Monday, December 28

Healthy Snacks for the New Year?!

Now that Christmas has come and gone, we've just got New Years to go before we, as a society, feel bad for what we've consumed, how little we've moved and set goals for the New Year. I know that whatever your philosophy toward new year resolutions is, we all like to improve.

So many I'll just approach this topic from my point of view. I have a problem with overeating... I just really like food that much! Planning my snacks out helps me fix this problem, so let's bring healthy cereal bars in to the conversation. There's a lot of brands out there! Nature Valley, Kind, Luna... Each offers its own benefits and draw backs. Recently, I was introduced to another brand - Nakd bars. 

They sent me a variety pack, and I was seriously impressed. There was a time in college where I used these snack bars to supplement meals and as study snacks. Now, I eat these in that 10am period and that 3pm period before and after lunch. Here's what I liked and disliked about them!

Variety of Flavors - Look at these flavors! With some other brands, there were generally only one or two flavors I really liked, but these come with so many! I especially like the seasonal flavors like Pecan Pie, Christmas Pud and Gingerbread. Now, I will say that I haven't gone through all the flavors and that some flavors do taste pretty similar, but I also haven't encountered any I dislike!

Price - Health food can get expensive, and cereal or protein bars are no exception. Nakd bars are on par with its competitors, clocking in at a little over a dollar per bar (without a sale). I've heard that some would pay more for their healthy snacks but for me, I like to compare to vending machine snacks. It is about the same as a bag of chips for $1.25, but much healthier. Can't argue with that! Free shipping in the US too!

Availability - I think this is a drawback. Whereas we can pick up many other kinds of cereal bars in our grocery stores, I've only see Nakd online. You definitely have to put in a bit of extra effort to purchase it, but like I said, at least shipping is free. 

Natural Ingredients - This is not an super important criteria with me, because in my opinion, I'm winning as long as I am not eating chips (or hot cheetos... mmm. Hot cheetos). The ingredients in these bars are much healthier than any other bar I've seen. These bars are made JUST from fruits and nuts with no added sugars. See above, there's just dates, cashews and raisins in this bar. Sure, that means they're not covered with chocolate drizzle or coco nibs like the other bars I eat, but that commitment to natural ingredients is something to be admired. I know exactly what I'm eating and it's all for energy... no fillers involved. 

Check out their products here! Also, see below for a product shot. It's not beautiful. But it is tasty. 

Monday, December 21

How to Find Work Staples: The Pump

The fourth and last essential in my Work Place Staples series is the Pump! 

For footwear, there’s nothing more classic than the pump. Personally, I don’t like 5/6 inch sky high tall shoes for work. There’s a perception that these shoes are more appropriate for clubbing than the office, but for me, I think it’s also how you wear them. It looks bad if your shoes are a bit too tall and your skirt is a bit too short, but wearing a pair of taller heels because your pants are currently unhemmed? Guilty! My other reason why I dislike taller shoes is that I walk slowly in sky-high heels. Don’t be the girl who can’t walk in her own shoes. 

Returning back to the types of pumps I do like though… I think I have a very specific preferred height of 3.5 inches. 
Office Staples: the Pump

The Black Pump - I’m not a girl of very many surprises, but it really shouldn't surprise you that I like plain black pumps. These go with your business suit, any outfit that could use a bit of toning down and everything in between

The Textured Pump - This is something new that I’ve been loving lately. The textured pump can be a basic color, because it's the texture really makes it stand out. I like alligator, suede and ponyhair to add a bit of dimension down below.

The Nude Pump - The nude pump is not a cop out... same shoe as the black pumps, just a different color. It's actually one of my favorite ways to fix up an outfit. The nude pump elongates the legs if the skirt or dress you're wearing cuts you off at a strange height and if you want to make your outfit a bit more springy. 

The Patterned Pump - Very similar to the textured pump, this shoe just adds interest to an outfit. If you're going plain with the outfit (no patterns, no statement jewelry, etc) just let your feet do the talking!

If you liked this post, please check out the rest of my Work Stapes series...

