Monday, November 24

Noteworthy Pictures 3

Every once in a while, I like to look though my twitter picture feed to find little moments here and there I didn't post on the blog. Sometimes, it's not worthy of an entire post to itself; other times, it's just a bit too miscellaneous. This collection basically goes through from April to November of 2014.  Follow me on twitter at @seven_percent.

First up, I went to this event in April called Feast on the Street. Essentially, it was a food truck festival. One of the notable features of this event is the tables set down in the middle of the street. It was several blocks long! 

While there, I got to try out a dish from the famed food truck, Maine Lobster Lady. 

I also had the opportunity to try this random Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich at TGI Fridays... take a look at how big the strawberry is for size comparison. 

I love food... but I especially love food that looks pretty. Like this doughnut hole I paired with a doughnut. 

I went to a few places in the second part of this year. Lake Tahoe (seen below) and Chicago (post to come!)

Monday, November 3

OVERHYPED?! - John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Serum Review

I buy most of my products based on reviews given by other bloggers. You know those items that everyone seems to love? That's what I go for. Now, skin types, hair types and personal needs are different between everyone, so some things that are highly rated may seem overrated to you if it doesn't work as well. For these types of items, I'll label them "OVERHYPED?!". I'll try out those things that you've heard of a million times and tell you if it did, or did not work for me. Hopefully it'll spur some discussion!

Let's start with the John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Serum! I wanted this to tame and protect my hair when curling. 

The smell is amazing. I think it does protect my hair without making it greasy but I wouldn't say it's a miracle product. I like using this before I curl or straighten my hair. It definitely prevents from the dryness that I experience if I did not use this. 

What will you use to condition your hair in the cold winter months to come?