Monday, December 15

Maybelline Stormy Sahara Lipstick Review

Let me be the first to say that lipsticks are dangerous. I was never into lipsticks because most of them would eventually wear off, but now that I've found about about stains and long lasting lip products, I'm obsessed. My collection expanded from the one that I've had for many years to 5. I know that's just a haul's worth to a lot of you girls, but for someone who keeps a modest makeup collection, it's a lot. 

Most of the colors I have are pretty vibrant--bold reds, bright pinks and corals, dark berries. However, when I saw a ton of reviews go up for the Maybelline Buff's Collection, I grew intrigued. I still didn't have a "My Lips But Better" shade. 

Enter Stormy Sahara. This shade is quite nude against my lips. I don't have to think about what colors I'm wearing or apply it carefully in a mirror. However, I don't think this is the right nude for me or the particular pigment of my lips. I might venture out to try something else in the line! I most use it now to "nude out" some of my other lipsticks since it's so moisturizing. 

Do you have a "my lips but better" shade to recommend?

Monday, December 8

Breakfast at Maya's Farms

With the organic craze sweeping the country, I'm sure that you've heard of, if not attended, a few farmer's markets. These farmer's markets sell food grown from local farms, but haven't you ever wondered where these so called "local" farms are located? Driving around my city, I've certainly not seen much farming that isn't citrus or cotton! However, after being told about Breakfast at Maya's Farms, I instantly recognized the name as a frequent Farmer's Market Vendor. Following the directions, I found that this beautiful farm was only 15 minutes away from my house. I've always been a city girl, but being on this farm made me wish (just for a few minutes before the allergies started) that I was a farm girl. 

Beyond these photos, I didn't really visit the farm, so let me dive into the food! I got a chicken salad sandwich (my new favorite sandwich) and it was amazing. They even presented it in a lovely picnic basket. 

I absolutely love this atmosphere for breakfast or lunch. It's relaxing and quiet... makes me feel like I've slipped away on a vacation somewhere!

Are you more comfortable in the city or in the country? 

Monday, December 1

Obsessed with Nordstrom's Halogen!

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving! Did anyone go shopping over weekend? 

I didn't, but only because I'm pretty scared of being trampled. Today, I wanted to share a clothing line that I'm pretty in love with--Halogen. I'm not sure why, but I'm ALL over their business clothes. I've heard about how comfortable their pencil skirts are for a long time, but as it appears, the rest of the line is great as well. In fact, I constantly go online just to see if anything else/new is on sale. 

The cardigan pictured below is from that line, it's very soft and lovely! 

Dress: Banana Republic (Old) 
Cardigan: Halogen ($30.82)

Where else do you guys get work clothes? 
Other than the Banana Republic/Loft/JCrew?