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I feel like at this point, you've either fully embraced Marie Kondo, or, are completely sick of her and her related content. But before you click out... I'm not rehashing her basic lessons, or taking issue with her popularity, but exploring the "spark joy" concept further. 

If you're not familiar, Marie Kondo is the best selling author of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and the star of the Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. She has a methodology of folding, organizing, cleaning and decluttering that's resonated with many people worldwide. 

In my personal journey, I've already cut down on my physical belongings as a result of living in a small apartment. Over the last few years, I've downsize from having a 800 sq ft apartment, to sharing a 600 sq ft apartment. Though this may be much larger or much smaller than you're used to, for me, this meant getting rid of a few larger pieces of furniture (couches), having no tables or chairs, and getting rid of any hobby related possessions. After that, I went though my clothes and sentimental belongings to donate or discard them if they were not being used often enough. I'm also extremely conscious about the items I bring into my house - if it will occupy a portion of my apartment, it needs to be treasured. 

If you are familiar, you'll know that one of Kondo's basic principles is that your belongings should "spark joy". I'm finding trouble applying this concept, specifically in clothing. Here's my situation: I'm moving in a week or so (I'll definitely be documenting that as I go along). I'm moving to a larger space, and I have the ability to bring all my clothes with me... but should I? I've lately become aware of how shabby some of my clothing look, or how uncomfortable I feel in my clothing. 
I wish I had this woman's enthusiasm in moving
Generally, I feel like there are two categories. 

1. Shabby, but comfortable - Leggings, sweaters, t-shirts, and socks go in this category. And it's not that I am shabby in these clothes, but the age and frequent use of these types of clothes make the pieces themselves shabby looking. Often, these are shrunken, pilling, stained or threadbare. But these articles of clothing spark joy for me! 

 2. Nice, but uncomfortable - Blazers, jeans, blouses, dresses belong here. These pieces can instantly elevate my look, but I rarely find myself reaching for them. Even when these items fit, a blouse just isn't as comfortable as a sweater, jeans are just a little tighter than leggings, dresses can take more thought than a t-shirt. I would love to have a wardrobe where I'm fully "dressed up" all the time, but I never find myself reaching for these items. 

So - the action item, what to do, what to do? Since I can't make up my mind, and in the most unsatisfying of resolutions, I'm going to go for a middle of the road compromise. When I go through a round of culling in preparation for my move, i'm going to remove a few item that are in category one and remove a few pieces that are in category two. 

Do you have this issue? What would you recommend?

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  1. Shabby but comfortable clothings are the way of life!! I usually just end up donating my forgotten pieces of clothing at the nearest thrift shop!

    cabin twenty-four

    1. Definitely! I've picked up a few pieces from my local consignment shop too, so that really helps out the environment.


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