Thursday, January 23

Seattle Vacation Recap Day One

I love vacations in three ways. First, I love planning out everything I'm going to do...I like to pick out all the sights, sounds, and tours to go on before I actually get there. I also love getting to know the area by watching many travel shows (and nowadays, looking through blogs!). Since I love food, I pretty much pick out ALL the restaurants I want to eat at beforehand. Then, I actually get to go on the trip and all of these gorgeous and delicious visions come to life. It's a few days of exploring, relaxing and such much "life-candy". Then, after the vacation, I can slowly go through all of my pictures, reliving each memory. And my blog provides an awesome venue to share this last step! So, look at these gorgeous pictures as I relive this wonderful trip. 

Seattle's somewhere I've always wanted to go. Some time in the last few years, I fell in love with its rainy weather, gorgeous views, and good food. I was pretty determined that I wanted to move there... despite never visiting. I vowed to change that this summer, but the trip fell through and I ended up going in the fall. The trip took place Friday through Monday, so let's start with Friday! I live right by a light rail that takes me to the airport, so Friday morning, I boarded that with little time to spare and headed to Seattle. Right after we got off the plane an rented a car, we headed to 13 Coins. I've heard of this place as a late night dining joint, but its location near the airport made it perfect for a quick breakfast. My boyfriend and I both got something with sausage in it... while the dishes were good, they weren't great. Stand outs were the coffee (but the coffee everywhere was great) and the buttery hash browns. 

From there, we drove about 30 minutes north and went on a tour of the Boeing facility. No pictures were allowing inside the manufacturing facility, but it was amazing to see how BIG everything was. Despite the size of these projects, the facility put them together so quickly. Seeing an awesome manufacturing process is not something I can eloquently describe in words, but I marveled at human ingenuity. 

From there, we got stuck in traffic and took a detour to Capital Hill. I don't think I got a real sense of this place but I went to an adorable shopping mall where I found Top Pot doughnuts. Ugh. Amazing. I think I want to be a doughnut connoisseur. 

Making our way downtown was no easy task. I was intimidated by the one way streets, the sloping roads and thoroughly distracted by the sound, the buildings and the boardwalk. I earned my name as a poor navigator in that half hour when we drove back and forth to find parking and then the hotel. 

We stayed at the Edgewater Hotel. Everyone knows it as the hotel were the Beatles stayed once, but I just thought it was lovely to be by the Sound. In hindsight, this was the one expense that I wish I did not spend so much on. Though the hotel was beautiful, we got a room with the view of the Space Needle rather than the Sound. 

We had dinner in the hotel restaurant... which resulted in the MOST delicious lobster mac and cheese I've never had. The dish was a side but I couldn't even finish the bowl. I picked out all the lobster. My boyfriend had cedar plank grilled salmon. I daresay that he really enjoyed the dish as day later, he raved to his family about how even the cherry tomatoes (a fruit he hates) was amazing. That was an incredibly dark restaurant though... so I've got no pictures to share there!

Thursday, January 16

IPad Mini Cases - A Review of

I love the ipad mini. It's the perfect size... I can carry it around for quick google searches and email checks around the house if I prefer a larger screen than my phone. It's great for browsing forums that are a bit too cramped on my IPhone 4S. Lastly, it satisfies my Youtube craving, allowing me to carry around my favorite vloggers as I go around getting ready, cooking or doing chores.

I had an ipad case, but after numerous drops, I decided it was time for a new one! Enter here, which is not only a website where you can get clothes, but also a place where you can get electronics and electronic accessories. 

First is this bright yellow case. The bright yellow color was not visible in real life as it was online. Still, it was a nice pop of color for whenever I lose the ipad around the house. This was a full case, with the back and sides offering full protection for the ipad. The one main hitch in this product is that the stand likes to fall down. I have to set it up very carefully and if I poke the screen too hard, it will collapse.  I've remedied the case by sticking velcro on it, but that's definitely less than ideal. For more product photos, please visit this site

This second product is not a complete case; it's just a cover. Unlike the yellow case, this product works great as a stand. The only fault here is that the magnetic strip that connects the cover to the ipad isn't very strong. If I hold it or tug it too hard, it can fall off. For more product information, please visit this link

Overall though, the website was great to order from. The shipping is slow, as one would expect, but the prices are great. I did have minor problems with both my cases (but I also had problems with cases I ordered from Amazon, which were more expensive). If you don't mind waiting for your items, I'd recommend purchasing from this website. 

Monday, January 13

My Life is Average Mondays: When You Don't Feel like Talking Anymore

I'm sure we all have times when we are talkative and times when we feel like being alone... but do you ever just not feel like talking anymore? In the middle of a conversation?
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For me, it'll go like this:

Friend: Hey, how are you doing today?
Me: Good. 
Friend: How's classes/work?
Me: Pretty good. It's pretty busy right now, but I like being busy. I'm learning a lot to be sure.
Friend: Me too actually. -shares relevant story-

Then I think of a relevant story to share too. And I really want to tell my friend. But I realize that it's going to take so long and I have to say so many words. I start talking faster and quieter until I'm just so tired that I just wish I could telepathically tell her the rest of the story. Or type it. 