What type of shoe do you usually wear to work? And Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 14

Movies to Watch During Holiday Break

I love spending my holidays catching up on movies that are a few years or few months old... you know, those movies that you always meant to watch but never got around to it? Well, if you have a week or two off in December, curl up around the couch and see if you're into these films below:

Or if you're looking to go a bit older, I have an entire series on movie reviews. See 2013 Movies Part 1, and 2013 Movies Part 2, and 2012 Movies!. 
via weheartit

Big Hero 6 - This won for Best Animated Picture and I have to say, it was so deserving. This film was funny, adorable and tugged at your heartstrings... and isn't that all that makes an animated picture perfect? Also, if you like Tokyo or San Francisco, look for all the markers of your favorite city in the movie's San Fransokyo. 4.5/5 

Into the Woods - You can usually count on me to love any musical, but I did not enjoy this one at all. Despite its all star cast, I found that this would probably be better for a stage production. As a movie, it was hugely disjointed. There was a plot twist halfway during the movie that was completely unexpected... I couldn't trust the movie afterwards. 2/5 

Birdman - Realistically speaking... I only watched half an hour of the movie. All of it was so awkward and there was so much interpersonal conflict that I couldn't keep watching. I'm sure it's a great movie, but I don't usually like to go this deep with my entertainment. ?/5 

The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies - This was not my favorite of the three films. I really enjoyed the beginning when the Bard was fighting Smaug, but the rest of the film really seemed to drag on. Even the last battle was not as glorious and epic as I had imagined. 4/5

Hercules - I watched the Hercules reboot with the Rock. Because... you know. The Rock! His movies may not always be Oscar contenders, but they are always a fun enjoyable time. This film is loosely based on the legend of Hercules. All the elements you know and love are present, but it makes no claims on originality. 3.5/5 

Lucy - I thought I was really going to enjoy this movie. It had all the hallmarks of a movie I enjoy. Badass female lead? Check. Action adventure? Check. Comedy? More or less... it seemed lighthearted from the trailer. However, this film was so incoherent in terms of the plot that I could not follow it at all. 3.5/5 

The Interview - What a ridiculously stupid movie. I think at this point, you know whether you like the team of Franco/Rogen. If their other works like Pineapple Express have charmed you, then you will probably enjoy this film. If you find them inane and not in a good way, stay far away from this movie. The publicity (NK would attack theaters showing this film) that went out right before the film really helped its popularity , but was it deserving of media attention? I think not, the film was good but not that inflammatory. 4/5 

A Million Ways to Die in the Past - One of Seth McFarlane's films, but not at all comparable to the classic Family Guy or the appropriate for more audiences "Ted". I am not a fan of Family Guy, but really enjoyed Ted, which is why I thought I would want to see this movie. As it turns out, performances by an all-star cast (Liam Neelson, Charlize Theron) all fell flat. It's still a fun movie if you're very bored one night, if there are other options, I would steer away. 2.5/5 

X-Men Days of Future Past - While an enjoyable action film, this movie does not stand out in my memory. I have to admit that I am not really a huge fan of Jennifer Lawrence and her acting! From the entire "younger" X-Men cast, her portrayal of Mystique is my least favorite. The film will keep you entertained for about 2 hours, but that's it. 3/5 

Grand Budapest Hotel - I wanted to end the note on a very good movie. This is the only other film on this list that is considered a Oscar Contender vs a Summer Blockbuster. And I have to say I loved it! The story telling is extremely captivating and being a Wes Anderson film, the visuals are breathtaking. Ralph Fiennes, who I only knew from Harry Potter is such an excellent actor. 5/5

Monday, December 7

Thinking back to leaves

Fall and Winter always fought to be my favorite time of the year. 

Summer was too hot, especially when I lived in Arizona. 

I always had too many allergies to truly enjoy Spring. (Plus, it bled into Summer, which if I may reiterate, was too warm.) 

But then there was Fall. Fall was a friend who brought boots and coats and leaves, even if I was often one of the last to enjoy them. 

And Winter. Winter was food and family and festivities... who can say no to that? 

