Monday, August 29

Cozy Cardigans

It should be no surprise that I absolutely love cardigans. For proof, just see here in my Work Staples Series and here with a Halogen Cardigan. But I recently discovered the chunky cardigan. 

Dress: H&M ($12.95)
Cardigan: Forever 21 ($24.90)
Boots: Nordstrom ($99.95)

Please excuse the terrible picture, but I absolutely love this cardigan and had to share it. It goes well over dresses and skirts and even outfits with pants. This picture was taken when it was a bit warmer and I was rocking it with bare legs. 

I wore this cardigan 2 days in a row when I was recently in Florida for a conference. For all the lovely warm weather outside, it was freezing cold inside. I stayed warm with this guy! I love it when you know you made a really solid, useful purchase. 

Monday, August 8

Chicago Trip Recap Day 1 & 2

Like in the vein of my Seattle Trip and my Scotland Trip, I love recounting my vacations. It's basically another way to relive them over a full year ago, I went to explore Chicago for a few days. 

Thursday - 11/6/14 - Landing... and prompting sleeping

I had planned to land late in Chicago. With my flight delayed, my late flight became even later and I ended up reaching my hotel at 10pm, when most restaurants were closed or closing. With no dinner in my belly, I opted to order a deep dish pizza from Giordanos. Then, I watched a bit of golf and called it a night. 

Friday - 11/7/14 - Financial District, Miracle Mile, Cloud Gate

an indoor market
Friday was the day I had planned for most of my outdoor activities. After waking up in the morning, I made my way downtown to the financial center. While there were plenty of tall buildings, I didn't find it oppressive. In fact, I really like the city feel of it all. With waking up late, I ended up grabbing a waffle at a place called Wafel. It was a Liege style waffle, which I realized I had never had before... and it was delicious. From the financial district, I walked to the shopping area/Magnificent Mile. 

While I didn't get anything, I took in the sights of the festive stores and large crowds--that's just a scene you don't get in Phoenix. Eager to try some hot dogs, I ventured into the fast food joint called America's Dogs. This place featured about 20 hot dogs based on the traditions of major US cities. This was when I realized I was a NY girl at heart, because I ended up with a NY Dog. 

After the lunch pitstop, I made my way to Millennium Park. This is where the infamous Bean is. I actually really like the park. It was a bit smaller than I imagined (or at least all the lankmarks were pretty close together). It definitely seemed like a lovely place to hang out if it wasn't super cold outside. From there, I walked to the museums to get to them right at closing time... oh well! I took a few pictures of the scenery. 

After a day of walking, I realized that it had also gotten progressively colder and colder. my feet were tired. My skin was cold and dry from the wind. A yelp search and a few blocks later, I found myself myself in a lovely warm restaurant, resting my aching feet and with this delicious bowl in front of me. I had an entire hotpot all to myself at Tamarind. This was so much food and it was so delicious.