Thursday, February 13

Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleanser and Night Cream Review

Today, I'm bringing you two reviews on skincare, something that I'm trying to get more into lately. I think I harm my skin a lot with makeup; a lot goes on my skin and there's a lot of pulling and tugging. In order to heal from that, I've started really trying to be good about skincare! I picked up these Aveeno moisturizers after a particularly long day at work. 

The Aveeno Cleanser is a pearly liquid that leaves my face the tiniest bit tingly after application. It doesn't make my face feel squeaky clean, nor does it dry me out. It does a good job of cleaning out my pores and even removing makeup. The cleanser was more of an impulse purchase... I wasn't 100% sure that I needed it and now that I have it, I'm still not sure that I need it. It is not standout amoung the cleansers that I have used. The smell, while slightly perfumed, does not linger and is not offensive. 

The Aveeno Night Cream is very thick. The first time I overapplied because I underestimated how thick it would be. However, despite overapplying, it still absorbed within a reasonable time. I'm wondering how I've lived without this for so long. After applying this at night, I wake up in the morning and my skin is soft. It's unlike my skin's EVER been. It's actually touchablly soft. Now, this is the first thick night cream that I've tried so I don't have much to compare it to. However, the difference it makes in my skin is noticible... so I can't help but to love it. Highly recommend this product!

Thursday, February 6

Olive and Ivy - Oldtown Scottsdale Restaurant Review

Okay, I think I've pretty much tried all the Fox Restaurants in the Valley that I want to try. For my other reviews on this chain of restaurants, see my reviews on Modern SteakCulinary Dropout and True Food.

This last restaurant? Olive and Ivy. Olive and Ivy is located next to a few other Fox Restaurants in Scottsdale, but it is a tad pricer, which is why I haven't visited before. However, my boyfriend made surprise reservations one night! 

We really splurged on the exotic. This is the bacon wrapped pork tenderloin. It's served with spaghetti squash and tomato agrodolce which is a sweet tomato sauce. It was really delicious. I don't have pork tenderloin often and I never have it with any of these fancy sauces. 

And random artsy photos.

This is my dish, the veal and spinach ravioli with parmesan and mizuna. This was a relatively small dish, which is just as well, because if it had been any bigger, it would have been too rich. The ravioli was the perfect texture and a lovely two bites. The sauce here was amazing too. If I had a piece of bread, I would have cleaned my plate. (I think I attempted to clean my plate anyways.)
Overall, good restaurant, but just not within my day to day price range!

Monday, February 3

My Life Is Average Mondays: About Bloggers

I've been blogging for a few years now and looking back, it's CRAZY to reflect on the changes I've seen. 

Haven't we all seen so many relationships start, fail or move on to the next level? 

 It seems like almost every week that I find another blogger newly pregnant. I've seen newborns turn into toddlers. Then into kids who join their moms in photoshoots.

I've read about moves across the country, trips spanning the globe, the beginning of promising careers and those who have quit comfortable jobs to pursue a passion. 

I may not remember every blogger's name and blog exactly. I may not talk to them on a daily or monthly basis. I know I won't ever get to meet them all in person, but think about it... So many people have shared so many parts of their lives.