Monday, March 23

OVERHYPED?! - Milani Liquid Eye Pencil Eyeliner Review

The OVERHYPED?! Series is all about if a popular product deserves all the attention it gets. Today, the Milani Liquid Eye gets put to the test!

 This pencil liner is all about having that liquid effect, application and texture in pencil form. 

The Milani eyeliner isn't quite as dark as liquid... or even as gel, but given the ease of pencil liner application, I'd say that this is a very dark, relatively creamy pencil eyeliner. As far as pencil liners go, the application is very lovely. It takes a minute to set and after that, it does smudge after rubbing, but nothing less. The staying power is average. It'll stay on perfectly for a lunch or dinner, but wear it to a day of work and it may leave you looking a little bleary eyed after eight hours. I tried wearing it for longer but by then it was smudging like crazy. 

By no means is the eyeliner hard to remove with makeup remover. Overall, I'd say that it's a great eyeliner, but by no means a holy grail. I really wish that this liner had a smudging tip to help smooth it out, since the pencil does dry a bit with age. 

What pencil liner are you using right now? Would you recommend it? 

Monday, March 16

Firmoo, Take 2: Frame Review

I've been wearing glasses and contacts since middle school, but every time I go to the optometrist, they're shocked to hear I sometimes wear my contacts for 16 hours a day. But I mean... what else are you supposed to do? If you wake up at 6am and get home at 9pm, it's already 15 hours! Plus perhaps an hour or so at the gym puts you at 16.

That's why on my "off" days, I go with no make up and no contacts. 

These glasses are from Firmoo, which I previously talked about a year ago here. I've ordered glasses from Firmoo before, but ended up getting them in the wrong PD, so I couldn't wear them. 

This time, I went to the doctor's first and I actually ordered these glasses in the right PD... and they are absolutely perfect. Absolutely perfect. Since I don't have any other problems like astigmatism (which increase lens prices), ordering a $30 pair of frames makes so much more sense for me than buying $100 dollar frames from the doctor's. I can probably say... that I'm never going to get frames from the optometrist ever again! These glasses have been though a few months of daily use and have passed the accidental lens-scratch and butt-sit tests with flying colors. There's no quality difference at all between Firmoo and what you would get in stores. 

Other than the product itself, the website was great and easy to use. I would however, highly recommend that you confirm your prescription, and especially PD before ordering. If you are a new customer, you can get 50% off on your first pair of frames! Just click here!

I've been rocking square frames for a few years... what do you guys think of the round ones? Are they slightly retro to you? 

Thursday, March 5

How to Find Work Staples: The Cardigan

If there's one thing I learned since I started working (other than all the work related stuff) is that work staples are super important. These staples pieces make dressing for work easy. They ensure that you're always polished without putting too much time or effort into your appearance. 

Now, all our styles are different, but here's my list of staples I can't live without and always want more of.
1. The Cardigan
2. The Drapy Shirt
3. The Pencil Skirt
4. The Pump

There are endless patterns you can mix and match. A million different quality points, price points and textures and materials. I'm going to be doing a post covering each of the four essential items. It's basically what I wear day in and day out! 

1. The Cardigan 
The cardigan can be short sleeved, long sleeved, or my personal favorite, 3/4 sleeve. The colors and patterns are endless and you can find them anywhere from thrift stores to the mall. They're probably already in your own closet. Cardigans cover up bare shoulders in a conservative office, and keep you warm in a cold one!

In terms of types of cardigans, here are the ones I think are essential.
Long Muted Cardigans
 Long Muted Cardigan - The Long Muted Cardigan is perfect for typing an outfit together. Its understated color helps it work with every single outfit, whether drab or bright. The long length helps streamline your figure if you're having a bloaty day. 

 Bright Pop of Color/Wild Pattern Cardigan - This cardigan is the focal point in an otherwise plain outfit. It should attract all the attention. 

 Cropped Cardigan - This cardigan is needed because of those unique shirts you may have. You can't exactly wear with a peplum shirt with a cardigan that cuts off at the same place on your hips. 

 Warm Cardigan - I love it when my warm cardigan is also the slouchy cardigan. I love wrapping myself in warm cozy things and I think this is perfect for that.

Monday, March 2

My Life is Average Mondays: Busy Season

I haven't talked about my job a ton on this blog but it's definitely the reason why I took a mini hiatus. There's something I have in my profession called a Busy Season. It's exactly the same thing that restaurants have during Valentine's Day, malls have during Black Friday and students have right before finals. 

Despite working a lot though, I've had a great time these past 2 months. I helped handle a really large project and managed people both above and below me. On top of it all, all of my efforts were recognized by all members of the team... what more could a girl ask for? 

Well, maybe a little time to do laundry. I'm kidding. Kind of kidding. Either way, after busy season, I always enter a time when I want to "reclaim" my life.