"Yeah... That reminds me of the time when... You know my professor? The one I told you about before? Well, he's teaching the income class, right? And when we were talking about ... It was last Wednesday right after the rainstorm when hecameintoclassandhewascompletelywet..." 

And then I give up. 

Do you guys physically tire of chatting... or is it just me?

Monday, January 6

Firmoo Glasses Review + Code for Free Frames!

I'm sure you've heard of Firmoo, but maybe you haven't ordered! If you're worried about the quality or the fit... or concerned that you'll do it wrong, please read this review! I was concerned about these things too. The voucher for the frames is at the bottom of the post and if you're a blogger and interested in working with Firmoo, please check out this link!

1. If you're worried about quality... don't. Firmoo has great quality. Yes, they ship from China, but when I compared their glasses with frames I get in the US and frames I get in China, they're much closer to the kind of frames I see in the US. They're not made of the same plastic material. 

2. If you're concerned about fit... they actually have great guides. For example, I just uploaded my profile pic onto their virtual system. I put the glasses over my face and... hey! I really liked the fit. 

3. Lastly, if you're concerned you'll do it wrong... maybe. My glasses make me a bit dizzy and it's hard to focus when I turn my head suddenly. If you're getting prescription glasses, you need to have your prescription. I'm sure many of you already know that. However, equally important is the Pupillairy Distance. This tells the glasses where your pupils are so it focuses at the right spots. For example, when I look forward, the glasses are perfect. But when I look to the left and right, my eyes have trouble focusing because I gave Firmoo the wrong PD. If you order, make sure to get your PD right!

If you wear glasses, there's no reason why you shouldn't get a pair from Firmoo instead of paying 70-200 bucks at the doctor's. I think this is especially perfect if you want to get a more fanciful, extravagant pair like I did. With Firmoo's First Pair Free program, just try them out! 

You can also use the code sevenpercentblogs4 to get $30 off any Classic Frames

Thursday, January 2

Liebster Award Tag

Caroline from Cali Jae tagged me in an a Liebster Award! 

The Rules 

Share 11 things about yourself. 
Answer the 11 questions that your tagger gave you. 
Choose 11 other blogs to nominate. 
The nominees must have less than 200 Bloglovin' followers and be told via comment on their blog. 
Think of 11 questions to ask the bloggers that were nominated. 
Thank the person that nominated you and link back to their blog. 

My Questions: 
1. What is your passion in life? 
Oh wow. Right off the bat with the big question. I think if I knew the answer to this... my life would be drastically different. 

2. What is your favorite beauty item? 
Sunscreen. I haven't decided what kind yet, but I really truly believe in the power of sunscreen. 

3. What is one thing you can't live without? 
Without any smartass answers like running water, electricity or air conditioning, I think my phone. My phone keeps track of all my schedules, grocery lists, pictures, appointments... I'd be lost without it. 

4. What is your dream job?
Again, if I knew this... In vague terms, I'd want something challenging--a job that can change as I do. One that will always continue teaching me new things. 

5. Why did you start blogging? 
'Cause I was bored. And 'cause some of my friends started. I really wanted to keep track of the makeup items I was buying and the clothes I was wearing. My blog is also a not-so-private journal of my thoughts. 

6. If you could do one thing right now what would it be? 
Travel. I won't even ask for an exotic Hawaiian or Ireland vacation. If I could just go visit one of my friends in San Francisco... or Chicago... that'd be great. 

7. Curly or straight hair? 
I complain about my straight hair, but honestly, if you gave me curly hair I wouldn't know what to do with it. 

8. Best Instagram app? 
I actually don't use Instagram!

9. What is your favorite quote? 
Time you enjoyed wasting was not wasted at all I've posted that one on the blog before too!

10. What inspires you? 
Honestly? Bloggers. Bloggers have such an enthusiastic energy about them that I adore. The photography, videos and writing that gets generated is both motivational and inspirational. 

11. What is your best feature? 
My best personality feature is probably my empathy. Even though I don't actually understand much, I think I am very understanding that there's a lot of different people out there with different upbringings and perspectives.

I choose to tag: 
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Please answer these questions (they're mostly winter based, whoops):

1. What winter holidays do you celebrate, if any? 
2. What is your favorite thing about these winter holidays (or just winter)?
3. What is your least favorite thing about winter holidays (or just winter)?
4.  Are you ever afraid of burning your mouth on hot beverages? 
5. What's the most overrated thing about winter?
6. What's the most underrated thing about winter?
7. Do you actually like the cold weather? What's "cold" to you?
8. If you could visit one place in the winter, where would it be? 
9. What's the coldest weather you've been in?
10. Have you ever seen snow? What is your favorite snowy memory?
11. Did you ever believe in Santa Claus? When did you stop?