Camping at Kalaloch Beach

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I'm not sure why I like to travel to cold places during cold times. I think I always have the best intentions, but never get around to actually planning a trip until June or July. Then I can't ever go on the trip until after August. But long story short, I visited Kalaloch Beach near the end of August when it was already frigid cold at night. I've heard that it's warmer here during the summer. 

Not only did I visit this beach, I camped overnight here as well. This was my first camping experience, and I'll say that overall, it left something to be desired. Most notably a bed. 

The trip out to Kalaloch took about 4 hours. When we left Seattle, it felt like summer; it was lovely to pass by all the farm land bathed in yellow sunlight. We noticed a change as we reached the shores. The forests and hills faded away to rolling fog and a long shoreline. It was a beautiful, chilling sight. After we arrived and set up our tent, which took significantly longer than anticipated, we walked for a while on the beach. 

I think we must have visited during low tide, because there were a ton of dead crabs on the beach and flocks of birds picking at the crabs. The beach also had some driftwood, which we tried to use as firewood, but that didn't work... so no fire for us. Even so, after we zipped up the tent it was warm enough. 

Sometime during the middle of the night, it started raining. Our tent was waterproof, so I laid awake marveling at the soft rain sounds and thankful to be out of the elements. This was one of the two moments where I really enjoyed camping. The other moment was when I woke up, well rested and warm -- and the pain that I felt from sleeping on the ground had not registered yet. 

Camping again? Maybe not - but I can think back to my one experience. 

Kalaloch Campground Rd
Forks, WA 98331 

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  1. Kalaloch Beach looks super cool! The views look amazing. It is neat that you camped out there as well. I felt the same way about wanting a bed when I went camping one time. Glad you had fun!

    Nancy ♥

  2. This beach looks so mysterious and cool at the same time! I've never camped at a beach before and never when it was freezing though haha! Ughh I hate that feeling of having a stiff back when I lie on the floor like that during camping haha but the sights and experiences the evening before is usually worth it! x

    Geraldine |

  3. It looks nice though. Alternative to a proper beach holiday.. :)


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