Monday, December 19

Favorite Dates

Quality time. What does that even mean? After moving in with my partner, I've grown to realize that it's about continuing to get to know the other person and to grow with them as they grow. It makes sense if you think about it. What's a common reason for divorce? Irreconciable differences. "Oh... we just grew apart over time." 

That's just the issue, isn't it? I think the most successful couples that I see grow with each other over time. They make each other better. 

This is where quality time comes it. It's so easy to live with someone, to see them every day and not really know them. However, as it comes to exploring new ideas, it can be hard to push each other forward in the same direction. 
check out the awesome hair I have going on here.
1. Visit the Theatre - Or go fancy! Amidst the monotony of living together, the chores, the kids, the long days at work, it's no wonder that things get boring. What do new couples do? They do hot air balloon rides and surprise road trips and spontaneous spa days. What do "old" couples do? A movie night once in a while? A nice dinner out? By going fancy, you get to inject spice and newness into your relationship. Sure, it might be expensive, but saving a few dinner dates for a mystery dinner theatre show would be worth it. 

2. Do Something Physical (see photo above!) - I read somewhere long ago that physical activity really helps body chemistry in developing attraction. I'm going to butcher the science, but there's some chemical reaction where physical exercise causes endorphins that make you like who you spend time with. A physical date helps keeps the both of you in shape, is challenging, and is out of the norm! 

3. Active over Passive - I love watching a movie in theatres as much as the next person, but sometimes you need to be more engaged... more focused on each other, if you will. I feel that this is the main distinction between "time", and "quality time". You have to take this opportunity to check in with your partner. Do so like you would a long time friend, sure, you might talk every day, but how often do you take a step back and talk about the big picture? Or really talk about the details more than that surface level conversation really allows?

Any other awesome date ideas? 
What do you like to do?