But now I'm experiencing Winter somewhere else. I'm cold and I'm away from family, and it's not quite time to enjoy the festivities yet. So today, I'm thinking back to Fall, thinking back to days where the air was crisp but not frosty. And I'm thinking back to leaves-- red and gold, tumbling all over. 

picture taken while walking. #skill

Monday, November 30

Summer 2014 - Scotland Recap 1

I love seeing and sharing travel diaries, vacation photos and sightseeing tips and tricks! It's an awesome way for me to relive the trip after the trip! In the next few weeks, you'll be seeing a few posts from my trip last year to Scotland!

Tuesday, June 17/Wednesday, July 18  - Travel to UK 

The flight to London was relatively uneventful. However, it was my first time flying with Virgin Atlantic—what I’ve always seen as somewhat of a hip new airline, so I figure I would share my experience with that. It’s not like I have ample experience with British Airways, etc so don't use my experience as a comparison point there. Overall, I abhorred Virgin Atlantic’s website. I found it difficult to navigate and even do something as simple as check-in online. While Virgin offers a plethora of connection options with other airlines, these airlines do not seem to talk to each other. I was left in the dark about terminals, gates, seats and even boarding times. 

Now, in the actual flight, I found the flight staff young… however, absentminded? There were times when they tried waking up guests for meals, and other times when they let meal service pass by. I thought it was pretty normal to have a sticker on your seat that would say “Let me sleep.” Or “Wake me up for dinner.” Is that not actually common? What really annoyed me was that my row would be skipped in trash collection, only to have a flight attendant come back 15 minutes later and say that my tray table needs to be up. Perhaps if you took the food or do you expect me to have it in my lap?

The inflight entertainment really had no equal. I ended up watching “Her” on the flight over, but they had all the recent Oscar movies, blockbusters and even a few foreign films for their international audience. 

My main gripe is partially with Virgin, particularly with the StudentUniverse site where I got my tickets, and partially with myself. Here's the issue. For the return trip, I booked my ticket from Edinburgh to Heathrow, landing at 10:45am. My flight from Heathrow to the US was scheduled to leave at 11:15am. That's... not a lot of time. In LAX, the lady behind the ticket counter tried to change it, but said that the ticket was based out of London and the system would not allow her to. When I reached London, the Virgin representative said I had to wait until the following morning to change it and there would be a fee of $100. I'll keep you waiting to see how I resolved it. Let's just say it was significantly more than $100.

When we landed, I found myself on the journey to my friend’s house. I realized how much of a luxury it was to have family pick me up in foreign countries. Travelling from the airport to a specific address seemed very difficult all of a sudden. Despite being a spoiled traveler, with weary feet (more due to the uncomfortable cobblestone than anything else), I did find my friend. In this harrowing journey, I'd like to thank Evernote, Google Maps and the nice British policemen.

We went out to dinner at a close restaurant and ended up trying their Set Menu. I think that these menus are only reserved for very nice/very European restaurants in the US but are fairly common in the UK. Travelers/British folk, feel free to correct me! At 35 pounds a head, I found it very pricey and entirely too much food for one night. 

 A few iphone pictures for you:

Radishes Dipped in Butter and Goat Cheese – I’ve had all of these ingredients, just not in this particular combination. I’m a big fan of radishes, so I enjoyed this dish. The radish had a most satisfying crunch. 

Pork with Pickled Vegetables - Despite the weird "tuna" appearance of the pork, I really liked the dish. The slightly salty pork paired well with the fresh veggies. I have no idea if this counts as British home cooking or some fancy restaurant dish, but it was good!

Leek in Tomato Sauce with Cheese - Okay. This was NOT the official name of the dish. I have forgotten the official name of the dish. What looked like a really sad and not very promising dish was actually quite good. The leek (I think that's what it was) was not bitter or soggy. The tomato sauce was absolutely amazing. I can't decide if I love British food or not. 

Salmon with Lima Beans - Again, I'm sure that this had a much more sophisticated name, but this is all I got. I loved the lima beans in this dish but was indifferent about the salmon. 

