Thursday, August 28

Straight Legged Ankle Pants

I love the look of these straight legged ankle pants. I think these are comfortable, stylish, and perfect for the workplace. They work great with heels and flats. Blouses, tanks and sweaters pair with these pants with no problem. When I started working, I didn't own any, but now, I've got three in different colors and my collection is growing rapidly. 

Here's an example from Forever 21, but these are really available anywhere at all different price points and qualities.
Essential Twill Ankle Pants, Forever 21
My favorite fit has been the Julie Ankle Pant in Petite sizing from Loft. They're the perfect length for heels and flats, stretchy, and great quality (with the exception of a bit of fading).  

Julie Straight Legged Mid Weight Pant, Loft
They come in a ton of colors. I own 2 pairs of black pants (different materials) and one pair in a dark green. Definitely thinking of branching out into navy... and maybe something bright too!

True Straight Pants, GAP
Do you like this style? Where do you purchase work pants?

Thursday, August 21

Musical Instrument Museum

You guys probably didn't know this (nor would it ever really be relevant) but there's a Musical Instrument Museum on Arizona. Nestled in the desert, this building might seem out of place... but the aesthetically pleasing architecture makes it seem natural in the desert landscape. 
Once inside, you see long curvy hallways that remind me of concert halls. Fitting, given the theme and in fact, the museum does host concerts quite often. Though there's a lot to see. I visited the majority of the museum in a few hours.

First, I started off in a room that sorted music by geographic location; we traveled the world through song and sound, learning about how all sorts of instruments evolved through time. 

 Then, we went to a room that featured a lot of modern artists. One of the coolest exhibits I saw was this Olympic Drum from the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I never realized it was so intricate up close. 

Lastly, after an entire day of being forbidden to touch the instruments, there was an interactive room. Bongos, drums, gongs, a theramin and even an automated machine were available to play with.

If you're looking for an event to do with parents or young kids, I highly recommend this. There was a surprising number of young adults just wandering the halls alone, too. Very fun to visit at least once!

Anything similar in you area? Or is the Musical Instrument Museum one of a kind? 

Monday, August 4

Revlon Matte Lipstick in Standout Review

When I opened this lipstick, I was immediately struck by how similar to a large chubby crayon it looked. But when I put it to my lips, it made a very defined red line. 250 Standout was much brighter than I'd ever thought it could be. The pigmentation of this lipstick made me nervous. Would it be hard to put wear? What if I drew outside of the lines? Despite my fears, I continued applying the gorgeous cool toned red color. Its matte finish doesn't accentuate dry lips as much as I thought it would. 

Overall, I have a pretty positive reaction to the product. However, I do have two major complaints. The first is that this lipstick transfers. Don't plan on having this lipstick stay on if you're going to be kissing someone (even a light peck on the cheek) or eating. If you don't accidentally transfer though, the lipstick lasts a few hours and leaves a nice stain effect. My second issue is more personal. I think, having an olive undertone and warm skin, this exact shade of red was not right for me. However, I am a pretty big fan of the application, which is very creamy. I also like the feeling of it on my lips which is quite moisturizing.  

The search for a perfect red continues!