Thursday, June 26

Seattle Vacation Recap Day 3 & 4

For parts one and two of my recap, please click on the links! On the third day, we went to Seatown Seabar for breakfast. I thought it was the prettiest place... located right across from the Sound and very close to Pike Place Market. I had heard about this place from Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations video... so like that video recommended, I ordered the dungeness crab breakfast sandwich. It was very good, though I thought it could have used more crab. 

My companion was boring and ordered eggs with bacon, toast and hash browns. 

After breakfast, we took a detour to suburban Seattle to find where my boyfriend had lived years ago. From there, we went on a nature trip to Summit Lake. After driving what seemed like FOREVER, I realized that we had to travel on a little dirt road for many miles before we could actually start hiking. I didn't want to do that so we took some pictures at the foot of the mountain and some other ones up another nearby mountain (no idea the name). Seattle is crazy, stupid beautiful. 

Afterwards, we drove back and watched the sunset by the Sound.

For dinner, we went to a local brewery so our resident beer enthusiast could be satisfied. Beer was had. My traveling companion got a lamb burger and I got an appetizer with mussels and clams. I seriously cannot get enough of that rich buttery sauce. On the other hand, my partner does want to make it known that he was not a fan of his "tzatziki burger" as the sauce was too strong. 

After dinner, we went to the Dahlia Lounge. I rarely go to bars and even more rarely do I drink at them, but on vacation, I loved the classy atmosphere of the Dahlia Lounge. No pictures from there... because reasons. 

The next morning, we had a few free hours before the flight, so I took a quick trip to the Space Needle. I got my obligatory Space Needle picture, went on a search for the Pie Shop, ordered delicious Chicken Pot and Shepard's Pie as well as Strawberry Rhubarb dessert. We ate lunch while watching the waves on the Sound and went back to the hotel to pack.

And so concludes our trip to Seattle. Until next time!

Tuesday, June 17

7% Solution: Tabula Rasa

It's at moments like this when I get nostalgic. I'm sitting in front of the airport gate about to go to Los Angeles then to London, then to Scotland. It's eerily quiet in the airport. There are only three others waiting with me. I'm having a moment of clarity, because I feel like it's taken me a lot to get to this moment. What exactly?

a break up

Possibly the biggest life event to happen to me. More life changing than graduation or getting a job. It's been hard of course, but it's definitely one of those experiences where you learn things about yourself. Namely, that I keep no secrets. Not from this blog, work friends who don't give a crap, or any of my close personal friends. Not having that support system will definitely be strange, but hey, it's no divorce. This has really forced me to become more of my own person and to explore what my life goals are. I guess on this blog, you can look forward to more life exploration, goal development and maybe even a dating post or two. 

moving apartments

This is a follow up of the first event. I've lived in a college town for six years now and I desperately want a change. First, in Phoenix, but eventually, I want to move out of Arizona all together. San Francisco is very high on my list. Looking for another place to move has proved very difficult. I've searched through uptown, midtown, downtown and in a local area called "Biltmore". I've tried to room with my friends and by myself... and even with strangers on Craigslist. I leave on this trip having applied for a beautiful 2 bedroom loft apartment in midtown with a Craigslist roommate. I'm still waiting to see, but hopefully, I'll move after my trip. Look forward to apartment decorations and interior design posts! 

work work work

Most of May was very light on the work for me, but it really picked up and got crazy at the end. This year so far, I've been coping with work. I'd really like to decide what I want to do in the long term (or maybe in the next two years). In addition to the personal development posts, professional development posts may be popping up. 

It's been uncharacteristically quiet in the last month on the blog for these reasons listed above. But there's nothing like an international trip to pick yourself back up and tackle life with a renewed fervor.