Blackface Lamb – Oh my gosh. I’m generally not a fan of large meat dishes at all, but this dish included leg and shoulder. The meat was so incredibly tender and moist. It came along with some side dishes like potatoes, roasted vegetables and fried bananas. 

Earl Grey Cake, Strawberries and Vanilla Ice Cream – Not a particularly exotic dish, but I do love earl grey cake. A lot.

Monday, November 16

Link Up: The Young Working Woman Edition

I've probably expressed this thought countless times on this blog, but I'm concerned about my future as a woman. I'm not sure how to have it all... or if I want it all. 

I'm not ambitious, and that's OK - A comforting article expressing how we don't have to be CEOs who plan and craft for our children's birthday parties and cook every night. 

5 Ways to Eat Healthy When You're Busy - I love these tips and have tried all of them!

When You Should and Shouldn't Send an Email - The Daily Muse is my favorite work/career related website and I absolutely loved this article about email etiquette. 

The 10 Best Cities for Professional Women - Thinking about moving? Perhaps you should try one of these cities! 

Monday, November 9

How to Find Work Staples: The Pencil Skirt

I love staple pieces for work. There's a million patterns, cuts and colors you can get, but if you stick with the formula, you never really go wrong! Part Three of my Work Staples Series focuses on the Pencil Skirt. 

3. The Pencil Skirt 

I’ve found that you either love these or hate these. I think I’m the one girl in my office who loves pencil skirts to death. I find skirts more versatile than pants since I can wear either heels or flats with skirts. 
Pencil Skirts

The Plain Black Skirt - As cliché as it is, I love my plain black skirt. No matter how crazy I do it up top, I can always balance it out and maintain my professionalism with a plain black skirt. 

The Crazy Patterned Skirt - This skirt is for when you want to keep your top half toned down. 

The Colored Skirt - I find my plain black skirt most practical and easy to match, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want pencil skirts IN ALL THE COLORS. I’ve seen some gorgeous fall looks with mustard colored skirts, festive holiday looks with cranberry red skirts, and adorable sailor themed looks with navy blue skirts. 

The Textured Skirt - You can have any type of textured skirt you desire, but I actually love my lace skirts. I have a few black lace skirts that I adore. The texture keeps it funky and interesting… but subtle enough that it’s not immediately noticeable.

If you liked this post, please see Part 1: Cardigans and Part 2: The Drapey Top.

Monday, November 2

Maybelline Define-A-Lash Mascara Review

After spending a nice and lovely time in Orlando, I'm back to cold Seattle. I did recently get to go out and purchase some boots and sweaters though, so I'm in a good mood. I'm bringing you a post on mascara today -- I don't wear mascaras often anymore, so this was the last mascara I purchased. I have had it for much longer than 6 months though...  I should probably throw it out! 

This mascara defines my lashes. It thickens and lengthens very well, leaving natural looking lashes that are much improved from my nearly invisible ones. It does such a good job the first time, that I generally don't need to go back a second time. This greatly minimizes the clumping. However, if I am feeling overly ambitious and do decide to go back, this does not bode well for my lashes. If I'm not careful, it will clump.

I'm not 100% behind the wand. I think the short hairs on the wand make separating my lashes harder. The wand makes a much bigger impact than the formula on how my lashes look!

Overall, it's a mascara. I'll keep using it but I'm not likely to repurchase. 

When it comes to mascara, do you care more about the wand or the formula?

Monday, October 26

Coziest Sweater Ever!

I'm travelling in Orlando this week -- so here's an old post from the archives for you! 

I have a pink sweater I've had for years. It's really unattractive. It was unattractive when my mother purchased it for me and it's unattractive now. Despite that, I bring it out almost every winter. It's just darn cozy! (To wear indoors, of course!)

When I got this Persunmall sweater, I thought it was going to be much of the same. I was shocked at the color. It was much lighter than in the photo, and the yarn was super thick. It looked gross. When I shook it out of the bag, it was much much shorter than I anticipated. I thought I was doomed to make this an at home only sweater!
Street Style High Low Loose Sweater, PersunMall

But it was also so, so, so comfortable and soft and warm. I tried it on and wore it out. As it turns out, I got a lot of compliments on the color. The length wasn't quite as short as I thought it was. It's one of my most worn sweaters now!

