Monday, February 22

GrazeBox 6 - New Products!

It's been a little while since I brought you a Grazebox post! I'm not sponsored to talk about them, though I do really like their service. They offer preproportioned snacks to munch on. 

Garden of England - mini strawberries, blackcurrants and soft apple pieces 
Apple with Graze is always a bit strangely spongey. Dried strawberries have an odd seedy feel. The currants were alright. Overall, not bad, I'd have it again but I don't love it.

The British Barbecue - mini basil breadsticks, rosemary crostini, fiery seeds and smoked almonds 
These breadsticks are now one of my favorite snacks from Graze. Along with the crostini, these are two of the best and most flavorful items. I think the nuts and seeds do a great job of offsetting the more bready items. 

 KeyLime Pie - lime infused raisins, sponge pieces, mini meringues and green raisins
I've mentioned before that I love the sponge pieces a ton. The raisins are great and the mini meringues actually tastes like meringue... only mini! Another love. 

 Americas Nut Mix - redskin peanuts, pecan nuts, brazil nuts and almonds
As someone who really doesn't like redskin peanuts, I still found myself really enjoying this mix. I'd say that overall, they just have really high quality nuts! 

Sign up with the code WZJ6K4K5P at Graze.Com to get your first box completely free. =)

Monday, February 8

(Lunar) New Year Resolutions

This Monday, we celebrate Chinese New Year... which is the best time for New Year's Resolutions, right? Even though I stopped making New Year's Resolutions a lot time ago and more recently, resolutions have been made into the stuff of ridicule for a lot of us, (myself included) we are on a constant path of self improvement. 

So, resolutions, goals, ill-conceived, doomed-to-fail plans... Whatever these may be, here are some of mine. 

1. Stop worrying about work for the next 6 months. Long story short, I got on a project that is long, unique and outside of the office. For the past few months, I've been extremely worried about about the project, the people I am working with, my integration into the office, and my career as a whole. I've gotten a bunch of advice both ways and I'm just going to be recklessly optimistic about it. It's six months, I get to enjoy being at home with my partner and taking care of myself. 

2. Keep Active. I'm not going to set a goal of losing a certain amount of weight, but I do want to keep active. Whether it's yoga, pilates, kickboxing, hiking or just going on the elliptical, I want to keep moving. I used to be completely out of breath after a quarter of a mile, but now 3-4 miles is not too bad for me. And didn't even realize I could go so far until my friend told me that she did an average of 5-6 miles in a day. Following that, I realized I should and could step it up. 

3. Write letters to friends. I can't even say I've recently gotten into brush script and calligraphy as I don't have any supplies yet. But I did realize, during one morning of stress, that I really want some type of semi-artistic outlet for my entirely non-artistic self. I saw the beautiful calligraphy and brush script art that's been popping up in the blogging community and thought that it might be something that I could do as well. I practiced some faux calligraphy and found it fun enough that I ordered a set of water colors. I can't wait to make my friends cards and pretty letters! 

4. Cook! I love cooking. in 2015, I've learned a lot about cooking through Blue Apron. I have obsessed over cakes on food blogs and even purchased my own cake pan to make my own cake. This year, I want to make those beautiful desserts I see so often happen. Chocolate cakes galore! In addition to that particular dish, I also want to make a seafood pasta. Living in the PNW, seafood is so fresh and good so I need to take advantage of that. 

5, Travel out of the country This year, i actually have plans to go to China, so perhaps this plan is a little bit of a cop out. (I am also putting this goal out there to make sure I actually do it though!)  My trips, both locally and abroad are often the highlights of my year. I'm hoping to hit Portland and Eastern Washington as well this year. Hopefully, I'll make it t Vancouver as well. 

Happy Lunar New Year if you celebrate! 
Even if you don't, feel free to restart your resolutions today.
 Did you already break your resolutions... or are you still going strong?

Monday, February 1

How To Graduate With a Job Offer

Too often, students do well in school and forget why they are there in the first place--to find a job. Graduation dawns all too fast and these students are left in limbo, often moving back home since they don't have anything prepared. In order to graduate with a job, keep these tips in mind. 
via weheartit
1. Know what you want to do. Starting your job search in your last year of university is far, far too late. You should be looking at internships the moment you enter college. Granted, these internships may not be able to support you, but try to make whatever position you take during school relate to your field. I know it's great to enjoy a summer off, but a summer off between when you graduate and when you start working is MUCH more relaxing. 

2. Actually apply for jobs. I've also heard of students who have graduated complain that they don't get many callbacks, even though they've been applying for jobs all week. How many did they apply for? 5. At a certain point, you should really just be churning these applications out! A better goal is 15... per day. 

3. Get a Plan B - That doesn't involve more school. There are a lot of people who pursue more school because they are good at it. It's great to do something that you love, but I think we need to keep a payday at the end of the tunnel in mind. It's not that jobs in academia aren't available, but whenever I've seen it, it's been rare. Don't go to get more school because that's what you've always done. Sometimes, we may need to take a position that's not ideal... to wait for something more appropriate to come along. If anything, you may discover a new passion or realize that your original idea is exactly the path you're meant to be one.

After doing all this... you still may not get an offer. Everyone's situation is different. Not everyone wants to settle for the first job they find. Some people need to move to find gainful employment. Others are underemployed. I've seen it too, where bright, intelligent and hardworking students can't find jobs for reasons unexplained. Rest assured. Keep trying; it's not just you.