Thursday, May 15

BornPretty Wrist Watch

Born Pretty asked me to review a wrist watch... after some decision time, I decided on the Rhinestoned Metallic Watch.  Though I know of Born Pretty as a nail art/accessory seller, they're branching out to sell watches! The various types of women's watches which include the wrist watch (like the one I got), dainty bracelet watch, and unique LED watch

My boyfriend got this package and opened it for me. He texted me a picture and my first opinion was definitely that the watch was gorgeous. It looked luxurious (despite being very cheap) and as an accessory/fashion piece, it works very well. When I got home... I realized how large the watch is. Not only does it not fit on my regularly sized female wrist, it doesn't even fit on my boyfriend's wrist! 

While that doesn't mean that the watch was faulty or unattractive in any way, it's definitely something to watch out for. If you get a nice watch at a low price... are you also prepared to get some links removed? Personally, for me, it's not worth the hassle.

Use the code LAURAHC10 to get 10% off!

Monday, May 5

Arizona Restaurant Week: Roaring Fork

I'm not in love with Arizona. It wasn't my decision to live here and having spent the majority of my life here, (13/23 years) I'm itching to move out. That being said, the longer I stay here, the more fall in love with the state. So, I've decided to focus on all the awesome things there are in my state. No worries though, I'll still complain about the weather plenty. I already post a lot of restaurant reviews, so this won't be any huge difference on the blog... just a bit more Phoenix focused. 

Like a lot of places, Arizona has a Restaurant Week where a ton of popular restaurants band together to offer deals on their dishes. Every time, I'm determined to try one restaurant that's usually out of my price range. This time around, it was the Roaring Fork. The Roaring Fork is in a business area just north of the Scottsdale Mall, a place I frequent. Despite the proximity, I've never seen it. We went on a Friday night and it had a lovely atmosphere. The diners were a mix of casually dressed, to just got off work, to heading out on the town. The restaurant week deal is one starter, one entree, and one dessert... So let's head into it! 

I started with a raspberry margarita. It wasn't on the menu, but look at it! I don't regret it at all. Tart, sweet and cold is always a good combination.

For starters, both my boyfriend and I got the pork belly sandwich. I have pork belly all the time as a Chinese dish, but I'm not as familiar with it in American dish form. Once I bit into it, I realized that my little piggy wasn't misrepresented as the pork was perfectly made. 

He ordered wood fired steak with mashed potatoes. The steak was done well, but nothing life changing. However, the mashed potatoes here were made with sweet potatoes and I couldn't get enough of their sugary goodness!

Then, I got  the redfish. I got fish because I didn't want to overstuff myself... but the portions here are quite generous! I don't usually love fish cooked in an American style, but I loved this. I think, at the end of the day, it was cooked well... but even before that, it's just GOOD fish. It was accompanied with a whole grain pilaf and chipotle buerre blanc... that makes for SPICY fish!

Lastly, we finished with dessert. Here we see some creme brulee topped with fruit (very good) and below, a more untraditional fare.

Please see, churro, mexican drinking chocolate and horchata anglaise. This was amazing! The churros were light and fluffy, the drinking chocolate was great and I ended up dunking my churros in that little teacup as well. All I wished was that I had more churros to dip!

Overall, the restaurant was amazing. It wasn't an every day casual place, but not so expensive that we'd have to save it for special occasions either. The next Arizona Restaurant Week is May 17-26th!