2017 Resolutions Review

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Say what you will about New Years Resolutions but I love setting some goals every year and reflecting on them at the end of the year. It helps me to see where I've been throughout my life journey. Here is my review of my 2017 goals.

1. Career - Set work/life balance. 

I want to be able to leave work at work and not stress about it outside. I want to be able to leave work at a set time, rather than when I physically can't work anymore. My goal is to work more when I'm at work instead of goofing off and learn to be more efficient with my time. 

Eehh. I think I always start off with the best of intentions, but when work gets busy, I just get sucked in with working, and working a lot. I will keep this goal this year, but focus on two items. 1) Efficiency. I noted on this topic last year, but I think I will truly take time for myself this year, even if it just means getting my work done at home rather than the office. 2) I will settle for mediocrity. The amount I put into work isn't worth the amount I get out... and I can put in a lot less, to get a little less out. It sounds bad, but I think it makes sense. 

2. Physical - Be mindful about health

I'd like to cut out more dairy - especially those Starbucks drinks! I'd also like to substitute more veggies for pasta and rice. Finally, I have plans to do a few "eat at home" challenges to encourage me to bring more food to work. 

I was quite successful about eating at home for about 3 months of the year. However, as soon as work starts getting busy, I stopped eating at home. The veggie and cutting out dairy functioned the same way. If I wasn't busy, I was mindful about what I was eating. If I got busy, the Starbucks run became automatic. 

This year, I want to link this in with my first goal about work life balance. If I can work from home more, I can eat at home more. And if I eat at home, I naturally have healthier foods than ordering a burger at work. Also, my little brother turned me on to intermittent fasting. I've been trying this the past few weeks, and I like it. Haven't seen any results from it though! 

3. Creative - Keep chasing beauty.  

Over the last year, I've picked up a few hobbies: calligraphy and watercoloring. I was inspired by how popular these hobbies have gotten in the blogging realm. I'm not good by any means, professional or amateur, but they bring me happiness. And if it's relaxing and makes me happy, I'll pursue it!

While I haven't water colored much this year, I've continued with planning and journaling. This includes doodling, and a bit of calligraphy. I've been having fun with it and hope to continue! 
4. Travel - Plan it, and it will happen. 

There are a few trips that I know I want to take. Portland, for one. And I want to fly to visit a friend. That's for sure. Otherwise, my plans are hazier. I'd like to do an international trip to an small island or to Australia, but that might be in the books for 2018 rather than this year. 

I was able to take my Portland trip this year and planning one for Australia this year. Looking good! 

5. Mental - Pursue knowledge. 

This year, I want to do something to encourage my learning and professional development. There are plenty of courses to take online and maybe I'll attend a lecture or two!

Total fail. I think I had the best intentions but did not try much of anything other than brushing up on Chinese through a few podcasts. I think I will try to brush up on Chinese but will leave this goal where it is. 

6. Relational - Don't be a loner. 

I started a list in my bullet journal to do one social activity a week. I'm 0/4 in January so far, but you know, it's all about improvement!

Terribly. I think the only time I spent anytime with friends was just when friends and family came from out of town to visit me. This only happened a few times, and it's crazy, because those few times were the times I remember most about this past year. I've decided - if I can't make friends in this city, I'll just travel to where my friends are! 

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  1. Oooo Australia trip! Now that sounds like a good resolution

  2. This was fun reading because I think everyone can relate or at least I can! It really is hard to make good friends after college *sigh*. I try to make some here and I find it hard.


  3. I am the saaaame way with work/life balance- I always tell myself I'm going to relax more, take more time for myself, but the truth is I cannot relax until the job is done!

    Le Stylo Rouge


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