Monday, October 28

Sebastien Millon - New Favorite Artist

I knew when I went to Phoenix Comic Con, I'd see fun people, great costumes and get lemmings for all the stuff, but I never thought that I would fall in love with an artist. Well, I mean, not in love with him, but his work. 

This artist's work is funny, cute, poignant, eye-catching... I know that I will purchase something for my apartment one day, but I'm not sure what yet. However, it's hard to describe art . Let me show you. 

credit Sebastien Millon
Adorable, no? He has a cast of characters that he draws frequently including bears, ducks, unicorns, owls and rabbits. I think my favorite are the bears. 
credit Sebastien Millon

And I actually think that another character looks like me when I put my hair up in a bun.
credit Sebastien Millon
It's funny that this isn't even the first time I've seen Sebastien Millon's work. I've seen it all over the internet. I can't believe that he's a local artist! 

Do you guys have a suggestion as to where I can display one of his prints? 

Thursday, October 24

Clinque "even better" Foundation in SPF 15 Color Vanilla Review

This is kinda scary guys, but do you ever find makeup?

You're digging in your bathroom cabinet and you find a nail polish. Or in an old purse and you find chapstick? Or in my case, in your drawer and some foundation?

I remember when I was given this foundation though and it wasn't too long ago... thank goodness! 

Generally I think SPF 15 is a bit too low for Arizona, but I'm not really the type to not use makeup when I already have it.  

This product has medium coverage and average staying power. I think it does a pretty good job at evening out my skin tone while staying fairly natural in finish. Original price for this product is $27, which I find a bit too expensive considering I can (and usually do) purchase Asian foundation products for cheaper. 

Thursday, October 17

Modcloth Striped Dress

Things that I suck at: One. 

...Nevermind. The list is too long to even go into. 

So, way back when I ordered from Modcloth, I said I'd do a review on all the items I got. But I never did end up reviewing this dress! This is the Good Feeling dress, which unfortunately, is no longer available. 

All reviews of this dress said that the breast area was way too large and gaping. I remedied this issue by wearing a bandeau bra with the dress. Other than that one issue, I really loved the dress, which you can tell because I have so many pictures this time!

Dress: Modcloth (20.99)
Bandeau: Love Culture (4.90)
Belt: With Dress, Modcloth 
Necklace: Prize from Wild Butterfly Boutique
Shoes: Aldo (49.50, on sale from 70.00)

The dress itself is breezy and comfortable. The shape and fit is perfect (slimming where I need it and curvy where I want it). Lastly, I really love the cute bow belt that came with it. I've already worn it with a ton of items. 

Monday, October 14

My Life is Average Mondays: Musings about Makeup

As some of you may know, for the longest time, I didn't wear makeup. When I started, I started slowly. Eyeliner at first, then I found about about eyeshadows... the interest grew from there. 

Now, I have enough products for what I call "a full face of makeup". Somewhere along this 5 year journey, I've transitioned from calling my no makeup appearance "bare" instead of "normal". When you wear makeup everyday, don't you forget what you really look like? And when the purpose of this make up is to enhance and improve your looks, do you feel uglier without makeup? 

I just did. And it scared me. 

via weheartit
I remember when I was hanging out with a friend. We were walking around our campus in August and it was unbearably hot outside. When we got back to her dorm, she took a shower. We had dinner plans and so I asked her if she could leave right after she showered. This friend insisted that she had to put on her makeup first. Back then, the only time I had put on makeup was for prom so I didn't understand her compulsion. It was just dinner between a few high school friends... what was the deal, right? She confessed that she had not gone outside without makeup since she was 15. 

I didn't understand her then. But as I started wearing makeup more often, I started noticing when women wore makeup and when they didn't. One of the scariest experiences I had was when I saw an acquaintance who usually had on a full face of makeup without a stitch. Can I make a confession? I thought she was very plain. I didn't realize that she covered up her acne, wore heavy eye makeup and contoured her face everyday. In fact, I barely recognized her. I wondered if I ever came off that way to others.

If I skip makeup when I'm tired and feeling down, would I look even worse? What happens if I really need eyeliner to feel complete? 

What happens when you feel "bare" without makeup? 

Thursday, October 10

An Introduction to Spaghetti Squash

I don't think I've had an actual cooking post here in a while. It's not because I'm cooking less... actually, just the opposite. When I started this blog, I had no idea how or what to cook. Now, I have a few recipes that I can reliably go back to... but I'm still introduced to new vegetables all the time. This is one of those times.

The spaghetti squash is just a cool vegetable. I've always thought that squash is a funny looking winter vegetable but I really had no idea how many different types of squash there are.

This is what spaghetti squash looks like when it's just cut open. It's a rather unassuming melon shaped ... thing. 
via cornucopia's tumblr
But, turn it over and scrape it with a god and you get something really really cool. 
via Eat and Greet's tumblr
Now, let's be real here. This isn't the same as spaghetti. You're not going to fool anyone into thinking that this is angel hair pasta. But think about it this way, one cup of pasta is over 200 calories. One cup of spaghetti squash is under 50. Now, I'm not a nutritionist or anything, but you can read here for more information. 

What I can tell you is that spaghetti squash, mixed with traditional pasta ingredients, is delicious. In this dish, I used tomatoes, mushrooms and some cheese. While it was very good, I thought it could have been even better with the addition of some meatballs. 

Thursday, October 3

Crossbody Bags

The other day, I was thinking about work when I realized... I needed a cross body bag. I've shared before how I want a handbag for work. I thought a large bag would fix my problems. But when  I saw the girl I was having lunch with reach into her large purse for a crossbody bag, I realized that what I needed, perhaps more importantly than a large bag, was a small bag. 

Stuff floats around in a large bag. Receipts, tissues, pens, pile up over time. All this junk makes the "essentials" very difficult to find. That's why I decided I need a small purse to go in the big purse. The big purse can carry my laptop and documents. The small purse can carry my keys, wallet and phone. 

It'll be perfect. 
I'm very good at justifying my purchases. 
Let's start with this one. It's nice and simple. I'm not 100% in love with the texture here though. 
Merona Removable Strap Crossbody Bag, Target
In this next one, I really like the buttery feel of this bag. The simple gold detail is also really attractive to me. It has enough structure to stand on its own, but isn't too structured that I'd be worried about it getting mashed in a bag. 
Faux Leather Structured Crossbody Bag, Forever 21
I mean... the trend here is black bag with gold details, right? While I think I prefer straps instead of the chain, there's a certain look to the delicate gold chain that's very pretty! 
Convertible Envelope Crossbody, Forever 21
Not liking the textures of Target bags also seems to be a trend here. I think I prefer smooth over grainy textures. I also don't think I love this type of buckle. But this purse is still representative of the size I want... if not the style. 
Merona Grainy Crossbody, Target
I also go back and forth on buckles. For example, I don't much love the last one... but these decorative buckles are LOVE. This purse has a lovely sporty look. 
This last purse from Forever 21 is probably my favorite. In addition to this cognac color, they also have a burgandy, forest green and black. The price of this was unbeatable (20 bucks or so) but the quality is definitely what you'd expect for the price.... cardboard. 
Envelope Crossbody, Forever 21