, we wait for a special occasion to start. New Years, or a new month, or an engagement, or an event. However, I started because I downloaded a new calorie counting app  that I fell in love with. It was no specific time... in the middle of November. There was no pressure on me to continue, but I've used the app everyday since then. I haven't stayed under my calorie limit, of course, but I can say that over the past 6 months, I've been conscious of what I'm putting into my body. 

Messing up shouldn't mean giving up. 
It's so easy to eat unhealthy within a day, but just because there was a bad lunch doesn't mean that you should also have dessert and an awful dinner. Just because you didn't exercise Monday and Tuesday doesn't mean that you should probably wait until Monday to start thinking about it again. So often, we stop trying or set a new start date because we want to be absolutely perfect. But perfection is not going to happen. I think the most successful individuals aren't the ones that don't fail but are the ones who can pick themselves up after failing. 

Surround yourself with support. 
You wouldn't believe how much simpler it is to eat healthy and exercise when you surround yourself with people who do. Instead of trading unhealthy recipes, you trade healthy ones. Instead of visiting steak houses, you visit the new lunch salad place. When your friends complain about being sore, it reminds you to go harder. For me, following a few trainers on twitter was a good amount of inspiration. They would constantly urge me to do better 

Any more words of wisdom to share?

Thursday, May 9

You Look Like You're About To Cry Outfit

There's this guy in my class. If I go to class and I'm not ALL smiles, he says, "You look like you're about to cry." Really? Cause I just think I look angry. 

Scarf: Macy's (Gift)
T-Shirt: Urban Outfitters (about $10)
Jeans: H&M (17.95)
Shoes: Old (Unknown)

Clothing related sidebar: I was given this scarf over the winter holidays as a gift. It's my first circle scarf. I think the mix between dark and mint green is perfect for spring, winter and fall. 

These are the days when I'm stressed out, upset, or tried. I think I act totally differently if I'm having a good day or a bad day. 

Do you always have a cheery face on? 
Or are you grumpy mcgrumps sometimes?

Monday, May 6

Pizza Making Adventures and Mishaps

Mostly mishaps. My bar for "edible" is very low. 

This isn't my first attempt at pizza making. For my first attempt, I'd like to refer you to this delicious disaster right here. If I had a separate food blog, that'd be its name. Delicious Disasters. 

Off topic. Anyways, my friend got a pizza cooking slab for Christmas, so obviously, we had to make pizzas. With the cooking stone, he also got a book of recipes on how to make pizza dough, sauces, and whole pizzas. We ignored it, for the most part. 

For our first try, we went out to Fry's and got some Whole Wheat pizza dough. Then we flattened it onto the slab as you see here. Appetizing. 

Oh. And then somehow we managed to burn the pizza. Or um... we made it thin crusted and smoky. And charred. Like I mentioned at the beginning, my bar for edible is pretty low so I unstuck as much of the pizza as I could and ate a few bites. The onion and prosciutto pizza wasn't bad! it was a little salty and hard but I'd call it an okay first try. 

On our second try we used a different type of dough. Regular instead of whole wheat. We also cooked it for less time. So, you know, no burning. I actually really enjoyed this attempt. The dough was delicious! Only thing was that I felt it needed more sauce, but that may be because I think everything is better with sauce.

What are your favorite pizza toppings? 

Thursday, May 2

Soap and Glory Products from Kiran!

I've been following Kiran for a while and when she had a giveaway, I entered. Then, I won! She sent me some awesome Soap and Glory products. Kiran has a blog dedicated to makeup and beauty but she mixes it up with a bit of the sights and sounds of where she lives-in the UK. 
Thanks so much for these prizes. They are so awesome. 

Look at the wrapping paper and adorable card!

Then here's what the bag looked like. When you fold it out, it's unexpectantly large and really soft inside. Almost like a laptop case? Maybe I'll use this for that. 

THIS. OMFG. This. I tried this on and I love it to bits. It has a great color and sheen. I've been looking for the perfect bright lips for the summer and Kiran sent it to me! It also gives my lips the weirdest tingle that I love.

I haven't tried this blush out too much, but it definitely has very pretty and shimmery colors. It has very nice packaging with a large mirror. Just from putting it on once or twice though, I really like the color. It's pigmented, but the range of shades makes it adjust nicely to my skin without making it too light or dark. It's a very illuminating look. 

I've also been looking for a pencil liner for a while and this certainly does the trick. It's a deep black that does smudge on my lids but it's so so so creamy that I don't even care. 
Overall, thanks so so much and I encourage you all to check out her blog!