Monday, June 27

Philosophy Review

I was introduced to Philosophy when I was obsessed with soaps and bath gels. I am fairly thrifty person... and I can't believe that there was a time in my life that I would consider spending $16 on bath gels. Bath gels with no special moisturizing, exfoliating, or skincare properties. (I say this, but I recently wandered back into a Lush and wanted to spend about $20 on a very small bottle of body wash.)

I spontaneously purchased these items, so I figured, why not write what I feel about them? 

Fresh Cream Body Polishing Scrub - This makes me remember why I thought about buying obscenely expensive body washes -- the scent. The lotion smells super incredibly sweet and creamy. It worked well as a moisturizer, but the selling point was the scent! 

Purity Facial Cleanser - This stuff is great. I can definitely see why it is a holy grail for so many. It is gentle enough to use around the eye area, removes my makeup effectively and doesn't make my face feel dry. 

Monday, June 20

My Top Four Dream Travel Destinations

As I was growing up, I always felt like such a traveler. My family visited China every summer, so I felt incredibly exotic. I could speak another language and I've been somewhere that took a 10 hour plane ride. But as I grew older, I realized I hadn't really traveled at all. Sure, I've been across an ocean and to another continent, but it was only that one country. And only one city. 

While my peers not only traveled but lived all across the world, I quickly fell behind on my traveling. Truth is, I don't have the guts to rough it. Nor do I want to. I'd love to do luxury travel, but I barely have the money to travel at all. Anyways, here's a list of places that I'd love to visit: 

1. New Zealand & Australia 

Hobbits, scenery, culture and animals! To me, this is such an exotic part of the world. I don't even really know what I'd do here, but I know, for sure that there's tons of things to see. I'd love to try the cuisine, visit the cities and the desert!

2. Russia 

I've always wanted to visit Russia. It's an unusual mix of European and Asian. I've always loved Russian history and would love to go see all the landmarks that I learned about in school. The Russian culture is so rich. 

3. Italy 

I've been to Italy once but there are so many cities that we left out of my trip. I'd love to visit and explore Rome, Venice and the Vatican.

4. Greece

Recently, I've seen some bloggers and vloggers hit up Greece. The scenery looks so picturesque! You already know that I'm a huge fan of culture and history, so Greece is an obvious choice for me! Between Athens and Santorini, there's so much learning and relaxing to do. 

Where do you want to go on your next vacation?