Necklace: Forever 21 ($7.80)
Sweater: c/o PersunMall
Jeans: (Old)
Boots: Ross ($21.56)

Monday, October 19

Keys, Phone, Wallet (What's in Your Purse?)

Keys, Phone, Wallet is the mantra I repeat when I'm getting ready, when I'm putting on my shoes, when I'm locking my apartment and when I'm halfway to my car, realizing that somehow, I've forgotten one of these items. So, I did a hilariously bad video of What's In My Purse a while ago (check it out here) and now, I'm trying again. Other than these three incredibly crucial items, there's really nothing that I consistently always have to carry in my purse. But almost always, I have receipts in my bags. I don't want them in my bags. They shouldn't be in my bags, but more often than not... there they are! The other items that I occasionally can carry? 

Mug - I can fill it with coffee or a smoothie before I leave and refill it with water when I'm out.

Mints - For fresh breath and when I get "mouth bored". 

Hand Sanitizer - For when I decide to eat something sticky/messy and get it all over my hands.

And just to change up the question a bit, 
what's the item you always find in your bag, even though it does not belong?

Monday, October 12

How to Find Work Staples: The Drapey Shirt

I started this series before my hiatus but it's one that I definitely want to continue. This series goes over my professional wear staples! Please see Part 1: The Cardigan as well!

2. The Drapey Shirt 

I can’t stand button downs. Men look so good in them, but for me, either one part’s too tight (across my chest) or one part is too long (sleeves) or something else completely wrong in proportion. However, I am so happy that I found the drapey shirt. For me, I love these silky (or polyester/rayon) shirts because they don’t wrinkle as much as regular pressed shirts. Their boxy shape also makes it easy to find something that fits your body… and it’s just more comfortable. 

The Drapey Shell/Tank - This generally cannot be worn by itself. However, it’s great for layering under a cardigan or a blazer. During the summer in Arizona, I usually make use of one of these and a cardigan for the office. When I leave work, I can take off the cardigan to commute in the 120 degree weather. 
Drapey Shell/Tank

The Drapey Short Sleeved Shirt - On days when I really can’t bear another layer, I love the short sleeved shirt. I like to have plainer short sleeved shirts so I can wear a busier bottom or large necklace accessory. 
Short Sleeved Shirts

The Drapey Quarter Sleeve Shirt - This is getting into pretty dressy categories, but I love this look for a “down to business “ look. Since I’m in the habit of pushing any shirt I wear up past my elbows anyways, this really saves me from doing that. 
Quarter Sleeve Shirts

The Drapey Button Down - Now if you’re going in for an interview, there’s nothing better than the drapey button down. While I love the suit, I can’t help but to think that at times, I look incredibly childish in it. This helps adds that feminine touch to the suit, which helps me make it mine.
Long Sleeved Shirts

Thursday, October 1

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser

I generally don't have any complaints on my skin, but I have terrible dark circle problems. My issue isn't sleep, but rather sinus blockage. During what feels like nine months out of the year, I wake up every morning with my nose stuffed and leaky... constantly sneezing. I really wanted something to cover up these dark circles without settling into my fine lines. 

Here's what the back of the packaging says. Ultimately, what it is is a concealer that comes out  though that "eraser" like application near the top.

This swatch of it is quite thick. I normally use less than this under both my eyes.

This is... only okay. If I layer this on for high coverage, it looks cakey (and no one wants cakey under their eyes). If I don't layer this on, it doesn't really do a good job of hiding my undereye circles. And don't get me started on the applicator. It gets the product to my face, sure, but it requires so much blending out anyways that it doesn't really matter. I wouldn't repurchase it. 

Do you buy drugstore undereye concealers? Or just high end?

Monday, September 28

MLIAM: Back to Business! (Obviously, to defeat the Huns.)

