Thursday, September 26

Professional Asian Haircut - The Before and After Pictures

This is a continuation of a post I made WAY back in July when I considered getting my hair cut. 

When I went to the hairstylist and showed her my pictures of what I wanted she said to me... nicely... "You know these are opposites, right?" 

I should have figured. I wanted layered hair to wear in waves and not layered hair to wear in buns and straight. But still, she came up with something pretty awesome. Take a look at my before...

And then the after! It's a little bit shorter and a bit more layered. You can kind of tell how the front is a bit shorter than the back. Overall, I quite like it. Neater and sleeker, I think this was exactly what I was looking for!

Monday, September 23

ELF Liquid Luscious Lipstick in Perfect Pink Review

Though ELF describes this as a lipstick, the high shimmer and liquid-y consistency reminds me more of a gloss.

The "lipstick" is rather sheer, but buildable to a degree. The color is decent on me but nothing like the perfect summer color I found from Soap and Glory. The natural color of my lips are a bit dark for this gloss to look flattering, but that's a personal issue. It doesn't seem to last too long on me (an hour tops) and it is super duper sticky. I don't mind sticky glosses when they're sticky for a reason, but this one just gets on my nerves. One aspect that's great about this gloss is that it's super shiny. However, the super shiny look isn't something that I'm always into. If you're looking for that though, this is the gloss to have! 

Ultimately, this was only a filler item from ELF that cost a dollar, so no harm done. 

Monday, September 16

Sugarbowl - Oldtown Scottsdale Restaurant Review

Sugarbowl is the working definition of "cutest ever". It's tucked in oldtown Scottsdale and definitely reminds me of that stereotypical 1950s ice cream shop. Even their napkins were full of whimsy. I didn't take too many pictures of the decor inside, but rest assured, the booths and chairs were pink and adorable. 

I absolutely loved what I ordered! This is the DesireMe Banana Split. The description is: Split whole fresh banana, split on one end by creamy vanilla ice cream and chocolate marshmallow sauce and on the other by strawberry ice cream with sliced strawberries delicious whip and a cherry. I thought it was a great dessert for $6.50. 

I'm definitely waiting to go again! I didn't realize how much I loved decadent banana splits! 

Monday, September 9

Spring/Summer Reading + Opinions on E-Readers?

In addition to my Tao of Pooh book that I dedicated an entire post to, I've read a few other books this spring too. (And then I forgot about them, which is why this post comes to you during not-spring.) 

by Neil Gaiman 

This is a classic fairy tale. Overall, I thought it was such a cute, sweet book! There were a lot of aspects to this book that tied together beautifully. You know that "ahhh, so that's how it all works out" moment you get when reading especially well crafted books? Definitely happened with this book. It was an incredibly quick read so I recommend it for your boring afternoon. 

via tumblr

The Importance of Being Earnest 
by Oscar Wilde

This is a classic play. Now, classics have a bad rep for being boring but I found this play ridiculous and hilarious. I found it so hilarious that I really really want to see it being performed. This play... basically reminds me of Wedding Crashers. 2 bffs and their 2 respective ladies... and lots of lies in between. Throw in a few offbeat characters and this could be the next Hollywood RomCom. But better. Since's it's Oscar Wilde.

In other book related news, I've been toying around with the idea of getting an ipad mini for reading. I know that there are cheaper e-readers, but I think I'd have more versatility with an ipad mini... so I won't be tempted to get an e-reader then another ipad in a few years. Do you guys use any e-readers? Opinions? I'd stick with free books if I could, but I hated carrying a laptop bag, a purse and then a huge book to read on the train. What else do you guys use your ipads for?