Monthly Goals - Q1 Review

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In lieu of doing resolutions or goals for the year, I wanted to focus on improving my life month by month. Setting smaller things that I could accomplish each month rather than an overarching goal for the year. I figured I'd actually take time to consider these when setting them rather than just thinking about them once in January, and once again in December when it came time to review how well I did. 

Below, you can see my goals for the first quarter of the year as well as how I think I did on them. 


1. Career - Work-Life Balance - Coming off of vacation, it was easy to list work/life balance as a priority. I thought that I did alright on this goal. There were definitely a few weeks where I let work get the best of me and didn't set boundaries. But overall, I limited my work on weekends. 

2. Health - Weight Loss - December for got a little crazy for me. I had vacation in Cabo at an all-inclusive resort, then my little brother visited and we ate like crazy people. But the upside is that he also introduced me to intermittent fasting. I watched what I ate for the first few weeks in January... but ended up travelling at the end of January and ate In-N-Out, Chick-fil-a, BBQ and Steak. No counting the travel week, I think I did okay! 


1. Career Work-Life Balance - Emotionally Detach from Work - This is kinda a weird one, but I found myself caring too much about work to the point where it was negatively affecting my mood. I thought about things like if one of my staff did something wrong, they personally weren't caring enough about the job, and if I ever did something wrong, my managers would hate me for it. After I was able to identify this anxiety spiral, I was really able to quiet the voice telling me all this. I'd say this was completely successful! 

2. Health - Work on the Splits - I did a series of stretches to help me get the splits in February. At one point in my childhood, more than 20 years ago, I remember I was able to do the splits. After working on stretching for a couple of minutes a day, I was able to do it again! It is definitely harder than when I was 5, but it was awesome to see how my daily progress made an impact! 


1. Hobby - Finish editing and post China Vlog - I had wanted to finish editing the footage from my trip to China in 2016... but it STILL hasn't happened yet! Not going to give myself too hard a time over this since it's just a hobby related task - but complete fail. 

2. Health - 1 Min Plank 3x - I wanted to work on my plank and side plank in order to get a stronger core. I did this for about 2 weeks but was discouraged by a lack of progress. Halfway through, I modified my strategy a bit from holding stationary planks to using more movement to help the minute go by faster. Aiming to try this again! 
A lot of this happened over vacation.

3. Hobby - Read - I went on a mini-vacation in the end of March and borrowed a few books from the library. I figured since I was there, I'd borrow a few more books than I needed to. I don't regret my overambitious-ness here as I was able to get through all the books on vacation! Reviews coming! 

What do you aim to accomplish in April? 

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  1. Love that you're taking time out to go on vacation - I think that's so critical in keeping your sanity on the job

  2. Keeping track of your goals per month is indeed a better idea than those year ones. I'll do this for myself too :')

  3. I hope you blog again soon!~ And I always wanna lose weight ahahaha... but I always kinda fail.

    Junniku blog!~

  4. oh this is a smart idea! nice!
    i hope you can accomplish every single monthly goal! :)

    cool blog babe! I'm following and I'm hoping you could follow me too :)

    TheNotSoGirlyGirl // Instagram // Facebook


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