I don't think I've taken as long of a break from blogging as I have just recently. I think part of it is being less interested in writing about these things as I have more friends who I talk about beauty in real life. Slowly, as I was concentrating on doing things, documenting them fell to the wayside. Since I last posted in March, there have been a lot of changes in my life.

First and foremost... I moved to Seattle, Washington! From the sun and dry heat of Phoenix, Arizona, I moved myself to the exact opposite weather. It's a huge move. I feel like Seattle has a huge blogging community (just to name a few awesome bloggers; She is Lovely, SWEATshirt DRESSshirt, the demure muse), so I really want to try to get back into the swing of things to meet people. What does this mean blog-wise? 

Weather Talk - I have to admit, I am straight up obsessed about the weather. Many people talk about the weather as small talk and think it's a boring subject, but I love it. From the clouds to this Seattle mist-rain, everything is new to me. How it can be in the 50s in the middle of summer? It's over 100 degrees in Phoenix... but not in the 110s, yet. Looks like it's going to be a mild summer there. I can't wear the same thing during the summer here in Seattle as I did back home! These may all be run of the mill ideas but having weather is exciting to me. 

New to Seattle - I have had my complaints about Phoenix, but one of the things I love there was exploring my city. Now, I have an entirely new city to explore. What are the hip new restaurants in this city? (I've head Tom Douglas is a god among restaurateurs.) What foods are unique to this city? (Seafood!) Do locals actually go to Starbucks with all the other coffee shops and roasters around? (Yes, I think...) And that's just food. Apparently camping and hiking are huge in this city too! I've never been much for the outdoors, but I have committed to trying a few hikes and a camping trip because why not? I've heard that sailing and kayaking are also activities that people do. There's so much out there to explore. It's like a new lease on life. 

Life Lessons - With all this change, I also want to get on my high horse and dish out some life advice. And I think I'd really like other's input as well. Some of my favorite posts from bloggers are ones where they talk about personal challenges, goals and how to get motivated. I don't even know what I want to accomplish, see and do in this life time, but I know that there's so much out there I adore.

Hopefully, this marks the return to a normal posting schedule! 

Monday, March 23

OVERHYPED?! - Milani Liquid Eye Pencil Eyeliner Review

The OVERHYPED?! Series is all about if a popular product deserves all the attention it gets. Today, the Milani Liquid Eye gets put to the test!

 This pencil liner is all about having that liquid effect, application and texture in pencil form. 

The Milani eyeliner isn't quite as dark as liquid... or even as gel, but given the ease of pencil liner application, I'd say that this is a very dark, relatively creamy pencil eyeliner. As far as pencil liners go, the application is very lovely. It takes a minute to set and after that, it does smudge after rubbing, but nothing less. The staying power is average. It'll stay on perfectly for a lunch or dinner, but wear it to a day of work and it may leave you looking a little bleary eyed after eight hours. I tried wearing it for longer but by then it was smudging like crazy. 

By no means is the eyeliner hard to remove with makeup remover. Overall, I'd say that it's a great eyeliner, but by no means a holy grail. I really wish that this liner had a smudging tip to help smooth it out, since the pencil does dry a bit with age. 

What pencil liner are you using right now? Would you recommend it? 

Monday, March 16

Firmoo, Take 2: Frame Review

I've been wearing glasses and contacts since middle school, but every time I go to the optometrist, they're shocked to hear I sometimes wear my contacts for 16 hours a day. But I mean... what else are you supposed to do? If you wake up at 6am and get home at 9pm, it's already 15 hours! Plus perhaps an hour or so at the gym puts you at 16.

That's why on my "off" days, I go with no make up and no contacts. 

These glasses are from Firmoo, which I previously talked about a year ago here. I've ordered glasses from Firmoo before, but ended up getting them in the wrong PD, so I couldn't wear them. 

This time, I went to the doctor's first and I actually ordered these glasses in the right PD... and they are absolutely perfect. Absolutely perfect. Since I don't have any other problems like astigmatism (which increase lens prices), ordering a $30 pair of frames makes so much more sense for me than buying $100 dollar frames from the doctor's. I can probably say... that I'm never going to get frames from the optometrist ever again! These glasses have been though a few months of daily use and have passed the accidental lens-scratch and butt-sit tests with flying colors. There's no quality difference at all between Firmoo and what you would get in stores. 

