Monday, April 25

On Traveling Alone

Recently, I listed to a podcast that that focused on women travelling alone. Specifically, it discussed female travelers throughout history, the stigma of a woman travelling alone and the unique challenges that women face abroad. While discussing these topics, the hosts shared their own journeys of self discovery when travelling alone... 

That's when I realized how rare it was to travel alone. I had not given much thought to my trip to Scotland, but after listening to them, I feel proud that I was able to go to a different country and navigate from one city to another... that I was able to find my friend's houses without getting lost. I did go to an English speaking country and I did meet up with friends while I was there but I am going to take this moment to be proud of my accomplishments.

If you ever have the opportunity to walk along modern marvels or contemplate in a foreign place, I highly recommend you do it!

To where did you last travel alone? 

Monday, April 11

Overdue Reading Update - Book Reviews

It's time again for an update on what I've been reading! I don't read as much nowadays, but I feel like I demand a high quality from what I do read. My highly recommend read from the past few months is the Scarlet Pimpernel! 

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The Sherlockian 
by Graham Moore 

 It might be a little strange, but the majority of books I read now are Sherlock Holmes related. In my latest venture was the Sherlockian by Graham Moore. It's definitely a weird book that employs a strategy of dual story telling. One arch focuses on Arthur Conanc Doyle solving the murder of a young woman in the 1800s. The second arch is set in the present day and focuses on a murder that happens at a Holmes Convention. While the book didn't have amazing writing, it was definitely a page turner. I thought I didn't like the book at first, but when I finished, I hoped there would have been a sequel. Read this if you're into fast-paced mysteries. 

The Scarlet Pimpernel 
by Baroness Emma Orczy 

This book was recommended to me by an individual who knew that I loved reading mysteries. But just because I enjoy mysteries doesn't necessary mean I enjoy every mystery... Nevertheless, I started the book and for the first few months I had it, I got through 3 or 4 pages in the preface. Then, one weekend, when I had time, I picked it up and finished it in a day. This is one of those books that I would recommend to anyone and everyone in a heartbeat. The romance and mystery in this book was right up my alley. I grew a little annoyed with the main character, but soon, I loved everyone in the book. I really want this to be turned into a movie with Chris Pratt as the male lead. If you like Austen style romance, Les Miserables, or mysteries, read this immediately. 

Good Omens
by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

This is a very popular book, but I just wasn't feeling it. There are sections of this book that are incredibly quotable and funny, but strung together as a story, it just didn't interest me. I loved the last book I read by Neil Gaiman, so, I'm scared to think that it might be Terry Pratchett I don't enjoy. This book is about an angel, a demon and the 11 year old Anti-Christ who cancels Armageddon. 

What else have you read lately? I would love to hear your recommdations.