Other than the product itself, the website was great and easy to use. I would however, highly recommend that you confirm your prescription, and especially PD before ordering. If you are a new customer, you can get 50% off on your first pair of frames! Just click here!

I've been rocking square frames for a few years... what do you guys think of the round ones? Are they slightly retro to you? 

Thursday, March 5

How to Find Work Staples: The Cardigan

If there's one thing I learned since I started working (other than all the work related stuff) is that work staples are super important. These staples pieces make dressing for work easy. They ensure that you're always polished without putting too much time or effort into your appearance. 

Now, all our styles are different, but here's my list of staples I can't live without and always want more of.
1. The Cardigan
2. The Drapy Shirt
3. The Pencil Skirt
4. The Pump

There are endless patterns you can mix and match. A million different quality points, price points and textures and materials. I'm going to be doing a post covering each of the four essential items. It's basically what I wear day in and day out! 

1. The Cardigan 
The cardigan can be short sleeved, long sleeved, or my personal favorite, 3/4 sleeve. The colors and patterns are endless and you can find them anywhere from thrift stores to the mall. They're probably already in your own closet. Cardigans cover up bare shoulders in a conservative office, and keep you warm in a cold one!

In terms of types of cardigans, here are the ones I think are essential.
Long Muted Cardigans
 Long Muted Cardigan - The Long Muted Cardigan is perfect for typing an outfit together. Its understated color helps it work with every single outfit, whether drab or bright. The long length helps streamline your figure if you're having a bloaty day. 

 Bright Pop of Color/Wild Pattern Cardigan - This cardigan is the focal point in an otherwise plain outfit. It should attract all the attention. 

 Cropped Cardigan - This cardigan is needed because of those unique shirts you may have. You can't exactly wear with a peplum shirt with a cardigan that cuts off at the same place on your hips. 

 Warm Cardigan - I love it when my warm cardigan is also the slouchy cardigan. I love wrapping myself in warm cozy things and I think this is perfect for that.

Monday, March 2

My Life is Average Mondays: Busy Season

I haven't talked about my job a ton on this blog but it's definitely the reason why I took a mini hiatus. There's something I have in my profession called a Busy Season. It's exactly the same thing that restaurants have during Valentine's Day, malls have during Black Friday and students have right before finals. 

Despite working a lot though, I've had a great time these past 2 months. I helped handle a really large project and managed people both above and below me. On top of it all, all of my efforts were recognized by all members of the team... what more could a girl ask for? 

Well, maybe a little time to do laundry. I'm kidding. Kind of kidding. Either way, after busy season, I always enter a time when I want to "reclaim" my life. 

Monday, January 12

Happy New Year: What I Would Have Worn + Discount Code!

I hope everyone's had a very happy new year and that you've still kept your new resolutions if you made any.

As for me, I had a lovely little holiday season and got sick towards the end. I was sick at the same time last year, so it wasn't terribly unexpected. Now I'm heading into a fairly busy time at work... don't be surprised if you don't hear from me for a few months! 

Since I was sick during New Year's Eve, though, I couldn't wear out my lovely dress! 

Tights: Forever 21 (Old)
Boots: Ross ($21.56)

Now please indulge me as I share a little about the dress. It retails for almost $150, which is NO small sum to pay for a casual party dress. On top of it, I wasn't really sure what to expect. Not everyone looks good in bandage dresses! As you may have possibly guessed though, the reason I'm writing this post is that I was pleasantly surprised. 

The dress certainly has quality--it's very heavy and will NOT fall apart on you. Secondly, ... well, look at me! Trust me when I say that the dress really sucks me in, especially in the tummy area which I always struggle with when wearing form fitting clothing. The feel of the dress reminds me a lot of shapewear, but still breathable and comfortable. Overall, I'd absolutely order from them again, especially if I'm doing something like a Vegas trip. They also have some pretty cool looking leggings and swimwear

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